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/o/ - Art / Oekaki

Oekaki is back!!!
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Dumping stuff I drew.
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concept art



10 min drawing of some girl i met online.


Is this the new and revolutionary invisible art movement?

I'd buy all your works for a million invisible dollars man but I can't just judge.


File: 1413863240088.png (76.53 KB, 574x521, google_broken_image_02_gri….png)

You're into this too?

File: 1402277296528.jpg (1.03 MB, 1686x2046, image.jpg)


I hate you people, but I'm very lonely…
So I guess I'll put some of my shitty shit here until my person notices and yells at me. (Sorry)
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I like all these drawings. The sty-… Wait a minute, a Doctor Who sticker?

Nevermind, it's shit.


there's a lot worse things on there than a DW sticker


File: 1407137157130.gif (428.21 KB, 200x183, whatthehell'sgoingonhere.gif)

>until my person notices and yells at me. (Sorry)
>for my person
>my person

What… who are you talking about?


File: 1408149155846.jpg (18.51 KB, 225x225, heresyheresyheresy.jpg)

Who do you mean by this? I MUST KNOW


Oh shit!
I forgot about this….
Well, fuck.

File: 1411606039228.png (5.5 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Give a warm welcome.
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Top fucking trace


File: 1411650657890.png (18.1 KB, 411x355, Oekaki.png)



Oekaki is enabled permanently on all boards.


File: 1411991380756.png (32.41 KB, 500x233, Oekaki.png)



File: 1364138137003.png (151.98 KB, 544x416, blue sponge.png)


Some random stuff I've done.
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File: 1402415375668.png (161.85 KB, 544x416, gakuran.png)


File: 1402415772968.png (82.36 KB, 544x416, Reuniculus.png)


File: 1403700157037.png (17.61 KB, 544x416, Akumu.png)


File: 1403700736062.png (220.03 KB, 600x435, Disneyytransparent.png)


This is nice but now I'm imagining the Batter with Homestar's voice, which for some reason seems hilariously out of place.

File: 1367658910398.png (836.62 KB, 800x639, tumblr_mkkp4gDy9N1qb9t8xo1….png)


I've been lurking for a while, so I thought I'd dump some stuff I've been drawing recently.

Feel free to make suggestions!
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File: 1400720671595.gif (645.88 KB, 600x424, mado.gif)

This is a gif!


File: 1401866534561.gif (195.57 KB, 500x573, hhhh.gif)

doodle speedpaint thing
i keep making jittery gifs..

uploaded the wrong file just now oops orz


File: 1402284402998.png (269.52 KB, 500x500, memesensei.png)

colour palette meme


File: 1402409961968.png (255.62 KB, 500x500, mememako.png)


File: 1402506751607.png (287.71 KB, 500x500, memezula.png)

File: 1396961562928.png (280.39 KB, 2560x1600, lurkingevil.png)


/o/ is for /o/ekaki
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File: 1397559961273.png (89.13 KB, 849x1134, slimecup.png)


File: 1397583269704.jpg (13.41 KB, 311x162, 8568569e.jpg)

Holy fuck, this is awesome. Man, I feel so jealous and thankful at the same time~


I absolutely adore your art. Please, keep sharing.


File: 1398399822266.jpg (327.04 KB, 1024x1323, half past no one says hell….jpg)

Hello, you talk with anime boom.
Fans begin with you, there, may be fixed with you.
Turn them on. Blow it.
Twelve-volt wire, we've yet to nothing ever know.
The parting of time, I don't care, no plan, man.
Suffocated, cannot see through you.
Got water, got fire, but no desire.
Stuck discussing out of ideas we've tried nothing.
Waiting for hope, getting boring.
Don't know what you're thinking.
Guess we never found the time to type it out.

>>3007 >>3011
Thanks! (っ・ω・c)


hello new wallpaper

File: 1401747603437.png (611.04 KB, 1575x2769, goo.png)


I drew the ghosts from forest world


File: 1401747653914.png (79.95 KB, 512x512, ddd2.png)



Your work is so beautiful.please post more

File: 1401429458462.jpg (986.04 KB, 2056x1536, image.jpg)


Guess I'll submit some of my stuff here and see what others think.

So I spent about two hours working on this, so far.

Entirely a stream-of-conciousness comic I made on the fly. I know that's…bad or whatever since it may mean jokes/lines/panels/etc arnt as good but whatever.

Figured it would be interesting to hear what others think of it, so far. I've only just began making comics but have spent like a year or two reading up on the subject and stuff.


File: 1401429589444.jpg (1.01 MB, 1536x2056, image.jpg)

"OI Vey, das-uh lotta coins you gotta there! Vy dontchyu givem to good oil' Merio fo keeps?"

Drawn after some news about Nintendo wanting some money from you tubers for streaming Nintendo content or something.

File: 1356890160250.png (1.29 MB, 1200x1261, 32462582.png)


Not mine, but here's an artist you lot might like: Guru, on Pixiv.
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This is fucking great!
Thanks OP for bringing this to my attention


File: 1399555454615.jpg (131.75 KB, 897x1205, FF_Wilhelm_Sasnal_2.jpg)

funny. He wasn't trying to be deep, but he kinda is. IMO when people see something incomprehensible they seek some meaning.
>"It misses the point to ask me what scenes in my paintings 'mean'. Simply, I do not know, myself. Moreover, I am not at all interested in knowing."–Zdzislaw Beksinski


this actually motivated me to do my painting. i was always influenced by beksinski. i paint oil on canvas


That totally reminds me of that one area in WoW.



this stuff is pretty grand

File: 1398843424507.jpg (157.52 KB, 800x592, 50%.jpg)


MOST IMPORTANTLY Anyone have any unfinished work that they need some ideas on?

if not:
Magical Environments
Clever Techie Environments
Abstract Patterns with a recognizable geometric theme.


this board is dead as fuck. get back to me


File: 1398878438980.jpg (233.51 KB, 1120x700, Uboachan worst community.jpg)

>this board is dead as fuck

Welcome to Uboachan. Don't touch the light switches.



I still laugh at this

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