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Oekaki is back!!!
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Uboachan's scanlation group Patchy Illusion Team has just released two new Yume Nikki Doujins: In the Shallows and Refrain. You can see all of our previous releases here.

File: 1454817397534.png (1.28 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


polar bear in a snow storm
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File: 1456424396948.png (20.56 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

>I am a creature born out of the rage produced in the long-past Fraud wars. Amid the battle, some valorous users revealed against the general opinion and managed to concentrate all the hatred into an enormous mass of raw power. Some time later, all that rage and hate was transformed during the Corey incident, and thus I was given a physical form. Among uboachan's users, there are a few with enough shitposting potential as to handle the melon path; such as you. Many other classes do exist too, but there's no point in explaining that now.
>My mission is protecting you from any harms and traps hidden inside the inner parts of this dungeon.


File: 1456424700944.png (10.71 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

You… you don't have any real problems, like the lack of money, debts or not having a roof above your head now…. do you?

>Please input new command


Pick up Fraud-kun and examine Preasul'S corpse.


File: 1458266465261.png (29.34 KB, 400x400, ?.png)


File: 1458266603776.png (138.41 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I had hopes somebody else would get on the drawfag wagon… too bad.

You approach the corner where the remains of Praesul##(EX)Admin are for some inspection. His entrails are splattered all over the walls, and there's blood all over the floor among some other organs. In between all the guts and gory, you manage to find the knife he used to stab you. You save it in the 4th slot of your inventory. Meanwhile Fraud laughs while yelling "Allahu Akbar!".
>please input new command

File: 1456012546819.png (22.27 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


I meant to post this in the shitpost thread but I made an oopsie but I didn't want to get rid of it because I spent a lot of time coloring so enjoy


File: 1456092144519.png (10.23 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Efficient oekaki.

File: 1443870829652.png (89.63 KB, 466x647, `death-wip.png)



File: 1420509556754.png (134.91 KB, 720x1280, yn.png)




File: 1435542595964.png (1.08 MB, 1600x2100, gals.png)

eyes emoji


File: 1435714086875.png (524.1 KB, 1500x1900, oc2.png)

an oc :~)


Your art looks pretty cool. I really like how you drew Urotsuki in >>3654.

File: 1441491696240-0.gif (6.45 KB, 61x64, Rev lover.gif)

File: 1441491696240-1.png (86.42 KB, 326x783, Ruo Ivas Reference.png)


I tried digging through the depths of the image board to see if I can find any that I made. It seems I haven't.

But if any of you have seen my art (Be it under Sakura-Sun or my current username), I have changed alot sijnce then.

I also have been getting into Pixel Art, I myself having gotten a copy of Aseprite.

Either way, yeah. Enjpy my art (or not).


File: 1441702396784.gif (6.85 KB, 29x64, Robaschi Waltz.gif)

More spriteage.

File: 1343963040567.png (38.43 KB, 1000x1000, mado.png)


i like drawing mado


File: 1343963131468.png (698.67 KB, 1000x1000, madofell.png)



File: 1343963291695.png (167.08 KB, 1000x1000, Untitled-1.png)

and moar




File: 1439233801529.jpg (153.16 KB, 896x625, Untitled-2.jpg)

File: 1438134918393.png (416.52 KB, 2743x1216, 6295.png)


We need some fresh banners in rotation for the tops of the boards! It's been a while since we put anything new up there.

Banners should be 100x300 pixels. Animated banners are super neat. I prefer banners which say "uboachan" or "uboachan.net" somewhere on them or don't say anything. I'm less likely to put banners in rotation that have the names of boards on them, because all banners are rotated across all boards and I'm OCD as fuck.

Let's see some awesome original artwork up top. Post your submissions in this thread.
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Just keep posting banners until you get bored, but we've already got a great haul.


File: 1438233900931.gif (14.12 KB, 300x100, Madochairbanner.gif)


File: 1438240624568-0.gif (6.57 KB, 300x100, Madoflutebanner.gif)

File: 1438240624568-1.gif (606.85 KB, 300x100, flightbanner.gif)


File: 1438969799665.jpg (17.45 KB, 300x100, capture1418.jpg)

Here ya go Sei


Thanks for all the banners! That's way more than we needed, but most of them were adopted. Post more if you feel like it but I'm unstickying the thread now.

File: 1433634251938.png (1.72 MB, 1000x1332, Mall_Poster_1.png)


If I were to design a YumeNikki/ Yume2kki T-shirt, would anyone be interested? Image as potential example.


File: 1433644313146.png (413.13 KB, 500x505, Yacchattane.png)

I can't say I'd go and tell you "please do it, I will totally buy it", but I think that if you feel like it you should give it a try.
YN merchandising is pretty rare, besides fraud para, so I think some people would indeed be interested.


I have a good advice for ya, bro. Don't even think about making these T-shirts beforehand. Make one, maybe two, show the result on the internet and then when someone would be interested, make 'em according to order. Otherwise you'll be left with lots of T-shirts that will sell nobody knows when.

It may sound obvious, but lately I met a woman who did exactly what I described not to do and now she lives with a giant box of unsold T-shirts.

Also, while on the topic, I was thinking about maybe trying to sell T-shirt with custom pictures. I don't mean pictures taken from internet, but rather pictures designed with original ideas from customers and picture done by me. I wonder if that would sell…

File: 1420052575037.png (927.32 KB, 640x640, forest-spell.png)


it involves people coming together.


File: 1420053009694.png (666.36 KB, 640x640, forest.png)

I have almost grown out of that way of thinking.
I'm still weak in that way, but I think I'm getting better.
the answer is becoming more and more beautiful.


very nice. I hope you post more.

File: 1430604142346-0.gif (36.28 KB, 504x360, rainbowstuntest.gif)

File: 1430604142346-1.png (39.89 KB, 600x500, HAVE YOU EVER KILLED A MAN….png)

File: 1430604142346-2.png (387.5 KB, 720x1280, uromajo3.png)

File: 1430604142346-3.gif (66.46 KB, 477x260, walk2-stationaryandbasepos….gif)


I don't really draw much yn stuff anymore but since I'm working on DvD I might as well throw around some urotsuki animations n' other stuff

Fun fact
we almost made an april fools anime
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File: 1430604473252.gif (242 KB, 648x648, enoch_run_by_crowpse-d5wcl….gif)

the filename says enoch-run but my heart says "i can't believe i had to save this from my previous deviantart account to put in some flimsy animation showcase"


File: 1430604535674-0.gif (884.04 KB, 648x648, ANIMchristmasinsilentfores….gif)

File: 1430604535674-1.gif (227.96 KB, 648x648, ANIMcurrent-face-test-WIP.gif)

File: 1430604535674-2.gif (168 KB, 504x216, ANIMmeri_crawling.gif)

more animation


File: 1430604690135-0.png (174.56 KB, 648x648, ILLUSTalwaysquestiontheman….png)

File: 1430604690135-1.png (102.81 KB, 1008x360, ILLUSTprosthetica2013.png)

File: 1430604690135-2.png (121.08 KB, 414x477, ILLUSTrosemardonaportrait2….png)

File: 1430604690135-3.png (157.6 KB, 512x512, ILLUSTtheabsence2011.png)

anddddd this is all the digital painting i've ever done in the past 3 years because i don't like paint tool sai that much at all


File: 1430604807647-0.png (315.7 KB, 648x648, 1230.png)

File: 1430604807647-1.png (127.21 KB, 648x648, 05071.png)

File: 1430604807647-2.png (322.8 KB, 648x1080, 05271.png)

does this count as dubs because idk it's a lie anyways

absence wasn't in the past 3 years it was in like 2011
the last 2 of these are in 2012 and the first one was like, at the edge of last year and really bad actually


File: 1430605020372-0.png (281.76 KB, 720x659, idkwhenidrewthisone.png)

File: 1430605020372-1.png (188.66 KB, 480x720, ILLUSTtrashbackground2011.png)

okay NOW that's all the digital painting i've ever done in the past FIVE (not three jeeeez) years

that's all the non project… well SOME non-project-y stuff that i've done


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