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Oekaki is back!!!
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See newspost on Uboachan front page - PHP Developer Wanted to Develop Secret Weapon (to win the spam war)

File: 1322462692863.jpg (65.37 KB, 1018x752, diving.jpg)


I need help with anatomy, particularly feet and hands done with a perspective. Like facing forward, looking at the body parts.And I need help with drawing water. Im not used to digital art,so if you have any tips for SAI please do.
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that looks really great! i agree with >>991

Also I posted earlier offering serial keys, and someone did take me up on my offer but hasnt responded. i just want to clarify that the reason sai isnt easily crackable is the keys are files that are generated to be unique to your system ID. I worry that when i asked for that info that the person who asked was suspicious of me haha.


oh whoops that probably was me. but i never check my email and its okay i got it this other way i just dont remember how. probably illegally. welp.
and yes I will post more art soon thanks so much for the encouragement; you're very sweet. :)


i made this when a girl made a request for her ocs
i didnt spend much time on it becaus ei just wanted to go to bed so the lines are really thick and messy ):


oh whoops forgot the picture for the above message. miss the edit button ):


hopefully the picture shows up. uboachans glitching on me and its been hiding pics

File: 1326935675945.png (81.38 KB, 500x500, MassaDur.png)


Haven't been here in a while, been missing you.

File: 1326781663439.png (12.98 KB, 217x429, 47a 2.png)


some smile
.flow characters make good practice

File: 1326427124501.jpg (54.52 KB, 819x460, mado.jpg)


i tooks so long on this lolol is it goohd


it's cute (:

i do want you to be aware, though, we do have an mspaint thread if you aren't going to be using this thread regularly for posting drawings.



italics testitalics

File: 1325731202880.png (38.01 KB, 544x608, forest.png)


As some of you may know, I'm currently working on a 2D game engine. (http://uboachan.net/fg/res/91.html)

There's surprisingly few free tilesets out there, and none of them are complete or comprehensive. Even less of them come close to meeting my standards or requirements.

So, I turn here. Maybe someone here can into tiles. We want a good, comprehensive library of tilesets for testing and demo games. Any tilesets produced will be re-released for free as part of the tile engine.

We're looking for 16x16 or 32x32 tiles, in the style of old games like Final Fantasy 6 or Secret of Mana. If you're interested in helping us, apply here. The criteria of the application is to post a few samples of your tile art, according to the following prompts:

* A 2 tile by 3 tile tree with some snow on it.
* A portion of a cliff face of some sort.
* A bookcase.

This is to give me a general idea of your style and skill.

If I get any applications, I'll (hopefully) select one or more people to work on tilesets for the game engine. People selected will become members of OmegaSDG, which is my group working on Tsunagari, and the parent organization of this site. I probably can't pay anyone, for the time being.
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Remember, don't try too hard to copy any specific style. The only real requirement is a retro-ish, nostalgia-inspiring feel. Do your best and see how the tiles come out.

Also, that image in the first post is accidentally enlarged 2x. Don't make your tiles with 2x2 pixels.


does it matter what tree species we sprite.


>There's surprisingly few free tilesets out there, and none of them are complete or comprehensive.
>edit them.jpg




What we're really looking for is someone to make a complete, unified tileset that we can ship with the engine. I'm surprised we didn't find these though. They'd be great for testing.

File: 1326158776333.jpg (22.86 KB, 302x319, 95ab10dd.jpg)


Lets give a thread to the MS paint drawings: There seems to be an influx of them, which is understandable as there are lots of young or beginner artists who like making them, but a lot of people complain. Therefore, this thread has hereby been created to avoid unnecessary arguments.
(Will hopefully save the mods some time, too.)



nobody has complained, nor do i expect people to… /o/ is the friendlist board next to /fg/

as long as artists stay in their own threads and don't make a thread per drawing, everything is fine.
we don't need to group people up based on perceived skill level (no less assumed to correlate to medium of choice), either… that's counter to the spirit of /o/. ):
we appreciate the sentiment, though.

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