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Oekaki is back!!!
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Captchas didn't work. Sticking to janitors while we try to think of something else.

File: 1342991313519.png (494.79 KB, 864x1008, kawaii uboa chan for rampa….png)


a request during a stream


If you don't mind, could you keep your drawings in one thread? It helps avoid cluttering up the board.
Cute femboa though.

File: 1341216202929.png (248.39 KB, 864x772, yume shooter.png)


blaaack rooock shoooooterrr
sorry for this nonsense xD


File: 1341216408735.png (137.8 KB, 864x648, loli love.png)

more silly art by me
this time with Ib and Garry!


File: 1342991213895.png (257.69 KB, 864x1008, yuriiiiiz for smartroundca….png)

totes inapprops.


File: 1342991274316.png (426.19 KB, 864x720, holyshit.png)

File: 1334288697124.png (14.75 KB, 1004x580, ACSHINHERO.png)


I'll learn how to draw someday.
Just like how I'll learn how to program, learn network security, play poker, compose music, and master falconry.

/o/, please give me a drive to learn how to draw, maybe share good tutorials online, because I'm just not feeling it.


Don't worry. When you really want to start drawing you'll just draw.


Just draw. Take a pencil and a piece of paper and draw. Draw enough (may take a few years, differs for everyone) and you'll get somewhat proficient. You could try copying another artist's style, and develop your own from there.


File: 1342395266139.jpg (230.86 KB, 632x840, tumblr_lztnigF0OQ1qj3fvjo4….jpg)

There is no denying it will take time. But if you enjoy it then you'll glide through the process.

File: 1316792462948.jpg (127.08 KB, 817x978, pipi_thread_in_a_nutshell_b…)

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The Pipi thread!

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Since normally drinks don't stick to people's lips, I am assuming drank is thick? I guess this would make sense with the whole "drank is Mars-san's blood!" thing.


File: 1336365998482.png (117.75 KB, 513x800, PipiDrank.png)


LOL, I didn't know the original Pipi thread was visible from the archive. I guess I'm a Slowpoke then.


File: 1338126653138.png (75.39 KB, 593x871, pipi.png)


Why are you staring into my soul?

File: 1326080053320.png (40.34 KB, 638x387, Untitled.png)


Imma just post all of my infamous drawings of everyone from the IRC, most are labeled for your convenience!

For starters, here is the first one, which features Ked paying Pop-kun for his excellent service, while I tightrope walk and become sad because I have no dollars
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Yay : 3 I can't wait




:O did I get drawn?


Draw a doodle of me.


These drawings are beautiful ;_;
Where's the drawing of me, potsee, and skyfall?

File: 1317139469369.jpg (365.56 KB, 600x800, EffectTwentyFour.JPG)


Re-posting a few of my pictures.
I'll be drawing more YN and .flow art soon.
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File: 1325637954518.png (1.83 MB, 800x800, Sabitsuki.png)

I recently got a tablet and have been experimenting with digital art and styles,
so sorry for the lack of traditional stuff.
This one was done in about 20 minutes.


File: 1328392526777.png (75.2 KB, 900x1000, monokosketch.png)

Sketched this up a few days ago.
I'm debating whether or not to finish it.


File: 1328405237465.png (88.04 KB, 900x1000, valentines.png)

Not YN-related, but the closest thing to a Valentine's day picture anyone can squeeze out of me this year.

I really like colors.


File: 1336696900246.png (1.16 MB, 677x600, Picture0200.png)

i found my big sketchbook today and tried my hand at charcoal again.

drew smile.

i may take a proper non-webcam picture of it later.


File: 1340921694607.png (93.61 KB, 300x500, 9am.png)

oops i yume nikki'd
experimenting with styles is fun

File: 1334227956705.jpg (80.94 KB, 666x1199, just_an_expiriment_by_kowa….jpg)


Hi~ I'm Rei. I'm a semiprofessional artist, who currently works as a character artist at an un-named company. (I can't throw it around for anonymity reasons.)

Anyway~ I'm just going to dump some images of basic character sketches for the fangame I'm working on on the side.

My websites, In case you like me:





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I mentioned in an earlier post that I've only been at it for about a year. And since I've just been working on this project so far, I can't really say or post anything about it until it's done, which it will be relatively soon! And then anyone who wants to will be able to see it and play it!
I'll ask my boss if I can post some of the junked character designs, though, so you can see some of my more polished looking things, and so that I don't just look like a silly person being like "I DO PORFESSONIL ARTS BUT U KANT SEE IT LOLZ"

Because that would be silly.

I do have some stuff from back when I sold at conventions that I could post, and they're a lot more polished and fancy. o v o"

Plus, if you're into fangames, I'm also almost done with one of those. People probably saw my dumb-butt thread for it that I made when I was hopped up and nervous on medications. ; v ; But that's going to have a lot of my polished artwork in it, as well, once it's finished!

I'm sorry, I probably sound really dumb right now~


File: 1338665406531.png (146.82 KB, 400x300, ohteepee.png)

Here's a wip for something…

I'm not even halfway done with it * - *"


File: 1338665562145.png (96.61 KB, 400x300, pink hair lady.png)

And some weird butt character design with a half-assed dress rifqorfq That fleshy thing is her leg, her body looks weird, but I like her face, so I'm uploading it anyway. * - *


Don't worry about it~ I'd say it looks wonderful anyway


File: 1340677785657.png (1.16 MB, 1181x1748, mary2.png)

So, I'm drawing Mary. This is another WIP, I'm still working on the dress, but I like the progress so far. I JUST started the dress, so I know that it looks like batcrap thus far.

But, I'm trying out a style that I used to draw in again.

File: 1321473125185.png (8.97 KB, 527x357, mlp.png)


هنا مادو بمثابة المهر. :)
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whoa, google translate translated "horse" as dowry… is that really the multiple meaning of dowry in arabic?

fuckin' dowries.


i think i did it wrong.
i dont know how do edit or delet…


what, no, its ok.

it would make sense if it was, i mean, horses are pretty good gifts and whatnot :v…


My Little Dowry!
I used to wonder what Islam could be!
My Little Dowry!
Until you all shared its mysogyny with me!

Big explosions,
Killing Jews!
Public executions
All over the news!
Honor killings, it's an easy feat!
And Allah makes it all complete!

You have My Little Dowry!
Do you know the Jews did nine ele-veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!



you're gonna scare the hell out of that arabic girl

lol'd though

File: 1333936604922.png (144.31 KB, 600x600, Madotsuki Easter.png)


Happy Easter, everybody! Here's some of my art.

Oh, and, art thread for me I guess? Let's see if I have anything for a small dump.
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File: 1333936839359.png (73.45 KB, 2000x2000, Yume Nikki Bed Color1.png)

Oh yes here is one of my earlier Yume Nikki pieces that I believe I uploaded on the previous version of Uboachan.


File: 1333937222267.png (160.01 KB, 1366x768, Yarn and NyraDesktopA.png)

Oh yeah and here's some basic desktop thing I never really finished of the two main characters of a fangame I've been working on that will probably never have a playable demo because of my procrastinating.

Speaking of would anyone happen to have any idea of what gaming engine I should use to make a game with a camera limited in eight directions, and the character being a large 2D drawing, like the size of a character in some modern 3rd person gaming… game? Off topic but worth a shot to ask.

Also I suppose I'll end the dump now.


File: 1335763746035.png (2.83 MB, 1500x1000, SleepoverGritSmall.png)

Something I randomly arted over the past two days. It actually uses up negative space you have no idea how big a stepping stone this is for me.



i actually like this a lot idk why


File: 1340406626038.png (311.91 KB, 1024x1024, Fangame Hangout.png)

Oh yeah here's some fanart of some fangames I like. First time using Inkscape!

File: 1319855694747.png (21.7 KB, 640x480, askgaku.png)


Oh, okay so I can just put pretty pictures here, right? It's okay?
No worries?

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File: 1338249479186.png (103.83 KB, 300x370, Steve wow.png)

I'm really sleepy right now, to be honest


File: 1338249522213.png (22.72 KB, 518x539, Untitled.png)

maybe I should eat like, a lot of ice cream to keep myself awake or something


File: 1338249618479.png (50.47 KB, 300x390, no really I have an incura….png)

Or I could just sleep, but I mean, it takes actual STEPS to get to the bed…


File: 1338503489796.png (48.9 KB, 300x390, u suck.png)

wow Elliot, you're really rude


File: 1338853994554.png (455.2 KB, 900x770, girls only.png)

Sabi/Uro otp 4ever

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