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Oekaki is back!!!
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File: 1665447783956.gif (8.51 KB, 170x170, chairotsuki.gif)


I thought it would be interesting to open a Yume Nikki-themed Drawthread here. Please reply to this post with your requests or drawings, fangames are allowed and references are appreciated.


File: 1665448269765.gif (19 KB, 268x268, 1527813305717.gif)

PS: I'll do any requests you have, no lewds
Other anons can get up to that task if they want to


Madotsuki eating a burger with Monoe. Make it a happy scene pls.


Madotsuki reading a bedtime book with monoe and monoko at 11:00 pm in the bed while kalimba event is happening in the tv


madotsuki eating a burger with monoe. make it a sad scene please


uboa but he just looks like mcdonalds grimace


File: 1665780107980.gif (9.45 MB, 498x367, freekick.gif)

toriningen football club vs uboa football club. toriningen no. 9 doing a free kick, madotsuki as goalkeeper, monoko, monoe and poniko are the player wall.


poniko in silent hill


Madotsuki goes fishing with the Fisherman NPC.


Mado using Linux, pls :)


File: 1668318904701.png (266.89 KB, 503x528, linux.png)



File: 1668326355954.png (39.36 KB, 598x526, uboa-grimace.png)

we could take this one in a lot of directions


Damn, sick rice. I love that she's using ubuu.


waow confirmed mado uses arch


…its kinda cute


File: 1668386023500.png (565 KB, 733x570, sh-poniko.png)

Probably a doghouse, though she's not sure since there's no dog around.


madotsuki eating a burger with monoe. make it a neutral scene please


File: 1668809925341.jpg (49.68 KB, 464x442, FK0kX3YUYAA1tmt.jpg)

I like your style, is there any place I can follow you to see more of your art?


File: 1668975746065.png (1.13 MB, 1234x760, kalimbatv.png)

got a lil' clever with the book she's reading
thanks! i show up on 4chan /v/ drawthreads from time to time.


File: 1668985503655.jpg (605.42 KB, 2039x1378, 1447775929929.jpg)

Aw, shame there's no other place to follow you like pixiv or twitter. I'll start lurking the drawthreads now looking for your stuff now then. Also, what's the book about/referencing?

It's also my first time making a request since I feel like it's taking advantage of a talented artist like you, but I'll give it a shot. Mado eating a cheezy pizza like picrel, with a darker colored background like your last pic


Oh my dear anon, what a lovely drawing …..:'^)


File: 1669500090019-0.png (212.51 KB, 480x640, 1647618475410.png)

Holy shit, a good artist that accepts requests for free? Splendid!

I require Monoe, sitting in front of her PC, wearing police uniform, doing her best at wasting time on the internet by browsing Uboachan. Big monochrome sister is watching you, anon.


id f**k big police sister monoe



please draw madotsuki either with an air gear effect or a kamen rider (the 1971 design) effect

thank you love you bye


I'd like to see Madot raving with the Aztec Rave Monkey.


I'd like to see monoko wearing a Rotten(dot)com t-shirt and gesture middle finger with all her hands please


Anon pls never leave us.


it's gone….


File: 1670845143826.gif (27.27 KB, 123x123, 1669988793381533.gif)

I have faith… My pizza comission >>5223
will be completed… Surely…
(Monoe in Mado's stead is great too, I just thought of that)


File: 1670863260772-0.png (75.33 KB, 300x324, 1654667533933.png)

Still waiting for this >>5239 request to be done. >>5249, pretty please?


stop begging you fucking faggot


File: 1671104436283.png (250.91 KB, 1500x1884, E2kA1leVcAUZWoa.png)

I love you too, sweetie.


File: 1672169193379-0.png (1.05 MB, 931x625, madopizza.png)

File: 1672169193379-1.png (236.01 KB, 592x272, 1638065692268.png)

not taking advantage at all, here 'tis
also, book is a reference to second pic
i won't :^P


This is so cute.


File: 1672595889869.gif (1.89 MB, 300x350, 1672505999939541.gif)

Ohhh thank you for drawing my request OP, you are a legend. Happy late Christmas and happy new year, I hope you are having a nice time


File: 1702316186853.jpg (172.27 KB, 893x799, 1674565164557721.jpg)

It's been a while drawanon, how's it going? I'm pizza-comission-anon btw


File: 1702354310849.jpg (168.28 KB, 1080x607, 300735967_1333244277206522….jpg)

Here's a painting I did of Kyuu-Kyuu a while back


Leif Steve Kareha if its not too much to request


File: 1711233593233.png (73.56 KB, 725x711, kareha.png)

thank you for the well wishes… hope your 2024 is good so far!
going fine, just been busy hehe. how about you?
super cute!
i just saw this today so here it is!

i'm still going to do all the requests i haven't gotten to yet. i've been really busy with life stuff this past year… forgive me (*_ _)人


File: 1711878289598-0.jpg (67.64 KB, 540x521, DEATH!.jpg)

File: 1711878289598-1.jpg (50.14 KB, 365x317, flight.jpg)

drawings from the last couple of months


File: 1713489472438.png (1.26 KB, 192x192, madotsuki gb-export.png)


game boy madotsuki

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