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A thread for sharing good music and finding people with similar taste. Feel free to post your usernames and discuss your favourite music here.
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Instead of creating a thread for every SC or BC account, how about we keep it centered here.

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File: 1496722050959.png (9.01 MB, 3000x3000, Big Rare - Everyday.png)

Hi I go by the name Big Rare

I make sad lofi sing song music hope you guys like it

File: 1501992779652.jpg (25.09 KB, 236x314, ea96cb1a00b51f5d83af973880….jpg)


I fucking love Yellow Submarine. It's definitely one of my favorite films. So many parts of it are incredibly reminiscent of Yume Nikki. The abstract, dream-like atmosphere, the bizarre creatures and sounds scattered everywhere, the soundtrack, the weird story, it feels so similar. It's practically the movie equivalent to a dream. Thank god those hacks who made the polar express movie didn't get their grubby, Hollywood jew fingers on it. Has anybody else here seen it? If you haven't, you definitely should.


I watched it years and years ago. In a sense, I got exactly what I expected of it, psychedelic shit made by a bunch of hippies. The film is alright on itself but it isn't mind-blowingly awesome, or at least it didn't touch me like that. Of course this was years before I even played Yume Nikki, so that may have a part of it.
Have you seen Kanashimi no Belladona? I feel you're going to enjoy it too.


Obviously, the whole movie is a compilation of independently brainstormed events - the deep ocean sections have nothing in common with the "void" section - just that the transitions between some of those were pretty harsh. I'm not sure if it's just a british thing to ignore appropriate scene transitions or what, but segues are very important to me. Yellow submarine has transitions that are so jolting that they eject me from the experience of the movie itself, and for that reason I have trouble finding desire to rewatch it.

While we're on the topic of atmospheric works, Angel's Egg should also be mentioned. If you try to watch this movie on youtube or crunchyroll or whatever "stream" service that takes a 640x480 compressed to hell VHS rip and upscales it to 1080p to save bandwidth, you are a fucking heretic and should be gassed. It was hand-drawn and painted, and should be given the same respect that a painting in an art museum should. Torrent a decent blu ray rip of it.


Thanks for the info. The jolting transitions from one location to another is probably one of the reasons why Yellow Submarine reminded me of Yume Nikki. One moment you're in this weird place, and in the next you're somewhere totally different.


The two having abrupt scene transitions didn't escape me, I'm just trying to imagine why YN's don't bother me at all.

It could be that it's because I actually see myself as exploring the world with Mado rather than simply watching her explore it, as I simply watch the events of Yellow Submarine take place.

Or, it could be the more simple and likely explanation that in YN, I can take my time exploring an area, and only move on when I am ready, whereas in the Yellow Submarine, whether I want to spend an hour in one of their environments, or if I want to get out of it immediately, I have no choice, and some of Y.S's environments are pretty terrible/abrasive/bothersome/repulsive to me.

File: 1504241927293.jpg (129.86 KB, 560x800, 493b232c2e8f9c0711b1a2ee94….jpg)


I found another great composer. WATCH THE WHOLE THING. How does it make you feel? How do you like that shit, huh? You like that? Fucking polish people.


File: 1504242212509-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.01 MB, 480x480, pleasestop.gif)

File: 1504242212510-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.09 KB, 400x400, bcad1f94ef395dec336dd9a8eb….jpg)

Why did Christian music become so terrible? Bach made such great pieces based on the scripture, so I can't help but think, "what happened"? All Christian music made now is so bad. All of it. Feel free to prove me wrong.


I like these posts and all, but could we keep them to only 1 thread? I know /media/ isn't all that active but even so I feel that pushing things to the next page with threads with similar (for not saying "the same") content does more harm than good (it's also in the rules).
Now, as for the videos:

I couldn't, it's absolute shit.

As for what went wrong, well, pop. The song is basically something with a catchy rhythm but with poorly-executed lyrics, plus shitty vocals. The singers feel too generic. I couldn't feel anything from their singing; and don't get my wrong, I like some artists who only have good intonation even though their voice isn't all that… "special", but these guys get killed with the extremely shitty and dead lyrics and their "oh look another of those voices that sound all the same".
The difference between them and Bach is basically that Bach DID know that a song has a theme behind it, something to bring it to life, something with emotion. In Johannes-Passion he overlapped the theme of Jesus' suffering with an exquisite composition of strings and a chorus ranging from tenors to sopranos, which we commonly associate with sophisticated, "holy", choruses thanks to opera and sermon music, and which does actually feel "from the heavens". But OP? Nah, some catchy pop thing with generic lyrics.


Oh, sorry. I'm just trying to add fuel to the fire. I'll keep additional stuff to the three threads I already created. Anyway, I feel like the transition in Christian(you know what I mean by this) music reflects a change in Christian's mentality. The only theme that I could find in this and most Christian music made now is, "god is good". In an attempt to appeal to the largest demographic possible, they've moved in the direction of being as agreeable, bland and inoffensive as possible, but in the process they forget what made their religion appealing. You can see this very same thing in the films that they produce. This song is based on a hymn, which are all very simple and repetitive. While someone like Bach and a lot of other composers of his time would take something like that and make a fugue using it as a subject or something like that, this composer instead opted to make it sound popy, which is a much worse use. Composers during Bach's time had access to Gregorian chants and other such things, but they had no access to Egyptian hymns or other stuff made by pagans for obvious reasons. We do now though. I wish modern composers focused on developing that stuff instead of making that weird, inhuman, post modern, atonal garbage that every person who wants music degree has to study.


>wants a music degree


Small correction. The hymn this was based on was actually written last year for some Polish holiday thing.
The singers might be better, but it might just seem that way because it's in a language I can't understand. It's still the same awful song though.

File: 1502313315495.gif (1.38 MB, 320x240, WILD_DAYDREAM_1974.gif)


Here's another great composer I know about. His name is Paul Goldstein. He lives in Norway and he developed a revolutionary new system of notation. Instead of written music, he just looks at a single sheet of, "instructions", and a picture for inspiration. Here's a little taste.
Before he evolved past traditional notation, in his early primordial state of artistry, he composed his greatest piece to date Wild Daydream. You have to watch it start to finish to fully understand it. The beginning is a bit slow, but trust me, it pays off.
What do you think he's dreaming about?


File: 1502384160197.jpg (690.97 KB, 848x1024, 8319de4fd0730cef30ed728294….jpg)

>What do you think he's dreaming about?

File: 1501446127944.jpg (106.83 KB, 695x900, __original_drawn_by_sakura….jpg)


This is one of the worst songs that I have ever heard. It is putrid note vomit. It is disgusting. I dare somebody here to listen to all twenty minutes of it. It's impossible. Trying to do it is torture. The beginning is painfully slow on the up take, but the middle is an abomination. It's like a weird middle eastern thing with random jazz parts thrown in that don't make any sense and the whole thing is so rambly. I wont say what the name of it is or where I got it from, but the guy who made it is a real asshole. Very egotistical.
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Why do you hate this guy so much? The song isn't that terrible. I was expecting cacophonous screaming or something.


>The song isn't that terrible.
I've been studying music for a number of years. To the average person, this song probably just sounds bland, boring, and while not the kind of thing you would listen to, nothing particularity offensive. In actuality, the piece(songs have lyrics) is fucked up on a fundamental level musically. The repetitiveness, the excessive percussion, the way that the style randomly changes, the rambling. It fucking sucks. It doesn't work together. Worse has been made sure, but this is some bottom-tier shit. Listen to Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement. That's good music. I know it's an unfair comparison, but it shows you an example of how music should be. Music should fit together well like a puzzle, this is a mess.


Also, I bet you didn't even listen to all of it. To fully comprehend its awfulness, you can't just skim through it. You have to sit and listen while being completely focused on it.


File: 1502126982623.jpg (19.65 KB, 495x720, 1435538148240.jpg)

I got about 10 minutes through it, and at about 30 seconds my thought was suddenly, "This is a song that has forgotten why it needed to be written." Meaning, it does not have a purpose for existing, meaning it should be put out of its misery, meaning it should be killed.

The mixing is very bad, there was no mastering, there are enormous gaps in the background compensated for by shrill and heavy-handed frontal claps of snare drums while the flutes are doing flamboyant things over and over for NO FUCKING REASON - not to contrast or accentuate, just to do it BECAUSE FLUTES ARE SO FANCY AMIRITE.

I feel sorry for the fucking pope, having to listen to this shit and probably complement it politely just to hold back his true opinions which would be sinful to repeat within the walls of the Vatican.


I don't know much about sound editing, so that part didn't seem to be too bad to me, guess I was wrong. He actually paid a lot of money to have this recorded. Real musicians played it and everything. The pope thankfully didn't have to listen to this particular piece. I was a bit unclear about this, but he actually made this after he visited the pope. He was, "inspired", by the region he went to and decided to write a song about it, which is what you listened to. What was played for the pope is slightly less intensely awful. What you listened to is his worst song. As time went by he forgot more and more of the stuff that he learned in the composition classes he took and his projects got more and more flamboyant and ambitious and political as his ego inflated.

File: 1481583510378.jpg (81.46 KB, 1000x833, edgelord.jpg)


I for myself really enjoy Fail Emotions & Enter Shikari.

Fail Emotions is a clusterfuck. If i could define them with one single phrase "russian metal trance djent clusterfuck" it wouldn't even cut it.

Their first album has some good songs there and there but the formula is still rough so its a kind of cringefest.

Their 2 EP's, Gravity & Speed of Light smoothens out the cringey vague english lyrics a bit and adapts a better sound.

Their most recent album, Renaissance, just says, "fuck it" and goes for a way more metal / djent approach compared to Transfornation & Speed of Light/Gravity. It has a way more metal sound, with electronic elements still there and there.
Overall i consider it the best album of them, and i would reccomend it to a first time-listener.

Then there is Enter Shikari, which is a really good band. They (like Fail Emotions) combine Metal with Electronic aspects, although not to the same extremes as the former.
Take to the Skies is really great.
Common Dreads is a gem.
Flash Flood of Colour is also amazing.
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File: 1501193898470.jpg (494.89 KB, 1024x768, arcturus-161435.jpg)

Arcturus combine Avant-garde with Black Metal to create a futuristic or post-apocalyptic space setting with great atmosphere and a broad variety of facets.

Absolutely mesmerizing.



Unironically one of the worst things I've had the displeasure to hear in my whole life. Just terrible.


File: 1501265024861.jpg (50.5 KB, 500x500, folder.jpg)

I imagine there's already a lot of fans here but I fucking love The Depreciation Guild, especially this album. They mixed nostalgic chiptunes with colorful shoegaze and listening to it makes me incredibly happy

I also like Populous With Short Stories which is a combo of '00s indie pop and IDM and achieves a feeling of being dark yet comfy

File: 1499119041642.jpg (414.51 KB, 1696x954, Aydio Deltitny.jpg)


What music do you feel gives of a dreamy sound? Yume Nikki's OST is full of music that gives me that feeling, but what other songs can you think of like that?

The one song that comes to my mind is Deltitnu by Aydio. It has an almost meditative quality to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIGkICeZa-Q . Any genre is good, I'm just looking for that dreamy sound. Though I can't really put it into words, I feel like you would know what I mean.

Thanks for any suggstions!


File: 1499127420452.jpg (170.55 KB, 500x500, 36-lithea.jpg)

Pretty much all of 36's music.



Shoegaze/Dream pop is a genre just for that



File: 1499157371838.gif (1.47 MB, 500x500, 1.gif)


Pretty sure I came across it on this very website, hah. It's quite a peaceful piece and helps me sleep, the author probably has more similar stuff.

File: 1331682266571.jpg (143.03 KB, 568x486, neondaftpunk.jpg)


I desperately need new music!

What I'm looking for:
*Cute music (calm or upbeat) with female vocals
*Good J-pop and K-pop
*Really depressing but calming music
*Post-rock/ambient/creepy instrumental music
*Really kickass techno/electronica

Specify what you like and I'll try to recommend back!
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bruh this thread is from 2012


remember where you are


Thanks anon :-)


I've only been on this website a week and already I feel fucked.


File: 1397112705202.jpg (51.64 KB, 600x414, 1389053700358.jpg)



Let's discuss our favourite Japanese artists with each other.
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File: 1475792498905.jpg (7.31 KB, 480x360, syrup.jpg)


Honestly this guy is just fucking awesome, sadly not many know him.


any pochakaite malko fans?


I stream Japanese and world pop & subculture @ grahambaster.com
128 kbps mp3
64 kbps aac+

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