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minecraft PvP server

my friends made a server and i have a library in it
if you want to join i would love you to!
it's pvp so you have to pick a side i'm on blue team.

invitations available!
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Since a texture pack hasn't been made for Yume Nikki fans since 1.0, I decided to release one I have been editing for a while now.

Originally made by DR75 as Yume Nikki Texture Pack by DR75, I decided to make it Madocraft, with basically everything edited to be Yume Nikki like, including animations, connected textures, and a .lang file for those who may like to know what is what. Optifine or MCPatcher is highly recommended.

Version 1.2.5-1: http://www.mediafire.com/?9zxhz4gvv0c35z0

What to do on the next version:
1.3 snapshot support
More mod support

Thanks to Deepercutt for some ideas and beta testing.
Thanks to those who supported during development. :D

Note: At the moment, Optifine may refuse to display connected textures for bookshelves, glass, and sandstone. I have tried to fix this, but I was unsuccessful. I’m not sure about MCPatcher users, however.
First time users may want to restrain from installing en_US.lang until you get used to everything.
Also, be sure to look out for future updates on this thread.
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Alright, so the beta build of bukkit for 1.6 has been out for a while and the server is in a pretty dire need for streamlining.

I want to minimize a lot of the security and plugins that are used to make it easier for the average user to play and maximize their enjoyment of the server.

So I'd like to ask some questions:

1) Do you play using a pirated client? (If a majority of people do, I'll need to employ an offline auth plugin)

2) What plugins would you like to see?

I plan to keep the basic security and management; permissions, chest protection, block logging and rollback. I may look into a group management system, but they're often nightmares to employ properly.

There will also be a few plugins for enhancing play, such as a spawn plugin and warp plugin. I may or may not be bringing back the Essentials plugin, as fun as it is.

Multiverse will be kept, if only so that there can be a creative map and the ability to visit archived maps of past server iterations. I'll probably keep 'Hoth', because it's a really well-made map generator that makes for an interesting survival challenge.

Additionally, once I set up the server, I will be pinning a 'server manual', detailing a lot of helpful commands for the average user, as well as the moderation that will be on the server as well.

I've found that /help is relatively useless, because of how developers rarely properly maintain their plugin's help command and ergo, certain commands are shown even if you don't have permission.
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My eternal project just got more eternal. Woo.
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UboaCraft Server General

Hello folks, making a thread for informational and administrative purposes. Problem with the server? Suggestion? Need a question answered? This would be a good place to start.

Server is currently undergoing some minor changes and polish, but is playable.

When something fully updates to 1.7.2 (what I'm using is just something that allows users of 1.6.4 and 1.7.2 to access the server, but lacks most of the features), I will go through the awful pains of updating. With it will come a map wipe and a new spawn apartment complex.

==Server Information:==
First-time users to the server will only be able to build in Creative. This is to avoid complex and irreparable damage to structures members have spent a lot of time earning the materials to build with. In order to gain access to the survival map, you must build and prove yourself to not be the sort of member who would do such a thing. Once you're trusted, you'll be promoted and allowed into the main map.

Address: pensivenonsense.net:6969
Running Spigot (Bukkit branch) for Minecraft v1.6.4/1.7.2 (Don't ask, I don't understand how it works either)
Plugins as of this post: PTweaks, Prism, Essentials, PurpleIRC, WorldEdit/Guard, Multiverse/Inventories, LWC, dynmap, HothGenerator

Server is 24/7, 35 people max. Have fun!

/help is your friend. Use it and use it often.
Be sure to read the /rules when you get in game. (none are set yet, but use your common sense)
Rules from this board apply in the server, by and large.
Using /einfo in-game is also useful.

Server isn't pirate friendly anymore, sorry.

==Mod Staff==
In-Game Name (IRC name/others)
Uboa (Shadows/SN777Divinus)
Maidnaut (maidnaut/Kokotan)
FlipFlopFlying (Naminee)
If they wind up stumped by a problem, have everyone shout at me until I realize I'm needed.
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post your mc skins wich are yumenikki related here. (I got a madotsuki one right here)
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Uboacraft Party

Today, we Ubuucrafters celebrate the 4th of July. Why? Because fireworks!

We got an island to party on, with a bar and dance floor. Also, fireworks! Come if you don't have anything else to do!

The time we celebrate is planned to start at 02:00 UTC, or about 11 hours from now!

Server address: pensivenonsen.se:6969
Minecraft version: 1.7.6-1.7.10
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Server screenshot general

Today, ubuucraft had an adventure.
Congrats to all on not dying! :D

Also do feel free to post your own screenshots here.
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Minecraft Skin

oh hi umm this is probably stupid but i made a few YN fangame minecraft skins so um yeah here's the link (i hope it works)
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I'm working on something and I'm sure you'll appreciate it, uboachan.
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What are you all currently building? Or, what would you like to build on the server? Are we allowed to create fangame builds along with builds from Yume Nikki?

I just signed onto the server for the first time and you guys are building some cool stuff. Whoever built the Monoko, great job! Whoever did the "Jen's Diary," freaking crap, yikes a bunch.
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Shadows, you forgot to change the name.
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When and how will Uboacraft be seeing any kind of transition to 1.5.1?

I'm rather curious because it's quite a plugin heavy server. Are we going to face another map change with this new update?
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March 2013 Minecraft Recipe List Graphic

Hi, I am sharing here a ~1MB .ZIP file containing a single ~36MB .BMP of what is, at the time of this posting, the entire[?] recipe list using in-game images, stitched together from a Minecraft wiki/a.

Good luck to everyone in the Overworld, the Nether, and The End…




I'm kinda amazed it reduced the filesize that much, in zipping it
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Is there a forum or any other site beyond this board for this server, or is this about the size of it? Logged in today, would like to start playing relatively routinely, jus' wanna get a feel for how things are done 'round here.
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Just to be sure, you don't need any wacky jar modification thingy for authentication in the new server, right?
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YN & Related Minecrafts

I made this.

Has anyone else made these?
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Writer appreciation thread.

Thanks for being a stand-up guy, Writer. You're swell.
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UboaCraft is dead, but its maps live on!

Torrent: http://uboachan.net/uboacraft.torrent

Picture unrelated.
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I'm curious; what're you guys going to do about the Wither? What if someone spawns them in a highly populated area?
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We are updating the server s00n.

Should I or should I not reset the world again at that time to take advantage of new map generator features?

Picture unrelated.
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i hate to sound stupid but I'm trying to get into the server does anyone know the IP
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Square Nexus

Screenshots and info for my Nether superstructure, "Square Nexus".

Square Nexus is a giant superstructure in the ceiling of the nether, currently under construction. The lower level is constructed of three kinds of "nodes", and hallways.

* Link Nodes - Link together Hub Nodes and Exit Nodes.
* Hub Nodes - Split into four directions. Also contain ladders to the upper level.
* Exit Nodes - Contain ladders to the Nether floor.

The upper level doesn't contain anything special yet.

When complete, Square Nexus will span 212x212 blocks. It will contain:

* 72 hallways.
* 36 Link Nodes.
* 24 Exit Nodes.
* 9 Hub Nodes.

Currently, the incomplete Square Nexus contains:

* 28 hallways.
* 8 Link Nodes.
* 4 Exit Nodes.
* 5 Hub Nodes.

A chart of the blueprints for the lower floor of Square Nexus is attached to this post.

Chart Legend:

= / ‖ - Hallway
□ - Link Node
↓ - Exit Node
# - Hub Node
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The "Seven Days of Night" server event has begun! For seven whole days, from today until next Tuesday, the sun will not rise above the skies of UboaCraft.

Have fun with this special event!
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It's Back!

The UboaCraft server is back up at "mine.uboachan.net", now in the Netherlands on our new box. It's not entirely ready yet, but still playable. Things that aren't ready:

* New whitelist registrations must be made through an admin on IRC until our registration system is back up.
* We're using xAuth while Uboauth is down. It should be back up soonish.

New stuff:

* Dynmap is back at "http://mine.uboachan.net:8123".

It may take a few hours for your DNS to update. You can also just connect to "uboachan.net". They both point to the same place.

In other news, to celebrate the server move and the return of UboaCraft, in just a week or two (date tbd) we'll be having the SEVEN DAYS OF NIGHT special server event!

During this special event, for seven whole, irl days, THE SUN WILL NOT RISE ABOVE THE SKIES OF UBOACRAFT. Simply stepping outside without powerful equips will be a death wish. At the same time, plenty of monsters means plenty of loot! It may even be a nice opportunity for some roleplaying. Be sure to make the best of this special event. A sticky will be made when the end is nigh.

Picture Unrelated.
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Server Info (Abridged!)

UboaCraft! Running some plugins!

Connect: mine.uboachan.net:25565
Whitelist: http://mine.uboachan.net/wlr.html

If your client is cracked:
Uboauth Plugin Download and Registration: http://mine.uboachan.net/uboauth/

Picture Unrelated! Real server info page coming s00n!
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MC Skins Thread

This is now a Minecraft Skins thread.
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What the fuck happened here?
Why would anyone do this?
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Cracked clients

>go into minecraft.jar
>do all the steps
>start client
>enter game
>Black screen

Does anyone have a good 64bit cracked client I can use. After recent updates to minecraft mine won't work anymore after modding the .jar file.
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Projects Thread

I'm working on replicating Seccom's spaceship. (On the server, of course!)
What are you guys working on?
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Got an alpha of Chunky.
Rendered random spots on the server.
Also hi.
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>Stal greifs everyone
lol its okay no problem
>Tori greifs a little

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yoga makes you feel so much younger
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Stealing the 1.2 readiness post from sei
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UboaCraft Downtime

UboaCraft is currently down since we don't have a server that can host it reliably, or any money to buy one.
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Stop it.

- stal
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Server errors.

It keeps saying "Can't Reach Server". Is this normal? Or am I just stupid.

Picture is supposed to be bad. Also, very related.
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So basically, these guys got on and started tearing up Spawn.
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Why haven't you whitelisted me yet?
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Show pictures of stuff on the server.
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Happy international uguuu day!
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Wait, what?
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here we post mods and shit.
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Operation Ill-Conceived!
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Uboachan Minecraft Server


Please keep stuff about our Minecraft server in here. If there is enough interest, this will become a board.
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Yeah uh this is a newsletter anyone can post anything but it must have a picture that is related to the article and has to be about server going-ons.

Ads must be only 20 words long.
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The server's broken.
You'll have to wait for sei to fix it.
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Texture Pack!

Heyyy guess who finally sort of kind of updated his texture pack to 1.0.0.


Me that's who. Henceforth, a thread shall be in order! I suppose!

But yes. Mostly the same from the previous version, just fixed missing textures and stuff from 1.0 and also skinned some mobs and the moon and fixed minor other stuff.

SO. Why else create a thread on it? Why, because I'm low on ideas and motivation to think of said ideas! I'd like to hear opinions on the pack, what should change, what should be skinned as what, other people fixing it up even more, stuff like that.

Stuff I've been thinking of:
-New Skeleton skin. Don't like Uboa as a skeleton for some reason.
-Art/Paintings. Thinking about finding a way of putting ones from the game in, like the ones you see in the sewers or from where you get the Flute effect.
-New sounds! I have some already, but they're hard to put into the game so I didn't include it in the download. Still trying to actually get the sounds to the right audio and stuff, but man I love the bleeping Masadermen and Kyuuper squeaks.

I'll stop ranting now so enjoy!

Wait this needs an image.

Screw getting a screenshot I'm drawing one brb.

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Uh, what the hell?

It says im on the server on the dynamic map, but I got disconnected and cant connect right now. Someone help me, please.

Picture not related
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Sei, since you wont respond to me when I message you on the server, I thought I'd try posting here.

Could you please refund me some stolen items? They were quite valuable, and it really sucks not having them.
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Outdated Server

The server is outdated! Ok…i guess you knew that…But if you didn't it's 1.1 now and you Sever People, Texture Pack-Makers, and just plain Players need to update! I'm sure everyone wants to go online, and we will be waiting patiently (PATIENTLY!) for the update. :) And i am sorry if you all know this already but it's been outdated since morning and where i and it's 8.

Pic unrelated, as usual.
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flatmap freebuild servers

anybody have any flatland freebuild servers?
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Who'd like to explore with me?

This is my thread where I ask people to come along and explore things with me. Kkthnx.
Picture not related.
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This is the thread where I ask Yukiana to be online more often so I can ask her if I can live in the apartments. (And perhaps buy records)
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What is this?
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Seisatsu Shoten

Grand Opening! Seisatsu Shoten, the Minecraft item shop.

Located at 363 x 73 x -49
/warp seisatsushoten

If I'm online and you need to trade for something, give me a call and I'll open the shop. No stealing. :<
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Clouds 'n Whatnot

makin' cloudipelagos.

across the landscape.