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/mc/ - UboaCraft

Uboachan's Official Minecraft Server

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A major software upgrade has just been completed. Please report any issues to the administrator.

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Alright, so the beta build of bukkit for 1.6 has been out for a while and the server is in a pretty dire need for streamlining.

I want to minimize a lot of the security and plugins that are used to make it easier for the average user to play and maximize their enjoyment of the server.

So I'd like to ask some questions:

1) Do you play using a pirated client? (If a majority of people do, I'll need to employ an offline auth plugin)

2) What plugins would you like to see?

I plan to keep the basic security and management; permissions, chest protection, block logging and rollback. I may look into a group management system, but they're often nightmares to employ properly.

There will also be a few plugins for enhancing play, such as a spawn plugin and warp plugin. I may or may not be bringing back the Essentials plugin, as fun as it is.

Multiverse will be kept, if only so that there can be a creative map and the ability to visit archived maps of past server iterations. I'll probably keep 'Hoth', because it's a really well-made map generator that makes for an interesting survival challenge.

Additionally, once I set up the server, I will be pinning a 'server manual', detailing a lot of helpful commands for the average user, as well as the moderation that will be on the server as well.

I've found that /help is relatively useless, because of how developers rarely properly maintain their plugin's help command and ergo, certain commands are shown even if you don't have permission.


File: 1376155279015.png (75.5 KB, 383x687, tumblr_mrbq88YNbn1rrfeboo1….png)

1) Nope.
2) Dunno. See below.

The plugins I personally think are pre'y essential you've already mentioned you're keeping so that's that. I love the ability to flip over to creative to herp around when I'm not feeling particularly up to resource gathering and junk, and the ability to flip back to survival when I actually want to *play*. The way it was was pre'y alright to me, but there was a ton of things I never used and ne'er really thought about using *shrug*

Biggest problem I saw was sheer lack of players. Minecraft has been losing popularity in the mainstream for a while now and this server has a pre'y obscure fanbase to draw from to begin with. Getting it on the radar for generic people to check out is a good thing, but that of course brings in the potential for idiots and griefers and other annoying noise. The secondary log in both helped to block the idiots from derping things up *and* block potential new players from caring… because people are stupid and lazy and don't know how to read. Possible solutions? I honestly don't know.

Server manual is a great idea tho because /help never works properly.

Other ideas I have? Things to make people want to come back more often, perhaps. Back on an old server I usedta moderate, we had occasional server-wide events that drew people in to participate. We also had differing chat channels for those that like to RP and junk. Gave people more reasons to play then simply mining and crafting. Events can be rly fun and I can imagine quite a few we could do strongly related to the games we love here. Just takes a bit of foresight and logistics work which can be left up to those with the ideas.



Yeah, on average the userbase has really died out and the caking on of random shit plugins didn't help.

I had planned a few events, such as enabling 'buying' resources to build with at a low price using Essentials' buy/sell commands. I never bothered because there weren't many people around for me to pitch it to.

The fireworks display I did earlier this year brought a decent turnout, though.

Adding different chats for roleplay/etc wouldn't be that hard, although it might become weird for CraftIRC. Though, honestly it doesn't seem like there's enough people to actually *utilize* such a thing.

I'm hoping that doing this and taking everyone's suggestions into consideration will help bring people to the server. It's sort of a shame to have something running that hardly gets used.

One thing I've been tempted to do is to post the server on one of those public server listings, but confine new users to a 'new people only' creative/survival map until they prove themselves.

The issue with that? No one likes an entry barrier. However, the regular users don't feel like getting griefed and then having to wait to get their stuff rolled back.


>Possible solutions? I honestly don't know.

The solution is to say either mudnut or Writer in the chat to ping us so we can come save the day like no one ever bothers to.


Any idea when this will exist?

I'd been playing the other one for a while and I remember it being really enjoyable, ideal minecraft server for me once i'd moved away from the spawn.

1) Do you play using a pirated client?
I use the commercial client.

2) What plugins would you like to see?
As few as possible.
Preferably nothing that interrupts the flow of the game in the areas/worlds where the game is played. It just really ruins it for me when there's a ton of plugins and mods that profoundly change the game dynamics.

gee i seem really fussy.


Soon, once I spend some time figuring out which plugins I'm replacing things with. Part of this overhaul is replacing things I've just been too stubborn to phase out for the sake of not learning something new.

Case in point: PermissionsEx. It's a buggy piece of shit, but for some reason it's the only permission plugin I understand well enough to configure. Not an excuse, I've realized, because it's fucking awful.

I plan to minimalize the plugins involved, except for really useful/subtle ones.

For instance, per-group spawnpoints are something I really want. This way I can make it public, have you guys specifically added to a group and have new public people from random sites confined to a different world where they can't break things. Or can break things that aren't important.

Also, apparently Prism is very full of itself as an anti-grief plugin, so I should check it out and see how it works over CoreProtect.


One small issue that this update will cause is that I'm going to have to purge everyone's inventories and stuff. It's unavoidable because of how one of the plugins work with spawns, which is contained in the player .dat file.

To fix it, I have to toss out all the old .dats or everyone will just constantly spawn in an unloaded chunk and fall repeatedly to their death.


1. No.

2. Ones that make life a little easier.

I like being able to /home when I want for example. Optional things that help eliminate tedium.

When it comes to permissions and protection, my opinion may be unpopular. I think who touches what should be logged and able to be rolled back etc, but I don't think people should be able to stop others from placing a block or something in their stuff.

From my experience there are always a couple bad seeds over time in servers like this, but being able to share with others is something that I liked most about servers that allowed it. If someone dumps lava on someone's house it can be rolled back and the person banned.
Holding back people from doing negative also holds them back from doing positive.
I trust the people on uboachan to no not do negative stuff like above.

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