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/mc/ - UboaCraft

Uboachan's Official Minecraft Server
Password (For file deletion.)

Posting works again.

File: 1322090893572.jpg (17.68 KB, 294x370, 131653009938.jpg)



Please keep stuff about our Minecraft server in here. If there is enough interest, this will become a board.


Somewhere in a direction from spawn there's a big dirt tower. That's where all of the development is at the moment.

You may need to set your render distance to far to see it though.

Also I move to make the town into spawn.


Any rules/theme on the server? Or just a general vanilla survival?


aw coooooooooooooooooooooool yay thank you


needs to be updated to 1.0.1


yeah… i get an invalid server key error when i try to log in now, didn't before with a 32bit version of java



why weren't you here an hour or two ago ):

thank you


File: 1322289274631.jpg (2.11 KB, 129x129, 1243993726846.JPG)

so this was my day:
-clear and level an entire forest
-add a canal to connect rivers
-fence in the entire area and add bridges
Then Eric12321 and KokoTan show up
-get spawn-killed repeatedly
-get walled in
-have my signs changed from "this is Dormilia and Distortion's territory" changed to "this is fagot and fagot's territory".

Uboachan, I am disappoint


u mad?


File: 1322361947882.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1018, 2011-11-26_19.53.17.png)

disregarding that…

I've finished my tower, and now I can see the few houses being built in the surrounding area. I can clearly see Saya-chan's house from my tower.
I do hope the server picks up a bit.



>Ubuuchan's Minecraft server is opened
>Immediately start plaguing it with your BS fairytale faggotry

And YOU are disappoint?

I approve of Eric12321's and KokoTan's actions. A hearty salute to you both


I cleared the land
I built the canal
I collected the resources
I built the fence
I built the tower
that area is mine to do what I want with it, just as any one else who builds upon the land

I reserved my actions and construction to this one area, that is why it is fenced in and surrounded by water.

>BS fairytale faggotry
One could say the same of any fanbace; bronies, Harry Potter fans, even Uboachan it's self.

I have done no harm, and so in conclusion: NO ANON YOU ARE THE DEMONS



You sound upset. Also it's base not bace and itself not it's self.


File: 1322530165805.jpg (201.51 KB, 500x500, Ayu2.jpg)


So you're comparing your delusions to global-scale multi-million dollar phenomena, not to mention Yume Nikki. Dat ego?

Also it's not your land. It's anyone's land as far as I remember Minecraft's gameplay

But hey, if you're so throughly convinced it's "your" land then "you"'d better be ready to defend it. Or, you know, QQ on the thread after you fail to do so, just don't expect much sympathy

Your clean-up efforts on the server are greatly appreciated


I haven't done anything to clean up after nor have I cleaned anything that's needed cleaning.


Wait, so it was Eric1232 that poured lava on it and mined and/or blasted it with tnt?


Eric hasn't done anything to your tower.

You can't just point blame at people when you have nothing to back yourself up. Speculation makes you look silly and offensive.


File: 1322537745381.jpg (30.23 KB, 480x360, 128850105375385508.jpg)

Well, that is not the first time that kind of thing has happened to me.

Anyways some people found a place they wanted to start a village at, but it looks like that is never going to happen. So I was thinking; what if we built an apartment building similar to Mado's, and every new person that joins we can just add a new floor.
There is already a supplys shack nearby and I add a new cobblestone generator as well.


Looks like some rules need to be laid down.

Any further reports of griefing, vandalism, or unwanted PvP action may result in investigations, interrogations, and temporary or permanent server bans.

Thank you for flying Uboachan.


Wasn't someone doing a YN texture pack? I'd love to use it while playing on uboachan's server.


Okay seriously who the fuck keeps blowing up the goddamn creepers out in front of the castle. This is like the fifth fucking time I've logged in to see a hole there.

Clean up your damn creeper explosions.


File: 1322676576411.png (385.38 KB, 1366x721, 2011-09-28_00.38.13.png)

Heyyy. I'll have to check this server out one of these days.

I remember someone else doing a texture pack, but I also have one that I should get back to. Here's the download url.



Yeah, that is why mine is on a filly illuminated island, bet even so the bridges keep getting blown up :p


Invalid or deleted file. :(


File: 1322757830272.png (520.16 KB, 1366x721, 2011-09-28_00.41.41.png)


File: 1322792314711.jpg (41.49 KB, 660x300, Minecraftcreation.jpg)

As a small server community you should all decide on a single project, and combine your efforts towards finishing it. If you do there's a good chance you might accomplish something magnificent


Creepers man, fucking creepers.


Really if you don't know how to handle creepers the least you can do is clean up after yourself.

All it takes is a bit of dirt. :|


Much better. Thanks!


File: 1322906322102.png (302.71 KB, 1280x1004, 2011-11-26_14.28.02.png)

Unfortunately, the pack doesn't seem to work. Is it compatible with 1.0?


File: 1322986805072.png (125.94 KB, 854x480, 2011-12-04_03.10.16.png)

So I joined in, brought some friends, and built a thing:


Could you add this?

it would be nice to be able to set a place as your spawn so if you build far away you dont have to walk back if you die.


Using a bed sets it as your spawn.


File: 1323162922913.png (537.84 KB, 1280x1004, 2011-12-06_00.57.37.png)



File: 1323220339498.png (175.84 KB, 854x480, 2011-12-06_20.09.48.png)

So basically Fox184 is a pathetic excuse for a troll and a petty griefer. Can he be banned and whatnot?

Picture related as proof.


File: 1323222162030.png (89.58 KB, 854x480, 2011-12-06_20.39.05.png)

More proof


File: 1323222412266.png (51.19 KB, 854x480, 2011-12-06_20.38.16.png)

He looted this house as well


File: 1323224002655.jpg (123.65 KB, 1024x768, 1289468739547.jpg)

Wait a minuit…
(looks closely at the pic)*
There used to be a huge wooden house there, did he burn it down?



Yes. Seemed pretty damn proud of it too.

Kind of like when a toddler scribbles all over the walls.



File: 1323229144185.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.79 KB, 462x469, 1319720545797.jpg)

Problem solving for grief:

Seisatsu, get Bukkit and install Factions.

User-level, self-managed and contained territories. Unless someone is a part of a faction, they can't fuck around with other people's crap.

Or we can just keep running a vanilla server and giggle when people's stuff gets wrecked.



Not sure if Bukkit is updated to 1.0 yet, according to the folks from the other server I play on.

But yeah that would be ideal.



>petty griefer


>pathetic excuse for a troll

With all the rage he managed to draw out? I think not



He got rage out of one person, because he burnt down that person's house. It hardly seems worth the effort.


>implying it took effort as opposed to being amusing



Mm, point. Doesn't take much work to use a flint and steel.

Must be one hell of a lonely life if being a dick is the only thing that gets you off though. :V



Griefers make games fun.


And who said that was the only thing that got him off? The truth is you're taking a game this seriously, and he isn't. So who's really the one with a lonely life here?



There's a difference between "not taking seriously" and vandalizing other people's stuff for fun…



stop that, fgt


>sage in stickied thread
oh you

"stop valuing things that i dont value" is all i'm reading there…

it's like…
it's a game. but they're creating something. and you come in and destroy it.
that's like going up to an artist and stabbing their canvas. art can just be doodling but it's been made into more than that by many people. with minecraft it's given that it's a creativescape where many people come to make things together or alone, their own creations that they like and spend time on and value because it's their own work and they like what they're making.

That line of thought is: coming in and wrecking something someone else made and enjoys, then saying a personal enjoyment of destroying others' creations many value (and worked hard on) is more important than their purpose in creating it, their result from creating it. then calling their attachment to something they made foolish or petty for "taking a game too seriously".

in any case: if they didn't "take the game so seriously", there wouldn't be anything to destroy- people come here to make things and so they make them, and enjoy making them and seeing their accomplishment and their creation "alive"… if no one "took the game seriously" there would be nothing.

if people like taking things apart, seeing them just come down and leveled, that's cool. demolition is cool.

but i think we should have a SANCTIONED area for demolition/destruction rather than just walking all over people's faces.
i would SO be down for a destroying party. sounds fun.
"who can demo this shit fastest" or something.


File: 1323460422680.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.9 KB, 639x480, 13569843523.jpg)


I'm reading it more like "stop valuing things that don't have any value", but HEY



> "stop valuing things that don't have any value"

I would argue that anything that takes a significant amount of time has value, even if it is not material. One can always regain money or materials lost, to an extent. Time lost is permanently lost.



That argument is easily proven wrong. It doesn't matter how much time it takes for you to take a dump, I'm still pretty sure it'll be worth the same in the end (read: shit)

Same thing for any other thing that has no inherent worth regardless of how much time you spend on it, be it something with physical results like collecting dirty rags, or something with abstract results like spending your day counting how many people pass in front of your house

Point is, only meaningful things gain more worth by spending time doing them. And I'm sorry to say this, but no matter how much fun it may be for an individual to play with legos on a virtual world, "worth" is a property which that activity will never possess


You obviously don't even know what time is then.

It's only lost if you perceive it as lost. If you perceive it as lost you have a lot to learn about how the world works.


I'd suggest we stop and consider how successful a troll we've made fox in to now that he's gotten us to fill this thread with arguing. Anyway I see it like this:
Minecraft is a free world, much like the real one, especially because this is a public server with no mods. If they want, people can come along and destroy stuff and take things without permission. By the same token, if they want, everyone else who plays can decide that people who grief are douche bags and try to get their ass banned. Majority rule.

Your argument is easily proven wrong. You're trying to argue there's some way to establish absolute value of anything, and that there is "inherent worth" (Read: all value is relative).

I'm sure someday a modern artist will get paid thousands for his performance art piece on counting the people who passed in front of his house. And I'm even more certain there's already "art" made of feces or dirty rags, that someone somewhere values.
And this whole "value" thing is just a straw man argument anyway. You're dodging the the point.

Point is, people were having fun and one guy decided to ruin their fun.


File: 1323509468251.png (104.83 KB, 415x700, griefer.png)



>accuses others of using straw man arguments
>proceeds to put words in another person's mouth

I'd seriously like you to tell me where I said everything has an absolute value, because I just can't seem to find that in my post. Must be because someone's making a straw man argument

Next up

Actual value: gold
No actual value: dirty rags

Can you understand that? Or perhaps you think there's someone sane in our society that would trade gold for dirty rags? And no, I'm not attaching absolute value to something. It's just that, like it or not, we live in an enormous society, and that society thinks gold is valuable, and dirty rags are not. That's what defines something's worth. You know, MAJORITY rule

And no, I'm not talking about art. If I was I'd say "art", not "dirty rags", seeing as art is still art regardless of how it is made/what it is made out of. Reading comprehension is a must when you try to argue, you know?

Also, I'd very much appreciate it if you could tell me how is answering >>56 with >>57 making a straw man argument. No, really. Unless you're using the expression without even knowing what it means

And lastly, point is, a guy was having fun by breaking a bunch of cubes other people had stacked, and people acted like a grave injustice had occurred, insulting and belittling that guy. Which is why this started in the first place




that was the point and always has been, which was the purpose of the post






Go on, keep posting this as many times as you can. It will definately help your situation, and someone will answer your question, for sure…



It should work, though I think I might know the problem. Did you just put the zip file in? I think I might of put the actual folder into the zip. When you open the folder, it should take you to the list of stuff like mobs and other things. If it just takes you to a folder called YumeNikkiTexture or similar, then you'll just have to zip it and place that folder into the textures. Sorry for the difficulty.

If that's not it, then not sure, sorry. I'll make the next release less messy to download (if I get back to work on it…)


Well, Fox184 might be a griefing ass and totally deserved his ban, he DID make something note-worthy.


oh god what this is basically the one thing I would never expect to see. Other than the Spanish Inquisiton.


>>62 we live in an enormous society, and that society thinks gold is valuable, and dirty rags are not. That's what defines something's worth. You know, MAJORITY rule
The majority of Minecraft players would say that "stacked cubes" have value. You're an ass.



Uhh… First off, congratulations on bumping a dead thread. Second, good luck paying your bills and college tuition with your stacked cubes

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