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/mc/ - UboaCraft

Uboachan's Official Minecraft Server
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Happy Holidays!
Uboachan Dream World MUD is back up. The issue stems from DennisMUD not being able to update its SSL cert without being restarted manually. A fix will be investigated, see GitHub Issue #115.

File: 1345481755821.png (251.03 KB, 500x445, tumblr_m2fusywkoU1qhr055.png)


We are updating the server s00n.

Should I or should I not reset the world again at that time to take advantage of new map generator features?

Picture unrelated.


Reset: 1
Keep world: 0


is it possible to do both?


Pls no ;_;

I guess you can import some builds into the new map via world edit if you do end up resetting. Losing everything again would be poop.


I hope we somehow manage to keep some of our buildings from World 1 and World 0. I'm all for a new map, but I think we should keep spawn and the houses we have near it (Mostly mine ;_;)


I assume you're keeping Multiverse? That being the case, I think a new world would be awesome.


File: 1345603693625.jpg (112.39 KB, 315x433, destroy_the_old_world.jpg)

We must destroy the old world to create a new one.


delete everything


Archive the old world somewhere and reset it.
You need more emeralds. MORE EMERALDS.


That's impossible. There is no world editing software which can handle worlds the size of ours. I can't copy/paste anything.

Multiverse was fun, but it's a pain to maintain it and our server can barely handle hosting two worlds. I don't think it can take three.


If the world is going to be destroyed can we have a server event first?
Something like spawn 5 ender dragons over spawn and let them destroy everything.



Nah. I'm not going to destroy it all.

There's a few possibilities. The first is that I move the current worlds to a powerful but unreliable backup server I happen to have, and then put the new world on our server.

The second is to take both current worlds offline and offer them for download, and then reset with the new world.

The third, of course, is multiversing all three worlds, but as I said I don't think our server can handle that. It may be worth a shot.

The fourth is to move all of UboaCraft to the more powerful server, but I'm not sure how long I'll have access to it, so UboaCraft could disappear suddenly in the future.

That said, UboaCraft is currently down and I'm not sure when I can bring it back up, due to time constraints and other issues. (It will take several hours to set it all up most likely.) This weekend is a possibility, though there's quite a few plugins that haven't updated for 1.3.

And of course, hosting UboaCraft is very expensive. Based on how much funds we pull in through donations and such, it either will or won't be shut down completely near the end of next month, so we don't lose all of Uboachan instead.


My only request is I would like to see what my castle looked like. The big floating fortress in the sky. is there a way to save that to a world and give me that file? I know someone who used a program where he literally selected chunks of the map with his mouse and stuff.

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