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/mc/ - UboaCraft

Uboachan's Official Minecraft Server
Password (For file deletion.)

Happy Holidays!
Uboachan Dream World MUD is back up. The issue stems from DennisMUD not being able to update its SSL cert without being restarted manually. A fix will be investigated, see GitHub Issue #115.

File: 1326418688734.png (44.08 KB, 255x199, Yeah....png)


The server is outdated! Ok…i guess you knew that…But if you didn't it's 1.1 now and you Sever People, Texture Pack-Makers, and just plain Players need to update! I'm sure everyone wants to go online, and we will be waiting patiently (PATIENTLY!) for the update. :) And i am sorry if you all know this already but it's been outdated since morning and where i and it's 8.

Pic unrelated, as usual.


> seisatsu
> doing things


Right. Sorry. I feel stupid now. I get that.


I'll leave him a message in case he doesn't know and hopefully it will be taken care of soon.


The server has upgraded!





it doesn't allow pirated clients


File: 1326673291294.png (4.61 KB, 299x287, facebook.png)


Oh. :\ no wonder why "derpderp no connection"


I'm quite sure it's set to allow pirated clients.


It's broken still :|



Are you sure? I was never able to log in. Try it yourself if you have the time


How about I just disallow cracked clients and you can buy the damned game.

Unfortunately, opening the server to cracked clients has the side effect of making it impossible to ban anyone, as any player can spoof any name. Someone could even connect as me and take over the server. If you play on the server, I'm sure you can shell out $20 to stay around.

It's currently in cracked mode. If you can't connect with a cracked client, I can't help you. Note we're on 1.1.0 now.


jesus christ is it that time of the month for seisatsu or something

just disallow the fucking cracked clients then and see if I care seriously


I've been allowing cracked clients so far. I've never gotten any reports of it not working until now.

I'm just not sure what to do. Allowing it is a massive security risk. It's frustrating because I'm basically jeopardizing UboaCraft so a couple cheapskates can play with us. You can understand then if people who won't pay for the game make me upset, and rightfully so.

I'll turn off the cracked setting, and make an announcement.



I most certainly can't understand, no

It was your choice to begin with, so you're basically getting angry at other people for a choice you made by yourself. How exactly does that give you the right to be angry at them?


Aah, now look, I'm assassinating my own character. ;~;

We just got through with a DDoS a couple hours ago, which took down EVERYTHING for about half an hour. First thing I saw after coming back was a complaint about cracked clients being unable to connect, so maybe I mis-channeled some rage there. It happens. I apologize.

I'm still not allowing cracked clients to connect anymore though. :<

It also looks like the setting that allowed it may have been causing connection problems for registered users lately.

I hope not too many of our players were using cracked clients. Don't mind my grumpiness. Go buy the game if you can't get in anymore, it's really worth it. :>



Ok then, that's understandable. Though it wasn't a complaint, at least on my part (doesn't look like it was on Yukiana's part either)

Also, making it a legit client-only server does seems like a small price to pay if doing so gives Uboacraft that many advantages

Not getting the game though. It's a steal


That's too bad. :<
Yeah it is a bit expensive. It was cheaper when I bought it during alpha. Stal, the co-administrator has been working on some alternatives; it's possible he can find a better way to allow cracked clients while mitigating the hazardous effects. He made a bukkit mod that authenticated registered users while letting unregistered users in. This would prevent server take-overs, but bans would still be impossible. The only way I can see around the problems is to write a custom authentication server, which I may consider in the future.



Sounds like plenty of work to be honest

Nah you wouldn't want me on the server I'd just do giant dicks the whole time


There are some pretty cool users with cracked clients, too.

Stal is currently working on the auth server "Uboauth". Cracked clients will just have to install a client-side mod to login when it's ready.


for the record
this is a terrible idea
just use my other server mod


I just realized i kind of stated I had cracked. I don't. :\

Boyyyy am i an idioooot. I thought they were saying the bukkit was pirated. Meanwhile, i could have sworn to god I wasnt smoking anything.

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