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/mc/ - UboaCraft

Uboachan's Official Minecraft Server
Password (For file deletion.)

🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1355086229548.gif (1.55 MB, 805x490, 1350418849542.gif)


Hello folks, making a thread for informational and administrative purposes. Problem with the server? Suggestion? Need a question answered? This would be a good place to start.

Server is currently undergoing some minor changes and polish, but is playable.

When something fully updates to 1.7.2 (what I'm using is just something that allows users of 1.6.4 and 1.7.2 to access the server, but lacks most of the features), I will go through the awful pains of updating. With it will come a map wipe and a new spawn apartment complex.

==Server Information:==
First-time users to the server will only be able to build in Creative. This is to avoid complex and irreparable damage to structures members have spent a lot of time earning the materials to build with. In order to gain access to the survival map, you must build and prove yourself to not be the sort of member who would do such a thing. Once you're trusted, you'll be promoted and allowed into the main map.

Address: pensivenonsense.net:6969
Running Spigot (Bukkit branch) for Minecraft v1.6.4/1.7.2 (Don't ask, I don't understand how it works either)
Plugins as of this post: PTweaks, Prism, Essentials, PurpleIRC, WorldEdit/Guard, Multiverse/Inventories, LWC, dynmap, HothGenerator

Server is 24/7, 35 people max. Have fun!

/help is your friend. Use it and use it often.
Be sure to read the /rules when you get in game. (none are set yet, but use your common sense)
Rules from this board apply in the server, by and large.
Using /einfo in-game is also useful.

Server isn't pirate friendly anymore, sorry.

==Mod Staff==
In-Game Name (IRC name/others)
Uboa (Shadows/SN777Divinus)
Maidnaut (maidnaut/Kokotan)
FlipFlopFlying (Naminee)
If they wind up stumped by a problem, have everyone shout at me until I realize I'm needed.


Server crashed recently and set the map back a ton. I have no way to fix this other than to prevent it in the future. Those who were affected in-game, let me know and I'll try and compensate a little for what was lost.


I also added dynmap with hi-res rendering, for those who will be interested in using that.



Hey there everyone! I added multiverse, some custom map generators, a creative map and a number of other new little things. Also, I changed the domain and the server. Everything's the same, but should be a bit quicker for those of our users in the US.

Edit your connection details to


The DNS tables and the provider I got the new domain from are pants-on-head retarded.

In the meantime of the url not working, use the IP address:


Alright, finally fixed my dns table, with no help from my provider despite them having a support system. They took forever to respond so I figured it out on my own.

works once more!


Also, here's an update of new things going on in the server:

We now have multiverse and 9 different maps! Three are the default Uboachan maps, the overworld, nether and end. Then there's a Skylands+ map, an ice world map and a dungeon crawling map along with a Creative map with full access to worldedit commands. Also, the old archived maps have been imported as view-only.

There's also now LWC protection, of which I shall be extending the protection to doors, trapdoors, beacons, jukeboxes and other valuable blocks. For now it's mostly just for chests.

I also have the server set to restart once a day at midnight EST. My server also drops cached ram every 15~ minutes so that any ram that java cakes on for whatever reason will be dropped and become available again for the server's use. This should help maintain smooth sailing and proper uptime for the server.

I also had to drop dynmap to lowres because of how much process it was taking trying to render maps (plus the maps were taking like 4~ gigs on my harddrive which was terrible).

If you have any suggestions/feedback, let me know.


File: 1365718396448.png (197.26 KB, 308x344, golf.png)

Basically, everything is updated and pretty much works the same.

I respawned the Nether, which lead to nether portals all spawning you inside of walls. If you'd like to hop straight to actually exploring the Nether for quartz and the like, use /warp nether.
You might need to reapply your LWC protections to chests.
Essentials is outdated, but appears to function properly.
PrivateWarp hasn't been updated since v1.4.4 but still works fine! Let me know if anything is off about it, however.
Multiverse, multiverse inventories and their world generators work fine. The previous server's maps are unloaded for now, though.

Use /einfo to learn stuff.

Feel free to leave messages here or in the IRC regarding things I need to fix or change.


File: 1365738155506.png (152.47 KB, 1319x675, probably.png)

Minor issue with an auto-shutdown plugin I was using telling everything to shut down while starting up.

I removed the plugin, so we'll have to make do with me randomly restarting the server to keep it running smoothly.


File: 1384553918818.jpg (23.42 KB, 500x274, tumblr_mrq5c9LDbT1s57l93o1….jpg)

Bring back ubuucruft.

Even if its vanilla with room for 5 people.




File: 1385151637421.jpg (45.88 KB, 848x480, 1384801685756.jpg)


I don't really fit in on irc and don't post much so this was my only way to interface with the nice community.


…UboaCraft has been back for a few days now. I even announced it in the blotter.


It's still missing some minor touches, like the "beginner's guide", which I'll get too sooner or later.

But yes, it's up again. Map will be reset when I get a full update to 1.7.2, right now it's just a weird compat build from spigot.


i change my version to 1.7.2 and it still doesn't work for me, is there anything specific i have to do?


Do I have to downgrade from 1.7.4?


nvm, even though it has an x over it, it still works



Yes, it is finally here! Get on and explore the dreamscape!

If you've been on the server back when spawn was in a frozen wasteland (or if you were in Creative world), here are some differences you may see:

1.7 terrain generation (obviously), but this means the previous world is gone. If you had stuff in your inventory back then, it's still with you. All other worlds are completely safe.
Spawn is actually built, with roads! Not done, but you can get around.
Spawn apartments now have double the amount of rooms, with better customization options! Want a room? Talk to us, it's free!
There is now a Mall for trades! Madotsuki already has a cafe, and a few others are starting on their plots, so ask us if you want a plot. It, too, is free!

Other than that, dynamap for Uboacraft is currently broken. Same rules apply from the original post, and, as far as I know, the server can and most likely will still have issues, but it's playable.

And same as always, yell at a mod first if you have a problem, and then complain to Writer if that fails.




Yes, 1.7.9 is supported. (late)


I'm [Trusted], yet i still cannot use WorldEdit commands.

Is this intentional or..?


The Trusted rank is the main rank, the regular Ubuucrafter. This gives you access to the basic permissions and commands. WorldEdit is not one of them, as this is trusted only to Mods.


Uboacraft will be experiencing downtime until further notice (probably only a few days, but there's no guarantee). Apologies for the inconvenience.


File: 1407928219545.png (164.13 KB, 502x353, 1374392118506.png)

what happened? why?


Right as I get back to playing. Rip.


I believe it was due to bandwidth over-usage while I was streaming movies, but my provider just locked my server and has yet to explain why. It's been like 12 hours since this happened and I filed a support ticket. Considering there's no statement of a bandwidth ceiling anywhere, I think this is pretty kneejerk instead of just throttling. Or you know. Sending an email. Something.

They froze my server, gave me FTP access to my files and didn't explain a thing. It's been extremely frustrating and I'm probably getting a new server elsewhere.


That's pretty low of them.


my condolances. That sounds like premium shit service. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. I assume this is not something common in freedomland.


Yeah, kinda pissed. I hosted my streaming site on it, uboacraft, my writing site, a site for my writer friends, and a git repo/public-facing site for a project I'm on. It was basically a production server that they just yanked because they felt like it.

The company is yurop based, but the server's in Canada. I have no idea why they'd bother.

I'm looking at something beefy for a comparable price to what I paid from a germany-based provider. Only issue will be the whole germany thing, but provided the latency isn't too awful, it sounds pretty swanky otherwise.

For 36 euros, you can get 12 gigs of ram, a nice i7, little over a terabyte of hdd space and like 500~ mb/s speeds. And they're at least transparent about it and say "we'll lower your speeds if you go over, no forced fees". As it is, 10 tb is a lot.


File: 1409007854741.png (634 B, 64x64, UboaMary.png)

Uboacraft is back online!

Be sure to check your stuff. Maps got a bit corrupted, but as far as I've seen, it isn't too bad.

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