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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1388941289469.png (252.33 KB, 854x480, 2014-01-05_17.58.39.png)


I'm working on something and I'm sure you'll appreciate it, uboachan.


File: 1389046035339.png (59.17 KB, 854x480, 2014-01-06_23.06.56.png)

There's more where that first post came from.


Gimme textures and map file.



I'm glad you like my efforts so far! I've been making this map along with the textures and I do plan to have them downloadable, but since I only built the bedroom and nexus so far I doubt they will be very exciting! However, if I can manage to finish some of the worlds (I'm doing this all on my own after all), I might just put up a demo of it.

The things that I am currently trying to figure out is how I can get more paintings (I need more than Minecraft has by default), how I can get the most out of the features McPatcher offers (ff I can help it that will be the only mod/file altering needed for this world!) and where to place Nether Portals since those are more or less obligatory since a lot of YN areas are HUGE.

We'll see how far I'll get, but it's nice to see enthusiasm for my work!


Well, as soon as there is a ready download, post it.
I'll be waiting ;)
(I've always had a fantasy of after I graduate from schooling and get a nice job, to make a room of my house identical to Madotsuki's bedroom (Minus the balcony))


File: 1389088696789.png (3.29 KB, 256x384, Mado.png)

Oh. This looks neat. I'll be waiting for this to be public.

If you wish, you can use Madocraft as a base for your project's textures. I see that you're using two blocks for Mado's wood floor, but with how Madocraft utilizes CTMs, you can reduce that and a lot more. If you do, all I ask for is credit.

If you wish for building help, I can help with that, too, if you or I make it a private server. I have built Sky Garden in Uboacraft down to the last detail I could (and that was fun).



Oh my, I didn't know MadoCraft's creator was a regular here! I have actually downloaded MadoCraft along with various other texture packs and looking at how it is set up really helped me with figuring out texture packs! I'm afraid it isn't enough to work for this specific map, though, as I am modding the sound as well as the graphics (which is also why I have two blocks for the wooden floor - one of them is wool and the other is actual wood!).
This is also the reason why building this map with others is hard - I am constantly changing the resourcepack I use. I can definitely use ctm advice, however - so far I have only managed to use just one .properties file per block and I've been trying to figure out if it's possible to e.g. make oak planks look different depending on what biome they are in. From what I understand I can only use one .properties file per block, though? Or did I misunderstand?

I am also looking into MCEdit or other world editors to change biomes, especially since I want e.g. the snow world to actually have snow in it whenever it "rains" there. I also need to look into whether I can edit the way the sky looks by biome, since that way I can have Yume Nikki's scrolling parallax backgrounds (the moving floors) in the map without having to resort to just putting it as a floor pattern at some random location. Do you perhaps know if this is possible?

I hope you don't mind me asking all this - I don't have a Minecraft forum account (yet?) and you seem experienced!


Each block can have more than one .properties file applied to it, and it is completely possible to change block textures by biome. If you look at Madocraft, almost every block is changed in the End, which uses its own biome Sky. Even those that already have a CT applied to it.

As far as I know, the only possible change in the sky between biomes is fog and sky colors. Custom Skies, which allows textures for use of the skybox, doesn't utilize biome differences yet.



Ah, good news, I think I figured out how to use multiple properties files per block now! The only problem I have now is that I'm not sure if names like e.g. stonea.properties will work or just block#a.properties. Do you perhaps know? Also, is there a way to get more paintings than the default Minecraft graphics have without modding? (McPatcher is already necessary so that one wouldn't be a problem.)

It's a shame that custom skies don't allow biome specific skies yet, but even so I do think I can make the things I want to do work.

Currently I'm trying to optimize the way I use blocks so far - cutting down on the amount of blocks I use and all that. This means that I'm not building more things just yet, but I'm freeing up graphics space instead. Not disk space though… I wonder how heavy a beast this thing will be to download when it's done!

Thanks for the help so far, I really appreciate it!


No problem. If you want, we can discuss this in the IRC, #uboachan or #uboacraft. Talking on the Uboacraft server works, too.

Anyways, you can use any name for .properties files as long as you refer to the block or tile in the file itself.

As far as I know, MCPatcher doesn't have that functionality for paintings. I heard of a mod that allows for more paintings, but I don't know what it is anymore, or if it's even for 1.7.4 yet.



I've found the More Paintings mod, but it doesn't seem up to date and it also requires users to install yet another mod (I think Forge?) before it works, so that seemed unnecessarily complicated for a custom map and would just be frustrating for people to set up. I'm open to any paintings mod that is up to date /and/ that doesn't require any other mods, however.

I'd be up for IRC contact, sure. Any nickname I should look out for and around what times are you there, if you have any specific ones? My timezone is GMT+1, in case that helps.


Come on Uboacraft if you can. I'll show you a great example of a workaround to limited paintings.

On IRC, look for Shadows, both #uboachan and #uboacraft. That's what I use nowadays.


Or rather, in Uboacraft, "/mvtp Creative", and look at what is hung at spawn.


Also, my time is UTC-07:00, no DST, so communication may have its challenges.


That just sounds like relative mountain time.
Many users in Ubuu live in the USA
So communication shouldn't be too much of an issue.


Yes, mine is Mountain Time, but the mapmaker's time relative to mine is a 7 to 8 hour difference. Plus, my sleep schedule is messed up right now.



7-8 hours? Yikes… I've been on the IRC a little in hopes of catching you, so if you ever see Monotsuki, that would be me. Not sure how often you are there, though? I'm very interested in the paintings thing you mentioned, so I hope we can talk more directly somehow.

I've also started working on the Forest World that's connected to the Nexus, but I don't have enough work done on it to show anything yet.


File: 1389321592451.jpg (73.74 KB, 500x500, 1363837098099.jpg)

Oh. Oh my.

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