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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1326235455023.png (9.99 KB, 640x480, Madotsuki hits Bedrock.png)


Heyyy guess who finally sort of kind of updated his texture pack to 1.0.0.


Me that's who. Henceforth, a thread shall be in order! I suppose!

But yes. Mostly the same from the previous version, just fixed missing textures and stuff from 1.0 and also skinned some mobs and the moon and fixed minor other stuff.

SO. Why else create a thread on it? Why, because I'm low on ideas and motivation to think of said ideas! I'd like to hear opinions on the pack, what should change, what should be skinned as what, other people fixing it up even more, stuff like that.

Stuff I've been thinking of:
-New Skeleton skin. Don't like Uboa as a skeleton for some reason.
-Art/Paintings. Thinking about finding a way of putting ones from the game in, like the ones you see in the sewers or from where you get the Flute effect.
-New sounds! I have some already, but they're hard to put into the game so I didn't include it in the download. Still trying to actually get the sounds to the right audio and stuff, but man I love the bleeping Masadermen and Kyuuper squeaks.

I'll stop ranting now so enjoy!

Wait this needs an image.

Screw getting a screenshot I'm drawing one brb.



you are still my hero. ♥


No. No your joking.

The Creeper is Kyu-Kyu Kun. You. Are. JOKING.


File: 1326394494742.png (165.45 KB, 1366x721, 2012-01-12_13.44.19.png)

Heyyy thank you Jon and Jeb for the eggs.

Eggs work well with Yume Nikki if I can skin them all that small. They also help me test mob textures~

So here we are then. Not shown are the Ghast as our favorite balloon thing, nor the Kyu-Kyu Creeper, though it's foot is like in the bottom right corner and I'm sure I posted a picture of it somewhere on another thread.


Also because I didn't update MCPatcher the textures for water and font and stuff are wonky and Masaderman is purply. Also I think the Spider is too red glowy too due to that.


Do you think you could maybe make a texture pack for .flow?

Anyways, I really love this texture pack! Always using it. ♪


File: 1326516426252.png (170.2 KB, 1366x721, 2012-01-12_13.40.15.png)


Ah, thanks! Aha, don't really think I'd have the motivation to do another pack, especially with this one incomplete, but you never know. I have been thinking of doing things like adding fangame stuff into this one to fill in some things, the best one being having Fluorette's shovel as one of the shovels in the game.

Then again, the block textures were the fun part sooo you never know. Maybe for one of those mods that add more worlds with their own blocks, like the Aether… hm…

Very tempted to create another texture nnn ideas of .flow and LcdDem texture packssss. But really I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you, sorry.

Also, here, have a moon.


So im thinking of making a texture pack. not sure of theme though
Any ideas?
I'm considering making a touhou themed one.


File: 1327548163345.png (43.57 KB, 183x203, satan.png)

Huh, didn't even realize this board was here. It would seem that I borrowed some textures from your older texture pack back when it wasn't updated for my even less updated 32x texture pack… which was up to date at one point in time. >>497 As it seems that your pack is much more fleshed out than mine, I'm currently at your mercy. I don't know what you want me to do with what I have, or if you'd like to use it in any way, but I just thought it'd be neat and proper to bring it to your attention before issues start popping up.


Ah, I remember that texture pack! I believe your pack came first, actually, I just happened to start my own before noticing. But, yeah, feel free to do whatever you want. Work on your own or modify mine to your liking, add stuff from mine into yours, it's up to you. Really, this is pretty much open to the public to edit so long as they don't take credit for what they don't do and become popular for it and cause me to go "no wait I did that he's lying" and people are like "lol yeah right poser that's what they all say" and then I drown my sorrows in Gertrude Hawk chocolate.

… So yeah feel free to use this to your liking~

Hmm. Really, whatever interests you. I'm not tooo familiar with Touhou but I have played some games and it's hard for me to imagine it as a texture pack (unless like each bullet as a block. … Ooh wait that sounds interesting actually), but if you have ideas then I say go for it.


Fantastic, I've been meaning to credit you, just wasn't exactly sure where it was that I got the textures from in the first place. If I manage to update mine to 1.0 before another update comes out, I'd love it if you were to just include my terrain file in your pack just as an alternative 32x and just claim the whole thing as your own, I could care less if you gave me credit. I can assure you that I'll probably never produce anything other than terrain.png and paintings. But, again, you're in the lead so do whatever you'd like.


toriningen chase you. creepers chase you. so make creepers toriningen.


i say make uboa slimes. same body plan. i don't like a passive character as an enderman. but have no ideas as to whom could replace him. creepers are the main enemy, toriningen are the main threat, so it makes sense they be creepers. the lack of arms thing isn't a big deal.


For the swords, you could make knives of different colors/materials!

Same with the shovel (and make it Flurotte's [sic] shovel)

And maybe the pickaxes could be Night's hammer?

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