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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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og yn fan who was obsessed for years (prob to cope w irl) here. bought yndd when i had some money despite the backlash and the loss of ambiguity that the original had.

i have to confess that i play this game on my switch lite in the middle of the night. lights off, no discord, no phone, nothing. just me and yndd. it's… kinda relaxing, i gotta say. i like to wander around and not think about solving the puzzles in a way or find stuff in a too serious way. because of the influence yn had on me growing up, the horror atmosphere feels… like home. so, i "explore" yn for maybe 30 minutes or so till i fall asleep. it really feels like going back home, and i feel safe. just like somehow i did back then while playing the original. like going on a walk while your parents fight or something terrible going on, but you're stuck in front of a screen, projecting your need for escapism onto yn.

can anyone relate to this very specific feeling?

i wish i could play yn or well-known fangames on a handheld console, but this is sadly the closest we'll probably ever get to that.


I know what you mean. I started revisiting old games again recently, relaxing until I'm ready for bed. Everyone does it, sometimes to reflect, sometimes to relax.

I'm surprised there isn't an .apk or something for YN yet, though. I'd never looked into it.


Hi OP, not sure if this is what you're looking for, but easyRPG has been able to play rpgmaker 2003 games such as yume nikki, and most of its well known fan games (as well as games like OFF, etc), on a wide range of portable devices for almost a decade now ranging from android to iOS and even the switch or 3ds/psvita/etc. (as long as you can homebrew your consoles.) I've played yume nikki tons of times on handhelds like this and it's pretty comfy.

File: 1516860679398.png (577.57 KB, 897x633, unknown.png)


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congratulations you hypocrites the game was dogshit


Why would you necrobump this thread of all things?


Hey just a warn , some fagon 4chan just mentioned your chan about spamming it with cp so keep an eye out. If i see them i will report , i like ruin them funs.


hehe hoho haha

File: 1540459248619.png (513.26 KB, 1806x842, whatisthis.png)


Is something going to happen soon again?
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I'm hoping for an update, though just-doing-it-to-look-cool is probably more likely.


I bet that's for getting attention on weekly 50% off. They were spamming about this everyday on different languages (which may appear as "corrupted" and edgy too, I think).
Maybe I'm just overthinking here.

Or are they having 50% off because there will be some new content soon? I hope so… Otherwise I'll be disappointed more than I already am.

Also the first tweet on OP's pic is Base64 code (I assume). I've tried to decode it but, man, jap characters encoding is killing me.


Viral marketing is so obnoxious.


since the last line is reversed you can assume the b64 block is also reversed
too tired to reverse it myself but someone with an image-to-text can do it


File: 1659819934254-0.png (7.94 KB, 198x165, 1524437531753.png)


File: 1618155443620.jpg (421.21 KB, 1920x1080, juan-fandino-martin-ctp-sc….jpg)


Art director of YNDD describing his experience with development + gives early development art


+ he answers questions regarding that in twitter.

Honestly his answers explain a lot about how YNDD turned out…


6 months? i havent followed anything really about YNDD, i saw its 3D faux realism and just didnt bother, but jeez that amount of time makes it seem like a cash grab.

File: 1541214390687.png (25.53 KB, 1254x729, 56f6c06a-2d49-44ea-9b98-9d….png)


We could've had Mado pantsu in Super NASU.
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Seriously, people were thinking mado is underage?


File: 1621040518710.jpg (12.35 KB, 300x300, spear.jpg)

it's amazing how many retards think someone living alone in an apartment is 15


why is the age of fictional characters important again?


File: 1626723285799.jpg (121.58 KB, 700x980, why.jpg)

I'm glad we didn't. She suffered through enough


same here

File: 1583802322622.png (550.93 KB, 1172x1538, Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at ….png)


merry christmas from kikiyama


No way this was actually made by them.


I don't understand why so many people see kikiyama as some kind of arcane entity that would only communicate with mortals through dark symbolism, he more than anyone should be bored with that and hence that image.


Do you actually think that after years of silence he would return to the public eye in the form of an ecard made from cobbling together in game sprites? They didn't even explicitly state that he made it, if he did there's no way they would let there be doubt.


It looks nice even if its fake.

File: 1546048692894.png (748.53 KB, 1079x1079, b453c898-ff1e-41b5-a357-9a….png)


Posted this on tumblr, but figured y'all would want this too.

-Dreamcast- is the unofficial release of the Dream Diary soundtrack.

These are files directly ripped from the games files with little to no alteration.

I may have not labeled certain worlds properly as some remixes are incredibly hard to connect with the original counterpart.

Returning tracks like OG Nasu were not included, simply because other albums have featured them.

I didn’t include the Ao Oni Tracks either as I don’t know if those are straight rips from their original game.

Most of the titles have references to previously released versions of the original YN OST, manga and light novel. Have fun if you can recognize them!
Hope you guys enjoy!


Where can I get the font used?


I used to lay on my bed high on cough syrup listening to Yume Nikki on the computer speakers.


I'm still listening to this almost 2 years later.

File: 1537206639054.jpg (349.49 KB, 800x600, 20120324214230.jpg)


Anyone knows if someone (especially on Japaneese YN community) tried contacting Kadokawa to ask if they could give more proof about the fact that Kikiyama worked on this game or even approved it?

Because you're all building your conspiracy theories about Kikiyama but is anyone even tried contacting Kadokawa or game devs? If the answer is no, than you are pathetic, people.

I really see no reasons for Kadokawa to develop this game just for profit. Be honest, is YN fandom that big? No. Than is it worth faking presence of Kikiyama to get attention? No, because YN fandom is not that big. Is there a 100% guarantee that YN fandom will love this game and buy it? No, in fact it is opposite.

Than why, anon? They could've easily pick Ib or With House and gain more profit for it and everyone would've be happy. Why Yume Nikki?

What if they've really found the way to contact Kikiyama?
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File: 1537451366107.png (Spoiler Image, 344.63 KB, 2000x818, Untitled-1.png)

Actually I've found something recently.
We're fucked, boys


I stopped paying attention to YNDD right after it came out (I was very disappointed) so I missed the fun times of creating all these theories. But considering the size of Kadokawa and the probable size of their legal team, seems unlikely they would pull something like breaking copyright.


Cool art man.


That would be cool if Konami made a Yume Nikki game


imagine expecting kikiyama to answer an email about his involvement.

"yeah random anon, i just ceded the YN IP to kadokawa for a moderate amount of money and my involvement with the new game is what it's minimally needed for its development as it's stated under my contractual obligations, since I lost interest in yume nikki for more than a decade now, as it should've been clear by the fact that the original game remains essentially incomplete. I'm admitting to this despite the fact that it would obviously undermine the appeal of what's now an asset for a company I signed a contract with, possibly voiding it and harming their bottom line making me liable of legislative action against me"

File: 1570036882266.png (14.8 KB, 220x220, End_Screen.png)


Maybe Yumenikki Dream Diary is a noncanon sequel and the bloodstain you interact with in the beginning is a giveaway that Madotsuki jumped. She's either in a coma, her brain is having hallucinations since she's dying or in the theory that the jump was symbolic, she went even deeper into whatever limbo she's in.


>maybe Yumenikki Dream Diary is a noncanon sequel
It is.


Fixing. It is noncanon, but not a sequel.


Fixing. It's a tumblr fanfic.


Ironically enough, I think the only thing people don't like at all is the game itself. The soundtrack and a lot of the concept art is gorgeous, but other than that, nah.

File: 1554482024503.jpg (159.15 KB, 1265x845, Untitled.jpg)


I hope you're having a great day. I know I am. By the way, some of the YNDD reviews go against Steam's new review bombing rules.
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You don't even need an hour to know whether you like the game or not. The first 20 minutes are enough to judge it.


Not OP but I started liking the game a lot more after the first hour once things started clicking. Still a disappointing Limbo ripoff, but it would be lying to myself to say I didn't enjoy it on some levels.


If I had to say anything positive about it, is that I liked how the witches' forest looked, and 1 or 2 other areas (of which I only remember the forest, so they weren't that impressive either). But a map doesn't make a game, not even the music makes up for the terrible gameplay, and I held the same opinion 8 hours into the game as I held it 20 minutes in.
Sure, this depends on the person, but the game is bad, and it's extremely repetitive so it's not like that really makes that much of a difference. If it actually had something else that kicks later in the game, I'd agree with you or OP that you have to wait for it, but it actually doesn't.

20 bucks is mostly why people really shit on it, it wasn't worth that much. Had it been cheaper, people wouldn't have been so harsh.


For you



File: 1568268332769.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, gendo.png)

I know feelings about this game are mixed, but I really want more to come from it. The game feels so lack-luster and unfinished that I really can't help but feel there will be another patch of content for this game or something. The new update is exactly on the right track. However, with the switch release, I only think that this game is solidified and unchangeable. If better reviews provide motivation for the devs to give fans more, than I'll take it.

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