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New board for the 2018 game.
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File: 1548761391899.jpg (790.49 KB, 1439x2178, Screenshot_20190129-052548….jpg)


Well this is sudden, but on 2/21/19 -Dream Diary- will be ported over to Nintendo Switch.
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I doubt homebrewing a Switch is pertinent to your career. It's the homebrewing that's a waste of useful talent. You'd do just as good shoving your Switch up your ass. You probably get a rush out of breaking the rules. You're probably just a freelance hacker and not a professional, so you have no career. I may be wrong.


Okay I'm going to assume you are serious for a second under the risk of being called a retard for doing so.

You said porting the original game would be "ridiculously hard" because you would have to make it form scratch, I replied that it's not, then you say I'm bitching for explaining why and sent me to ask kadokawa to port their shitty engine from 16 years ago, then another faggot comes and starts more drama. Who's bitching again?

By the way, calling somebody a fag is and has always been common on chans (and permitted here), if you get offended by that you really should leave. Also, if I recall correctly, the reason those "guidelines" were added was because we had trans users and that was being used to attack them. Hell, one of the most annoying users we had was gay, and I'm surprised nobody used that card on him.
Unless I had direct proof you were homosexual and I was using that to attack you on a personal level, that does not apply here more than if I called you "autistic" or "a fucking retard" or whatever other "heavy" insult you can think of. Spicy language is allowed and I'm not abusing it, unless you take this explanation as a direct attack on your person, in which case you really should leave.

I'm not a programmer so your would point is invalid and I could care less or not if "homebrewing" pertains my career or portfolio or whatever about freelance hoxxr, it's just for entertainment and to reverse engineer, because it's fun to figure out how nintendo designs their consoles on the whole level, not just checking addresses and low level software, and if I can do something with that in the mean time for entertainment while learning, even better.

And even then, I study other things so I don't see why my hobbies should matter that much to you.


I'm pretty serious. I thought people were actually interested in the game and was legitimately suggesting to petition Kadokawa if it interests them. Then, not wanting to take the assertiveness lying down, you got mildly annoyed or however your mind refers to it and decided to try to completely invalidate me. I'm against the ethics of fucking with something the creators are trying really hard to protect, especially if it's for fun. Hacking has been plaguing Nintendo and homebrewing, regardless of good intent, leads to pirates and malicious cheaters. I'm also trans.


File: 1550347621753.jpg (84.24 KB, 819x461, no_results.jpg)

>I'm against the ethics of fucking with something the creators are trying really hard to protect, especially if it's for fun. Hacking has been plaguing Nintendo and homebrewing, regardless of good intent, leads to pirates and malicious cheaters.
It's not different from people reverse engineering PCs from the 80's with no documentation, and I'm not publishing anything I do anywhere so I fail to see why you see this as malicious. Physics and electronics are incredible fun and if I can figure out why something works the way it does it and discern the logic it uses to work, that's enough for me. Making something on it the perfect way to test whether or not what I thought was right.


It's your Switch at that point, but the moment you release your homebrew to the public, you open the door to all kinds of malicious activity. I had no reason to assume you were keeping your homebrew to yourself until you implied so.

File: 1547408310935.png (201.34 KB, 600x337, ClipboardImage.png)


Too much sex on the picture.
>vaginal coil
>vaginal fluids
>chunks of sperm
>16 seconds of floating in mid air
>ultimately erecred something far behing


File: 1547450036632.png (180.55 KB, 480x640, 34686353.png)

Who raped who here?


Pyramids… maybe?

File: 1537206639054.jpg (349.49 KB, 800x600, 20120324214230.jpg)


Anyone knows if someone (especially on Japaneese YN community) tried contacting Kadokawa to ask if they could give more proof about the fact that Kikiyama worked on this game or even approved it?

Because you're all building your conspiracy theories about Kikiyama but is anyone even tried contacting Kadokawa or game devs? If the answer is no, than you are pathetic, people.

I really see no reasons for Kadokawa to develop this game just for profit. Be honest, is YN fandom that big? No. Than is it worth faking presence of Kikiyama to get attention? No, because YN fandom is not that big. Is there a 100% guarantee that YN fandom will love this game and buy it? No, in fact it is opposite.

Than why, anon? They could've easily pick Ib or With House and gain more profit for it and everyone would've be happy. Why Yume Nikki?

What if they've really found the way to contact Kikiyama?
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File: 1537426203986.jpg (19.9 KB, 495x495, b8a.jpg)

That's a good and smart point but knowing Uboachan and Yume Nikki fanbase in general everything is going to be like this:


>uhhh we won't believe anything before he updates the site
>he actually updates the site, putting a small banner on top


Right now we have kadokawa's word, a few site banners, and little it of supposed concept art. That alone might not be that hard to doctor. Outright hacking somebody's email would be a lot trickier and not worth the effort. I don't get why you're so bothered by speculation.


File: 1537450077237.jpg (31.26 KB, 272x368, Cirno_PROMOTIONS.jpg)

>tfw the kadokawa secret society hacks your website, email, personal accounts, sells your IP without authorization and takes over the mask without anyone ever knowing what happened to you


File: 1537451366107.png (Spoiler Image, 344.63 KB, 2000x818, Untitled-1.png)

Actually I've found something recently.
We're fucked, boys


I stopped paying attention to YNDD right after it came out (I was very disappointed) so I missed the fun times of creating all these theories. But considering the size of Kadokawa and the probable size of their legal team, seems unlikely they would pull something like breaking copyright.

File: 1546048692894.png (748.53 KB, 1079x1079, b453c898-ff1e-41b5-a357-9a….png)


Posted this on tumblr, but figured y'all would want this too.

-Dreamcast- is the unofficial release of the Dream Diary soundtrack.

These are files directly ripped from the games files with little to no alteration.

I may have not labeled certain worlds properly as some remixes are incredibly hard to connect with the original counterpart.

Returning tracks like OG Nasu were not included, simply because other albums have featured them.

I didn’t include the Ao Oni Tracks either as I don’t know if those are straight rips from their original game.

Most of the titles have references to previously released versions of the original YN OST, manga and light novel. Have fun if you can recognize them!
Hope you guys enjoy!

File: 1518216708851.jpg (39.17 KB, 1244x700, 2c07f05d65015566196987f537….jpg)


Mark my words, YN is going to be destroyed beyond redemption with this new game.

They have basically made a compendium of the most disgusting sexualizing artwork (miniskirt) and theories (HURR EVERYTHINK IS SEXUUL, SHE WUZ RAPED SEE? SHE'S CRYING IN FRONT OF KEEUKEEUKUN THIS MEANS SHE WUZ RAPED AND EVRYTHINK IS BCUZ OF THAT). And hamfisted bullying shit (just wait until you see the school scenario, 5 gold coins say it's going to be a guilt trip about how madotsuki was bullied by birdfaced girls). This is going to be youtuber bait, it's reputation tarnished. Ironic weebs are going to laugh at the whole concept while getting youtube money making facial reactions to "le epic weird weeb game".

This game has so many things wrong that the question is, what did they get right? This game is supposed to be about exploration, the player must decide by himself how is he feeling about it, the player must not have some tard theories hamfisted onto him by showing madotsuki cry or something like that.
>b-but muh normies won't figure things out without help
I don't give a fuck, the original game was emotion-less, madotsuki's facial expression didn't change, she didn't cry. This way you decided what zones and enviroments wanted to convey or meant. This is tainting and sullying the original game and madotsuki herself, we don't know why madotsuki refused to get out of her room or why she jumped off her balcony, AND THAT'S THE WAY IT'S MEANT TO BE, we shouldn't know. (And no, she wasn't raped, stop projecting your shitty fetishes and freudian fraud imagery onto madotsuki, you disgusting cuck).

Even thought I used some strong language I hope this thread doesn't get deleted because of it. It's just how I feel about this and I'd like to see how people here feel about this too.
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Why did you stop putting effort into your posts? You wrote some decent stuff in the past.


I support sexy mado and sex sells after all, good for kikiyama.

What can we conclude out of her fashion? Madokas dreams are warm and nice.


>a run-of-the-mill miniskirt is somehow the epitome of "sexy"
Am I missing something? Since when did everyone here become a devout Muslim? Like, really, all those reactions make no sense at all.


File: 1541286282598-0.png (55.49 KB, 685x317, Screenshot_2018-11-03_23-0….png)

File: 1541286282598-1.gif (183.77 KB, 160x98, fraud.gif)

>(c) Project Yumenikki


I haven't been up to date with hardware requirements for recent games, but these specs look ridiculously beefy. Is Yume Nikki going to be the new Microsoft Flight Simulator?

>Since when did everyone here become a devout Muslim?
made my morning

File: 1541214390687.png (25.53 KB, 1254x729, 56f6c06a-2d49-44ea-9b98-9d….png)


We could've had Mado pantsu in Super NASU.


File: 1541237339897.jpg (15.99 KB, 450x320, man-taking-his-glasses-off….jpg)


File: 1516860679398.png (577.57 KB, 897x633, unknown.png)


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Happy birthday anon! :)


How was your birthday?




congratulations you hypocrites the game was dogshit


Why would you necrobump this thread of all things?

File: 1540459248619.png (513.26 KB, 1806x842, whatisthis.png)


Is something going to happen soon again?


File: 1540466036280.jpg (84.11 KB, 1200x628, 478.jpg)

I think it will be either new update either something we can't foresee.

Or it will be nothing new, they're just trying to be edgy and cool. But I want to doubt that.

Or this is due to weekly 50% off http://yume-nikki.com/#p1. But that's equally lame as nothing.


I'm hoping for an update, though just-doing-it-to-look-cool is probably more likely.


I bet that's for getting attention on weekly 50% off. They were spamming about this everyday on different languages (which may appear as "corrupted" and edgy too, I think).
Maybe I'm just overthinking here.

Or are they having 50% off because there will be some new content soon? I hope so… Otherwise I'll be disappointed more than I already am.

Also the first tweet on OP's pic is Base64 code (I assume). I've tried to decode it but, man, jap characters encoding is killing me.


Viral marketing is so obnoxious.

File: 1534495274336.png (86.99 KB, 827x695, 2018-08-17 10_39_30-YUMENI….png)


Something interesting about Yume Nikki: Dream Diary is that the music is all done by Diana June except for the main theme which is composed by "AQUILA".
Why do they go out of their way to emphasize that this person made the theme if they are so unknown and seem to have no other music out there? I looked up bands or artists called AQUILA and found one band that seemed to have nothing to do with it.
In the credits, after Kikiyama is credited, Aquila comes on the page after and is at the same space where Kikiyama's credit was before.
This also happens in the trailer of the game, after "full co-operation with Kikiyama" comes "main theme: AQUILA", or it's on the same page.

It's also put in the news release and on the steam page. It seems really odd that someone would be advertised like that like it's a big deal, but have no music available.
Something I did notice however was that when searching for it in Japanese, AQUILA sounds a lot like "Akira".
An officially licensed story to Yume Nikki was released January 7 this year. Around the same time the game came out for free on Steam. The author goes by the name "Akira" and nothing else.
AQUILA? AKIRA? Pretty similar.


pretty suspicion…

File: 1529105428966.png (1.21 MB, 1240x825, Untitled.png)


The recent reviews are very positive. What are you going to do about it, haters?
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File: 1529114155662.png (11.01 KB, 722x177, yndd.png)

>All reviews(Mixed)
>Literally 6/10
>The recent reviews are very positive
The key is language here


You know it is possible to leave your review up after you've refunded, right?


They released an update that actually did fix a lot of issues for free, which is a really good step forwards.



>that mental gymnastics of haters


File: 1529149380126.jpg (104.82 KB, 482x720, marcus-aurelius-2721712_96….jpg)

>facebook tier trolling

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