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Is there an english version of this game out yet? Just curious, it'd be nice to be able to read the text and effect names.


Unfortunately, not yet.
Someone ought to translate it once its finished.

There's an English version, but its outdated by a long shot.

But, why not just learn basic Hiragana? its enough to not get mixed up with the effect names (like Ookami(Wolf) effect)


I remember someone posting a partially English-translated version around .096-.097 and being able to apply that to more recent versions. I'm considering asking a few translators about picking this up as a small project.


Is there an english patch out for just the menu? That seems like one of the only things that bothers me while playing. Although when it's finished I'd love to be able to fianlly read the poems in the library.


Once it's actually finished or at least stops updating so often, I might help with that.


This. Even a nifty patch for the names of the effects would really come as a big ton of help.


Just learn some Hiragana you lazy asses. If you spend this much time around Japanese-made things then you owe it to yourself to at least learn that much.


Actually, I know Japanese but I'd want an English translation.

The translation of .flow was compatible with Mac with WineBottler while the untranslated version does not. This occurs because said service lacks the ability to change to Japanese locale, and is also incompatible with RPGMaker 2000. While there is a solution listed for macs, it uses CrossOver, which isn't free software, costing around $60.


File: 1349130845273.jpg (38.34 KB, 500x667, r u frikken kidding me.jpg)

A lot of the people on this site use computers that have difficulty with switching to Japanese locale or running them even with Japanese locale installed. Even if it does mostly run smoothly, there are bound to be errors that pop up simply because most of the machines used are primarily built for English-speaking users in English-speaking countries, and vice versa in Japan, so it's not just for comprehension purposes. You also have to take into consideration that they just wanna play the damn game without having to learn an entirely different language with multiple writing systems in order to fully enjoy it. inb4 SPEAK AMERICAN YOU DAMN DOGEATERS


I suppose the locale argument is a good one but if it's just for the effects, it'd be memorizing a few simple words, not learning the entire language. Knowing kana is a good thing anyway.


This is true. I don't really know a lick of Japanese but I do have the effects memorized based off of the shapes of the characters and the order, but it'd probably help to not get them mixed up. But if you wanted to make a full English translation you'd still have to include the translated effect names and such in order for it to work.


File: 1361358345340.png (68.28 KB, 500x500, 5643109.png)

I know Japanese but still its nice to have a patch with my native language. I like to play games to relax and having to remember what everything means, especially in the library, isn't very relaxing.

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