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Oekaki is back!!!
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File: 1354391212306.jpg (797 KB, 1280x914, yn.jpg)


I miss drawing Yume Nikki, it's really fun and relaxing to draw.


File: 1356893971028.jpg (265.3 KB, 800x594, 064.jpg)


File: 1356894179162.jpg (200.84 KB, 1000x672, yn2.jpg)

old old old


I love this.


I enjoy your art. please share more/any other places you post art. it would be greatly appreciated.


File: 1360643789735.jpg (255.26 KB, 600x447, meal.jpg)

lol more art from last year. Gosh, I should start drawing Yume Nikki more.

Sure thing!! I'm thayoqu at tumblr, and NiionBlu at deviantart!!


Damn this is awesome. You really capture the atmosphere of YN well especially in your first and second.


File: 1362027127796.jpg (2.19 MB, 1993x2046, neon.jpg)

Quick doodle bluh


Thank you~


File: 1362027530018.jpg (319.52 KB, 500x625, 130224_s.jpg)

Homestuck stuff blah blah blah (design by saccharinesylph)


oh wow. <3


File: 1365737184236.jpg (217.81 KB, 800x696, yuni_00.jpg)

Oh wow I haven't been here in forever.
I also haven't used flash in forever too.


File: 1365737253815.jpg (468.03 KB, 1000x857, yuni_02.jpg)

And something I just did today while I wasn't at class lol


I love your style, it's beautiful!


File: 1366865942376.jpg (430.38 KB, 1009x1141, 130422-04l.jpg)

Because I started summer, I'm trying to get into the habit of doodling daily.


thank you~


File: 1366865982764.png (186.77 KB, 800x526, 130425.png)

Also, have some FC Demon


these are great.


File: 1368764889037.jpg (138.31 KB, 400x411, 130503.jpg)

doge tier jaed


File: 1368764939349.jpg (830.13 KB, 800x1000, 130513.jpg)

OFF stuff with Sugar starring Charlotte


File: 1372309102462.jpg (1.13 MB, 1423x1429, 130615-01l.jpg)

bark bark


i hate homestuck, but i like your art.


File: 1372900193557.jpg (1.3 MB, 1280x1024, 130617.jpg)

thank you~


File: 1378787708217.jpg (524.73 KB, 1280x896, 130910.jpg)

It's been a while. How are all of you?


Jeepers that's cool


Wow, your art is staggering. You reproduce the atmosphere of Yume Nikki superbly.

Also, welcome back. ^^


Oh man so you did this piece? Amazing work all around!


You're pretty much responsible for some of my favorite YN fanart, WOW!


File: 1379298783800.png (134.03 KB, 800x388, 2011_S.png)

Ahh thank you for your kind words!
Speaking of which, this is my most popular Yume Nikki fanart and I know that it's spread around quite a bit.


You made this? This has been my wallpaper for awhile now, it's really pretty!


File: 1383271647695.png (662.47 KB, 642x900, 131031.png)

school's a bitch and all I want to do is draw


File: 1385010332715.png (149.39 KB, 900x571, dock.png)

oh look I found an old drawing from a year or two ago… I still like it.


File: 1385010383681.png (472.76 KB, 800x740, 131120.png)

and some recent homestuck crap


File: 1386455327098.png (98 KB, 1000x713, 131207-01.png)

today's doodle


That's extremely cute and also one of my favorite effects

Would it be a bother to ask if you made a wallpaper of that picture? I'd very much enjoy it.


File: 1386489743207.png (162.52 KB, 1920x1080, 131207-01w.png)

is this fine with you? If you want you can just use the transparent version and use it however you please http://i.imgur.com/AT4xnzd.png


Your art is wonderful.


Do you have a deviantart? Your art is very original and well put together not to mention you draw things i am a fan off which is a plus.


Hay, if you're into it, you could upload some of these to the booru :D
Everyone forgets about the booru…


File: 1394673887552.png (353.87 KB, 1000x1118, 140312.png)

it's been a while.. I accidentally saved this with off colours so it's pretty messy and stuff

i do. My username is thayora but it's mostly scraps and other things

I'll check that out since I'm alright with posting my stuff to other places


File: 1401553123318.png (305.48 KB, 900x787, 140531.png)

good morning


File: 1425626850838.png (719.58 KB, 1280x960, 150301.png)

It's been a while.


These are my favorites of this batch! They all look great! Thanks!

Madotsuki is one of my favorite characters. Game looked and sounded great. Loved it. I relate a lot to the main character.

I love Okamisama.

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