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Oekaki is back!!!
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File: 1325717527694.png (260.92 KB, 500x498, Sabitsuki.png)


I love this entire board so much. So thought I'd make a thread to share some of my art. :> I'm very new to digital art, so my work might come off as a little sloppy right now.

I post some other stuff besides Yume Nikki (even if it's mostly YN related) over at my tumblr, Guppydoo, under the art tag.


File: 1325717767034.png (312.61 KB, 476x626, Madotsuki.png)

Madotsuki. :> wanted to make it go together with the portrait i made of Sabitsuki (^) but still have it's own expression. I added some YN related creatures in the background at first, but decided to just go with an empty background because they didn't compliment the picture as well as the rust demons in the previous portrait.


File: 1325719905758.png (Spoiler Image, 448.15 KB, 622x772, Minatsuki.png)

Minatsuki. The character from the fan game I'm doing with a couple of friends that is starting to actually come along quite nicely now that we've started to take everything into rpg-maker. :>


ooh…. i really really love your painting ability


so many people here are good at digital painting.

i applaud you guys.

these are really cool. post more as you draw please (:


thank you! i definitely will :>


File: 1325775897830.png (105.4 KB, 449x584, Masada.png)

15 minute Masada doodle from a while back.


File: 1325776069960.jpg (509.46 KB, 1600x1200, Foto1452.jpg)

Just something to break away from all the portraits. (I try to do other things too, i promise lol) I will try to finish this digitally, there is a technique i want to try where you keep the sketch.

Sabitsuki finding Oreko in that tube. Black hoodie effect.


Do you have a tumblr? A deviantArt? Please tell me there's some way I can follow your art!


Yesss you art style's really great!



as previous anon commented ^
that's my link :>


File: 1326662570879.png (873.46 KB, 766x700, Sabitsuki and oreko med te….png)

finished this! :>


this looks awesome. i love how grimy/dirty it feels.


Nice to see you're on here, guppydoo! It's Doodle haha. GJ!


haha omg hi<3 and thank you :'>


I follow you on tumblr and your art makes me want to fangasm all over.


File: 1328468990205.png (423.83 KB, 575x482, Madotsuki2.png)

Omg Lube really? feel free to note me anytime over there if you wanna talk, or just so I know which tumblr is yours. :'> also, thank you<3


also my new tumblr url is plumbruise.tumblr.com

i changed it on a whim a few weeks ago, but then recently i felt like i wanted to go back to guppydoo as url, but SOMEHOW someone had managed to claim that url why i didn't posess it |( man do i regret ever changing it haha


File: 1328475321112.png (289.28 KB, 580x425, Doodlepanel.png)

non yume nikki/fan game related


File: 1328475388190.png (610.21 KB, 481x824, moody.png)

more personal art


File: 1328545353722.png (214.82 KB, 378x696, ghostgirlll.png)

something tiny

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