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Would you like to play a game?

It's a little literary exercise I had fun with on IRC a few days ago. I thought I might bring it here.

Here's how it works. I post four random letters, and the person below me has to come up with the name of an awesome finishing attack move those letters could be an acronym of. Then they finish their post with four random letters for the next guy.

For example, if the guy above me posts the letters "TAGE", I answer:

Torrential Aurora Grasping Edges

Optionally, I can describe the move. It's like thousands of sharp, glowing ribbons flailing around.

Then I finish my post with four letters for the next poster to work with. So let's get started, shall we?



"Finale-Game Ending Refulgence"

The final ultimate attack of the protagonist. He channels all of his life energy into a soul consuming attack that bathes all the antagonist in a light the burns hot enough to erase them from existence.



"Gargantuan Vibrating Blitzkrieg Finish"

Throwing your fists to the ground, you rend the very core of the planet asunder with cataclysmic convulsions. In other words, you cause a planetary earthquake violent enough to crumble cities and move mountains. No one survives; and if they do, they were probably flying around in a helicopter like a pussy.



"Innocent Obliterating Death Touch"
poke your enemy,count to three,and watch the poor individual explode



"Empire's Challenge - Lightning Kick"

A legendary martial art move that is rumored to originate from an unkown age-old master who was challenged by the Emperor to strike a mountain faster than a lightning does. Begins with a vertical splitting kick that sends out a shockwave that would ionize the air between the user and the target, creating a low air friction area; then, a directional straight kick follows up before the area closes - covers a great range, and the target is struck by a thunderbolt after the second kick connects.



"Lasting Unorthodox Trapping Enchantment" Tapping into your own slight insanity you use quirky but power magics to seal away your foe for eternity. Which visually is akin to an acid trip.



Ever-Transient Ultra-Xylophone
(Fuck the guy above me.)

A massive, very heavy xylophone is launched at the opponent, shattering upon impact with a musical sound.



Delusional Ucalgeon - Grand Sacralgia

The enemy's base/hideout/house is placed next to your own. Then, it is set on fire which can't be put out until said building burns down to a crisp.

RAEP (ehehe)


"Rastafarian Appreciation Entailment Power"

Bob Marley's "One Love" emanates from the skies above, immediately pacifying your opponent with sudden feelings of empathy and tolerance for all mankind. This moment of weakness is optimal for gaining the upper hand.



"Going Humorously Insane"-Ultimate
You black out, when you wake up, your enemies gibs are scattered around for roughly half a mile, you are literally painted in blood, and your allies are laughing both nervously and somewhat insanely themselves.



"Decimating Foot, Humongous Ultimate"

You kick a guy really hard.



Twisted Yggdrasil Branch - Gehenna

Summons one of the most desolate and horrific branches of the legendary Yggdrasil world tree. The branch creates a 1001km-wide area of ruin, corruption and despair which is inhabited by souls of the dead. Everyone present in the area at the moment of creation, die and join said souls.



-Finality- Unforgettable Rending Yell
You unleash a shout that pierces the soul of everyone around you. The realization of how finite their existence is, is thrust into their minds. They can only watch as their life spans are cut in half, unfortunately the same happens to you as you shout.



Lolis With Violins -「Hnngification」

The clouds part as hundreds of violin-wielding lolis rain down from the sky, landing in a circle around the opposition. Everyone trapped in the circle dies from simultaneous moé overdose-induced heart-attacks.



Punch Out, Mother Fucker!

You deck that fool with a single punch, telling him that's how you roll in your 'hood.



Trachea Rip! Holy Balls!

You rip out your opponent's trachea. It probably hurts.



Violent Ordnance Razes Everything

You call in a nuclear carpet bombing. Congratulations, you just glassed the planet.



NEET Introduction! Final Excursion!



jumps into the air and does a spin with a backhand slap and a roundhouse kick




Dead Scythe Fearless Incineration



Precise Grope Jarring Robot



Kingly Likeness, Oblique Kick




Global Cat Attack - Termination

cat planet cat planet cat planet



File: 1354963388050.jpg (52.4 KB, 470x298, 1345006964551.jpg)


Active Ether Tornado Rifle

holy shit wind magic bulletswarm



far atmosphere reaching teleportation




Guardian Tyrannosaurus Rex Dive




Gay King of Yore's Dicking



"World Gravitational Flux Weapon"

Don't pull the trigger while you're still on the planet.


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