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As I had mentioned before I will be adding something to /lit/ in regards to a hypothetical Apocalypse scenario in which everyone is changed into a form more fitting to their soul.

People would generally be able to tell their friends and enemies apart simply by their appearance, it would be world in which you could “read a book by its cover” , where people would be divided into factions that could be categorized more or less like species, each with their own niche in the environment.

The idea was inspired by a dream, but everything written here is entirely unrelated.


Ever since the Apocalypse true science has been an impossibility, as nothing is any longer precisely quantifiable. The measurable values of anything seem to flicker like the light of a candle. Any kind of machinery that relied on precisely manufactured parts are entirely dysfunctional. Nothing fits together quite right anymore, gears and joints are all misshapen, and circuit boards are entirely nonfunctional.
Despite the abandonment of technology the laws of physics are now much more flexible allowing for previously impossible tasks to be achieved. Although the instability that allows for such things to happen is unreliable and unevenly spread over the earth. In some places the concentration of instability is so great that things such as a four sided triangle can exist. Areas like this are extraordinarily dangerous.
As for the remnants of humanity they are now scattered in too many unique factions, clans, colonies, and outliers, although it is more an echo, or an imitation of humanity. Some creatures of remain generally human living humble lives as hunter-gatherers, or subsistence farmers in small isolated communities. Although most of humanity something more tribal or animalistic, and a few have even become something beyond the classification of animal, vegetable, or mineral.


One of the most common varieties of post-humans are the herdsman, also known as; cattlemen, wide-eyes, and often in a derogatory manner: sheep, or sheeple. As their name suggests they live in closely connected herds.
Herdsman generally have wide eyes and long faces, some even have horns, or tusks, while others are more guerrilla like. Most of them walk in a guerrilla like manner but are capable of standing on two legs, only a few herds are bound to walking on all fours, usually with hove like feet. Many herds have less than five fingers on their hands and thick nails resembling the toes of a pig's. Depending on the climate and season they may or may not wear much in the way of clothes. Some wear thick layers of fur while others wear little more than a loincloth, their clothes are almost always leather although in some regions herdsman are known to wear wide hats woven out of plant materials that offer protection from rain, and warmer cloaks woven out of hanging moss.
What they lack in intelligence they make up for in their own size, strength, and numbers. They have a very strong sense of community and are usually all blood related in one way or another.
Many herds of some sort of system of hierarchy usually containing an alpha male and often containing an alpha female, or, in some situations the herd may be polygamists. Other systems of hierarchy give respect to elders, and yet others rely on oracles, profits, or some other form of divination. Far less often, but not unheard of, there are herds that seem to have no system of order and will either act as a single mind, or as many minds collaborating together, the second of which receive much more respect from outsiders who generally look down on herdsman.
The majority of herds do not trust outsiders, aside from other herds that might be traced back to a similar bloodline. Although it is not uncommon to find two related herds that have created a feud with each other over some long forgotten conflict. Most herds do not like speaking with strangers, especially those who disagree with core beliefs of the herd, there are, although, some herds who will seek the wisdom of strangers and may even engage in barter and trade.
The temperament of a herd has great variation but is not too difficult to predict. Herds that tend to lay claim to a specific area are often very territorial and are often engaged in turf wars with other herds. On occasion herds may even band together, especially when a large and powerful herd threatens several small ones. Large-scale offenses such as these almost always end in genocide, after which either a super herds formed, beginning the cycle over again, or the separate herds may divide, or try to, fairly divide the land, usually resulting in more conflicts.
Nomadic herds are generally more peaceful, but are still wary of strangers, some will out right repel strangers while other herds will try to learn the intentions of strangers. Some of the nomadic herds will actually serve as traders, often arms dealers for the war-torn lands of more territorial herds. Some are even known to help instigate a war and then scavenge off of the reins so that they can resell the weapons over and over again. Other than weapons there are only about two other commodities that the herds will trade for: food, and clothes.
Herdsman live in nearly every region on Earth. Nomadic herdsman can usually be found planes, deserts, and forest areas while territorial herdsman are more often found in urban ruins in mountainous regions. Some have even adapted to live in unusual habitats, such as a series of tunnels within a glacier, and more commonly, tunnels within softer types of rock. Some herdsman have actually adapted to be amphibious living most of their lives wallowing through mud, and yet others live along the coast diving for clams and marine crustaceans.


One of the more common but widely varied post-humans species are the Hunters, also known as; predators, demons, and many other variations depending on the particular subgroup.
Hunters are typically much more animal than human like in appearance, often crawling about on all fours. They're usually capable of leaping great balance, running great speeds and climbing through treetops or over rocks with ease. Hunters all have claws and sharp teeth as you might expect, and always have forward facing eyes. They will often have elongated jaws and long lanky bodies, sometimes even a tale. The skin is often covered in fur and sometimes spines, on rare occasions hunters can be found with scales. They are rarely seen with clothes, and when they are is usually little more than a loincloth.
Most hunters live in small packs usually dominated by an alpha male or female. Different packs typically have their own unique way of determining the alpha. Some packs engage in competitions such as headhunting, pain endurance, and simple combat. Similar task may also be used to determine the right to mate and/or right of passage.
While some packs can be spoken to and reasoned with some of the more vicious packs do not even have a spoken language and are incapable of reason. In some cases packs can be hired as mercenaries in the endless turf wars held between rival herdsman. Mercenary hunters don't care so much about what they're paid and are more focused on the carnage of war. If a truce is drawn between herdsman warlord and a pack of hunters it can create a long-standing kingdom, even when the war is over the hunters will continue to pray on any surrounding herdsman outside of the territory they helped to secure. Although relationships do not always last between the hunters and the herdsman, especially after leadership changes have been made in either party.
Most hunters simply regard the herdsman has pray, although it is not uncommon to find packs that will capture herdsman simply to torment them. Several packs have actually developed traditions, games, and even mating rituals surrounding the torture and slaughter of herdsman. It is these such packs that are more often referred to as demons, although many herdsman referred to all hunters as demons.
Although hunters pray on herdsman they rarely wipe out entire herds. Hunters are much smaller in size and fewer numbers than herdsman. Most packs rely on ambush but, some will boldly attack head-on in broad daylight just to see how many they can kill before they're forced to retreat. Packs are almost never cooperative with each other but rarely engage in territorial wars, they prefer to keep their distance from each other. Perhaps for this reason most packs tend to stay in one area in order to avoid intrusion on the territory of other packs. There are a few rare packs that will only hunt one specific heard, a large nomadic herd, that they must follow wherever it goes.
Hunters can be found anywhere on earth where herdsman can be found, with the exception of a few remote regions where the herdsman live undisturbed.


Titans are a very rare class of post-humans. They are the true forms of extraordinary souls, and are extremely powerful, they are almost impossible to kill. Titans are as widely varied as the many post-human species and can, in some regards, be considered larger more powerful versions of their lesser counterparts. They do not live in groups, although a handful of Titans serve as the alpha of certain groups. There are a few herds, for example, who function more like a kingdom, under the rule of the herdsman-Titan.


A Tormentor is a particular class of demon that draws its energy from torture and mutilation of its victims. They are rare but widely spread throughout the world, it is almost unheard of to see two Tormentors in the same place at the same time. Although they are quite powerful, and many of them reach the rank of Titan, there are a handful of lesser Tormentors that tend to be much more mobile. The majority of Tormentors keep their victims imprisoned in dungeons for excruciating periods of time. The dungeon, which serves as a base of operations, is the reason most Tormentors do not stray far from home. At least one known Tormentor is literally anchored into its home, using long fleshy tentacles to poll in anything that happens to get within reach.
Tormentors do not have any commonality in terms of their body shape. While some may crawl on hundreds of legs others may walk on only two. One trait that is common to nearly all Tormentors is there flesh-and-bone appearance. Most of them look like a haphazardly constructed skeleton with a mass of muscles wrapped around it. They have no skin, and typically have sharp pieces of bones, or even horns poking through their flesh. They are an utterly terrifying sight to behold.
Despite their savage behavior they're usually quite intelligent and capable of speech, which is usually used as another means of tormenting and humiliating their victims. But because many Tormentors only favor specific types of victims is often possible to simply chat with them, or even do business with them. Although it is highly advised not to go anywhere near a Tormentor. If you do however find yourself in such a predicament, keep in mind that Tormentors are very narcissistic. As long as you let them talk about themselves and give them praise for what they do they will usually let you go peacefully. But once a Tormentor has decided they would like to capture you there's nothing that can change their mind.
Wandering Tormentors typically torment entire groups by singling out the most beloved member of that group, defiling and mutilating their body, and putting it up for display. Wandering Tormentors are also smaller and less powerful, they usually avoid confronting an entire group, and instead work stealthily, or at a distance. There is also at least one known instance of a Wondering Tormentor whose exposed rib cage is literally a cage.


Collectors are a type of creature defined by their bottomless need for a particular sort of item. They're also known as hoarders, scavengers, and scroungers. Collectors are typically long thin flexible creatures with large eyes. Most have long thin limbs with large nearly skeletal grasping hands, some even have wings. Although some Collectors are entirely limbless, and move about more like a serpent. They usually wear little to no clothes.
Collectors are always nocturnal and, with their powerful senses, very aware of their surroundings. It is impossible to sneak up on a Collector, whom typically flee at the detection of even the most miniscule threat. They refuse to trust anyone and are perpetually paranoid that someone or something is plotting to steal from them. Collectors never sleep, they spend the daytime protecting, counting, and adoring their treasure. They often find it difficult to leave their treasure behind at night, when they go in search of more. Some Collectors may acquire so much treasure that they decided is safer to seal themselves in with their treasure for the rest of eternity rather than leave it behind. Serpent-like Collectors may actually carry the loot around in their stomachs until they become too heavy to move, and must then seal themselves in somewhere safe.
The type of materials that Collectors actually collect varies from Collector to Collector, but it's usually objects from the pre-apocalyptic world such as: currency, precious metals, gemstones, weapons, ceramic or plastic figurines, shoes, and Twinkies. Due to the nature of these objects Collectors are almost always found in and around urban ruins. There thin flexible bodies allow them to squeeze through the cracks of the ruined buildings and gain access to otherwise unreachable places. In one instance a serpent-like Collector was found living in a completely buried restroom, the only access point being the sewage pipelines.


Hellfire is a type of anomaly that consists of a never-ending inferno of carnage. Also known as Demon Fire, Wrath Fire, and Hell on Earth.
Hellfire is a field of ever burning flames infinitely spawning demons made entirely of fire, who only lived long enough to tear each other to pieces. No two demons ever spawned in the Hellfire are identical, although the number of demons never seems to fluctuate. Every time a demon is slayed another one spawns. The Hellfire demons are incapable of speech or even simple thought, all they know is bloodlust. The demons are also seem incapable of leaving the Hellfire or perceiving anything but the other demons.
Although entertaining to watch the Hellfire seems to have ill effects on outside observers, primarily fits of rage that can lead to violent murders, mindless killing sprees, and even self-destruction. One who stairs into the flames for long enough may actually be consumed by the Hellfire
increasing the continual number of demons by one. It is still unclear to how Hellfires first formed but the most popular theory is that to Titan-demons tried to kill each other but only managed to enrage each other resulting in a never-ending battle of perpetuating rage.


Archives are a class of beings that live for the pursuit of knowledge. Also known as Librarians, Keepers, Wisemen, Philosophers and Crystal People. They are often decrepit in appearance, and typically wear robes made of many layers of fabric. Some Archives may have no visible form it all, aside from the ghostly robes wrapped around their body. Even more commonly, Archives may have crystals growing on the body and clothes, hanging from their beard like icicles, or growing in large clusters on their hunched back.
Archives live within towers that are half crystal half tree. Only the lower part of the tower has the most resemblance of the tree due to its roots, which draw minerals out of the ground. Further up its trunk the bark has a perlized luster to it, eventually giving away to a massive crystal. Many towers have other small crystals branching off of it in a similar manner to how tree might grow branches, although not all towers do. The inside of the central crystal is hollow; home to an Archive, or in some cases Archives.
Within the crystal tower the Archives do exactly as the name would suggest. They keep records and information on everything. They do so by infusing knowledge directly into crystal shards. The information within the shards can be easily read by anyone with an intellect and open mind capable of understanding the content of the crystals. Larger crystals typically contain more information and are much more difficult to read. The content of the crystal will also determine the color of the crystal, Archives will typically arrange crystals by color.
The crystal towers may also vary in color, depending on the Archive living inside. Not all Archives are very open-minded, some only specialize in specific colors of knowledge, which also determines the color of their crystal tower. Most Archives are quite open-minded though, and live inside white crystal towers. The majority of Archives live by them selves but as for the Archives who live in communities, their crystal tower is always massive, with so many branching crystal structures that it does actually resemble a tree. Multi-Archive towers typically form over the ruins of ancient libraries. The largest known crystal tower has its upper reaches obstructed by the clouds on most days.
Archives are usually eager to exchange information with outsiders, many people seek the knowledge of the Archives, even Titans may seek their advice. Some crystal towers, usually multi- Archives towers, even have a sort of public library, allowing anyone who enters access to most information, although it is not uncommon for Archives to demand information of greater or equal value before allowing access. In some cases access will be granted after correctly answering a riddle.
Archives have few enemies, most species consider public libraries to be neutral ground. Even if there was an unwelcome guest, the doorways of the crystal tower would crystallize shut preventing entry, or exit. If necessary the intruder may be trapped within a crystal, like an insect in a piece of amber. The remains are then either put on display or buried deep below the tower, alongside the roots.
Archives and their towers are more frequently located in urban ruins, but still many are spread across the world in remote locations, rising up out of barren landscapes.


The ideas are good, but holy shit the spelling is atrocious.


I blame Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5

and spell checking at 2:00am


Maybe they were being brainstormed…? in a way…


There was a similar concept (The Job's Mask) in Robert McCammon's Swan Song if you're looking for a point of comparison.

Out of what you have here, I like the Collectors best–namely because they aren't locked-in to produce necessarily good or evil characters. It's more about the needs of their obsession weighed against the needs of other adventuring beings.


Wanderers are a very broad group of creatures that have no system of social hierarchy and no permanent no settlements. All Wanderers have wings and are all inexplicably drawn towards the the full moon. Wanderers are also known as drifters, travelers, moths, gnats, bats, lunatics, and flyers.
The wings of Wanderers typically come in two varieties, bat wings, and moth wings. Their wings come in a variety of shapes and colors. Bat wings are typically brown, gray, or black. Some have a wide narrow wingspan, while others may have shorter wings that cover a larger surface area. Moth wings can come in any number of colors or patterns but are far less common than their bat winged counterparts. The bodies of Wanderers are typically wrapped in layers of clothing or animal furs containing many pockets and belts. Most Wanderers have their faces hidden or obscured by a hood, scarf, or some other form of clothing. Some even cover their faces with masks. The actual face of a Wanderer may be anything from something completely human, to something more like that of a bat. There cloths are kept wrapped tightly to their body, especially around their limbs, to reduce drag while flying, their hands and feet are usually tightly wrapped in long strips of cloth. The legs of almost all Wanderers are digitigraded, and the feet of all Wanderers are more like that of a bat or a bird, capable of perching on a branch or grabbing hold of something. All Wanderers have claws on their hands and feet that allow them to easily climb up most surfaces, most can also can also run quite fast on all fours.
Wanderers are highly intelligent in comparison to most other creatures, although they cannot always been reasoned with. Once a Wanderer has decided on something it is difficult to change their mind, they do as they please and cannot be deterred. A common motto among Wanderers is “I do not need to justify my actions, justification is simply a clever arrangement of words using and abusing logic, reason, and emotional responses for one's own purposes.” Wanderers are equally capable of being kind as they are of being cruel. Although most Wanderers are little more than observers, and explorers, marveling over the infinite wonders of world. Wanderers are actually one of the primary sources of information for Archives, who never leave the crystal towers. Although Wanderers are capable of feeling empathy they typically try to distance themselves from others, including other Wanderers. When Wanderers do interact with other creatures is only for their own entertainment. A Wanderer in a generous mood can be quite helpful, were as a Wanderer in a malicious mood may cause any manner of harm to the poor creature. In such cases Wanderers are typically more interested in causing mental anguish or putting their victims into adverse situations simply to watch how they react rather than directly causing them physical harm.
Wanderers rarely gather in large numbers and when they do so it is without any sort of planning on their behalf, they are simply drawn to the spot to witness whatever event is about to take place. Gatherings like this are almost always bad news, they are most often catastrophes or large battles, occasionally being astronomical events such as eclipses or meteor showers. Occasionally catastrophes are caused directly by the Wanderers, things like; instigating wars, starting fires, defiling sacred ground/relics, destroying food sources, and generally disrupting the way of life of other creatures.
As mentioned before Wanderers are drawn towards the full moon like moths. On the night of the full moon Wanderers will fly towards the moon all night long. They regard the moon as the most beautiful thing to ever exist. There flight towards the moon is one of absolute bliss, they say it is like freefalling through darkness and reverence towards an ancient and nostalgic light. Many regard the moon as their true home, one they will never reach, but will always journey towards.
The sun on the other hand is something the Wanderers quite dislike. Although they are clearly tolerant to heat and cold they complain that the sun is to hot. They also feel naked and exposed in the light. Although the sun is never deterrent to them, darkness is simply a strong preference.
Wanderers can be found anywhere on Earth, although they prefer mountainous and wooded regions.


Puritites are a type of creature that live in very strict, highly organized, and socially isolated societies. They live in absolute obedience to the doctrine specific to their colony, they considered it to be the direct word of God (or in some cases gods). Puritites are well known for their attempts to rid the world of all things they consider unholy. They're also known as Crusaders, Purifiers, Purgers, White Knights, and the Ones in White.
There are two general groups that exist among the Puritites, the first, and most common, is your ordinary run-of-the-mill Puritite. There bodies are covered from head to toe in a silky white fabric composed primarily of carbon and silicates, bound together by the unnatural powers of the Puritites. If the material is separated from its owner it will disintegrate back into its base components within a few short days. The second type of Puritites are White Knights, or just Knights. Their armor is elaborate and decorative, unique to every colony of Puritites. The armor and swords are created in a similar manner to the silk like fabric, although it contains a higher concentration of carbon, because of its pearl like appearance it is referred to as pearlmetal. It's technically a ceramic, it is nearly as hard as diamond, and is much lighter than most conventional metals. The only downside to this ceramic armor is that it will shatter with sufficient force. When a Puritite reaches the rank of Knight their armor is fabricated directly on to their body, they will wear it for the rest of their life. If pearlmetal is separate from its owner it will disintegrate in less than half a day.
Puritites are hostile to almost all other creatures, especially Demons and Hunters. The purpose of White Knights is to rid the world of all creatures that do not submit themselves to the doctrine of their colony. The swords of the White Knights are imbued with a power that is corrosive to anything living thing that does not share their set of beliefs, the level of difference between the two determines how powerful the effect is. Demons, for example, are extremely weak against this power. Puritites think of this as “holiness”and that anything afflicted by it is thereby unholy. Demons and hunters absolutely hate Puritites. So much is there hate that they will often band together resulting in large-scale battles between the two. Hunters will always greatly outnumber the Puritites. Demons are usually much fewer in number, but are always more powerful than any one Puritite could ever be. Battles like this will invariably attract Wanderers. They are usually little more than spectators, although they will often provide strategical information to the hunters, regarding what can be inferred from their birds eye view of the battlefield. On rare occasions Wanderers will act as a commanding officer to the chaotic and unorganized hoards hunters and demons.


Puritites do not believe in victory, not until the entire world is rid of unholy creatures. The only goal of these wars is to reduce the population of the hunters and their allies. Puritites bring balance to the world, without them Hunters would overpopulate and kill off the Herdsman they live the hunt, driving themselves into extinction. Because the most unholy of creatures are always the priority target of Puritites Herdsman are typically untouched by them. Some even regard Puritites as protectors or benefactors, for keeping the Hunters and Demons at bay. There are, although, regions of the world inhabited by nothing but Puritites, often separate colonies fighting for dominance. When a colony gets too large part of it will often break away and form their own colony. The new colony will either adhere to the doctrine of the old colony and simply serve as an extension of it, or it could have slight changes in its doctrine. In the absence of unholy creatures these small discrepancies between doctrines is enough to go to war over. In the prolonged absence of an unholy enemy the colonies will eventually be assimilated forming a super colony typically referred to as a Holy City. Referred to by its inhabitants as “The Holy City”. It's uncommon that any well-established colonies are ever wiped out by anything but other colonies, but no Holy City has ever fallen.
Although Archives, Witches and Lotus Eaters are also considered enemies is impractical or impossible to wage war against them. Wanderers wouldn't be nearly as much of an enemy to the Puritites as they are if it weren't for their own interactions with Puritites. Puritites are the Wanderers favorite target for mischief and calamity. Young colonies are often killed off prematurely by Wanderers, some Wanderers will even claim it was to prevent another invincible Holy City from being created. Even so, most assaults on the Puritites are purely for entertainment, this is how Wanderers came to be known as Defilers.
Puritites live in large elaborate, and decorative structures known by many names, depending on the particular colony, but are most commonly referred to as sanctuaries. The chalky white stone used to build these structures is created in a similar manner to the silk and pearlmetal, but is actually stable in the absence of the Puritites. Due to the many spires and arches sanctuaries, on the other hand, are actually quite unstable, and would collapse without the binding power of its inhabitants. Puritite colonies can be found anywhere the ground is stable enough to build sanctuaries on, although mountaintops seem to be a favored location.


Lotus Eaters are type of creature that inhabit Magic Forests, feeding off of the psychoactive plant and fungal materials that grow there. Lotus Eaters are also known as forest people, mushroom men, fog drinkers, and tree people.
Lotus Eaters typically have all manner of forest materials is growing on and through their bodies; saplings, lichen, moss, mushrooms, etc. The longer a Lotus Eater has been in the forest the more integrated with the forest the body will become. Any Lotus Eaters who lives long enough will eventually be engulfed by the vegetation growing over their body, they'll be forced to settle their roots as a tree grows around their body, permanently adding them as a piece of the forest. The trees at the center of the forest are always the oldest and largest, is not uncommon for multiple trees to fuse together as they grow, forming a Greatree.
The trees, and many fungus, emit a bittersweet-smelling fog whose euphoric effects often attract newcomers to the forest. The fog is also mildly hallucinogenic and increases sensitivity to light, making direct sunlight (which never penetrates the forest) painful to the eyes.
Not all creatures are effected equally by the forest. Herdsman, and hunters are most commonly affected; Puritites are very strongly affected by the forest and will avoid it at all costs. They consider breathing the fog of the forest to be a sin and will exile anyone accused of it. Wanderers are minimally affected by the forest, due in part to their inability to remain in one location for extended periods of time. Occasionally the crystal tower of an Archive can be found within a Magic Forest. The towers are always overgrown with vegetation and mushrooms. Accounts of what exists inside the tower are greatly varied making it difficult to determine whether such towers are abandoned or not. It was once thought that the existence of an Archive still living inside the tower was only a common hallucination. It may be that the Archive living inside the tower has transcended into a living hallucination.
Magic Forests tend to exist anywhere warm enough for trees to grow. Humidity seems to be irrelevant to the formation of a forest, which seems to produce his own moisture.


This is some amazing worldbuilding holy shit, 10/10 would write fanfiction about.


File: 1378175275822.gif (360.99 KB, 400x270, JgUfO.gif)

There is more on its way.


A Chaos Singularity is a particular type of anomaly created from the soul of one whose view of reality is trapped in a state of constant inconceivable flux and disarray. Chaos Singularities are also known as Unrealities, Whispering Winds, and Warping Winds.
Chaos Singularities, at first glance, appear to be a spherical vortex of dust and debris rotating in a clockwise direction. Beyond the layer of dust the wind is colored, mostly black and purple, but more importantly there are flickers of some other color that cannot be imagined or described. The center of the Chaos Singularity is unobservable from the outside, and anything that does get close enough to observe it is destroyed, or otherwise removed from this plane of existence.
Within the unnatural winds the very laws of reality seemed to unravel, no logic can be derived from the occurrences within the vortex. Inorganic material can grow into lifelike branching structures. Living things can be separated from into their base components, bones and flesh can separate, or even be replaced with other materials. Space is distorted and irregular, occasionally doubling back on itself, tearing things apart and turning them inside out. Time is nonlinear, and multiple realities may exist and overlap with each other. Sounds can be seen, smells can be heard, ideas can be felt. Triangles can have five sides. Two plus two can equal fish.
Anyone who enters the vortex, but doesn't go too far, can usually return, only mentally and physically degraded. Most things that enter the deep end of vortex never return, although anytime something is ejected from the Chaos Singularity it's usually impossible to determine what it was or when it was from.
Chaos Singularities can be found scattered all over the earth, but are most commonly found in the urban ruins.


>a hypothetical Apocalypse scenario
Here I stopped to read.
Ok, ok, I read OP and I think that's too rought and childish to make monsters of humans (at least of EVERY human), but idea was ok in general.
I think ability of seeng some aura, or mindflows will be better.
And I really don't read this shit-tier fantasy that goes in further.


Your post is an error.
Your logic is invalid.
It would not be nearly apocalyptic enough if only some people became monsters. It will be fun for everyone, except the ones who get eaten who find themselves on the bottom of the food chain. Even so it would be the ultimate self actualization.


Aristocrats are type of creature that live in small communities with a rigid and highly organized social structure. Lords and Ladies are at the top, followed by Servants, and then Laborers, who are sometimes called Scarecrows.
Aristocrats are very tall and thin but otherwise and have a generally human appearance. What makes an Aristocrat most recognizable is their clothing; it is always very fancy, elaborate, and of the highest quality possible. This goes for the jewelry worn by the Ladies as well. Servants are always dressed in specific uniforms determined by their particular occupation. Although their clothes are clean and nice they are also plain and lacking in jewelry. Laborers typically have little more than tattered rags, and bits of twine holding their bodies together.
The entire aristocracy relies on Laborers for the raw materials that they harvest and refine. Things such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, food, gemstones, precious metals, and every manner of material used in the construction and renovation of their manors. Laborers also serve as cannon fodder, defending the land from any attacking creatures. They're usually armed with little more than rakes and plows, but their numbers can be overwhelming. Laborers are actually constructed out of sticks and mud, held together by bits of string and fabric. They are brought to life simply by being commanded to live by the Lords and Ladies. Because of the simplicity of their construction and the intensity of their work Laborers often fall apart and constantly need to be replaced. The longer a Laborer lives the more likely it is to begin to think and gain self-awareness. As a Laborer does this it's body changes, becoming more and more lifelike. Eventually it may become intelligent enough to be assigned to more complex tasks, and even ascend to the rank of Servant when it looks fully human.
On rare occasions a servant may even become an Aristocrat. This is usually a close personal servant. Because there is always a set number of Lords and Ladies, one must die first. For every one Lord there is one Lady that they consider to be their spouse. In order for a female servant to become a Lady she must seduce her master and convince them to behead his wife. For a male servant to become a Lord he must defeat a Lord in a duel, killing him, and then taking his wife. This usually takes some amount of encouragement on behalf of the Lady, although it's not uncommon for a Lord to challenge a servant to a duel on suspicion of adultery.
The swords of Lords are all highly decorated with gold and jewels at their hilt, and no two swords look the same. All swords are very thin, lightweight, and seemingly indestructible. A duel between two Lords is a sight to behold, many wanderers are willing to risk entering Aristocrat territory to get a glimpse of the battle. The strength and speed of a Lord is matched by few other creatures, they can cut a Hunter into a dozen or more pieces before a single drop of blood hits the floor. Aristocrats themselves do not have blood; when cut they will bleed the same mud they were originally created from. However, Aristocrats refuse to believe that mud flows their veins, and either don't remember or refuse to admit that they were ever a laborer.
Aristocrats have very little contact with other creatures, whom they consider to be inferior. There are occasional transactions made between them and other creatures, usually they trade some sort of luxury item, that anyone but the Aristocrats would have no use for, for food. Even these transactions are made by servants, allowing the Aristocrats to distance themselves from the other creatures.
Aristocrats are few and far apart but can typically be found anywhere on Earth but seem to prefer large flat tracts of dry land that never floods. They are almost never found in rocky, mountainous regions.


A Wrath Wraith would be classified a demon if it were not for the fact that their physical form is more often ethereal than physical. They manifest themselves before those who are consumed by feelings of hatred and vengeance. Although they feed off of those emotions they are not entirely parasitic they will aid their host in seeking vengeance, ultimately destroying the host. Wrath Wraiths are also known as Spirits of Vengeance, Avengers, and Hate Hounds.
Once manifested they will only be visible to their host. They have the appearance of a tangled mess of tree roots that have been soaked in blood, the roots also seem to squirm and twist themselves about like worms. The whole mess is roughly torso shaped with the human skull embedded where one might expect to see it. Some reports suggest that Wrath Wraiths are capable of creating arm like structures out of their own twisted roots, but this is, by nature, difficult to verify.
Wrath Wraiths will only appear before hosts that are willing to allow their own destruction in order to obliterate their enemies. Not as an act of selfless duty, as a Puritite might, but as an act of blind rage. It is this rage that the Wrath Wraiths feed on. They are also very good at propagating those feelings within their host by means of conversation and inquiry. Wrath Wraiths also have the ability to prevent the feelings of hatred from dying down; the feelings will only build until the host is overwhelmed with emotion, foaming at the mouth and thrashing about. Only then will the Wrath Wraith begin to fuse with its host sinking its roots into its host’s back, wrapping them around vital organs and embedding them into muscles. At this point the Wrath Wraith will become partially visible, especially towards the entry point of the roots, which may also protrude from the host body, especially around the mouth, eyes, nose, and fingertips. The host's body will slowly be deformed and twisted into the likeness of a demon, while still maintaining recognizable traits of their former self. A fully transformed host literally cannot die until it has completed its revenge quest. Once its revenge is complete the Wrath Wraith will become fully visible and will tear it roots out of its host body, killing it instantly, before fading out of detectable existence. Occasionally the host will simply explode, simultaneously destroying itself and its target, this is more often the case of a host that seeks revenge on multiple creatures. Because killing one's enemy is not always a viable solution, especially when that enemy is a Titan, the host may instead destroy everything the enemy loves, which often leads to far more destruction than a simple revenge quest.
Wrath Wraiths typically manifest themselves before creatures that have been ostracized or abandon by their herd, clan, tribe etc. Typically Herdsman or Puritites become hosts; hunters do not ostracize, they simply kill each other; wanderers can't really ostracize because they have no social structure to begin with.
Wrath Wraiths seldom cater to an actual injustice.


Why do you not correct all the mistakes your speech recognition program makes? That's just lazy, and I do NOT approve of this practice.

Anyway, I read your work about a week ago (cringing every 30 seconds or so at the spelling), so my memory is kinda hazy, but I remember I wanted to write something here.

This work feels like an oversimplification of the world, where every person has one less dimension compared to real life. I don't like it when things are so simple. I kinda made up my own names for your castes/factions as I read your posts based just on your names and maybe the first couple of words in the posts, and for the most part I was amused by how accurate my names were. It went something like this:

Herdsmen - normalfags
Hunters - furries
Titans - Übermenschen
Tormenters - Dormilia: Act I
Collectors - OCD people
Hellfires - Dormilia: Act II
Archivers - wizards
Wanderers - otherkin
Purities - Space Marines
Lotus Eaters - 420 blaze it or actual lotus eaters from the Greek mythology
Aristocrats - richfags
Wrath Wraith - guess who: Act III

I think I'd be a herdsman.
Triangles having 3+n sides. I'm kinda disappointed by such simple descriptions of anomalies, as well as there being no explanation for an event that would turn everyone inside-out and change them. In fact, any explanation would probably do instead of just using "the Apocalypse" as a cop out.

Um, but to cut the criticism, this is like something out of S.T.A.L.K.E.R with a healthy dose of urban fantasy sprinkled in. It has potential. Shame that you write so little because right now your world does not feel fleshed out well enough for me. Good luck developing it.

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