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File: 1493773661389.jpg (1.41 MB, 2988x5312, bzRDxvN.jpg)


Please respect the cosplayers.

Due to the loss of privacy which naturally results from sharing cosplays or arranging meetups on this board, I will be far less tolerant of personal attacks and creepy behavior occurring here from now on.

Use common sense and take disturbing sentiments to other places, like /ot/.

Thank you all for the great cosplays you've shown us and to those of you I was able to meet in person at a convention. Have fun, meet up, dress up, and show us what you've got!

File: 1497730915135.jpg (6.49 MB, 3300x2550, dog (2).jpg)


I want to start posting cosplays here in the near future, but I'm slightly worried about keeping anonymity. How likely is it that someone will trace the photos to other online identities? I plan to obscure my face anyway and cleaning metadata is a given but if someone tries to id me it will be scary regardless. I'm also not too comfortable with the idea of people saving my pictures but there isn't really any way to avoid that other than making the cosplays terrible.


So, you want attention, but you don't want people to start getting creepy about it? You know you can't have your cake and eat it too?


I wouldn't have said it quite like >>1876, but you shouldn't put any pictures in public places that you aren't comfortable with people keeping or spreading around. You have to relinquish some privacy to share your cosplay. If that worries you then you probably shouldn't do it.

As for getting traced, you'll be in cosplay and look a little different from your usual self, and how will people you don't know pick you out of a sea of billions with just a photo? Just don't upload the pictures anywhere with your name attached to them, or people can take your photo from here and reverse image search to see other places you've uploaded it, and get that info. Putting it somewhere like Facebook should be fine though because I don't think Google indexes Facebook photos.


File: 1497993004818.jpg (104.39 KB, 891x960, 19029445_1468716509851873_….jpg)


I don't know, there are people - like me - for whom your worries are more of a challenge than anything else. I greatly enjoy doxing people just to show that I can.

If you can live with scum like me knowing who you are and where you live, go ahead. Otherwise I'd simply refrain from posting pics.


Not that I'm actually going to post pics anyway but just out of interest would you post the dox anywhere if you're just doing it for fun or is showing off a part of it? I have never involved myself in any doxing communities.

File: 1495084468491.jpg (40.33 KB, 720x247, d0bcd40b2e.jpg)


Anyone else going?


go ahead out with your friends
ima stay in and make ends

File: 1468805412477.jpg (192.54 KB, 1200x675, !NKBA2.jpg)


Hey peeps, who else is goin' to Otakon this year?

Pic related, I'm the bunny. Now you know my true form


I want to go and talk to qt3.14 cosplayers, but I know that none of the girls will live up to my expectations. ;(


Get rid of those expectations then.


I'm afraid to ask what those expectations are.


File: 1494858432920.png (222.18 KB, 953x710, 1451034635208.png)



File: 1494882322221.jpeg (38.8 KB, 400x236, image.jpeg)

You're the problem

File: 1488453193346-0.jpg (4.33 MB, 3460x4000, aesthetic yume nikki.jpg)

File: 1488453193346-1.jpg (203.55 KB, 960x1280, PicsArt_10-07-12.50.50.jpg)


My Madotsuki cosplay aesthetic, fresh made. The photos of my cosplay are from 2014, though.
I think it came out nice…
(also added a bonus cosplay pic)
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Thank you very much!
I like cosplaying as Mado because I'm always daydreaming, I feel at ease. Somebody even recognized me. They all wanted me to stab them with the knife lol


Looks really good!


File: 1490730945247-0.jpg (108.1 KB, 500x750, madotsuki-cosplay-01.jpg)

Да уж..

На всей борде нет годного косплея.
Да и так одна параша. Печально чет

мимо с /2д сосача


This is an english imageboard you communist fag.


Super creepy. Please don't.

File: 1348173191887.jpg (1.33 MB, 2448x3264, P9200335.JPG)

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Welp, I finally got a few pics of my Madotsuki costume. They're not that great, and my hair got a bit messed halfway through.

I'm probably going to be wearing it to comic con new york.

I need more practice on good poses and braiding my hair. I have some good locations in mind for the future, including a creepy mall parking lot, some abandoned trains, a bunch of lampposts downtown, ect
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Booger. Please vote for Trump.


Thank you Booger for voting for Trump.


Booger where are you?


LOL now that Trump is president, he will deport your korean boyfriend to get nuked!


The end of this thread is creepy. Don't do this again.

File: 1479805097763-0.png (446.01 KB, 507x660, mado2.png)

File: 1479805097763-1.png (549.82 KB, 582x598, mado1.png)

File: 1479805097763-2.png (401.45 KB, 618x622, mado4.png)


i hope its cool to post my mado cosplay here.

its still kind of a wip, as im not sure what i want to do with my legs (i dont think im going to use the black tights)
and im waiting on my red shoes in the mail. (and i plan on wearing makeup when i take real pics)

please tell me what you think though!
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I don't know whether the blood is really necessary… was it a part of the sprite? I can't remember.
I mean, sure, if you want to, include it, I just think it'd be better to leave it aside because it generally doesn't look well added as an edit, unless you used a genuine liquid IRL… and that's pretty complicated for a shot of this kind without doing some work arounds, I think.


File: 1482123615340.gif (194.6 KB, 208x212, severed head.gif)


it wouldnt really be complicated, i actually made a foam "table" to stick my head through so i could do the blood and the braids as if it was lying against the ground, but then when i went to add the blood i found out i had thrown my fake blood out OTL

ah it is part of the sprite when she moves (heres a quick gif i just made), but if it looks a bit tacky i might leave it out in future pics.

thank you for your critique though! it really helps!


>When cosplay goes too far
RIP Krow, beheaded for the cause.


you look pretty hench in this one

Muscle mado, although it's probably just the jumper/angle :3


haha i can assure you, its the angle. thank you though, i will take it as a compliment

File: 1387780226678.jpg (283.35 KB, 900x300, header.jpg)


Anyone else going to SacAnime this year?

Sacramento, January 3-5


Anyone for SacAnime Summer 2016 happening tomorrow?


Anyone going to SacAnime Winter 2017, January 6-9?

File: 1446566266443.jpg (688.51 KB, 1365x2048, 22560892670_376e4b9971_k.jpg)

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I got my first photo back from this shoot! I will be posting the rest of them under this topic, and also my new Madotsuki photos as I get them back as well <3
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Post pics of your mom then.


Says the anon.


File: 1483220567115-0.jpg (51.49 KB, 682x960, f4063b7e-fd6e-4f01-bd02-54….jpg)

File: 1483220567115-1.jpg (240.72 KB, 1280x853, 1a9e02f0-3a8c-4d8d-971e-b8….jpg)

File: 1483220567115-2.jpg (296.38 KB, 1280x894, 7b755b45-56d9-4495-b498-e6….jpg)

Here are some more photos of Charlie from Eulogy of an Insect! Happy new years everyone!

I move tomorrow so I'm packing…how are you spending your new years?


File: 1484719759518.jpg (256.43 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160729_022130.jpg)

An old photo I thought I posted but I guess I didn't, Max from Life is Strange


File: 1488414847265.png (54.94 KB, 775x903, youko.png)

Because of the Shoujo Gidan translation coming out today I threw together a quick Youko cosplay!

File: 1465600348029.png (103.06 KB, 707x423, axcharacters.png)


I might be going to AnimeExpo this year. Is anyone else planning on going? I'd love to have a meet up.


I wish dude, I've been going to too many conventions this year but that one is a goal to go to eventually

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