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Madotsuki and Friends
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My quest for Madotsuki's hug still alive. I'll never give up.
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Godspeed anon. We will always be here, rooting for you.


>The quest must go on, all I went through only made me regain all hope I had lost during this year.
The absolute madman
Oh well good luck on ya quest, Anon. BTW, you wouldn't mind if I wrote a character based on you in the future would you?


File: 1475359157943.jpg (896.38 KB, 1079x1000, 1426733901161.jpg)

OP, you should seriously consider lucid dreaming.
Think about it - Mados identity lies in her dreams. She has a presence in the dream world. If you can get good at lucid dreaming (preferably to the point where the dream world is just as real as the waking one), you could summon the real her and hug. I'll leave this here for you.



What do you think Mado smells like?


File: 1477520397181.jpeg (4.6 MB, 4500x4500, 2016-08-01-850493.jpeg)

Probably like old clothes and bedsheets.

File: 1361858511596.png (235.39 KB, 810x600, 1317496051841.png)


rip toriningen board

all you had to do was post
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File: 1382205194887.png (471.13 KB, 632x355, toriningen.png)

bumpan with cameo


File: 1383423427685.jpeg (299.01 KB, 800x700, fcdc932cf491113f6606874c0….jpeg)

can't unsee


File: 1390737753755.jpg (62.88 KB, 480x600, 1344438550289.jpg)


File: 1394703514932.jpg (52.6 KB, 620x413, oo.jpg)


File: 1477520086284.jpg (138.64 KB, 1280x960, 859.jpg)

Did a distant voice fromt he past ask for bird hips? Well here is the long awaited reply.

File: 1459509372293.png (195.25 KB, 700x700, 1283815249949.png)


Do you think Madotsuki should have been barefooted? I think it would fit the sleepwalker/dreamer angle but at the same time I love those squeaky red shoes.

Is there anything you'd change about Madotsuki's design, or is she really flawless?


She is absolutely flawless. I really should play this game again.


I always imagined that the red things were socks, rather than shoes. That, or fuzzy slippers.
She has a pair out on her balcony, and I find it strange why she would go to bed with shoes on.


I guess the in-game reason was so that Mado's footsteps could make a squeak squeak sound.

File: 1460857069303.png (124.51 KB, 500x740, tumblr_mx1194jLgE1stcziuo1….png)


Do you guys have any basic information and/or personality headcanons for any of the characters? And by basic information, I mean age, birthdate, or hell, even sexuality.
Specifically, more of the human like characters, but anything's possible.
I see headcanons about Mado everywhere, but not about anyone else. Would you guys like me to share mine?
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Poniko was a childhood friend of madotsuki, but when they grew up, their interests change, and poniko is ashamed of being friends with mado so she decided to slowly distant herself from her
But mado still loves poniko and holds this childish memory of them being friends
But poniko actually has some sort of emotional problem, an intense one, thats uboa, it also was anger upon madotsuki for a reason i dont know yet

Masada is her music teacher crush, she plays the flute in his class, he somewhat left her school, or died, or any thing inculding him being gone, thats why his face in mados dream is not so clear, and even though he is gone, she still plays the flute and improves, she wishes to show him how much she improved, thats why she keeps dreaming of him

Monoe and monoko are madotsuki's school days friends
Monoko died, but she never heard of monoe ever after she leaved japan

Shitai wasn't someone mado knew, but once as she was for some reason walking to a bus stop near a forest at a very late time, she sees that corpse, and there is jellyfishes in the area because, jelly fushes come whenever there is death around, they are like a grim reaper, but they are not so much near him, because he is still not quite dead, mado ran away in panic

Igloo girl and scarf girl are mado's relatives or just different versions of mado

Madotsuki is japanese, poniko is american, and currently mado is in peru for some reason


personaly, I think it doesn't matter.


But the game totally welcomes us to think up something. It is interesting for me to read about what other anons think.


What makes you think all that?


Lack of kanon. I just can't leave it like there nothing out there.

File: 1463064993952.jpeg (321.24 KB, 1020x1040, 2011-02-02-369839.jpeg)


Because we need a thread for these two.

File: 1458326326432.png (68.12 KB, 212x480, iüFâêâiâJA 2.png)


is she the faker?
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File: 1459809265551.jpg (71.98 KB, 540x402, creep.jpg)

>How do y'all feel about Wadanohara?
Nothing happens until the very end of the game, reason of why most of the game was completely boring to me, then everything goes to shit and the game becomes fun.

The sprites look like furius copy-paste, but the feel and colors are very pretty, nice ambientation.

5/10 meh… Mogeko Castle was superior…
But then again I remember this >>1453 and it becomes a 8/10.


File: 1459810109877.png (383.19 KB, 600x536, CM7DSNGVEAE1YUn.png)

I agree. Plus, it kinda tried to hard to be 'dramatic'. But people love that shit apparently…
Mogeko Castle was more fun. In fact, that game got me into their artwork.
Have you played The Gray Garden?

>>1492 You're welcome! I found it on the official twitter of the Wadanohara manga.


File: 1459819035113.png (1.01 MB, 800x1000, TGG7.png)

A walking simulator way too long for its own good, with really cute characters. Despite that, I would like to see the supposed prequel and sequel Mogeko was working on.
Also, shouldn't this be on /ot/ or /og/?


I think it was suppose to be a joke about Mado recolors or copiers.
OP has never responded, as far as a know of.


for you

File: 1327160271502.png (561.71 KB, 4500x2883, Character Naming Sheet.png)


Yeah, so it's time we brought this back. New and improved.

Discuss names for characters here.
Edit the character sheet to make suggestions. I'll update accordingly every now and then.

You don't have to edit the whole sheet. If you just want to make a few suggestions it's fine to crop the sheet to save uploading the whole picture.

If you don't know where a character is found in game, feel free to ask. It may be relevant to its name.

So here's the list, as well as I'm informed / can remember

Decision Hierarchy:
D = Decided (Fanon. Will not change)
A = Accepted (In common use. Unlikely to change)
C = Colloquial (Used for lack of a better name. Might not change)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hi. I mostly named Merutomero. Actually, Merumaro was the name I revised it to after being explained it sounds closer to the Japanese naming conventions and it sounds better.


Hungry-kun? Uemashita-kun? Uema-kun?

I dunno…


>8. South Park background character

i lol'd


I don't know why but that's cringe.

>inb4 hurr you answered a post from 2014


hurr you answered a post from 2014

File: 1332812014544.png (3.32 KB, 160x214, 451223.png)


This is what happens when you combine as much Mado recolors as you can. What should we name her? (Well, this creature contains Smile as well, so I'm not sure if this is really a "she".)
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File: 1338424760457.jpg (74.39 KB, 742x822, faceless.jpg)

I can still clearly make out the kaibutsu


where's it at yo

don't make yourself look worse
moreover don't drag an entire board down with you


File: 1459698880992.png (1 MB, 1040x960, 1430063671859.png)

You replied to a 4 years old post.
That's deep.


File: 1459699451693.jpg (18.19 KB, 250x332, shrug.jpg)


okay to be totally fair i didn't see it this time


File: 1461152295809.jpg (2.52 MB, 2448x3264, 20160420_133204.jpg)

I did a quick sketch of Kusotsuki.
She's holding an axe because of… reasons.

File: 1317017337249.jpg (281.29 KB, 500x745, 2dgqcr9.jpg)


Shitai thread?
Shitai thread.
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File: 1459697444149.jpg (746.92 KB, 1134x2057, Shitaisan.full.798492.jpg)


>necro bumps on a dead board

(also hahahaha necro nice one)

here's one, though honestly face-masada is way worse than face-shitai


Is discussing with people buried in the past some new trend?


File: 1459699614175.jpg (605.25 KB, 900x1133, Shitaisan.full.1775227.jpg)


don't know man, wasn't me
anyway, corpse


File: 1459699654030.jpg (950.77 KB, 769x1014, Shitaisan.full.736880.jpg)


File: 1459699738330.jpg (87.75 KB, 887x747, Shitaisan.full.1243084.jpg)

File: 1343618517826.png (74.9 KB, 254x329, mafurako___yume_nikki_by_i….png)


Let's get some more art of Mafurako, there seems to be so little! Does anyone have some pics of her?
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I would greet her warmly and offer her some candy.


File: 1442375064928.png (877.82 KB, 981x1500, 16096571_p0.png)

I know this thread is old but I do have quite a few.

And if anyone has anymore deleted pictures from Aosora like that one I will love you forever.


File: 1442375140496-0.png (283.31 KB, 900x1000, 6956716_p0.png)

File: 1442375140496-1.jpg (516.09 KB, 860x700, 1440324_p0.jpg)

File: 1442375140496-2.png (529.95 KB, 693x823, 7355813_p0.png)

File: 1442375140496-3.jpg (948.13 KB, 1014x1505, 12833548_p0.jpg)


File: 1442375237496-0.png (107.66 KB, 500x600, 5690860_p0.png)

File: 1442375237496-1.png (97.6 KB, 450x500, 9540197_p0.png)

File: 1442375237496-2.jpg (287.88 KB, 450x900, 9901041_p0.jpg)

File: 1442375237496-3.png (1.04 MB, 946x1106, 17682866_p0.png)


File: 1442375303488-0.jpg (116.75 KB, 530x570, 11372201_p4_master1200.jpg)

File: 1442375303488-1.jpg (89.98 KB, 420x500, 11372201_p2_master1200.jpg)

File: 1442375303488-2.jpg (61.83 KB, 365x500, 11372201_p3_master1200.jpg)

File: 1442375303488-3.jpg (382.87 KB, 900x600, 12604237_p0.jpg)

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