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/c/ - Characters

Madotsuki and Friends
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File: 1327160271502.png (561.71 KB, 4500x2883, Character Naming Sheet.png)


Yeah, so it's time we brought this back. New and improved.

Discuss names for characters here.
Edit the character sheet to make suggestions. I'll update accordingly every now and then.

You don't have to edit the whole sheet. If you just want to make a few suggestions it's fine to crop the sheet to save uploading the whole picture.

If you don't know where a character is found in game, feel free to ask. It may be relevant to its name.

So here's the list, as well as I'm informed / can remember

Decision Hierarchy:
D = Decided (Fanon. Will not change)
A = Accepted (In common use. Unlikely to change)
C = Colloquial (Used for lack of a better name. Might not change)
O = Obvious (No real need for discussion)
S = Suggested (No agreement. Likely to change)
N = No suggestions

#1 (D) Madotsuki
#2 (A) Nasu
#3 (S) Kalimbas
#4 (O) Frog
#5 (N)
#6 (D) Toriningen
#7 (N)
#8 (D) Mafurako / Hat-and-Scarf Girl
#9 (A) Jellyfish
#10 (N)
#11 (A) Pissipissini
#12 (N)
#13 (D) Aztec Rave Monkey
#14 (A) Batsu
#15 (A) Towel
#16 (A) Onsen-san
#17 (O) Yuki-onna
#18 (D) Kamakurako
#19 (A) Mouth Monsters
#20 (C) Paindrop
#21 (A) Pirori
#22 (A) Alley Demon
#23 (N)
#24 (D) Big Red
#25 (N)
#26 (C) The Fisherman
#27 (N)
#28 (O) The Black Cat
#29 (A) e-Man
#30 (A) o-man
#31 (D) Tokuto-kun
#32 (A) Pier Monsters
#33 (O) Body Parts
#34 (O) Medamaude
#35 (N)
#36 (N)
#37 (A) Dwarf
#38 (N)
#39 (O) Closet Madotsuki
#40 (D) Seccom Masada
#41 (D) Shield Folk
#42 (N)
#43 (S) Neon Creatures (N)*6
#44 (A) Neon Parrot
#45 (N)
#46 (D) Steve 'Leif' Kareha
#47 (O) Guillotine
#48 (N)
#49 (N)
#50 (D) Kyuukyuu-kun
#51 (D) FACE
#52 (O) Madotsuki's Ghost
#53 (N)
#54 (D) Shitai-san
#55 (N)
#56 (S) Hurry, (N), (N)
#57 (C) Witch sisters/Faceless Girls
#58 (N)
#59 (N)
#60 (N)
#61 (N)
#62 (D) Takofuusen
#63 (D) Dave Spector
#64 (D) Monoko
#65 (D) Monoe
#66 (N)
#67 (D) The thing with the Quivering Jaw
#68 (N)
#69 (D) Poniko
#70 (D) Uboa
#71 (N)
#72 (N)
#73 (N)
#74 (N)
#75 (N)
#76 (C) Organoid
#77 (N)
#78 (N)
#79 (D) Mars-san / Tasei-san
#80 (N)
#81 (A) MerutoMaro
#82 (N)
#83 (S) Boss / Big Goblin
#84 (S) Grunts / Little Goblins
#85 (A) FC Demon
#86 (C) Lizardmen / Numbers People
#87 (C) Buyo buyo / (S) Organoid Jr.


File: 1327194324913.png (46 KB, 566x553, Untitled.png)

I always called #7 Hell Blocks.
When I show people Yume Nikki, I guess descriptions just work their way to my head.
#77 were always 'Suicide Kids' to me, because all they do stand at the edge of that cliff.


#7 are called Nenrikado, according to the wiki.


File: 1327207586504.png (10.63 KB, 96x64, FCworld.png)

42 and 52 are now Kitty-coin and MonoMado, Respectively.

Pic only related if you want it to be.


File: 1327230118321.png (3.25 KB, 286x71, YN75.png)

Guys, I wouldn't go by what's written on the wiki list. People just write whatever the hell they want on that page, it should probably be protected or something.

OK, how about this character.
Mizu - Water
Me - Eye(s)
Habu - Snake

I think it's catchy.



I thought snake was hebi?
Also it's a little long :/
why not zubi for short?


Guys, guys. How about Hebime?


#32's Japanese names are Chiboa.


25. Box God


53. Zou


…If you look at #10 from a certain way, they almost look like monkeys. Could we name them something monkey-related?


File: 1327762654855.png (335.34 KB, 835x823, famiko&masada.png)

hi, #80 is named ファミ子 (famiko)

I guess you can call it tentative.

pic from the old thread where she was named

oh, nobody could decide which gender for her, so it's ambiguous.


71: Zorkka The Unstoppable Many Handed Monster.


Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else call FC Demon/#85 "Oni"?


Well, that's the Japanese name for it.
Never made much sense for me to call it 'Oni', though. It gives the Demon effect, so it's 'Demon'.


Ahh, okay. I call him that because it sounds more like a name than "Demon" or "FC Demon", and I like giving characters proper names.



Oni is also a Japanese word for demon. Akuma would probably work better for literally calling him a demon, but, Oni sounds cooler.


Yep, I call him the Oni or FC Oni, too. Seriously, he's not just any ol' demon; he's a freakin' oni!


They're the same damn word!


Yeah, simmer down.

I associate "oni" with something specific: ogres with red or blue skin, one or two horns, clothing made of tiger fur, able to throw lightning, and usually rather dumb. I know oni have not always had those traits, but those seem to be common in contemporary media.

"Demon" conjures Western folklore and mythology in my mind: I think of something absolutely evil and not having a specific depiction.

So, yeah, I know I'm being pedantic, but I fail to see what that is hurting at the moment.


Exclamation ≠ Anger


File: 1328570219319.png (1.35 KB, 129x70, reddemon.PNG)

The demon which gives you the effect that morph you into an Oni Madotsuki is most likely a demon. Yeah, Onis are the one who does lightnings and that kinda stuff in the japanese folklore. Personally, I think the effect should be called Oni instead of Demon. Besides, it reminds me of Red from Wario Ware touched.
I usually call the ghost that gives you the Nopperabou effect Myon, because of Touhou, and for the cat coin, well, Cat Coin seems alright ^^
Oh, and hey, I'm new here~


Except for the fact that Oni sounds cooler, and Demon sounds more generic. Like >>294 said, Oni are often more specifically lightning demons with horns and blue or red skin.


>cat coin

I can't believe I never got that…

The effect is based on that Japanese "lucky cat" statue holding a coin.

The creature you get the effect from is a literal COIN CAT.


Demon isn't a very good translation for oni, anyway. They live in the wilderness and eat people. Dangerous, yes. Evil, maybe. Demonic, no. A closer equivalent in western folklore would be an ogre or a giant.


3. And then spaghetti fell out of my face! Fucking Dreamstop

6. Barbara Streisand impersonators

8. South Park background character

12. Hey FIVES, can you do me a solid?

15. Don't forget to bring a towel!

27. The cast of Doug

35. Bronies

55. Toejam and Earl

56. The Beatles

57. Samara


81. Crappy Uboa fanart

83. Papa Smurf

84. Stabby Smurf

86. Nija Turtles


49. Tenshi no Kagayaki


File: 1330410459923.png (22.36 KB, 153x144, uboa4.png)

I doubt he counts as an NPC, but, can we have a name for this guy? How about Hige(Japanese word for mustache)?


i don't know why, but i always saw that one as a cat.


Really? How? o.o


5. Nyon


Just a note to explain the name- Cats say "Meow/Nyan", and Nyon is spelled really similar to Nyan, but is pronounced like Neon.


File: 1330958061717.jpeg (348.59 KB, 960x1442, 1371_7bb0_960.jpeg)

because of " :3 " i guess!


In a really old thread, another poster and I collectively referred to 56 as the "Nowhere Men" because we somehow wanted to reference the Beatles, but in not a blatantly obvious manner.

I see a mustache, too.


And I usually just call 27 "the Mall People," which is boring. The Cast of Doug is a lot funnier. Maybe we can call them the Bluffingtonites.


#5 Puking Ghost
#36 Derp


#28 shall be known as Ginger.




I now want to get a black cat and name it Ginger.
That is the third black cat on my list of black cats to name after things.


Why not 'Lord Mustachington'?


I like 'Nowhere Men'. Were there any ideas on individual names?


For some reason, I really like that.

No, I don't recall us giving them any individual names.



We've been over this, Uboachan.


That's actually pretty fucking awesome.


Isn't #35 a Devil?
He is sitting in the centre of Hell, I think it is obvious.


But we already have a character named Demon/Devil/Oni, people might get them mixed up.


I want to rename 62 "tacobaby".


>>426 Denied.


How many times must we go over this



File: 1337355748366.png (7.74 KB, 640x480, UBOAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaAkumu.png)

#71 could be called Akumu (Nightmare in japanese)


72 - Slime



#10 uterus

#25 JPN:Rakugo-ka

#78 Chromosome , Genom (JPN:senshokutai)

#79 JPN:Kasei-san


23 - Shade eye



Oh my god. It's been a million years since I was here and this is still going on?

Oh my god and some of those names have still stuck. I'm so proud.

I love you, /c/.




#79 Yksin


Kuulostaa vähän epäluonnolliselta.


just suggestion … have been afraid of that, my Finnish isn't that good


WTF means?


#20- Onion.


#71 - Akumu


I've seen #71 be called Akumu or Akumu-san, so i've started calling him that after a while, and it stuck.


>planning on going to bed after lurking uboachan for the past few hours

>see this

If you shall excuse me, I will be reenacting the ending of Yume Nikki.


Can't we just call #71 "Black bleeding monster"? (However, i prefer to call him monstrosity instead of monster.) Or maybe "Rape Black"? Naah, that's racist.


File: 1363576657863.png (227.27 KB, 761x567, floating.png)

Some background floating things
does anyone have the sprites of the others such as candle world, the nexus & kyuu-kyuu kun place?


File: 1363715037960.png (43.22 KB, 374x495, Monkeys.png)

Here you go. Madotsuki sure likes monkeys. (Or maybe it's fear?)

You mispelled "shield".


File: 1363759555292.png (201.53 KB, 653x658, floating2.png)

Thanks a lot!


Don't thank me, thank my chest, which is covered with HAIR.


File: 1365323157747.png (7.86 KB, 352x315, whitething.png)

didn't anyone mention this?


I really don't like the "everything is a penis" stuff, but god damn if that ain't a big old spoogin' dick.

Where do you find it? The white desert? If so I recommend Desert Dick or Richard of the Wastes.


File: 1368600075208.png (98.81 KB, 637x480, 637px-White_Desert_Undergr….png)

it's in the tunnel of white desert A
ya it REALLY looks like a huge cumming penis between two legs after move out the path
the first time I saw this thing I named it Vomiting Diglett


Hmm… The man juice looks more like a hand holding up the bridge in-game. Maybe he isn't a wiener, but some kind of giant fetus or ur-creature like the quiverin' jaw dog.


10) Sick uterus, tall uterus, short uterus, sexy uterus, period uterus, fat uterus.


I suggest we call #71 Haretsu-san (Mr Rupture).


File: 1381749447233.png (490 B, 57x127, Fatsoto.png)

№74 (Unnamed)

AKA: Sotoburu ('Strobing' in Japanese.)
A tall, thin, strobing character found in the Docks that appears to be eating something. He gives the Fat Effect.


I call him "OM NOM"




File: 1381928113654.jpg (179.24 KB, 900x900, cheburashka.jpg)

>hi, #80 is named ファミ子 (famiko)

I call him "Cheburashka" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheburashka


I love how #4 is just a Frog and the chart's like 'lol what's this thing'


#82 They are Mushrooms. It's obviously


Somehow I just see a confused, inverted Monoko.


File: 1416030940212.png (583.5 KB, 4500x2883, mado.png)

I have filled my own sheet, with my preferred names.


Hi. I mostly named Merutomero. Actually, Merumaro was the name I revised it to after being explained it sounds closer to the Japanese naming conventions and it sounds better.


Hungry-kun? Uemashita-kun? Uema-kun?

I dunno…


>8. South Park background character

i lol'd


I don't know why but that's cringe.

>inb4 hurr you answered a post from 2014


hurr you answered a post from 2014

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