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Madotsuki and Friends
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Do you guys have any basic information and/or personality headcanons for any of the characters? And by basic information, I mean age, birthdate, or hell, even sexuality.
Specifically, more of the human like characters, but anything's possible.
I see headcanons about Mado everywhere, but not about anyone else. Would you guys like me to share mine?


>Would you guys like me to share mine?
Please do.


I always believed that mone and monoko are indeed sisters, and that monoko relies on monoe, and so because monoe wasn't with her, monoko looks lost and scared, and monoe is the older mean sister or the nice older sister who is a psycho loner or the older sister who is in deep grief because she blames herself for the death of monoko, and her smile always seemed "off" to me, so she is either smillling happily because monoko died, or smilling because she is trying not to cry, or smilling because she is a memory ghost, of the last time she was seen, or just smilling because memes

The reason i love monoe and monoko as sisters a lot is because i can relate to it about my brother


Poniko was a childhood friend of madotsuki, but when they grew up, their interests change, and poniko is ashamed of being friends with mado so she decided to slowly distant herself from her
But mado still loves poniko and holds this childish memory of them being friends
But poniko actually has some sort of emotional problem, an intense one, thats uboa, it also was anger upon madotsuki for a reason i dont know yet

Masada is her music teacher crush, she plays the flute in his class, he somewhat left her school, or died, or any thing inculding him being gone, thats why his face in mados dream is not so clear, and even though he is gone, she still plays the flute and improves, she wishes to show him how much she improved, thats why she keeps dreaming of him

Monoe and monoko are madotsuki's school days friends
Monoko died, but she never heard of monoe ever after she leaved japan

Shitai wasn't someone mado knew, but once as she was for some reason walking to a bus stop near a forest at a very late time, she sees that corpse, and there is jellyfishes in the area because, jelly fushes come whenever there is death around, they are like a grim reaper, but they are not so much near him, because he is still not quite dead, mado ran away in panic

Igloo girl and scarf girl are mado's relatives or just different versions of mado

Madotsuki is japanese, poniko is american, and currently mado is in peru for some reason


personaly, I think it doesn't matter.


But the game totally welcomes us to think up something. It is interesting for me to read about what other anons think.


What makes you think all that?


Lack of kanon. I just can't leave it like there nothing out there.

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