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File: 1317017337249.jpg (281.29 KB, 500x745, 2dgqcr9.jpg)


Shitai thread?
Shitai thread.


File: 1317023296148.jpeg (10.73 KB, 191x200, 1306133738875.jpeg)

I'm being shipped with WHAT?






File: 1317089633663.jpg (201.26 KB, 450x600, Shitaiinabottle.jpg)



File: 1317090457814.png (132.39 KB, 351x500, 16141330.png)

This dead boy can't be this cute…


File: 1317107291798.jpg (207.27 KB, 530x670, 19225210.jpg)

I've actually never understood why this guy's so popular

Although this picture of him is probably my favorite


File: 1317150179685.png (229.24 KB, 666x666, 7a093541f21ada92d27a6ca3de4…)

my friend still can't get over the fact they made a dead person a bishie


File: 1317163805579.jpg (81.26 KB, 1296x813, shitai.jpg)


This is Japan you're talking about
I'm more miffed at how they can make a 5 arm girl cute though



picture size 666x666


File: 1317170108479.png (390.23 KB, 800x680, 19983894_big_p4.png)

What doe she expect? His face isn't showing, so of course fans would choose the "more attractive" route and decide he's bishounen.


File: 1317350102955.png (262.76 KB, 640x464, OhMyThatLooksPainfulDoYouWa…)

Everythig that can be bishounen, will be made bishounen. 'Tis the nature of fandom.


Schrodinger's bishounen


They made a masada 'bishie' too…they make everything bishie.


File: 1317702934755.png (149.03 KB, 700x525, 20560523_big_p6.png)

Funny how Yume Nikki turned to one big moe-fest in general.


You say that like it's a bad thing.


Did anyone ever notice that in the mall of the actual game, a very Shitai looking character was walking toward the top left? I'll look for a screen shot.



You say that like it isn't


Hm, maybe people draw him still looking like a normal (not decaying) guy because I mean, if you knew someone who died in a car crash, you really don't want to be thinking about what the looked like AFTER the accident, do you?

or they could just want him to be kawaii and bishi

yeah it's probably the second one.


File: 1318778779622.jpg (151.96 KB, 600x570, fall is here.jpg)

fuck forgot my image


File: 1318779039599.jpg (274.65 KB, 1024x768, don't you worry.jpg)


File: 1318792682961.jpg (104.22 KB, 800x700, 479130.jpg)

>or they could just want him to be kawaii and bishi

Pretty much. I mean, why make Toriningen and Monoko bishoujo? Because you can.


File: 1318792762968.png (273.47 KB, 600x800, 1282893087709.png)

Snufkin prefers a gory face, but that's hard to find.


File: 1318792865984.jpg (51.82 KB, 800x600, 16686519.jpg)


File: 1318797016378.png (319.84 KB, 440x614, 18198233_big_p0.png)


File: 1318860936368.png (7.87 KB, 640x480, shitaiseeswhatyoudidthere.png)


File: 1319000390593.png (282.09 KB, 500x600, 19055868.png)


File: 1319415019222.png (129.28 KB, 844x2588, 1302057433782.png)

Shits too motherfuckin kawaii


File: 1319416505456.png (260.02 KB, 1400x1050, 17786582.png)


File: 1319422133537.png (132.59 KB, 300x350, Intrinsic_660.png)


File: 1320428923425.jpg (225.54 KB, 830x463, 22850284.jpg)

Fresh off of Pixiv.


File: 1321674313583.png (245.56 KB, 365x547, shitaichan.png)


aaah Shitai, the only male cosplayable YN character.
too bad he looks like yagami light in every goddamn picture.


And when he doesn't look like Light, he looks like Koizumi. It's always one of the two.


I think people should stop drawing him as a kawaii desu anime character.
I mean, it's a fucking corpse. Any effeminate male beauty the body once had would be covered and made unrecognizable by blood, decaying skin and creepy-crawlies. He's not just some funky green-skinned guy with ketchup on his face and clothes.
But that's just my 2 cents. Nice thread.


He's so popular because he's most likely male since he is wearing a uniform with pants and has short hair, so people can make him super sugoi bishie.


File: 1330470219385.jpg (130.61 KB, 600x725, Uboa_and_Shitai.jpg)


source??? it's so pretty jfc


I like him as a faceless, barely descript corpse. Mado didn't get to or didn't want to take the scene in, so shitai's face is lost to her memory.

Making him anime as fuck doesn't bother me though. I love seeing characters redone in different styles. And one day there will be enough moe/bishi art of the YN characters to make a visual novel with stolen art assets.


it's japan




Nice necrobump, good job anon.


File: 1459697444149.jpg (746.92 KB, 1134x2057, Shitaisan.full.798492.jpg)


>necro bumps on a dead board

(also hahahaha necro nice one)

here's one, though honestly face-masada is way worse than face-shitai


Is discussing with people buried in the past some new trend?


File: 1459699614175.jpg (605.25 KB, 900x1133, Shitaisan.full.1775227.jpg)


don't know man, wasn't me
anyway, corpse


File: 1459699654030.jpg (950.77 KB, 769x1014, Shitaisan.full.736880.jpg)


File: 1459699738330.jpg (87.75 KB, 887x747, Shitaisan.full.1243084.jpg)

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