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I've been wondering what our members think about the NSFW content on our boards. recently i've noticed an influx of more graphic material. Would our members prefer to have the more graphic material put in a spoiler image with a warning instead of openly posted?

please post your input here.


depends where its being posted imo
/ot/ is kinda expected to be nsfw so i don't think people should bother spoilering images there.
everywhere else though, yes.


File: 1322086215657.png (35.61 KB, 500x379, strnlayton.png)

spoiler image pls


requesting more input from our members.

i will also add my input: i think that more graphic material should be censored.


just realized the misleading wording i put here.

graphic material should be censored via spoiler images.


or maybe a better word than censored is hidden.




This is an adult content *chan, isn't it? Because I sure as hell seem to remember the rules saying NSFW material was allowed on the entire website

As such, obviously, no mandatory spoiler-ing of graphic images is needed or appreciated in my opinion


For more graphic material, I think putting it in a spoiler image should just be the sort of thing that's considered a nice gesture, but not mandatory, seeing as the rules for these sorts of images pre-spoiler images was that they were allowed.

The only types of images that I think should be mandatory to be spoiler imaged in my opinion are actual spoilers for games or fangames.


you miss the point… ):

this is a suggestions thread to see what the users want, which involves possibly rewording, or even changing the rules as it fits the board's agenda, and to help regulate it for a pleasant experience for our userbase to the best of our ability.


and its pretty widely accepted that the rules are not updated


No mandatory spoiler. That's just retarded


I think it would be dumb to have nsfw be put as spoilers.


Apparently, on the IRC, you're supposed keep linking to NSFW content to a minimum and provide a warning; but that's only for the IRC.
Why is it like that for IRC but not the boards?
Personally, I would appreciate a warning for NSFW content (because I'm at work often…Not really). But it doesn't matter too much to me; I rarely see NSFW stuff on the boards I visit anyways.


I think people should use the discretion that there will be NSFW content regardless and making a sudden rule change would confuse people and cause issues/drama.
I've never seen a warning in IRC, but I haven't payed close attention to the new IRC either, but it used to be NSFW all the time, no warnings and I, at least, was okay with that.

I think this is an extra, unnecessary hassle and if people are worried about browsing inappropriate content at work they shouldn't be on this site at all while at work.


zankyuu pokebis~


I read the rules and it says that NSFW content is allowed but it has no mention of any regulation of this content, HOW it is allowed to be on the board (e.g. "all nsfw content is allowed openly on all boards", "nsfw content is allowed on all boards inside spoilered images ", etc)

so technically anything that would happen is a rule clarification


Disregarding the fact that Uboachan is a NSFW imageboard, the images that Snow has taken down are either barely pornographic or not NSFW at all.

Spoiler images should be nothing more than a courtesy, not a requirement for a non-worksafe board. Uboachan was and is perfectly fine as a NSFW imageboard , no need to change that now.

Please stop flexing the mod-cock, Snow, you're making this board unpleasant.(unwarranted self importance)


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Most of the mod staff agreed to "let's have people spoil pornographic material in the board" and it just never got updated on the rules page. We've mentioned it to Seisatsu, but it's so trivial that the page never got that update.

Board's always been nsfw, but we wanted to change that a little for those who may be uncomfortable with elements of pornography present.

The IRC is much more sfw now, not because of surfing at work places, but people are generally more sensitive to it. Generally the extreme "DEAL WITH IT OR GET OUT" policy doesn't really apply well seeing as we're a small community and it doesn't seem wise to shit on one party's face just because it's DA INTERNETZ LOL D.W/IT. Not implying that's what you think, just putting that out there. Generally agree though.

I agree with this also, I feel certain boards have a general standard but then that begs the question "Which boards should be spoilered for courtesy's sake?" Which leaves more discussion.

I'm pretty indifferent on the spoilering, I'm just speaking for the people who have mentioned that it bothers them.

Would like to see this resolved though, seeing as it has been a recurring (and slightly irritating) issue.

Also, my stance on guro is drawn or otherwise erotica involving gore. Otherwise, gore, should be fine. IE: Look at Shitai-san and various fangames. They have blood and gore, etc.

Although honestly, I'm pretty sure no one wants to see crushed kitten skulls on the board, etc. Agree/disagree? Figure I'd bring this up too because this was another issue that I myself dealt with when I tempbanned for a guro picture that I felt didn't belong on the board. This rule is actually a rule on the faqs, but people seem to be up in arms about the definition of guro and get somewhat flustered about it.


yeah, people dont want to see stomped kittens.

but i mean, why are kittens the sacred material? :p im sure it was just an example, but it brings up a good point: special treatment is given to certain types of gore images/victims all the time and it doesnt make sense to me… violent/graphic material is violent/graphic material.

i think that if it is above a certain point, graphic material should be censored, be it violent, sexual, (or, and i hope i never see this, sexually violent). but i dont know what that point should be to be fair, and that would require a lot of discussion, which will probably happen in >>225 , for the gore, and in this topic, the sexualization cutoff.


File: 1325363236703.jpg (13.57 KB, 187x275, 1323269086011.jpg)

I was honestly being arbitrary with that example, anything overly excessive should be spoilered or not posted at all. Imo, porn and gore both.

Getting back to the topic, seeing as like you pointed out there is another thread mentioning the gore thing, I'm sure people have common sense to differentiate between not spoilering something softcore or half naked and spoiler full on crazy hardcore porn.

Provided the staff just doesn't go "we don't care anymore, go nuts"


If I wanted to see porn, I'd search for porn.
Same goes for gore I guess.
And as for the more "hardcore" stuff; there are special places (and chans) for those.

I guess it wouldn't kill me to see a few "graphic images" every once in a while though.
I just hope I never see my favorite boards spamed with them (of course, who likes spam?).

Finally; I'd appreciate the courtesy of spoilering "NSFW" stuff, but just like holding a door open for someone it's just a courtesy. Person's choice.


I come here to see Yume Nikki related content, not tits tits tits gore gore gore. The average age of the channers on this board are underage anyway so I fail to see why this discussion is even happening. Things like Shitai crossing into gore territory doesn't usually get excessive so that shouldn't really be an issue either.

If you want a hardcore nsfw board, go to /b/.

>anything overly excessive should be spoilered or not posted at all. Imo, porn and gore both.
basically this


Because this board only has YN content and tits/gore. k


The rules, old as they may be, are what all users read and therefore use as guidelines. So until they're updated there's no reason to even think of spoilering images, whatever they may be, as long as they don't fall on the categories outlined by the rules


better than how i've tried to say it lol. thank you so much maidnaut.

just checked the shitai thread >>>/c/15
i think shitai is fine under no-gore board rules.


And then people realize Yume Nikki is a game with blood and gore and decapitated pregnant monsters

So, REALLY, if you're going to think about making spoilers mandatory for gore/porn (and I mean the kind of impossible harmless gore and porn which has been deleted by a certain mod recently, images which I'll gladly repost here if clarification is required), then you should also carefully consider changing the chan's name to SWFchan, because it clearly isn't a chan for people that played Yume Nikki



I'm not here for the whole "name & shame" act though, just leaving my point of view. And if that's the case with what you did, then instead of leaving just stop doing that and be a regular mod, nobody'll care about those things in a month or so

But I haven't really made my point clear in the previous post. It's obviously important to have a certain level of regulation in here. A concrete example:

Just the other day I saw a lovely image that was a collage of 3 pics. The first showed a semi-bloody face of a woman. The second was basically a zoom-out; and we could see the semi-severed head of this woman was connected to her bloody vertebral column, and nothing else. The third showed the previous, on a towel on the ground, together with the woman's limbs neatly arranged next to it, and a pile of organs farther to the side

This sort of image has no place in this chan. That is what I believe. Unless there's some sort of extreme gore thread going on in /ot/ (and there are better chan boards for that), the poster of such an image should be permabanned immediately. But anything that isn't extreme really shouldn't be controlled

Kind of like injuries. If you get an arm cut off then no one's expecting you to not react to the situation, but if you scraped your knee then man the fuck up and stop whining about it


I agree with >>245 about "regulations".
Not sure what to think about the mod thing though. I didn't really notice what Snow was doing (in /fg/ anyways) beyond 'come back when you've fleshed out your game' and the softcore image deletion.


And then people realize it's all pixelated so your argument makes no sense. Pixel gore != irl gore.

Seisatsu is (or has been) in the hospital, if what I'm hearing is correct, so he hasn't been able to do anything with the site. That includes updating the rules, because he's the only one with access to that afaik.

Snow I'm pretty disappointed. Your end goal was to abolish the rules by becoming a mod through trolling and harassing everyone? It's a shitty board because no one knows how to fucking manage it anymore, not because the users are shit. If you want to make this place better, be a better user and mod. Having some empathy as well is never a bad thing. There are kids on the site, and there are people who have kids by their computers a lot. Uboachan has NEVER been entirely nsfw, so there's no reason to not browse it because of that. The board has spoiler images now, so if they aren't being used what the fuck is the point in them? It should be a rule and a courtesy because not everyone wants to stumble on gore and tits, because like I said before, if they wanted that they'd go to /b/ or in another case gurochan. Yume Nikki is a surreal adventure game, not an R rated grindhouse thing.

I'm getting really tired of this tbh.


not to mention that her opinion isn't the only opinion, or the absolute/pinnacle of proper approach… look at this thread. users WANT some sort of limit. they dont WANT to have it shoved in their face, they just want some sort of courtesy in their community between members.

life is give and take. period. and stepping on everyone else and saying "DEAL WITH IT, IT'S TOO MUCH TROUBLE FOR ME TO CHANGE, TO BE COURTEOUS, SO YOU SHOULD SIT DOWN AND SUFFER IN SILENCE WHILE I ENJOY IT AND REMAIN UNAFFECTED BY IT AND YOUR STRUGGLE" is ridiculous and hurtful and regressive.

why is it so hard…?


File: 1325469264895.gif (490.04 KB, 220x166, oh well.gif)

Tsuki can, she has admin access to messing with the site. Can always ask booj to text her and have it taken care of once we finally come to a consensus (looks like one has been slowly coalescing) to finally clear out the confusion.>>247

We had it like that, once before. Totally unregulated. It was a mess, it was shitty, and people were giant twatrockets to each other on the board and in IRC. Eventually that came to change with a new set of staff of people who genuinely wanted the community to be more comfortable and like the environment wasn't a piece of shit free-for-all. The way it is now could be worse in so many different ways and has been.

Before, I'm sure this thread wouldn't even have been acknowledged. I feel that's better in a respect alone, even at the cost of some regulation and people whining about it when the staff doesn't meet the user's wishes. And you know what? Past the whining, we've got some (somewhat) decent discussion going and are trying to meet in the middle. I feel that's better than nothing.

Even so, I'm sorry you're leaving and that things wound up this way, snow. And that you've wound up being made to feel how you do. Try and keep in touch okay? I'd like to hear from you every now and then, even if it isn't via ubuu.


>Even so, I'm sorry you're leaving and that things wound up this way, snow. And that you've wound up being made to feel how you do. Try and keep in touch okay? I'd like to hear from you every now and then, even if it isn't via ubuu.

I dont want to come off as though i'm just "OMG SO BUTTFLUSTERED" about this topic and dont care about you as a person or something.

i know you care about things and i know you can be empathetic and it's really frustrating when i see that not happening when i know you are, so that
>decent discussion going and are trying to meet in the middle
can happen.

i dont want it to be like this. i dont want it to be hard.

i know you currently are banned but IPs refresh/rotate and well im sure it will be lifted some time anyway. even if not, for some reason i feel like you'll know this post exists anyway and well i want you to know that, and well i tried when you left but you didnt take well to that lol… so well i guess thats all.


NSFW doesn't mean unregulated, the small rules we already have - no CP, furry content, troll threads, or guro - have worked and do work perfectly fine for this board; they are all the limitations we need, anything more would be excessive.

Being an adult imageboard doesn't automatically make this a free-for-all porn board, and the sooner people realize that, the better. Just because you have the freedom to post pornographic or other non-worksafe content doesn't mean that the board will be taken over by porn, nor does it prevent this from being a topic-driven imageboard.

If people want to be courteous about what they post, it is up to them, that's why spoiler images exist, so people can choose to hide what they think other people might not want to see. When you make it a requirement to spoil images that may offend others, you take that bit of freedom away, I mean, sure, your board, your rules, I understand that, but that doesn't change the fact that censorship is the epitome of unfun. There's nothing fun about an imageboard that flings a bunch of restraints and regulations into your face and stomps on you for putting a finger out of line, and really, what's the point of coming to a place like this when it isn't even fun?


>and then you realize everything you see in a screen is pixels


File: 1325651866014.png (52.51 KB, 365x188, 1274039313524.png)

This guy right here is so high.


>Being an adult imageboard doesn't automatically make this a free-for-all porn board, and the sooner people realize that, the better

you're right. this is an adult imageboard.
what i dont understand is:

it's okay to do it and applauded and encouraged if it isn't required, and it stays a fun board if we do it without it being written to do so.

but as soon as it is a rule it is bad and is "censorship" and is "restraining" and is "regulations thrown into the face of the members".

if this is an adult board i'm pretty sure the members can handle being told to give warning to their graphic material.
most of our members can't even legally view all this content, and i'm sure even more (… than have already posted in this thread) don't want to see it thrown in their face.
… which can be seen as very rude to do. this is very much a topic-driven board, about not-porn and not even guro (with the exception of .flow i guess?… but that is its own board and stays self-contained, even if the graphic material is "relevant".)
madotsuki has a knife. we don't really see anything other than a little splurt of blood and nothing else. the most graphic monster mentioned, the "headless potbellied monsters", have a flat cut where their "head" was (did they even have one originally?) with red on it. YN is fairly friendly in terms of graphic content, i would probably give YN a rating of pg-13 at most, because it has some serious themes involved, rather than graphic imagery. but then again let's take a look at disney movies and we'll see plenty of extremely heavy themes relating to very openly displayed parental abuse in most movies, slavery, killing of family members… is yume nikki really that extreme in comparison? I'd let my siblings play YN. it's a fun, exploration type game that stimulates the imagination and has a startling ending, which spurs the idea of "oh wow what happened?" or is just "LOL WTF SO RANDUM xD WHY DID SHE DO THAT LOL", which i am 90% certain is how my little brother would react. you get from YN what you take from it. that is the way it was constructed.
Kids watch Chuckie. Kids watch Scream, for crying out loud. those movies are way scary and way more graphic. disney movies are scarier and more graphic. arguing that yume nikki is 18+… it isn't.

edit: just found a prime example.

One movie i watched when i was about 7 years old: dragonheart.
PG-13 movie. you could see spurting blood, and the swords making the ridiculous wounds happen. at one point the main dragon opens up his scales and is like "come at me bro kill me fo da good of da urf" and is stabbed on-screen. and stabbed in the mouth/through his head. etc.
come on guys.



>kids watch chuckie. kids watch scream.

so why do you want to turn this into a sfw board again?


Because you're a kid and your mommy doesn't like you looking at gore.

It's been explained at least 10 times in this topic holy shit just deal with it.



what the fuck is wrong with this chan's mods seriously

I asked the anon who posted >>254 why he thought this board should be sfw for the sake of kids who watch stuff like chuckie and scream, which are far worst than anything I've seen up to this point here. Which by the way is MORE proof that this community's self-moderation is more than doing its job

But I'll tell you what:

Look at how many people in this thread want mandatory spoilers for all porn/gore images
Look at how many people don't
Deal with it


>>255 here.

By asking your question you seemed to not really read the rest of my post, which is important.

this is an adult image board.

as such, i dont think our members will mind being asked to make a courtesy to our members but also make this board coincide with law-bound regulations.

furthermore, the entirety of this board isn't talking here. The people who have voiced their opinion here, are the people who have voiced their opinion here. it is not a comprehensive tally of the entire board's opinion on this problem.



Of course I read it, I just thought it was a rhetorical question. But I'll answer your question if you actually don't know why

The rule being discussed is in the OP, but that's not what this discussion is about at the moment. It is about freedom, not about people actually wanting to be free to spam gore/porn non-stop. Spoilering images due to necessity does not equal doing so as a courtesy

To give you a real-life example: I have chosen not to vote plenty of times in my life. But I can assure you I'd be way beyond pissed if a revolution of some sort took place and the current establishment took away our freedom to vote. Which doesn't even mean I'd vote if that hypothetical revolution hadn't taken place, but I sure as fuck want to be able to choose whether I'll vote or not

As for your other points:

- Law-bound regulations are covered by rule 1 already. And no, if members didn't mind being forced to spoiler NSFW stuff, they wouldn't have made it clear in this thread that they DO mind, be it the majority of them or otherwise

- The people who are stating their opinion in this thread ARE representative of the whole website. The others either aren't bothering or don't know yet, which means they either won't do it or will do it eventually. So unless the ones against this rule are inexplicably more alert than the ones in favour, this thread is a fair representation of the website's members' opinions, and you can bet whichever decision is made will take this thread's posts into account

- The rules state this as a NSFW chan. That's it. If underage people are using it then they SHOULDN'T, but making sure they visit SFW websites is their parents' responsibility, not this chan's. Next thing we know porn sites will remove their porn because kids are going there

- There is no guro in the .flow board. Guro isn't gore, it is (off the top of my head) body modification/mutilation intended to be erotic (to some people of course). Just a guy with his head split open doesn't qualify as guro, there have to be underlying erotic themes. There are gory images but they're part of the game/game's fanart, and I seriously can't believe they'd target game-related images for this spoiler rule anyway

And just for curiosity's sake, I'd like to know where will this end? Are we going to be forced to spoil words like fuck and cunt next?


File: 1325723005965.png (109.04 KB, 635x355, iamnotapixelartist_Madotsu….png)

Maybe we should just put up a sign that says; "This board may contain adult themes, and is not suited for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised."

That may be an eye sore…


File: 1325726352988.jpg (12.66 KB, 250x311, 250px-P2_glados.jpg)

WOAH WOOAAH WOOOooooaaahhhh……

Spoilering NSFW images was recommended to me a while ago, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. If I'd thought it would cause such an argument, I may have reconsidered.

Here are my thoughts: Spoilering NSFW images gives us the illusion of being an SFW site. We totally aren't. You don't always know what's behind the spoilered image anyway, unless I were to make the rules more ridiculous and require you to put "NSFW IMAGE" in every such post.

I added that rule because I was under the illusion that that's what all of the users wanted. Honestly, let's talk about it. In my opinion, people who are too sensitive to handle seeing a couple surprise tits pop on their screen shouldn't be on the Internet. And this site isn't for children anyway.

It is a bit of a chore to spoiler images that may be NSFW, under risk of having the image deleted. It may detract a bit from the posting, and even the viewing experience. But I won't make the same mistake again by changing it either way until we come to some sort of consensus.



File: 1325729230916.gif (1.55 MB, 250x197, 1324449031718.gif)

I personally can't see why this seems to be such an unwanted addendum to the rules. You stop before posting, go; "Would some random board-goer not want to see this?" and check off a button near new reply. Before you push it, just pause and ask yourself that question before you submit. It's not hard, nor is consideration or courtesy a bad thing. It's not even implied that there's a severe repercussion for posting something non-spoilered. Excluding things that Snow had done (which she exaggeratedly did for her own reasons,) the most other mods have done were delete and repost with a spoiler. Sometimes maybe not repost.

This isn't a LET'S MAKE THE BOARD SFW sort of motion. It's just "Let's be considerate and spoil certain things."

I can't handle how little of a thing this really is and how out of proportion its growing just because people either a) have some aversion to pressing small tickboxes b) are incapable of/dislike having courtesy for others c) they don't like reposting their own images when they've been deleted d) they think everyone is into the same stuff as them or c) it's the internet so just d. w/it or leave, which is the laziest, most inane excuse of all and will eventually devolve any online site into a shithole.

Just because some people on the internet are jaded or have certain fetishes, doesn't mean you just throw them onto the table where anyone may see them. Some people aren't jaded or don't have those fetishes or what have you. Ultimately, the price a person has to pay when they want to share those fetishes or post whatever else, is the effort it takes to think and press a little ticker next to two words. Whereas someone else may wind up feeling uncomfortable in a place they want to be and have to see things they may rather not want to. I think that's a little too unfair for the run of the mill folk who likes the sight, but doesn't like some of the fetishes the userbase may have.

And trust me, I know some of you do.

This isn't some kind of police state, nor is it going to evolve into one because you have to press a small button. If you feel it's overbearing that you have to spoil your potentially unwanted pictures (I've described in posts earlier the kind of things that should be spoiled and it's not much in the first place), perhaps it would wise for you to contemplate how overbearing it is for any average user to want to be in a place that may have images scattered around it that they may not want to see.



Don't worry, I don't think anyone assumed you meant any harm when you made that rule. I guess from an admin's point of view adding the rule was the smart thing to do at first


I agree with everything you said, but I believe our points of view regarding this matter are fundamentally different

I look at the chan and don't see any of that getting posted. I mean, anywhere. I don't visit all boards but I do check a lot of them and I can't remember the last time I saw a picture that would fit in your description (except maybe for the navel fetish thread? But even then that fetish is really, really harmless)

So why implement this rule? Why force everyone to go through that extra step every time they want to post a picture that isn't clearly SFW, for something that isn't even a problem right now?

I'll be the first one to support this rule if this ever becomes a problem, but as it stands I cannot see where's the need for such a thing


oh it's posted,
but again,
it's been spoilered or deleted (guro).

which is why >>255 exists, a good samaritan made a thread because people were mucking up others' threads having yelling matches through text at each other…


> "Let's be considerate and spoil certain things."

> I'll be the first one to support this rule if this ever becomes a problem, but as it stands I cannot see where's the need for such a thing.
And this.

I thank all, who give the courtesy, in advance; if they happen to actually post "NSFW" things.
But, the last time I saw a NSFW image around here was posted in /fg/ by a spambot or something; and I never got to see that softcore one Snow deleted (T_T)…xP


Oh yeah, there's that guro thing going on. I've seen people talking about it, but I haven't actually seen what they're talking about.
Where is it happening anyways?


You don't see it because the rule was already implemented behind the scenes and the staff have been enforcing it.

And it has been a problem with some users, there's been a few people who have told me that certain images bother them. And I'm sure that there's more than just those few who have told me via IRC. On an anonymous board with a community like ours where a person may be more inclined to be timid, I doubt any others who are being bothered by it are going to jump headfirst into a stir like this that has been created and defend the want for spoilering, lol.

And the navel picture from that thread that I deleted was guro/digusting. The resulting staff action I took was a warning and like two-three day ban, just to clarify on that. That thread was well within bounds of okay, fetish or not lol. What I deleted was against the rules. I also believe when I did that, it was before the spoiler your images rule was enacted.


What if it's simply made a guideline instead? "Unspoilered images judged to be generally disturbing (in a sexual context) may be deleted by the moderation staff. Please spoiler 'extreme-NSFW' images."

I'm not sure it's a good idea to force spoilering ALL NSFW content. But I agree some really out-there stuff may drive away users. That's why we flat out ban guro, for instance.


I can agree with a guideline like that.

Spoilering all nsfw stuff would not only be a task for the staff, it would be worse of a shitstorm than what we have now lol.


File: 1325733752501.jpg (11.15 KB, 453x273, Finally.jpg)

Sounds good to me.


File: 1325735260802.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.88 KB, 499x360, 1319288546469.jpg)


We have to get Canta to repost it then. Ask him next time you see him, he's a nice guy


The two guro discussions I know of happened here

http://uboachan.net/ot/res/155.html (actual guro which was duly deleted)

and here

http://uboachan.net/co/res/15.html (completely harmless pic deleted by Snow, see my SPOILERED pic)


The only guro I remember seeing here, besides all the pictures of Mado's severed head at /mado/, happened a good bit of time before the spoiler checkbox had appeared


I remember the navel thread's guro image deletion, I was this guy http://uboachan.net/ot/res/155.html#347

You misunderstood. I mentioned that thread as an example of a fetish (even though that particular one is harmless). Not because of the guro image that appeared in it. Regardless of how tame it was by guro standards, the deletion of that image was completely deserved, all the more seeing as guro is clearly prohibited by the rules

Can you give me an example or two of the enforcing of that rule in action? I'm actually curious here, just want to see what needed to be spoilered, yet went past me


That's a very good solution from where I'm standing. As I said in >>245, this chan is (in my opinion) no place for extreme images, regardless of whether they depict extreme violence or bizarre/disturbing pornographic acts

As such my opinion is that, more than a guideline, you could add a rule enforcing the spoilering of not only extreme porn but also extreme gore. This, of course, as long as regular porn and gore are left alone

I only opposed this rule so adamantly because these rules tend to get out of hand due to their subjectivity, and seemingly harmless/regular stuff gets deleted for no reason as well. So to be clear on what I'm proposing, I'll link these images. Click the links at your own discretion

Regular gore, no mandatory spoilering -

Extreme gore, mandatory spoilering -

I realize, for some, these may be a bit too tame to be considered "extreme gore" , but we have to take into account the average netizen as well


>extreme gore
Consider me close enough to an "average netizen" then; I would not want to scroll past those and see them. Thanks for the warning at least.

> guro arguments
I've never been on /ot/ or /co/, so that explains why I haven't seen them. I assume Snow had some posts in those threads, but were since deleted?
Thanks for the links.

> ask Canta to repost the pic
I'm not that interested in seeing the pic. xD
Good to know that he's a nice guy though.


The pony one is a bit "Oh wow, lol" but those others are a bit unnecessary for the board imo. That's my opinion at least.



You're welcome, they weren't hard to find since I was on both of them anyway…


I agree, both types are unnecessary. I do, however, think the first type isn't ban-worthy at all. A little blood, bruises and scars, nothing too strong. The second type is a sensible candidate for at least a good temporary ban

This is just my opinion of course


all three of those examples are deep cuts that needed to be stitched. that person went to the ER repeatedly and self-stitched. the first image is misleading becuase of the profuse amount of bleeding… if you look at it quickly you can't notice how deep the cut is in that first picture, but it's as deep as those other two. x_x i personally wouldnt want to see any of those when just scrolling down the page at all…


I want to bitch about how sensitive everyone on this site is and argue the whole point, but reading this thread has made me realize how truly immature the uboachan community has become. Evidently there are more kids here than ever now who can't deal with NSFW content despite the fact that this is a *chan. I had hoped that any *chan website would be viewed with discretion, but I suppose not.

It's not about me personally wanting to see smut/gore just sitting out in the open. It's not about the fact that Yume Nikki is quite obviously a game and not a porn. It's about whether or not the userbase is mature enough to overlook it/hide the thread (if at all possible) when it crops up publicly. Apparently it is not. The userbase shouldn't have to be protected. If you can't grow up enough not to keep scrolling past an unsavory thread you're probably not going to contribute anything significant to the community.

I've already seen enough little arguments about the deletion of unspoilered images. Frankly I find it to be a little tyrannical, alongside the apparent banning of people with similar opinions (see >>224 in particular). There will always be NSFW content, and it will not always be censored/spoilered. If it's that big of a deal make an NSFW subsection.


you call people childish then argue that you shouldn't give a courtesy to another person because you're mature enough to understand people's preference, nevermind "sensitivities" as you call it, which have nothing to do with "growing up".

what does have to do with growing up is understanding that pressing a tick box doesn't take much effort to make it easier for everyone to browse the site regularly, personal preferences/issues or not. It's frustrating to see this type of post over and over in this thread because every single time the people even word it in a way where you can see the apparent contradiction in thought within the same post, but the poster is just oblivious to it.



You know why people contradict themselves? Because it is so fuck-obvious that they're right, they don't even know what part the other party isn't understanding, and thus don't know where to start. But hey, here's an example:

- Hey guys, this is where I work, it's a foundry
- Oh, so we have to be careful here, there's molten metal and whatnot
- Haha not at all, we don't deal with anything foundry-related because that would be dangerous :(

This is a NSFW chan, a fact which is STATED in the fucking rules. The rules ALSO state people have to be 18+ years of age to browse this chan. And yet, people are getting their images and their posts deleted because they post NSFW images. Now how about you tell me where's the irony in THAT?


Basically this. That's why I find this argument so fuck off absurd. This is a NSFW board, I really don't see why this is even an issue.


People shouldn't be getting posts deleted for simply posting NSFW content, though don't forget about the part which says "but extreme NSFW content should be spoilered".
What is considered "extreme" is most likely going to differ between persons, but it will probably be up to the mod's judgement on if an image is too "extreme".
As this is the case, the safe route would be to just spoiler any NSFW content that one may post (I'm pretty sure a lot of people won't like that though).

I'm getting the impression that some not-too-extreme things have been getting deleted though.



I know about that, yes. And I not only understand, but also agree that there's no need for extremely graphic images or anything of that sort here

But as you have said, nothing of what was deleted over the past few days could even *remotely* be considered extreme. Last of which, a drawn dick. That's it, a dick. It even had an Uboa covering its glans

Now seriously, if you believe a dick to be extreme NSFW on the internet, you might consider a trip to the shrink, because you're undoubtedly having some serious problems whenever you lower your pants


File: 1328416477292.jpg (69.3 KB, 640x493, 1326064934798.jpg)

all board is porn board
can't see dick can't get chancoin
must have spoiler can't want fun
back in the day our robot overlords commemorated us for posting porn, with cries of "pls more"

here's a vote to a free uboachan, a just uboachan, with uncensored posting of its users held to be of great importance


NSFW content is allowed on all boards, but 100% of NSFW images will be spoilered 100% of the time, or they will be deleted. This is the final decision. There will be no further arguments heard on this point. I'm sorry if some of you don't agree, but sometimes there just isn't a way to make everyone happy. I will leave this thread open for your closing statements, and then I will lock it.

It seems like this argument has been going on forever. Spoiler NSFW, disallow NSFW, allow unspoilered NSFW everywhere. It's a matter of base policy, and as such, it has to be made very, very clear, and it has to be permanent.

There is no middle ground. We've tried and it just doesn't work. There's a point where I have to step in and say, "Deal with it." It's an ugly stance, but it's part of my job, and it's something I sometimes have to do, or things start falling apart. So after a chat with kaguya and a few of our mods, and a bit of thought, this is the way it's going to be.

We are a mature, adult site, but we aren't a pornographic site. I don't want to ban NSFW completely, because I believe it can have a place on the boards. However, I won't have it visible to people who aren't looking to see it. This isn't 4chan. We're civilized people here. Although "if you can't handle a pair of tits you shouldn't be on the internet" is an argument I've made before, it's also a bad one, suited to sites that aren't Uboachan. I'm making this decision based on these values, and I am not changing it again.

Thank you for your opinions. I hope that while some of you may not agree with this decision, you will all respect it.

P.S. Guro, gore, scat, furry, and shock porn are still disallowed even behind spoilers.


File: 1328438221504.jpg (80.12 KB, 658x660, zero.jpg)

>P.S. Guro, gore, scat, furry, and shock porn are still disallowed even behind spoilers.

fuck that was MY line >:c

but ok ilu sei babe


File: 1328438854979.png (70.54 KB, 354x379, Pretzel.png)

You're all welcome, by the way. It was all my idea!

Yall can thank me later.


File: 1328439071467.jpg (80.29 KB, 428x499, Favim.com-22135.jpg)


What are you talking about this is all my fault. inb4 death threats


also following staff trend and doing stupid mugshot picture


I know not everyone is gonna like it, but at least we have concrete rules now (as far as I can see).


And there we go. Brace yourselves, in a few months you won't be allowed to say big boy words without spoilering them, either.

Mods and their illogical rules ruined another website with potential.

Just another day on the internet


oh no you have to click on images to view them now fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


File: 1328464289014.jpg (45.31 KB, 720x540, 1322773567207.JPG)

Addendum: aaaaaaa the mods are dump aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAあああああああああああああああああああ

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