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This thread should be a rule discussion thread. I've seen a lot of arguments around about the rules, and how they're to be interpreted [mostly the Gore/Guro rule].
So instead of spamming peoples posts with arguments, just bring them here, and things will all be better.


seriously. it's really shitty to muck up people's threads with this, because then threads are locked. :\ thanks for making a thread, i hope those with discrepancies actually use it.


Staff will be watching this thread, give it some credibility :D


When the mods see people fighting, if they could link them to this thread that'd be wonderul.



To the observers:
This is the kind of crap that Snow was talking about, it doesn't seem like a big deal at all, I know, but it is, I mean imagine if this mod goes around and does this with every single thread that he/she disagrees with, I mean, what fun would that be for the people with the opposing opinion? It's just a debate, it's not a troll thread or a thread full of CP or links to shock sites, it's just an argument.

To the actual mod:
Just let them argue, they're not breaking the rules, these kinds of debates happen all the time, arguments happen all the time, don't just stop them by abusing the mod position. I'm not saying this because I disagree, because I do agree that fans should name characters whatever they want, and I actually think you made a valid point, but that valid point is completely overshadowed by the mod trip, it's like it's saying, "I'm a mod, my opinion is law, if you disagree with this post, you will be banned!" Just stop doing that. Please. Use the trip to tell people where threads are moving and what's changing on the site and other technical stuff, don't use it to hammer your side of an argument into everyone, that's not what it's for, and it's not fair to the people abiding by the rules who disagree with you.


Seisatsu, hiring a bunch of mods and just letting them bicker with whatever they think shouldn't be allowed was an awful idea. You need to specify what the mods should not be allowed to do and look over their actions every once in a while, or this is going to get so much worse than it already is.

For starters, using the mod trip as a means to post an opinionated response to someone and intimidate them out of responding back is total bullshit and should not be tolerated.

When I have to use a proxy server to post something like this because I'm afraid one of the mods is going to ban me for it, you know something is wrong with this site.


You really have nothing to worry about, if any of the mods act up for whatever reason, we'll find out and take care of it.

There's no need to use a proxy….If you get banned (which I doubt you will!) I'll just unban you once I see it.


I'm really oblivious to this stuff. I just thought of it as a mod posting. xD
Although, I always find it strange when the name next to "Mod" is "Anonymous". =/
Do we have anon mods (seriously, I have no idea)?

Anyways, I myself wasn't "intimidated", but I think I see your point.


I think I meant to direct some of that post >>290 too.



I'm inclined to agree with these posts.

I'll be calling a moderator meeting soon to work on updating the rules page. We'll discuss these issues at that time as well.


During our moderator meeting, this new moderation rule was instated:

* Don't post with a moderator tag unless your post is relevant to moderation. Posting as a moderator in normal discussions gives unwarranted weight to your opinion.

I trust this will alleviate the concerns discussed here.


A long while back, I think I remember seeing a mod use their Mod-trip to "show support for a fangame" that was just starting (like as "extra" support).
That doesn't really have anything to do with moderating, so I guess they wouldn't be allowed to do that now?


>I remember when someone used the mod trip in order to silently scare off legitimate criticism for a fangame
Uhh… no, that shouldn't not allowed either.


Your reason is really stupid and was most certainly not the reason for the mod trip.

It's still not allowed but let's not jump to conclusions. =|


You're right, it should have said "should not" instead of "shouldn't not".

Anyway, the mod in the /fg/ post said something along the lines of "Mod tag to show support!" as if aknowledging the fact that you're a moderator will support the game in any way other than discouraging people from saying anything negative about the game.

Even if the mod's intentions were pure and s/he truly only meant for that message to appeal to the fangame maker, using the tag in a fasion like that gives off the impression that the mod is in the, "I like this game/person, therefore nobody should be allowed to dislike it/them!" mindset; makes them look like a white knight weilding a banhammer like a baby rattle, and nobody wants to see that.


Mannosuke ## Mod No.1773
Hey, could you give out a beta patch?
Just to build up the excitement ;)

He may be talking about me, I did this because my computer saves the mod tag in the name box, nothing meant by the post.


I found the post I was talking about (I think).

The post was actually made after a few, er, "harsh" comments.


He deserved every harsh comment that he got. Generic recolour character design, generic self-insert backstory, no concept art apart from the same generic character, no screenshots apart from a generic title screen; the guy expressed zero creativity and deserved zero encouragement for it. He even outright stated that he had just started working on the game less than a few days before he posted his recolour.

Looking past that, Nekumata used the mod trip to give his/her statement unwarranted weight. The purpose of being a mod here is to protect the board from bots and floods, to remove troll threads, to manage thread changes and move threads to their appropriate boards, and to remove spam, illegal content, and posts that go out of their way to break the board rules. It is not to broadcast your opinion onto people, nor is it to break up conflicts and disagreements.

That is one thing that I've been seeing a lot of recently that has been irking me a bit. The mods need to stop breaking up arguments and threatening to ban people over them. It's better for people to be arguing over something occasionally than to not be posting at all. Heated arguments happen in every community. They don't last forever, they spark up a lot of activity in the community, and they can even be interesting at times (you know how sometimes when there's a GOOD argument going on, you keep coming back and checking over and over again just to see how it turns out, maybe even jump in at some point?)

As long as the board isn't totally drowning in argument threads, people shouldn't be forced to stop arguing. When you discourage arguments, you discourage people from expressing their opinions, and when you discourage people from expressing their opinions, you discourage people from expressing anything at all.


People are arguing over NSFW images being deleted here in this thread

The OP image was an image of Mado with a dick (with Uboa), which was deleted with no explanation or post or whatsoever. Then an argument broke out.


no. no one deserves to have such negativity directed at them, and the people who post that actually don't deserve to post, as their behavior is breaking the rules. "the rules aren't updated ever" isnt an excuse anymore (nor was it because that rule didnt change.)

the point of FG is to give constructive criticism and act as a place where you can get a guarantee of it, and get it publicized. not to be bashed.

the entire purpose of having mods around is to break up arguments and to keep threads on topic, to keep boards and threads running smoothly. arguments that are broken up and people are banned over are not on topic, and are people breaking the rules. that being said, any constructive discussions to be had are for /sugg/.


Hey guys, I'm not the guy who deleted the picture but I'm just going to say that the original picture was not infringing any rules. If the picture hadn't been censored It may be a different case, but I digress. It was wrong to delete the post in my opinion but not all mods think alike. I guess I'll try to address all topics brought up here :) I'm not exactly sure what snow was up to (´・_・`) the suggestion board is indeed a great place to go to for agreements about the rule infringement that may take place and we have a thread just for that. I appreciate the fact that someone used that thread and made me aware of what was going on, thanks. that's the first place you guys should go to if an argument arises. As for the idea of spoiling due to fear, I really don't want our boards and community to be built on fear of the staff. if your picture is off of the /ot/ and has non-censored full frontal nudity then that might be different, I'll check… But if the picture is just suggestive, then I don't think premonition should force people into spoiling pictures. This is my standing on the issue. If you guys have any questions or disputes just say so, I'm not going to ban you >_>


the image is NSFW, censored penis head with uboa or not. /ot/ isn't an exception, or the rules would have been edited to state that when we modified them. "nsfw is allowed on ALL boards but should be spoilered".


>>324 here again to elaborate on post.
really, honestly, why does the elitism matter on the games? it shouldn't even exist.
people are making games with the same ideas/mechanics as other games we've played, effectively making "yet another" of the YN-esque, L S D-esque, whatever-esque "genre". most of them are homages. Those are all "ripoffs" of each other, 2kki being as true to that as you can get, as the entire idea of the game was to continue YN in a way that zelda games do with themselves, more later on that.
the power and ability of an artist comes not from their ability to produce original content, which is impossible, but to do well at telling a story and using tools that have already been used, and to do it in a way that is entertaining and enjoyable to the reader/consumer. think of all the different pieces of art you see, all the repeated ideas you see in movies, games, etc. how many games are like zelda or mario or call of duty or skyrim? how many zelda games ARE there, even? they're all "the same", just with slightly different context and different maps, sometimes different toys. do people like them less? not really. the same story is still enjoyable to play through.

no one deserves to be bashed and no one deserves to be attacked for being "unoriginal." again, what they do deserve is respect as a person. and constructive criticism will always be helpful.


This was actually pointed out in the argument

Apparently the posters refused to acknowledge the picture was NSFW or something


or you could go read the thing instead of saying dumb stuff


He wasn't being attacked for being unoriginal, he was being attacked for his laziness and his blatant lack of creativity, there is a world of difference. All he gave us to start with was a sprite, a name, and an empty promise that he might consider making a game out of it. What did he expect in return?

"Ooh, nice… sprite!"

"Awesome! I can't wait to see more of that single sprite!"

"Well then, here's a ZOOMED IN version of my sprite! Sha-shaaa!"


Now, if he had needed help or something, like if he came in like, "Hi guys, I'm working on a Yume Nikki fangame, I've got a lot of ideas but I want to keep them quiet for the time being. I was wondering if any of you knew how to do this and that and this, here's the character from my game, btw, his name is Saul." He might have gotten a bit more encouragement and assistance, but as far as we knew, he had no trouble with game development whatsoever. If he had a demo ready, or at the very least started with some concept art or screenshots apart from one single measly sprite, he might have deserved more than he got, but the fact remains that he had nothing to show us, and most likely expected us to do all of the imagining for him.

What I'm trying to say is, there's nothing wrong with encouraging amateur fangame makers who display effort and creativity, Moga is the prime example of that, he's not the best programmer or bug tester out there but he's certainly passionate about his work, and he shows it, long before May got it's first release Moga was sharing ideas and concept art with us like crazy and even making little games on the side. Mick is nothing like that, all of his behavior can be summed up as, "Here's a sprite, what do you make of it? His name's Saul and he's going to be my character or something, I dunno, I might make a game out of this… if I feel like it. Yeah, okay, uh, he's a kid in high school, like me, yeah, and uh, he's single, like me, and, uh, he's a nerd… like m- OH, oh, I paid some guy to do concept art of him for me, what do you think of THIS? Am I cool yet, Uboachan? Do you love me yet? Do you want to make my glorious creation famous yet?"


and then i point out again that "creativity" doesn't make a good game, the ability to put it in a way that's enjoyable makes a good game. see Legend of Zelda and Mario for examples.

if the person wants to post a thread about a game they may not even finish in /fg/, hey, cool. maybe posting in the board would help give them incentive to finish it anyway, since they're publishing it somewhere. if they have a game they want to make, then they post it in /fg/. there are no skill or "creativity" requirements for posting in /fg/.


popular =/= good

Fyi, we weren't discussing whether lazy people like Mick should be allowed to post their fangames in /fg/, by all means they should be allowed, it's an open imageboard after all, they should be allowed to post it just as much as we should be allowed to post our honest opinions regarding it.

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