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>>/fg/16073: Do wish more things in CU were surreal. There are a lot of pretty worlds but it lacks severely …
>>/fg/16073: >>16230 Oh. I see the problem now. Of course we're still waiting for a CU update release; been…
>>/ot/25617: >PLAYAN <hotline miami 2 >WATCHAN <cartoons and cartoon reviews >LISTENAN <new eminem albu…
>>/yn/10519: I like the first one more, but the second one is alright
>>/media/740: Another good Umineko track https://youtu.be/bIBoVGwBVRM
>>/yn/10519: both. both are good.
>>/ot/25617: >PLAYAN Nothing. >WATCHAN I don't really know what to watch. I need recommendations. I'm…
>>/media/740: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDb81P9sl1U
>>/yn/10519: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rftRb-uHE00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_QEc5kRggo Who d…
>>/fg/16073: Well, I played this and i've explored every single world in this game so far. I liked it, my fa…
>>/ot/25617: >PLAYAN death must die rng survivor game trash but think im already done for tonight >WATCHAN…
>>/test/334: wake up
>>/yn/10518: hi, new here. i noticed each door in the nexus has an opposite. is this significant? >number (…
>>/test/334: tesuto desu!!
>>/og/1553: >>6708 Yeah both are amazing in that aspect. Made me tear up too. The game that actually made …
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>>/hikki/7914: electric kettle, I've been able to cook instant noodles in my room before and heat up water for…
>>/hikki/6716: >>6716 Oh, definitely. I just want to not have any responsibilities. I think the idea of the m…
>>/hikki/7914: >>8212 I don't want to fork out too much cash on a PC build and a used laptop is just cheaper …
>>/hikki/8207: >>8213 sorry what i said was mean and i regret it
>>/hikki/8207: Fuck off
>>/hikki/7914: >>8201 >I recently got some cash so now I can spend. nice, happy for you anon. >I can't dec…
>>/hikki/8113: >>8166 I'll take the tea freak over the sheer nothingness that plagues most smaller imageboard…
>>/hikki/7914: >>8209 this post>>8185 i mean
>>/hikki/7914: >>8187 The Retro gaming setups mostly.
>>/hikki/8054: anon..,,i relate to you anon. This iswhy in the first place i have decided self isolation is th…
>>/hikki/8207: uuuuuhhhuuuh. Anyone here love fried by fluoride?..follow my tiwddar acc ghosthikki1164
>>/hikki/7914: >>8201 claiming a category of person is sexy is just a fetish. whether someone is considered s…
>>/hikki/7914: >>8200 Hey admin you're a t-t-trololol
>>/hikki/7914: >>7914 I recently got some cash so now I can spend. I can't decide if I want a desktop PC or a…
Latest Scanlations by Patchy Illusion Team
At the depths of the unwakeable dream by Mitsuki Kuroaread or download04/19/2020
This dream, due to the frenzyby Mitsukoaread or download03/30/2020
PHP Developer Wanted to Develop Secret Weapon — by seisatsu at 05/30/24 (Thu) 12:39:11
Doubtless you have all noticed the obnoxious CP spam problem. It's accelerated far past where it was years ago, with sometimes several posts per day per site. I have thrown more janitors at it but that only reduces the amount of time that the posts are visible, and that's not good enough.

This is currently happening on ALL imageboards, and represents an existential threat to the future of imageboard culture. Users have left and admins have quit. And these spam bots are able to bypass our CAPTCHAs.

Anyway, I have a plan for modifications to Vichan that I believe would mostly solve the issue. But I'm not a NEET anymore since a long time ago, and I don't have the time and energy these days to actually write the code.

That's where you come in, mysterious stranger. I am looking for an experienced PHP developer who is familiar with or able to learn the Vichan codebase, and can implement my secret weapon to win the spam war. Inquire below.

2022 U.S.A.G.I. Gamejam — by seisatsu at 03/23/22 (Wed) 10:38:39
Hello everyone! Our very first, 2022 U.S.A.G.I. Gamejam has ended with several people actually submitting projects, which is awesome and more than a lot of us expected.

I had really hoped to play all of these and write up some short blurbs to include with this newspost, but a messy work-life balance combined with problems getting some of these to run on my Linux machine have made that difficult, and I feel making a shorter newspost now is better than making a longer one in a few weeks.

A gigantic thank you to everyone who participated! Here are our four submissions, all made available on Itch.IO. They all look pretty awesome so please give them a try, and let the devs know what you think in their /usagi/ threads!

* Stabbing Game by IsNotAduck: https://isnotaduck.itch.io/stabbing-game
* Convulsion Shooter by korkskrew2000: https://korkskrew2000.itch.io/convulsion-shooter
* Metatron's Library by BotanikiDev: https://botaniki.itch.io/metatronslibrary
* BLOOM by team2weiser: https://team2weiser.itch.io/bloom
Very Late Birthday Newspost — by seisatsu at 03/11/21 (Thu) 07:36:57
Hello. It's good to see that some of you are still here. Apologies for the very late birthday post; losing my laptop may be a decent excuse but honestly I am just a little bit worn out. My birthday is about a month before Uboachan's, and I turned 30 this time! And I have a full time job now. So, I guess feeling tired is unsurprising. But, on to the real news.

So, what happened since my last newspost? Well, Uboacraft has been back online for a while, so that's neat. The Dream World MUD got some major updates last year, so check that out if you haven't already. And, there were also a few new scanlations, though activity has tapered off for the last while. Discord remains our most active community by far, though mostly entirely separate from the board community. And, I am still the only active board staff member. Thankfully there hasn't been much trouble lately.

I guess the biggest thing has been the rules update. I'm glad that went over as smoothly as it did, and I regret not doing it years ago. My sticky in /sugg/ has more to say about that. Still, I feel like it's too little too late, and we lost a lot of good members early on that aren't going to come back. But, there's only so much you can gain by looking backwards, so I try not to think about it too much, and to just be happy with the choices I've made more recently.

Also! Sushichan is doing really well. We took in another imageboard that shut down last year, and there's actually a lot of activity. So, that's worth checking out if you like comfy spaces.

Until next year, friends!

- Seisatsu
Happy Birthday Uboachan! (I can't believe we're actually still here edition) — by seisatsu at 01/07/20 (Tue) 19:59:12
Post Under Construction

Translated by Patchy Illusion Team
We're not dead yet. (Scanlations Update) — by Chesir at 01/25/19 (Fri) 01:42:54
Hello, good news at last. We've got a little present for ubuu in this anniversary. Seisatsu bought 10 doujin books and delivered them to me a few days ago, and lo! They're really wonderful. I'll be setting my scanner to work, once I fix an old computer I have with the needed parallel port to connect it. It makes me a little sad to think that they will suffer a bit once I put them in the scanner, but some sacrifices must be done for the greater cause.

I always amazed me how these have escaped the eye of the fandom for so long, so I'm very happy that we are finally able bring them to you. However, bear in mind that it will take me a while to scan, then transcribe and translate all of these, so I hope you guys will be able to bear with me for a while (although I promise to give you guys some taste of it before it's finished). After I set up everything here, I will prepare something in discord (since, sadly, and as much as it pains me, IRC is dead) for the people interested in helping me, either with the translation, image editing, pasting of text, or proofreading. Stay tuned.

Ubuu has been up and running for 10 years, delivering content related to Yume Nikki since then. We host the translation, we have seen the birth of successful fangames in our boards, and now we deliver translated doujinshi to the fandom. Who can tell what will come next?

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