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chorp loves you
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>there is no rule preventing DD material in /melon/
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Madnuts and Izumeme are taking a break, post corey.
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Corey Confessions

Post your D-Jeo/Melon confessions. I already got a bunch from other people on other websites. Made some pictures, I'd like to hear some of your guys's confessions about corey now
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Mods are sleeping, post Corey
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Corey will never passionatly kiss to wake you up on the morning
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/fag/ > this board.
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Why is this still here?
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Why's this still here?
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So I haard Corey fans are hiatus, am I wrong?? Maybe you are not true Corey fans
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Look who I found on 4chan.

Some bitch after our waifu
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Guys why hasn't David wrote any new pages? Is the ride ending?
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Guys do we have a name? Like on other boards when people bring us up they call us Melon Worshipers.

also more spoopky art
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Which panel describes D-Joe's reaction to the fandom?

I'd have to say this one. And what about yourselves?
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We need a fanart thread you guys.
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Someone help me out here
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Does anyone still read D-Joe's Forest?
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>Dave (the writer of Melon-Joe) is standing on a chair
>He is in the middle of a crowd of Corey worshipers
>He is laughing at all of us
>"It's kinda funny how you guys talk about a cartoon like that"
>He wipes the tears from his face
>"You pathetic Ubuu's need to get a job and stop obsessing over children"
>All Corey lovers begin to hang their heads and cry internally
>Dave begins licking the tears from our faces
>"You're tears aren't enough to please me"
>He presents a picture of Corey with only his underwear on
>The Corey lovers can't help it
>They all begin to ejaculate uncontrollably
>The cum showering on all the Corey worshipers but none on Dave
>Dave is laughing even more
>"They're 9 years old"
>All of us begin sobbing in shame
>Dave holds a picture of Corey and D-Joe french kissing
>He then throws it on the floor
>A few Corey lovers attack each other for it
>Dave spits on the pile of people
>Dave leaves leaving all us Corey lovers to drown in our own tears and sexual fluids
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So I did this in science class. The teacher told us all to do a powerpoint. I snuck in and changed everything to D-Joe.

>Waists 1 and a half hours of work

>Worth is
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I kinda wanna fuck Corey
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What if Corey
Was straight
And didn't wanna fuck D-Joe
And D-Joe wasn't a whore
And Corey was just a normal guy
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What type of dog is Corey?
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Guys, Corey lives in the forest in a treehouse. He clearly never showers or really takes care of himself. His teeth are probably insanely rotted, his hairs obviously gonna be greasier than French fries and he probably stinks of farts, armpit and ass.
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Can any of you artists draw some Rule34 of Corey and D-Joe? I need something new to fap to
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I want to cum inside D-Joe
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What if D-Joe/Corey ripped a huge fart in your face, would that turn on you fucking sicko's
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What's your head canon's about D-Joe's Forest? It can be anything.

The characters?
The story?
The writer?

The flavours?
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Guys I had a dream last night where me and a skinny camel went to find Corey because I needed to get pregnant so I could give birth to a Demi-God. We found him under a bed and we made out then had sex. It was amazing.
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What do you call D-Joe after having sex with Corey?

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New page came out today
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Taken out of context, what happens next?
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Man this place died fast
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The Corey Game

How to play:

Text this picture to the third person in your contacts and post results
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I'm sorry
R: 16 / I: 7
Here you have melonfags. Die here in your scum.
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My face when Corey has his own board

Expect I have tears in my eyes
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Someone get Sage in here
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Corey's hiding in your closet
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>Be me
>Sitting in French class
>Done work
>Goes on Ubuu to wait
>Goes on /o/ for some Corey
>Finds out Corey is gone
>Soon finds out Corey has his own board
>Sits in seat silent for 10 minutes
>Mouth wide open
>Teacher comes over
>I tell him I'm done
>He looks to see what I'm doing
>He see's Corey
>He gets a instant raging boner
>I nudge away
>French teacher begins falling to the ground
>I scroll down to the older threads that have more reaction pictures than Corey pictures
>There's a picture of Corey shirtless
>French teacher lets out a scream
>He is cumming
>Huge cum stain in his pants
>Dear god
>Turns around to class
>All are shocked and horrified
>Teacher is instantly fired
>No teacher rest of class
>Free day
>Good day
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Could of gotten laid
Corey's better than sex
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I just want to say: It was funny only in the >>>/o/ thread, you totally ruined it when you moved it into all the other boards.
I hate you all.
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Why isn't the title, "you can fit a whole melon in here"
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dat chemo
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you guys are stupid
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>You go on Uboachan
>Nothing but Corey
>Sighs and go to bed
>You wake up
>You are tied up
>You are sitting
>Your back is against a tree
>You hear a faint chuckle
>Look to your left you see a weird animal
>"There you are Hugo"
>Corey runs over and hugs him
>You then notice
>You are in Corey's sexy treehouse
>Dear god no
>Corey then walks to you
>He sits between your legs
>He puts his hand on your knee
>"My names Corey O'Morgan" he says
>He leans in
>His mouth is close to yours
>You can almost feel his lips on yours
>His hand slides up your leg
>"And you're my new Servant"
>His breath is warm on your mouth
>It smells like melons
>His soft lips press on yours
>You never liked Corey
>You do now
>Corey's hand then presses on your erect penis through your pants
>It makes you gasp
>Your mouth is open
>He slides his small warm wet tongue in your mouth
>He licks around in there
>He tastes amazing
>You can't help yourself
>You coil your tongue around his
>Pre-cum is coming out of your penis already
>You place your hand on his shoulder
>He then gets more aggressive
>He presses his mouth on yours more
>His teeth knock on yours
>Both your teeth tangle together
>Your tongues begin battling for dominance
>Corey is winning
>He pushes in your tongue
>You jump
>Your teeth gets more knotted up with his
>The pain is agonizing
>He pulls back
>All your teeth are torn out
>You scream in pain
>Corey swallows your teeth
>He turns you around
>Blood is pouring from your mouth now
>You are now on your knees with your face on the floor
>"Whats that song called? Face down ass up?"
>Corey talks to himself as he enters you
>The pain is masked with pleasure
>You are tearing
>Corey is too big for you
>Corey begins thrusting hard and fast
>You feel yourself getting harder
>Corey is still talking to himself as he is fucking you
>You are bleeding violently from the mouth due to your heart rate
>Your asshole is bleeding
>Corey isn't stopping
>Finally he cums
>His seed fills your ass
>He's still cumming after 2 minutes
>The cum fills your body
>It comes out of your mouth
>It tastes salty and metallic from the blood
>He turns you around
>You notice your ass is bleeding still
>You are faint with blood loss
>Corey begins jacking you off
>You can't help it
>You cum in seconds
>the cum covers his face
>He gets up and screams
>He bangs into a tree
>Hugo wipes it from his eyes
>He gets up
>"Thanks Hugo!"
>Is that last words you hear
>You die from blood loss