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/mc/ - UboaCraft

Uboachan's Official Minecraft Server
Password (For file deletion.)

See newspost on Uboachan front page - PHP Developer Wanted to Develop Secret Weapon (to win the spam war)

File: 1324508018851.png (427.2 KB, 1506x819, 2011-12-21_20.27.14.png)


Show pictures of stuff on the server.
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File: 1326049985960.jpg (217.57 KB, 1920x1120, 2011-12-31_00.28.30.jpg)

water in minecraft.


File: 1326186917780.png (1.18 MB, 1280x1024, 2012-01-10_01.11.45.png)

The new spawn!



oh wow a lot has changed since i last logged on! awesome!


File: 1328085470473.png (529.47 KB, 1280x1002, 2012-01-31_13.35.50.png)

Snow is pretty.


File: 1329293644187.png (762.29 KB, 1280x1002, 2012-02-14_23.59.51.png)

File: 1329264600108.png (12.58 KB, 333x382, tumblr_lw2b4bSNYM1qeyqtjo1….png)


Happy international uguuu day!


Wow. Really? I feel like I should do something for it…Maybe not.

File: 1329187602717.png (79.11 KB, 864x516, Untitled.png)


Wait, what?



File: 1323683179595.png (139.89 KB, 900x640, minecraft-mods.png)


here we post mods and shit.
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nice botnet


ty buddy


File: 1328345908268.png (31.07 KB, 232x197, Untitled-2.png)

>Get new computer
>8 gigs of RAM
>i5 2500k @ 3.8
>Install highest resolution texture pack I can find (Photorealism RPG @ 512)
>Wild grass, shaders, etc. all installed via HD patcher
>Lags like shit
>Try to install Optifog +AA
>Won't even start anymore
Fucking minecraft. Can I get some help? Maybe a patched .jar by someone who got it to work, or some instructions or whatever.


you can't do shit with all those awesome components if your computer does not have a graphics card :V


File: 1329038102157.jpg (259.92 KB, 719x671, Treeee.jpg)

Just delete your minecraft.jar, let the client auto-download a fresh one and try again. Sometimes mods just install bad the first time, at least in my experience.

Making a backup of your .jar before every new mod you put in is advisable too, for the future.

File: 1329023818518.png (625.52 KB, 1280x1002, 2012-02-11_21.10.29.png)


Operation Ill-Conceived!


What texture pack is that?


File: 1322090893572.jpg (17.68 KB, 294x370, 131653009938.jpg)



Please keep stuff about our Minecraft server in here. If there is enough interest, this will become a board.
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It should work, though I think I might know the problem. Did you just put the zip file in? I think I might of put the actual folder into the zip. When you open the folder, it should take you to the list of stuff like mobs and other things. If it just takes you to a folder called YumeNikkiTexture or similar, then you'll just have to zip it and place that folder into the textures. Sorry for the difficulty.

If that's not it, then not sure, sorry. I'll make the next release less messy to download (if I get back to work on it…)


Well, Fox184 might be a griefing ass and totally deserved his ban, he DID make something note-worthy.


oh god what this is basically the one thing I would never expect to see. Other than the Spanish Inquisiton.


>>62 we live in an enormous society, and that society thinks gold is valuable, and dirty rags are not. That's what defines something's worth. You know, MAJORITY rule
The majority of Minecraft players would say that "stacked cubes" have value. You're an ass.



Uhh… First off, congratulations on bumping a dead thread. Second, good luck paying your bills and college tuition with your stacked cubes

File: 1327781436690.jpg (11.97 KB, 716x129, h.jpg)


Yeah uh this is a newsletter anyone can post anything but it must have a picture that is related to the article and has to be about server going-ons.

Ads must be only 20 words long.


File: 1327781533362.png (220.67 KB, 1268x688, bunbunmaru.png)


someone derp'd (hammy :U)

Apparently we earthquake'd. always fun times.




File: 1327958583703.png (38.92 KB, 255x128, Endermaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….png)


Were all fucked.

File: 1327888087640.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, madoka (25).jpg)



The server's broken.
You'll have to wait for sei to fix it.


File: 1327891109680.jpg (211.46 KB, 1920x1080, madoka (76).jpg)

lol 200get

also, it's fixed

File: 1326235455023.png (9.99 KB, 640x480, Madotsuki hits Bedrock.png)


Heyyy guess who finally sort of kind of updated his texture pack to 1.0.0.


Me that's who. Henceforth, a thread shall be in order! I suppose!

But yes. Mostly the same from the previous version, just fixed missing textures and stuff from 1.0 and also skinned some mobs and the moon and fixed minor other stuff.

SO. Why else create a thread on it? Why, because I'm low on ideas and motivation to think of said ideas! I'd like to hear opinions on the pack, what should change, what should be skinned as what, other people fixing it up even more, stuff like that.

Stuff I've been thinking of:
-New Skeleton skin. Don't like Uboa as a skeleton for some reason.
-Art/Paintings. Thinking about finding a way of putting ones from the game in, like the ones you see in the sewers or from where you get the Flute effect.
-New sounds! I have some already, but they're hard to put into the game so I didn't include it in the download. Still trying to actually get the sounds to the right audio and stuff, but man I love the bleeping Masadermen and Kyuuper squeaks.

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Ah, I remember that texture pack! I believe your pack came first, actually, I just happened to start my own before noticing. But, yeah, feel free to do whatever you want. Work on your own or modify mine to your liking, add stuff from mine into yours, it's up to you. Really, this is pretty much open to the public to edit so long as they don't take credit for what they don't do and become popular for it and cause me to go "no wait I did that he's lying" and people are like "lol yeah right poser that's what they all say" and then I drown my sorrows in Gertrude Hawk chocolate.

… So yeah feel free to use this to your liking~

Hmm. Really, whatever interests you. I'm not tooo familiar with Touhou but I have played some games and it's hard for me to imagine it as a texture pack (unless like each bullet as a block. … Ooh wait that sounds interesting actually), but if you have ideas then I say go for it.


Fantastic, I've been meaning to credit you, just wasn't exactly sure where it was that I got the textures from in the first place. If I manage to update mine to 1.0 before another update comes out, I'd love it if you were to just include my terrain file in your pack just as an alternative 32x and just claim the whole thing as your own, I could care less if you gave me credit. I can assure you that I'll probably never produce anything other than terrain.png and paintings. But, again, you're in the lead so do whatever you'd like.


toriningen chase you. creepers chase you. so make creepers toriningen.


i say make uboa slimes. same body plan. i don't like a passive character as an enderman. but have no ideas as to whom could replace him. creepers are the main enemy, toriningen are the main threat, so it makes sense they be creepers. the lack of arms thing isn't a big deal.


For the swords, you could make knives of different colors/materials!

Same with the shovel (and make it Flurotte's [sic] shovel)

And maybe the pickaxes could be Night's hammer?

File: 1327797714651.png (599.69 KB, 500x859, marisa.png)


It says im on the server on the dynamic map, but I got disconnected and cant connect right now. Someone help me, please.

Picture not related

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