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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1407709045152.jpg (17.46 KB, 242x243, MMMmm.jpg)


ok so im a pansexual female and i had a dream last night that mado was my bae/bff and we dreamt and collected effects together and i stopped her from killing herself and i want to cry now and just oh my god now i have a crush on her what do i do
*pic not related*


Accept her as your eternal waifu.



Did she look like her in-game sprite, or like the fan art of her, or like one of the cosplayers?

File: 1406018935981.jpg (85.26 KB, 800x680, ubmnloU.jpg)


oh fug

Weirded me out that I recognized the source image right away on a non Yume Nikki imageboard.


File: 1406033276548.jpg (159.87 KB, 621x621, Sir Vomit of Astora.jpg)

That person's drawings of Madotsuki are among the most widely recognized ones. That's probably because of their "Vomit-Chan" image.


i dunnod know whad is reals any more…

did i gommit murder with a knife?

signed t. mado


You're fucking stupid.

File: 1362344802095.png (346.24 KB, 1680x1050, wallpaper-455607.png)


Hope I'm not making this thread in a wrong place, but I was hoping if you guys could share some wallpapers of this magnificent game. I'll post what I have found as well.
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File: 1362412590420.jpg (1.84 KB, 125x106, 1354024350526s.jpg)

>Can't recognize inside joke
>Can't recognize internet phrase
Newfriend combo



File: 1406268127869.jpg (88.56 KB, 1024x576, massmurderer6.jpg)

I found a picture like this online and I edited it so her hip is out a little bit more, also if you look at the bg, its a bit swirly too



File: 1407128530031.jpg (419.26 KB, 1366x768, 1366x768.jpg)

Here have a Patchy

File: 1367637580983.png (37.46 KB, 300x300, bn_avatar_builtin1.png)


I personally think she'd probably be a bit of a bitch due to her insecurities, unfortunately.
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File: 1384752381746.jpg (48.81 KB, 599x449, madoirl.jpg)

Like this, but with pigtails and a greasier face.


I don't think she'd be hoatile or particularly unpleasant. And I think she'd be of healthy weight, though overall maybe a bit unkempt. Moreover, I just don't think she would care about interacting with anyone, nor would she hid the fact.


I agree, anon. If you go with the fact that the Fat effect could represent an eating disorder (and Mado being frantic about it hence the vibrantly colored eating person) especially.


skinny(possibly a bit on the unhealthy side) asian girl with a round face giving her puffy cheeks (which is adorable and also makes her eyes look squinted) and brown hair of course


I think she would be a bit of a tsundere (a really rude person if you don't know her, but really nice once you do know her), and obviously a bit depressed

File: 1392569659844.png (436.52 KB, 1024x745, 1324808058277.png)


So we have a thread a few pages back talking about what she looks like physically, but what do you all think her personality is like based off what we know about her?
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Very reserved and not friendly or empathetic but only because of a difficult and isolated life. When by herself she's impulsive, creative, adventurous


File: 1392682507793.jpg (186.5 KB, 700x1018, Madotsuki.full.1611562.jpg)

For some reason I imagine her like an imouto mixed with tsundere. Always a bit cranky.


a what now


I picture her as the poster child for Schizoid personality disorder.


id imagine shed be a tsundere, if you on know what that means, that means shed be very rude for a while, but once you get to know her she is actually very nice.
id also imagine (this ones almost a given)shes very depressed

File: 1378577077276.png (341.59 KB, 600x800, madomado2.png)


Post your best/favorite wallpaper of Mado
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File: 1397791287765.jpg (255.76 KB, 1280x800, madotsuki_yume_nikki_1280x….jpg)


File: 1397791449600.jpg (981.78 KB, 2548x1181, 1084535.jpg)


File: 1397791485858.jpg (600.91 KB, 1024x768, 1299111.jpg)


File: 1400013135164.jpeg (1.47 MB, 2000x1500, 52c63ba757f9a7157896cd05b….jpeg)


File: 1406265505126.jpg (731.92 KB, 1024x576, massmurderer3 1.5.jpg)

heres mine.not much, just a picture I found online and edited a lot

File: 1400700906370.jpg (19.04 KB, 480x360, 857.jpg)


How do you pronounce Madotsuki?
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>Ma as in Mama
Actually, this leaves me with more questions, since there are so many ways people pronounce that word by itself.



Madotzuki with pronounciation and pressure from

Ma as in Magd
do as in deutsch
tzu as in Zugabe
and finaly
ki as in Kirche.


File: 1402945347709.png (331 KB, 692x514, 1402413638829.png)

Just how you pronounce 'usotsuki'

ma (as in mama) + dots(u)ki


The "do" is pronounced just as heavily as the "so" in "usotsuki"


I tend to pronounce it like "mad at sue key"

File: 1401454524216.jpg (1.02 MB, 1109x1000, Yume.Nikki.full.1528088.jpg)


Heavy question here guys

What did you feel when you saw Madotsuku kill herself?
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File: 1402248407135.png (89.53 KB, 250x239, makomakomako.png)

>her eyes were closed the whole game
>"feeling of being locked in a dream and simply wanting to wake up."
>she jumped while she was sleepwalking


Sorrow and regret. I played it so often, I grew attached to it and her by an extension. I jumped into the whole game blind. the only thing I knew about was Uboa. So my heart was shattered when she jumped. I pressed every single key on my keyboard, hoping she'd come out of nowhere, alive and well. after pushing every key but enter, I realized that it was futile, and cried. I grew so attached, I never wanted the dream to end.


I was shocked at first, then I tried to "wake up" with by pressing all the keys I could.

After a few seconds I felt guilty. Like there was something I could have done to save Madotsuki but I didn't do it.

Then I got a bunch of weird feelings when I realized how attached I had become to a videogame character who never speaks and is never given any background or anything. Just a sprite with your projected thoughts when you try to analyze her dreams…


I was really depressed and I felt guilty at first. I watched the final screen for a long time and thought about what Madotsuki might have been through in her waking life.


File: 1406264409001.jpg (4.68 KB, 120x90, depressed.jpg)

I felt guilty, and depressed really. I mean who cant feel depressed looking at this picture

File: 1397031121281.png (215.11 KB, 344x491, sakuraiii.png)


Why does everyone obsess over Madotsuki having a knife? You act like it's the most important thing in her life, like she's obsessed with murder and cutting, when this is never true. Hell, I'd say that she's afraid of the knife, since it's tucked alone in the middle of a massive, dark void. Nearly every version of Madotsuki either has her as a crazy knife-weilding psychopath, or weilding it in defense. It doesn't really come in handy in the game very often, either. If it held some crucial role, I'd understand, but it doesn't.

TL;DR, I'm tired of muh waifu being called insane.
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File: 1402945853868.png (215.67 KB, 800x705, 1384939063467.png)

It's one of the more interactive effects. It also changes the behaviour of most NPCs, often drastically (toriningen)

>what is stabbing room

>what is entrance to kyuu-kyuu-kun's staircase

the NPCs that don't run from you (because they can't) will have their animation sped up (indicating a paniced state). You can stab or threaten away NPCs that block your way, and get money, for what it's worth.

I don't sense any sort of scruple from her using the knife, either. This is why you can actually *kill* NPCs. The knife being located in the Dark World makes sense insofar the idea of using knives is either so remote inside her head––or that it's the proper place for that idea to be, in her darkest thoughts.



>User was banned for this post

Top Lel.


File: 1405206567574.jpg (85.75 KB, 679x720, equinophobia.jpg)

because you can stab, you must? that seems very much up to the player.

also not true since a lot of the other abilities have actions that allow you to interact with the world and with inhabitants.

i agree w/ op.


File: 1405643855036.jpg (380.49 KB, 800x1202, flute_player_by_btrumple-d….jpg)

*ahem* yume nikki is first and foremost a flute playing simulator. The entire game is based around the different areas in which she played her flute. I know this is true because there is an effect called the Flute, which can be played in all areas. All enemies, NPCs, objects imagery and music is of course related to flute playing by proxy. All of this is pure fact.

The knife is a metaphor to show how sharp her playing is, obviously. I don't know how you could possibly misunderstand that. All of you need to brush up on your flute playing and then maybe, just maybe you'll understand.

tl;dr people are dark and edgy and prefer knives to flutes, even if they may as well have the same degree of importance


Because most of us as gamers are used to kill everything in sight.

Because agressive females are hot.

Because mado is fucking crazy.

File: 1346289806966.png (195.04 KB, 1500x2000, yume.png)



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