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are you guys using any of this stuff?

I'm trying to quit google, they're really weird these days. the meshnet sounds awesome and I hope to get in on that when I have better cashflow. networking has evolved so much since I first got online. even the 802.11g standard is already like ten years old

this PRISM bullshit doesn't seem to be attracting too much attention. I guess it isn't too surprising. it should be shocking…


How easy is it to switch over to Linux? The main reason why I haven't done so yet is because I think there's still a lot of useful programs that are Windows-only (like truecrypt).


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Just set up a dual-boot with windows and your distro. Then download Wine, and try to run them. If they don't work properly, boot windows and use it for those things.
If you don't feel comfortable with a dual-boot then just use a virtual machine.

Enjoy your freedom.



What do you say? Truecrypt is multiplatform, and you can download the package with no problems.

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hey /comp/ I know very little about programming and only know html code. I'm supposed to make a program that automatically saves screenshots to a folder and is usable. I only have 2 months to do it. How over my head am I, would it be possible for me to learn enough and do this in the time I have, and what programming language would you reccomend?
Pic unrelated
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shhhhhhsh, this is a dead board, so no, worry not;; I know what I tell you. It will be all right. Noone is going to notice.


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Holy fuck RUN!


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Okay, I have a quite strange problem.

I'd love to move to Linux. All the apps I use on Windows are multiplatform, and have native Linux versions as well. Under Linux, even my crap Radeon HD works like a charm.

Yet I simply can't feel at home on Linux for some reason.

First, I thought it must be the same craptastic font set that comes with almost all distros, and makes my eyes bleed. (Except for Ubuntu, their fonts are beautiful and easy on the eyes, but only in a certain size, which is way too big to look acceptable.)

But no. Even after installing the MS fonts, it's still strange. I still feel like somewhat isolated, and feel like it's just not my place.

What is this? What's going on with me? Why can't I just install Ubuntu (or whatever) and enjoy all the benefits? Why do I have to come back to Windows every time, even if it has shitty drivers, and half of my hardware don't even work correctly with it?

Did any of you ever feel like this when you decided to move from one OS to another?


It's kind of shocking at first but then you get used to it and then windows is what seems weird and crappy.

Also don't use ubuntu, shittiest distro ever.


I know what you mean. Some setups feel like home instantly, others after a few weeks and some I change very quickly because they feel 'alien'.

So far I've liked gnome and mate. Cinnamon was also good. Now I have openbox and it's lightning fast, but still feels weird. You just have to see what fits you. Of course with gtk+ or something like that you can make your linux look just like windows.

I don't know how to customize unity, but if you can't find out how to get rid of that weird side-panel, you can just change your desktop environment. I think almost every beginner-friendly distro should have a login manager that automatically finds out what desktop-thingies are installed and lets you choose between them if there are more than one. So you can install all and test them if your disk has enough space.

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Ummm… I like computers.


And um… 2 get desu~


I want a Japanese keyboard

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It wasn't as bad as it sounds, although I screwed up a lot, so I've had to recompile kernel a few times. Also grub's notation of partitions was a pain in the ass.

The only minus sides so far (my system isn't complete yet) are the time it takes compiling, my stupidness, and how horrible emerge's output looks. Especially compared to pacman.

Just came to tell you that.


Good, now hack the FBI and detonate the nuclear reactors in the US


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You will get used to it. Enjoy your superior OS, OP.


Free as in Freedom


I hate grub

because I do not know enough about it

so many vmachines got fuckered up thanks to grub

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Would you your computer?
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careful the reset button is in there and you'll her whole hard drive


no male parts to put in vagina.

I'd probably still go gay for my box. She's awful lovely.


No thanks.

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Seeing that this board here is almost unnoticed, I might decide to post something here.

What would your guys' ideal PC be? What OS would you want? Would you get it customized from your local PC shop or from the internet? What hardware would you want in it? Or would you take the wildcard path and get alienware?

This topic is to discuss what you all out there would want, either a standard desktop style computer or something that you'd think that'd almost resembles a style to Lain's decked out computer.
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My ideal computer would be as follows:

* Dual Processor Motherboard
* Two Intel i7 2600k Quad Core CPUs
* At least 8gb RAM
* Dual ATI Radeon 6990
* Corsair PSU

This would cost about $3000 to build at today's prices.

I'm currently building a ~$300 computer using an AMD FX 4100 Quad Core at 3.6ghz, overclockable to 4ghz. I'm waiting on delivery for a Rosewill RP600V2-S-SL 600 Watt PSU from Newegg. (~$60)


Whatever happened to BoA? And from what I remember, back when Lain aired it was too expensive to buy computers in Japan that they had to buy them from Sout Asia and such. Because it was too weird to see Lain's parents buying her loads of tech stuff but then again it was an anime lulz.


You actually would want >=16gb of RAM. Each processor would use their own set of memory channels. You would want to fill up each memory bank as to obtain quad-channel performance.


Actually, scratch that. I don't believe the board that would run the i7 2600K supports quad channel. (It would be based on the 1155 chipset which was released before quad channel memory was released.)


>i5 3570K
>Some sort of z77 motherboard, got my eyes on the MSI MPOWER
>GTX 670
>Nice minimalist case like the r4
>Big fat monitor
>some ATH-A700s

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File: 1358797786248.png (149.22 KB, 252x310, rustlechrome.png)


File: 1358881192812.jpg (205.11 KB, 510x976, 1342210407844.jpg)

at least is not safari


They're thinking that google is paying them.

Firefox even gets money from google by making them the default search engine. Lots of linux distros do the same by embedding in every search your distro so google pays out for you being directed to them.

Of course I've never even seen that message, I use JDownloader.


Chrome is terrible. I still stick to Firefox. I have heard Opera is decent.

File: 1361338283023.png (8.78 KB, 300x300, 8e2be48254740eda3a0252bdb1….png)


So ubuuchons, I might switch over my ancient computer from Windows XP to Linux with the help of my dad, because of Linux's apparent ability to run faster and more effeciently on slower machines. I've never worked with Linux before, so is there anything I should know before doing so? Any tips or tricks to get the most out of it? pls no ricing
This might seem like a dumb thread idea but I'd rather post this here rather than Yahoo Answers or - god forbid - /g/, and my dad has a very bare bones explanation of how Linux works because the last time he worked with it was a very long time ago. Plus I'm just kind of excited to learn more about it because KNOWLEDGE.
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If there are some windows programs you hold important, you better just move all unnecessary files to an external drive (so that you have enough disc space), keep the windows and put Linux to dual boot, then see if wine can run those programs. If it can't, keep things as they are. If it can, you can reinstall Linux after you have rescued all that was left (and important) on the windows partition and then reinstall Linux all over the hard drive. If you like gaming you will probably have to keep that windows partition - wine is nowhere close to perfect. It can run rpg_rt just well, but causes problems if you try to play Touhou in full-screen mode.

Point is, don't do anything too hasty, or you'll be back in square one reinstalling XP. I've been stupid and done just that - wiped my windows away and then realized wine isn't almighty.


Taking it from the top, don't waste a perfectly good Windows installation. Dual Boot your machine so if needed you can use the all important Windows binary.

Next, determine what you'll need your distribution for. If you just need it for general use, look into Ubuntu based distributions or Fedora. Fedora is a good choice but things change really fast because it updates every six months. There are pros and cons associated with that of course.

If you're using it for Gaming, Steam was just released for Ubuntu but it's coming to other linux distributions as well (The Steam console is going to be linux powered as well). Fruit for thought.

If you need it for a specialized purpose, just Google what you need it to do. There's pretty much a distro for anything.

And if you have a small hard drive, I'd suggest looking into finding a new one anyway. They're not that expensive in this day of age.


Also if you choose Xubuntu and you want to build it for a low powered machine this is worth reading ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1281778&page=2


add some fans with LEDs


One info site among many

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