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So ubuuchons, I might switch over my ancient computer from Windows XP to Linux with the help of my dad, because of Linux's apparent ability to run faster and more effeciently on slower machines. I've never worked with Linux before, so is there anything I should know before doing so? Any tips or tricks to get the most out of it? pls no ricing
This might seem like a dumb thread idea but I'd rather post this here rather than Yahoo Answers or - god forbid - /g/, and my dad has a very bare bones explanation of how Linux works because the last time he worked with it was a very long time ago. Plus I'm just kind of excited to learn more about it because KNOWLEDGE.


Use Linux Mint, profit?
Any of the major desktop distros are going to operate similarly to Windows. And with WINE you should be able to even play Windows games. *shrug*


Install Gentoo


But mint is terrible, anon. Then again… that's personal preference.

The best starter distro in my opinion would be Fedora.


If there are some windows programs you hold important, you better just move all unnecessary files to an external drive (so that you have enough disc space), keep the windows and put Linux to dual boot, then see if wine can run those programs. If it can't, keep things as they are. If it can, you can reinstall Linux after you have rescued all that was left (and important) on the windows partition and then reinstall Linux all over the hard drive. If you like gaming you will probably have to keep that windows partition - wine is nowhere close to perfect. It can run rpg_rt just well, but causes problems if you try to play Touhou in full-screen mode.

Point is, don't do anything too hasty, or you'll be back in square one reinstalling XP. I've been stupid and done just that - wiped my windows away and then realized wine isn't almighty.


Taking it from the top, don't waste a perfectly good Windows installation. Dual Boot your machine so if needed you can use the all important Windows binary.

Next, determine what you'll need your distribution for. If you just need it for general use, look into Ubuntu based distributions or Fedora. Fedora is a good choice but things change really fast because it updates every six months. There are pros and cons associated with that of course.

If you're using it for Gaming, Steam was just released for Ubuntu but it's coming to other linux distributions as well (The Steam console is going to be linux powered as well). Fruit for thought.

If you need it for a specialized purpose, just Google what you need it to do. There's pretty much a distro for anything.

And if you have a small hard drive, I'd suggest looking into finding a new one anyway. They're not that expensive in this day of age.


Also if you choose Xubuntu and you want to build it for a low powered machine this is worth reading ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1281778&page=2


add some fans with LEDs


One info site among many

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