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First new Clarissa comic in 10 years


Isn't that a MSI song?


I'd rather watch the movie somehow.

File: 1401705198697.jpg (495.04 KB, 700x4000, Snail Rape 7 Alaskan Bull ….jpg)


Well I finally got enough Adderall to finish this for you guys… sorry it took so long.


File: 1401711299275.gif (420.16 KB, 500x281, chips.gif)

I have a whole folder saved for the snail rape comics. I am a huge fan of your work you have no idea. I look up to your style for inspiration on my own paintings and artworks.


Even one person has the power to persuade and to influence others. I think of these like throwing bottled messages out to sea, something I heard from Neil Gaiman once. You send these bottles without the hope that they will be received, but they do, and when they do, you might just get one sent back to you. So in other words I encourage you to emulate what you like about my art and maybe one day Ill see it and be all like "I wonder if that person from uboachan had something to do with this". It works in such a way that these comics were made in emulation of those simpson's comics (which people have asked me if I did, or falsely credited me with the work when really it was some dude on SomethingAful's ADTRW forums)

File: 1330931308440.jpg (845.93 KB, 1990x3064, 07_cover.jpg)


Any JTHM fans?
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It was certainly used as a literary device in the Happy Noodle Boy strips. At any rate, JTHM is much more than substanceless.

Once you see it, bricks.


welp, i killed the thread



the thread is two years old, it will be fine


this thread is literally older than any of the children of my friends who dropped out of high school and had a kid.


Oh, yeah I know it's much different. I just found about it through liking ZIM and looking into Jhonen's other works.

File: 1378189355671.jpg (388.07 KB, 864x657, THE-HOLY-LAND-for-print-co….jpg)


you guys seen Jim Woodring's stuff?

if you haven't, you should, immediately
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File: 1378190011133.jpg (473.08 KB, 584x894, 9Pushpaw[1].jpg)


oops that was just a panel. this is a full page.

anyway that's enough dumping


Holy shit this is some awesome stuff. Very psychadelic and bizzare.

This makes me think this is where the guy who made Middens got some of his inspiration from.



I thought the same thing, in fact.

his website is http://www.jimwoodring.com/ I just got all these pictures from his gallery on there

buy his books, you will not be sorry. Weathercraft is my favorite


new book's coming out, the publisher posted a free preview.



it's on the piratebay now.

File: 1334723633424.jpg (30.96 KB, 250x375, ScottPilgrim.jpg)


I haven't finished it yet, but I read the first two volumes, and plan on reading the rest soon. It's pretty good~


It is


I didn't like the last volume personally. It's either because of all the hype it built up at the time or because that was the point that the movie, game, and comics forked into three different endings.

I like the video game's endings best though.


File: 1399512959837.jpeg (16.07 KB, 400x624, scott-pilgrim-valentines.jpeg)

Pretty good? Dude it gets really good at vol 4 and then in the last volume it kinda slacks off a bit. The series is great and the ending leaves you for wanting more +astonishment.


I remember getting all the volumes from the library a couple years ago and finding it funny but also finding pretty much all the characters to be annoying dicks.
Lost At Sea by the same artist is good, though.

File: 1399509700644.jpg (43.17 KB, 300x462, xo-manowar-vol1-coverUntit….jpg)


What are some good independent comic book series that came out in the past couple years. Pic somewhat related.

File: 1398230110106.jpg (514.28 KB, 1024x819, serial_experiments_lain-14….jpg)


I was really excited about anime a year ago but that excitement seems to have ebbed. The last anime I got all the way through was Eva, and that was quite awhile ago. After that I started Serial Experiments Lain but my computer's fan died before I got all the way through it and by the time I got a new one I'd lost the interest the series built in me during the time I watched it. I know I'd love it but I don't know if I'll actually enjoy watching the rest of it now. Awhile after that I read a few manga series and they were enjoyable but they didn't do much to arouse serious interest in reading a lot of others.

It's like that with a lot of things for some reason, there are a lot of books I own I haven't gotten through simply because I stopped halfway through them to read something else or lost interest, and a lot of them are ones I know I'd like. I'm not sure what anime to watch, because the ones that sound really appealing are ones I usually get halfway through the first episode of and then either get bored or feel obligated to get through, which paradoxically kills my desire to watch the rest.

Are there many anime series which are interesting enough to grip you from the beginning? If so I'd appreciate hearing what they are.


File: 1398245580270.jpg (242.09 KB, 640x636, hp3.jpg)

I think the last thing I watched completely through was Texhnolyze.

I read way too much manga, but I can never really stick to anime. I just gave up on Kill La Kill a few weeks ago, and K-ON about a month before.

Oh, wait. I finished a comedy series called Senyuu, probably because each episode is about five minutes long. I'm trying to find more tiny anime now.
I'm also watching something called Selector Infected WIXOSS etc. etc. Long Title, but I'm getting the same "I don't want to finish this" vibe.
Anime doesn't have as much payoff for me. It takes too long for things to happen, and when they do, they're so stereotyped and trite.

So, um. Senyuu, Texhnolyze, that's about all I've seen recently.
Fast-paced comedy and glacial depression, take your pick. Since you presumably enjoyed what you watched of Lain, I suggest Texhnolyze.


Moved to >>>/2/783.

File: 1390569392506.gif (1.35 MB, 1000x562, 1386093831694.gif)


Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right board to put this on. (If not just tell me and I'll delete the thread)

Do any of you know anymore animators like Tiarawhy, fimflamfilosophy and Pokehidden? The kinda people you can pay to make gifs and draw pictures for you?


On that note, how do I contact Pokehidden? I can't find him anywhere

File: 1330660140527.png (290.83 KB, 507x380, 1ahive.png)


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I'm 26 and still a weeaboo.:3


I really do like mixing words from languages I have any remote interest in learning into English, though. Not just Japanese.

Britain conquered pretty much every country in the world. They deserve to have their language infected with every other language in the world. It's only justice.

You should stop not being a weeaboo and go back to it. Also, you should try throwing random German into English sentences. It's a lot of fun.


The greatest trolls are the ones who do not know they are trolling, for they troll themselves.

-fortune cookie


>Also, you should try throwing random German into English sentences. It's a lot of fun.

No, it actually makes you sound like a douche. I speak four languages and I make a conscious effort never to cross them unless the word or phrase in and of itself is something that crosses cultures or linguistic boundaries. Tossing random foreign words into whatever language you happen to be speaking is not just counter-intuitive, it's oftentimes offensive. It's neither cute nor funny.



Thanks to this thread, i have been exposed to the horrible monstrosity that is MagicalPockyUsagi.

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