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File: 1430775481384.jpg (115.14 KB, 300x464, Peek #1_300px_wide.jpg)


Clarissa is returning to comics!


Isn't that the thing where her father molests her?

File: 1316819511322.gif (1.97 MB, 380x544, 131639963838.gif)


Because the old one got deleted due to new software.
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File: 1393428964381.png (494.99 KB, 1280x720, get_that_flank.png)


This is true in order to keep watching the series everyone is making fannon to explain these out of character behaviors. I am no exception. My favorite character is Rarity and 'Rarity Take Manehattan, and Simple Ways' bothered me to no end! I get that the morals these stories presented are needed for kids and adults (especially Simple Ways) but did they have to bring her so far out of character to do it?

I want more Princess content but I am terrified of what they'll do to Lulu and Celly.


Hey, so what is this channel about?


what do you mean by 'this channel'?


Yes *upvotes reformantry*
… pfft.
The Return of Harmony was over 3 years ago, not forgetting that 29.5.12. was contreversial for me at this point in my life. *out of ideas*


Wow, looking back over the old comments. The things we thought and believed, and the things that happened. And the show trots on, better than ever.

File: 1333119837542.jpg (47.97 KB, 247x295, haters.jpg)


Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff thread.
Since the Homestuck thread is basically just that and not an MSPA thread, I thought I would make one for Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.
Because it is just amazing.
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Those last few frames are somehow strangely beautiful.


Like a jpeg rainbow.



I should of been doing social studies but I was reading this


File: 1423056004733.jpg (55.15 KB, 900x896, advicee.jpg)


this thread is three years old

File: 1349829137375.jpg (131.99 KB, 300x359, famrape.jpg)


Anybody like the Dysfunctional Family Circus?
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File: 1350594678441.jpg (79.87 KB, 450x509, 3939.jpg)


File: 1350594847452.jpg (33.2 KB, 320x364, 249415.jpg)


File: 1351032755617.jpg (26.52 KB, 360x432, 051_1_.jpg)


where is that animation from?


Viper RSR

File: 1377033429209.jpg (255.26 KB, 700x3500, Snail Rape.jpg)


Does anybody else like to draw comic strips when they can for any particular reason?

I wanted to show you guys what I made. Its called Snail Rape.
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File: 1390109459277.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.77 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Hey I'm another fellow melon lover and I was wondering if you could draw some of your amazing and disturbing art of the actual characters. I promise I won't ask anymore seeing you've already been asked but I just think it'd be amazing either way. So pretty please? All the main characters are all over /melon/


File: 1390414538095.png (1.4 MB, 1366x768, new backround.png)


Oh my god, I hope you still have this.

You know i was at SacAnime and motherfucking Roger Bumpass (squidward) was there doing a Q&A. I attended it but I FUCKING MISSED THE CHANCE FOR HIM TO SIGN ONE OF MY COMICS.


its kinda slow. You need better "economy" in your comic. Some of the facts and actions can be consolidated. But i wonder where its going to go. Is she a seriously mentally ill girl? And/or a stripper? Perfect way to go from there and stay dark.


Tablet is fixed now so yes I can take requests. I will only do it after finals week.

File: 1414994164403.jpg (239.41 KB, 760x1000, 1281159438150.jpg)



vote on which anime I will watch with my friend on my 20th birthday sleepover. I already have a separate list picked, this will be an additional series we watch.


File: 1415023698482.gif (336.54 KB, 490x275, 1353798378683.gif)

Disregard poll.
Watch Strike Witches.


File: 1415043967417.jpg (285.91 KB, 998x667, 1271125660395.jpg)

that's some god damn pornography and you know it


File: 1415056950406.gif (755.63 KB, 300x174, 1341385572180.gif)

To call this masterpiece pornography is simply an insult. Strike Witches is a high calibre show that presents itself as an educational yet entertaining medium. There lies within countless references all pointing out to World War 2 events, personalities, and technology.


File: 1415065096004.jpg (72.65 KB, 400x311, 1397475350014.jpg)

I'd gladly pick Strike Witches but it's fucking nofap november.

Man I have to wait a month to enjoy it.

God damn.

File: 1347246074536.png (15.73 KB, 648x382, Homestuck General.png)


The IP I'm on got banned from 4chan last year supposedly, does anyone mind if I do my shitposting here
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The gigapause is in progress!! Everybody hide!


File: 1382721190919.png (184.56 KB, 500x500, 1382718563807.png)

Good riddance!


File: 1382722525300.png (260.29 KB, 1790x2016, 1373948200045.png)

It's pretty good! I'm new to this whole Microsoft Paint Adventures thing where people supposedly dictate the flow of the story, and I don't even care about giving orders to the guy who draws it, but the way he develops the story is pretty interesting. The comic/"interactive adventure" does not look half bad either.

Too bad the updates are so slow. I guess I could make a thread about Prequel, but what would be the point if people only posted in it like once every 12 months or so, waiting for the plot to develop in some meaningful way? That, and Preq seems to be largely unknown.


File: 1382728445342.gif (171.58 KB, 650x450, 001.gif)

You should look into some other fanadventures too, such as GRIMM, Waterworks and Superego. Here's a link to GRIMM:




Aaaaaaand Superego:



Ponies don't have a huge underlying mythology, though.

On another note:
>auto auto-update
For what conceivable purpose?

File: 1411306255755.jpg (149.02 KB, 1280x720, cars tracks.jpg)


cars tracks. Minigrandprix!

File: 1411262021918.jpg (368.37 KB, 1640x1200, Mad Librarian.jpg)


So I made this cartoon/comic thing, I worked really hard on it but I'm not sure if it shows.


File: 1406757885076.jpg (9.58 KB, 200x311, yuasa.jpg)


My favorite Animation director of all time. Creator of Kaiba, Kemonozume, Mind Game, Ping Pong, Kick-Heart, Tatami Galaxy, Neko Soup, and Space Dandy, who also wrote and Directed a few episodes of Adventure Time.

I was just reading an AMA by him (I dont leddit but I still came across it) and this god has thus earned my respect.

Does anyone wanna shout out to their favorite director?


File: 1408867763959.jpg (190.61 KB, 1016x1542, Old Home no Haibane Tachi ….jpg)

I like Yuasa as well. His stuff drew me in more than most other anime.

Although not really a director as much as an artist, I've come to be really close emotionally to ABe's works.


File: 1408960315619.jpg (293.29 KB, 1600x1200, SatoshiKon.jpg)

Not sure if I have a favorite director, but I'm going to give a shout-out to Satoshi Kon here. Pretty much everything of his that I've seen was awesome, with Paprika being my personal favorite.

I'll also second the thumbs-up to Yuasa-san for Kaiba and Tatami Galaxy.


File: 1408968730554.jpg (61.84 KB, 533x299, tumblr_n26g6b9Ahj1rupgj7o6….jpg)

Not anime, but I think Harmony Korine is pretty cool. Gummo is probably my favorite movie of all time.
Apart from that, I'm a pretty big fan of Satoshi Kon and Yuasa as well (especially for Cat Soup and Paranoia Agent).


Ive only for some reason ever seen Perfect Blue and Paranoia agent, of those shown. Am I doing something wrong?
Heres another one for the list though. Yasuhiro Yoshiura, who did Patema inverted and his contributions to Anime Mirai like Harmonie


Satoshi Kon.

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