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File: 1347246074536.png (15.73 KB, 648x382, Homestuck General.png)


The IP I'm on got banned from 4chan last year supposedly, does anyone mind if I do my shitposting here


How long until this thing ends?

I'm getting the opposite feeling I get with Gunnerkrigg; every new page makes me sick.

I still want to read it though, which makes no sense.


I'm like that with khaos komix. im mainly reading it now a days to see how it ends
I'm kinda at this point with homestuck now too.


oh look noir's finally gon die


That's funny, he looks pretty alive to me.



cute hat


File: 1349672011253.jpg (25.41 KB, 415x335, 1329435489672.jpg)

>mfw "PSYCHE"
>mfw the hat fell

>mfw every new page


File: 1349672738857.gif (33.64 KB, 650x450, john gettin it.gif)


citing for emphasis

does anyone else wish it took itself more seriously
i mean, i should phrase that better
does anyone else wish that it didn't take itself as something SO FUCKING RETARDED AND SILLY DO-HO-HO

like come on we went to the attached image to silly hats in like 3 panels


File: 1349822990933.png (426 KB, 466x1368, meenah.png)

I love Meenah's theme.


File: 1349952335110.png (13.72 KB, 279x288, tumblr_mbndcqS5q11qi9tajo5….png)

so uboachan does have a hsg

i dunno though, i like how hussie manages to piss a few hundred thousand people off with his love of calling back jokes and satirical humor from either 30 pages or 3 acts ago.

no really i love it that's one of my favorite parts of homestuck are the very vauge untill-the-last-second joke callbacks.


I'm okay with Hu$$ie not taking it seriously, but it would be nice if the climaxes of events weren't so anticlimactic.


So, what are the chances that Huss makes Sburb- the logical choice- instead of Homestuck RPG- "I already read this once, why am i reading it again?"


File: 1350620556064.png (52.82 KB, 665x609, blahblahblahHS.png)

He's already stated that the game won't focus on the kids and trolls and stuff. They'll be in the game but won't be the focus of the game. So I doubt we'll be seeing any recycled dialog if that's what you're saying.

Pic comes from the Kickstarter page of what he wrote about it



I'll just stick to my roguelikes and pretend it's Sburb. Royal Jelly again? Oh boy


I like the general direction the intermission is going in. Too bad the intermission is over.


now he's just playin
like it's a little pathetic
it's like the stucktards are actually writing it now


I would be okay with this if they were my non tumblr sucktards


File: 1358720355776.jpg (281.37 KB, 599x780, 1356068579220.jpg)

Am I the only one who thinks the whole trickster mode thing is fucking unbearable? Everyone seems to be eating it up. I just want the fucking plot back.
inb4 LOL U MAD?? Yes, I very mad.


File: 1358722754050.gif (11.03 KB, 650x450, 05739.gif)

homestuck has turned into just a huge joke. its not a comic anymore as much as it is a vehicle for hussie to make fun of the people who ever invested time or care into the comic.


Pretty much. Hell, I'd have quit reading Homestuck around the time Act 6 started but If I did that my super obsessed best friend would shun me.


you guys

homestuck has always been a huge joke

ever since "retrieve arms" and "zoosmell pooplord"

trickster mode was a nod to fans, not a slap in the face. I can't fathom why people got so upset that hussie had to make contrite blog posts explaining that he isn't actually a fascist or whatever. I always wondered if he'd bring that easter egg in again later, especially after all the act 1-2 callbacks in act 6. why do people harp on race in homestuck so hard, anyway?

you know, a joke, for laughs


People aren't mad because it was silly. They're mad because it was a stupid move.

Homestuck is reaching it's endpoint. That doesn't mean it needs to be in Shit Gets Real mode, but what is more or less expected is that at the very end the worldbuilding is toned down, while not nonexistant, and the story actually progresses.

We're still readers, and there are still standards. Even if it's not considered Serious. I could go on for hours about how I hate how Hussie executed the comic post-A5A2, but I'll save that for another post (probably my next one), If you don't view the Trickster arc as a cheap asspull to get them to their crypt beds, it can be viewed as poorly executed worldbuilding at the very end of the story that would have fit in at the beginning of A6A2.

Shit doesn't have to get real. Gears just have to actually be in motion. During that arc, they were not. That is the issue.



I'm way behind, and this kind of makes me not want to catch up. I really liked Homestuck when it was running but I think there's a limit for how much the fanbase should put up with it.

I hate when things play too much off the fandom's perceptions like this. I've seen other works ruined by it. I really don't think Hussie is in a position to be so snobby to the fandom.



Also I feel like Adventure Time is doing the Homestuck thing lately and it kind of pisses me off.


Adventure Time started irritating me when they started doing shippy episodes and tryhard ~feelings~ episodes. Not saying I don't like that every once in awhile, but it felt strangely… forced? They were so tedious for me to sit through, so I haven't picked it up in awhile.

On topic- I agree with what >>817 said about the comic post A5A2. The story telling just doesn't seem as good, and I really wish Hussie would just ignore the part of the fandom that he "pokes fun" at, rather than, well, poke fun at them. Especially if he's going to do it, and then change it at the expected backlash (i.e: changing from "CAUCASIAN" to "PEACHY" in this panel http://www.mspaintadventures.com/trickster.php?s=6&p=007623 )


File: 1363964170129.gif (60.01 KB, 150x150, 3Dabxua.gif)


File: 1364277097597.gif (19.76 KB, 640x480, Pyrios.gif)

I honestly prefer to read Prequel.




File: 1368901724440.gif (135.82 KB, 500x385, tumblr_m4uv5tzDWs1rtcfaqo1….gif)

The end is near.


File: 1369094485595.png (467.69 KB, 800x600, billy the kid 1.png)

prequel more like "lets make profit off of someone else's exact format at the peak it's popularity and slap it around with stupid medieval furry shit"

the forum adventure format isnt new but come the fuck on


File: 1371085356176.gif (35.81 KB, 650x650, 06269.gif)

So this happened today.


File: 1374426047783.png (1.02 MB, 832x1461, 1374036010008.png)

There are many ways in which Pony and Homestuck are alike.


The gigapause is in progress!! Everybody hide!


File: 1382721190919.png (184.56 KB, 500x500, 1382718563807.png)

Good riddance!


File: 1382722525300.png (260.29 KB, 1790x2016, 1373948200045.png)

It's pretty good! I'm new to this whole Microsoft Paint Adventures thing where people supposedly dictate the flow of the story, and I don't even care about giving orders to the guy who draws it, but the way he develops the story is pretty interesting. The comic/"interactive adventure" does not look half bad either.

Too bad the updates are so slow. I guess I could make a thread about Prequel, but what would be the point if people only posted in it like once every 12 months or so, waiting for the plot to develop in some meaningful way? That, and Preq seems to be largely unknown.


File: 1382728445342.gif (171.58 KB, 650x450, 001.gif)

You should look into some other fanadventures too, such as GRIMM, Waterworks and Superego. Here's a link to GRIMM:




Aaaaaaand Superego:



Ponies don't have a huge underlying mythology, though.

On another note:
>auto auto-update
For what conceivable purpose?

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