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/2/ - 日本 ~redux~

cirno day edition
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The rules have been updated, effective immediately. Please review them. Specifically rules 6, 7, and 8 have changed or been added, and two guidelines have been removed.
Updated again to ban political ideology and imagery completely.

File: 1406864855332.png (238.63 KB, 480x320, Screenshot_2014-07-30-20-0….png) ImgOps Google


Suddenly your waifu is real and is put under a spell so shes never allowed to leave your house, yet at the same time she hates you.

What do you do?


becomes the waifu's waifu


File: 1407351154630.png (439.04 KB, 704x400, you're lying.png) ImgOps Google

She doesn't care for that shit as far as I give her alcohol and food and if I don't leave her alone so she should not have a reason to be mad for.

If she's really mad for that then I'm dead meat, so whatever.


If magical means makes her hate me, then I'm shit out of luck. She'll never change, and I'll never be able to make her.

The only solution is to move out and move on.

File: 1387312444934.jpg (148.21 KB, 680x539, FTW.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*links to your favorite lets-player
*spell card questions
*ZUN discussion
*Doujin Material

First Ill start with the person who, according to gensokyo and various other international scoreboards, was the first person to perfect the extra stage on TH14. He happens to be my brother Mikkey

Hard claim to make, but hes fucking good.

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It's been a few days and I still didn't find it. Are you sure it was Sakuya? Patcholi's the closest thing I found.


just 1 credit cleared 東方封魔録


File: 1400374564229.jpg (1.34 MB, 849x1200, 31984422_p0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Good, now 1cc the extra. (笑)


I forgot about that. Ill see if he still has the replay, I bet he only uploaded it to Gensokyo.



File: 1411355322982.jpg (173.33 KB, 850x850, 1402408674950.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


This board should be renamed /cirno/.
No, fuck /9/ you worthless sacks of shame.


File: 1411783107641.png (13.85 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps Google


Man you really like the oekaki system.


File: 1411784760032.png (11.51 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1414531639970.gif (99.68 KB, 368x399, 1407167496001.gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1407466942051.png (209.91 KB, 500x464, ok.png) ImgOps Google


Whats your experience with bootlegged anime dvds?

Have you ever made one? Have you ever accidentally bought one? Purposely bought one?

I made a bootlegged k-on dvd once without knowing what a bootleg was. I just wanted to watch moe girls play music on my tv, I didnt think I was doing anything wrong…
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Throughout middle school I collected boxsets of Sailor Moon from eBay that all ended up being bootleg. The quality of the episodes themselves were great, they all had options for dub audio or Japanese with English subtitles, so that was good. The box sets for the first two seasons have the title spaced weirdly on the spine, they say "Sail Or Moon". The 4th season was actually missing a few episodes at the end. Luckily the blockbuster nearby conveniently had a single Sailor Moon DVD that had the exact episodes missing from my box set. I asked if I could buy it but the manager said no. I went back and asked again 4 years later, and the answer was still no, even though they checked and apparently nobody else had rented it since I had that one time. They just desperately needed that one DVD of the last 4 episodes of the 4th season of Sailor Moon. The store closed and now every once in a while, I feel bothered by the knowledge that I'm missing a few episodes because of my dumb bootleg box set. But I can always just watch it online…


File: 1410761522503.jpg (291.85 KB, 1024x768, mercury2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Oddly in Mexico, the whole series is currently being released on DVD by some tin talk boxes in which the respective Sailors talk. It seems this year is the Sailor Venus Talk Box will be the one released next with the S season.

Sorry no English voices but they have the original Japanese dub. Maybe you should consider importing it.


File: 1411368885561.gif (752.72 KB, 500x750, 1385866165168.gif) ImgOps Google


are spanish dubs in general any good?

english dubs usually range from "terrible" to "mediocre"



Some are pretty good, others are terrible shit. I still think they're better than english dubs, although I do prefer the original voices.


80s and 90s were the best.

File: 1378732431484.png (1.06 KB, 86x139, Cirno.png) ImgOps Google


Happy Cirno day!
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File: 1378776001111.png (913.18 KB, 999x999, 1265083774243.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1378776730907.png (580.09 KB, 720x480, 1252542221668.png) ImgOps Google

This was from ⑨/⑨/200⑨
Someone actually froze a frog in honer of Cirno.


File: 1378785081475.png (22.66 KB, 800x600, whatcirnoactuallybelieves.png) ImgOps Google

Bless his noble sacrifice.


File: 1378811769150.jpg (186.03 KB, 679x960, 528529_195328203935433_678….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Please do not disgrace the noble booger lineage by sneezing my siblings onto a screen


File: 1379209223050.jpg (747.48 KB, 1247x946, G_humour_Animu_Sutaruman-s….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


It was an accident.
sorry bgr

File: 1410233220517.png (463.24 KB, 785x678, Touhou_Cirno_CirnoPP.png) ImgOps Google


Happy Cirno Day!
ITT post Cirno pictures, complain about the Cirno Get and tell another anons what are your plans for today in Sirkku's honour.

I will personally try to 1cc EoSD lunatic modo before the day ends. I'm rusty as fuck but if I don't win at least I'm confident I'll make it to Remillia.
I also wanted to make an FMsynth remix of 「おてんば恋娘」, but because of reasons I couldn't make it in time. Until next year, I guess.

Also, share EoSD replays. Any dificulty, but preferably Lunatic.


File: 1410245492413.jpg (98.49 KB, 620x520, Touhou_Cirno214_1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Well, first play on the night at 3am, died at "God Art: 'Vampire Illusion'".
Perfect run until stage 3 boss. Bombed in stage 4 and Patchy burnt my clit. I actually don't understand what happened with Sakuya, but I reached Stage 6 with no lives left. Almost perfect if I actually decided not to try that stupid movement to get points; I seriously did not remember that non-spell card. Then I died.
I have to say I lasted stg6 more than I thought I could without lives.



File: 1410285959891.png (16.22 KB, 500x400, 1355427132541.png) ImgOps Google

>0 replies


We're too busy playing EOSD to reply.


File: 1410288958579.jpg (10.07 KB, 284x177, noget.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>No Cirno get


I don't really play Touhou, but I didn't want you to be lonely, so I tried it for a bit.

The furthest I could get was stage 4 on Hard, MarisaB. I used bombs liberally for score and extends, but without knowledge of any of the patterns, I did not last long.


File: 1406762509338.jpg (86.43 KB, 1280x793, ladykiller.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Sup /2/ I just made my first AMV about a week ago, and now I am starting to see just how fun it is. Im guessing some of you here have a couple and I wanna see them!

I know mine's not perfect and all that, but since Ive uploaded it I found a few people actually didnt mind, and thought it was clever/funny.



File: 1408659603655.png (390.38 KB, 502x400, vom.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1368269293734.jpg (51.88 KB, 381x500, 8858ac2f06fc1c25a5dfbf8b76….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


So who is your waifu/hasubando?
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File: 1399956466895.jpg (367.91 KB, 850x850, 653280-sakuya_izayoi_236.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You have exceptional taste! I'm jealous of your merchandise.


File: 1401193051738.png (398.09 KB, 1093x1600, monster girl draco secrets.png) ImgOps Google

>no merch
>not even a main girl
>barely featured

This world is suffering


File: 1406487472444.gif (588.25 KB, 250x188, DFWritsu.gif) ImgOps Google

I once had Ritsu from K-on! as a waifu, but the other day I dreamed about her and she rejected me.

Since that incident I were not able to establish another waifu-like relationship to anyone.


I felt the same way after reading Onshuu no Brownian Motion


File: 1407089544170.jpg (121.35 KB, 1280x1280, ahri_by_moyailris-d5vl2rn.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Its Ahri… thats probably a very common waifu for leaguefags like me but I dont care.

I want her to wake me up in the morning with a kiss on the forehead and tell me theres no need to be afraid. Then she make me a large breakfast because shes worried I dont get enough nutrients because Im a garbage neet who never goes outside or eats balanced meals.

Then she'd go to work at the league and Id spectate all of her matches. When everything was over for the day Id buy her a whole buffet of her favorite foods, hug her and tell her she did well today.

I love Ahri with all my heart and all my other vital organs too

File: 1397068178367.png (25.71 KB, 200x200, tumblr_ltqvhtmPBK1qlkglt.png) ImgOps Google


I need to conduct a questionnaire for JPN202 for a project and I figured finding a Japanese text board to ask for help would be a good idea.

I know that 2ch and futaba block foreign IPs, are there any out there that allow them? Or are there any places in general one can ask for help like this? I know I could always go to my professor for help but then she would tell me to do it in person and I don't have that kind of time.

If there's been a thread posted similar to this in any way, sorry! I'm just not sure if there has been because most everything on this board at first glance is discussion of anime or games or music or something.
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Lol, didn't know about Nullgiko, it literally has boards with zero posts…
Btw, is the
キタ━━━━━━(゜∀゜)━━━━━━ thing that seems obiquitous some kind of slang I'm not aware of, or a wordfilter? it's spammed everywhere.


It looks like the default for posts without any text



This. It's pretty much an epic meme version of 本文無し





File: 1387420607407.jpg (261.7 KB, 985x976, bodoni-utenacover.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I didn't see a thread like this so I guess I'll make one!
What anime are you currently watching? What have you most recently finished, and what do you plan to watch next? Also, this is a good place to post your myanimelist

I'll go first!
Watching: Monster (2 episodes in)
Just finished: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Plan to watch: Second seasons of Chuunibyou and Silver Spoon, the new Sailor Moon anime. A friend's been trying to get me to watch Clannad but it looks kind of shit.

Currently at 91 days of anime!
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so like why did kill la kill suck so bad


KLK was bad because it's mainstream shonenshit and it's just kindof weird, like the art direction seemed claustrophobic. Granted I only watched the first two episodes but I could tell where the series was going and I promptly dropped it.

I watched the first two episodes of Oreimo, might pick it up later. Mostly for Kuroneko best girl.


-Isshuukan Friends (interesting concept. cute show. laid back.)
-Tonari no Seki-kun (still going strong)
-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
-Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? (uh…don't ask. I'm a sucker for rabbits. even if there's barely any in this dumb show. I don't dislike it enough to drop it, it's amusing I guess)

Just Finished: [well these were back in march]
-Clannad After Story (the character designs are STILL disgusting but the story became acceptable once they got out of highschool)
-Black Lagoon: Second Barrage
-Paradise Kiss

Hoozuki no Reitetsu ended up getting really good. I loved the final episode of Space Dandy. I hope Space Bros' hiatus isn't gonna be more than like 2 seasons long…

Plan to Watch:
-Ping Pong (starting this real soon)


File: 1399741454712.jpg (1003.33 KB, 1280x1024, Cyborg_009_wall_by_chingor….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im watching all 52 episodes of cyborg 009 because i know how to live


File: 1403108236346.jpg (132.74 KB, 1280x720, [Asenshi] selector infecte….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Currently Watching
Abarenbou Kishi!! Matsutarou
Akuma no Riddle
Baby Steps
Captain Earth
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
Haganai NEXT (dropped it a year ago, but just decided to finish it since people say the beginning was bad, but it gets better)
Heartcatch Prettycure
Hitsugi no Chaika
Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san
JoJo Part 3
Kantoku Fuyuki Todoki
Kenzen Robo Daimidaler
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