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The hug thread is gone >>>/c/1313. But I want to keep reporting about it. It's been eight years since the original thread. Would be against the rules to start a new one here?


I hope not. I think this chan should be lenient with it's rules.


File: 1483314682537.jpg (3.12 KB, 165x124, images.jpg)

Since there isnt all that much activity on lain chan i think it would be alright
sad doge


This is fine.


File: 1483328340285.png (6.82 MB, 3507x2479, scary.png)

That sounds scary coming from you.




File: 1483390003092.png (355.37 KB, 580x282, 1450567887354.png)


File: 1483561973476.png (74.9 KB, 254x329, 1343618517826.png)

Are you the one looking for madotsuki's hug legendary anon? If so I am still wishing you good wishes.


Good luck on your ambitious quest dear anon.
Do you happen to have any sources for the information you’ve gathered?


If what you say about KIKIYAMA is true, then why not simply state your sources and put this thing to rest once and for all?


Because it's not


>So, I've searched the depths of internet. I've gathered information, and I found out things about Kikiyama. You dont need to believe me if you want, but KIKIYAMA is not one person. Yume Nikki was started by one person, one depressed college student who wanted a hobby, but once he showed it to some friends, they started improving it and helping him for fun. The group finished the game and moved on with their lives. One of them was not ok with selling the rights, but eventually gave up.

Nice made up story.


(totally real; not fake at all)


File: 1514810474266.jpg (239.72 KB, 600x514, 1adaa40a65d7e15d065e929c10….jpg)

Here's for another year in search for the hugs, guys.

I haven't found it yet, but I haven't given up yet.

It's been hard, and painful, my friends. But at least I'm learning. I've learned so much. I've came close to desperation and madness, but I overcame. My love for Mado and my need for the hug keeps me going.

Time to start again, look in new ways, find new clues.

Are you still with me, /uboa/?


Honestly you need to get a life.


File: 1514829003132.png (7.15 KB, 344x135, 1514527647030.png)

Hello newfriend, are you enjoying your stay in ubuu?


Are you kidding me? I supported him on many of the first threads he made, it's getting WAY out of control now. Seriously, he's literally admitted that this has caused him severe stress and that he's almost fell into "madness" do you think that's enough now? Fuck you and anyone that encourages this behaviour and thinks it's okay anymore, I'm not standing for it at this point.


File: 1514831406577.jpg (51.88 KB, 624x448, 1402278803487.jpg)

When did I state I'm defending him? Calm down. This thread it's been like, for 8 years around already? And they all start similarly. There's been plenty of time to complain about it, since a loooong way before.


I wouldn't say they all start similarly, the one posted in late 2016 was pretty worrying, but I decided not to say anything. I shouldn't have said anything this time either, but I know people will keep encouraging this very obsessive behaviour, for whatever reason and I believe my point still stands. Admittedly saying "get a life" was pretty rude though, whatever I'll continue to keep my mouth shut, it's clearly better that way.


File: 1514838429124.jpg (211.35 KB, 600x800, 1434874191315.jpg)

I wanna lobotomize op so he'll forget about Mado. Then he wont be sad anymore.


Dude considering the recent kekistani frog infestation we had I suggest letting users like OP do as they wish.


All these years I thought OP was just memeing


Somehow people seriously lose sight of the reality that Yume Nikki is just a video game. Madotsuki doesn't exist. The things in the game are fantasy; that's why it's a game. I'll give you a damn hug or two if it'll make you stop. It's not worth getting depressed over something not happening that has a 100% chance of not happening. It'd be like if I got depressed that there isn't a teapot stuck in my mom's anus. Unless her ass is a TARDIS in secret, there's no chance. Hint: it's not a TARDIS.


All it takes is a little practice.


File: 1514861530155.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.1 KB, 240x160, 5698364912_5689282149_m.jpg)

Or you could just use a small enough tea pot.


File: 1514925993270.png (11.21 KB, 300x300, 57f59a9410289d27ed9708dc00….png)

>but I overcame. My love for Mado
Fuck, I was in shock for a second.

Anyway, as I said in >>>/c/1698 , find her in the dream world. If you don't then I will come into your dreams and hug you myself.


File: 1522637901567.jpg (162.59 KB, 800x800, 215bd18a7bfee96521099d359a….jpg)

Hello, my friends.

Thanks for the support, and for the advice. I actually made some progress, in a sort of a way. I came up with one extreme, and I mean, VERY EXTREME, way to get me the hug. And from Mado, not anybody else. From Mado herself.

It requires a lot of faith, though. But maybe you guys can understand when I explain it.

I'll be back soon, I hope, to talk about this. Till then I will keep on thinking and searching.

I'm tired, yes, and some nights I almost ended it all, but I figured out I must carry on. More terrible nights are to come, for sure, but I've been this for too long to give up. Love you all. Dont give up your dreams.


File: 1522643093460.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.66 KB, 639x479, 815db7fd858565cba685ba4d76….jpg)


I wish you luck.


Show us your ways, OP
How are you going to get that hug?


They aren't


File: 1524963085651.png (319.79 KB, 620x877, 1364426468786.png)

Godspeed anon. Here's to your success and safety, I'm looking forward to hearing about your mission when you get back.


File: 1525869914596.png (4.49 KB, 250x245, ADemon.png)

how do I hug this guy


Get a body pillow, paint it black except for the face, paint the face green, paint the eyes red, let it dry.

Now you're ready to hug.


thanks anon


File: 1526357712651.jpg (71.08 KB, 1280x720, 1517007848445.jpg)

I only know that I'm sleepy


>inb4 he an heroes at long last


File: 1546535569973.png (388.39 KB, 600x985, 31bf0580e407b63feda8549e45….png)

Sorry, my dudes. I messed the 1st day of January.

I haven't found it yet. But I did have some clues. As I said before.

I am kinda busy lately. But I will be back to report my finds!

Stay with me anons. I shall find the hug!

I'm still out there searching.


Hmmm i had a kind of a lucid dream with mado in it recently were i huged her and talked to her about lots of things. It was really great in the begining, but unfortunately at some point i lost control of things and my subconscious kicked in so it started to become lewd, wich is something i wouldn't aprove of in my right mind, fortunately i woke up right before it turned into a "wet dream" if you know what i mean.
Well despite the terrible ending, the experience of feeling Mado's warmth in the begining and her happyness for no longer being alone made it the best dream ive ever had, no doubt about that, i hope you find some sort of experience akin to mine, or equally pleasant in your journey brave anon!


Do you remember what her voice sounds like?


Average childish anime girl, only short sentences at a time, in jap (even though i was speaking english lol), cute.


File: 1576771629546.png (335.17 KB, 509x545, 3ab5c62fb6ae53630c44f590d2….png)

huganon where are you pls i don't wanna feel like i killed both the thread AND you, give a sign please


File: 1576774717126.png (316.64 KB, 796x712, 1564177641239.png)

RIP huganon. He stayed brave for 8 long years, but ultimately, his wish was never granted.



Anons, I am still here. I am still looking

I missed January 1st again, I'm sorry.

The seach for the hug will always live on. I have no time to reply the other now
But I will come back.

I will always come back, for the hug is real and I will believe.


This is how supervillains are made.


I will always remember you, and will always be rooting for you.


File: 1597216896497.jpg (618.85 KB, 689x965, cb7fc4ecf56050af2883117359….jpg)

For one to search for something which can not be found, one must, first, search for what can make it real. For that, one must search for what is not known. For, not being know, it is not the same has not existing.

The first step was to know what it is known what it is not. What we do know is that Madotsuki is a character made for a video game. Therefore, we also know that her existance is beyond our reality. That much we know. But what is known must not stop you from at least trying.

The second step was to throw away what is known, and connect my search to anything that is unknown. And what it is that remains unknown? The answer is simple. So much. Way too many things are still unknown.

The forth step was to select which unknown things are most likely to make it real. And here it is where the madness began. After all kinds of research all travels, all boiled down to five different kinds of the "unknown". They are as follow.

The five Unknows: Reality, Depths of Space, Depths of our mind, Our very lives and Depths of the Sea.

First - Reality. What do we really know about reality? We are only capable of knowing as much as our brains allow us too. Would be there any point in teaching a cow how a automobile works? It would not. Same for us. It is possible that there is an `upper reality`, one our brains are just not capable of processing. Does a bacteria in a laboratory knows they are being watched? "We are much more intelligent and aware than bacterias", one might say. Are we, know? We don`t even understand how other living beings think. We still can`t enter the mind of an animal and see through its eyes, see its thoughts, see its reality. Do dogs really do not see color? How could we know? Science have incredibly good tests, it can come really close to an answer. But we can't ask a dog, we can't enter its mind and see its world. We can only see the body, and study understand its functions.

Do we really think we are so smart we would know we are not under surveillance. Is the reality we see, really the final stage of reality? How can we tell for certain? We just can't. And with this, the hug is no longer 100% impossible. The unknow may provide me ways.

I will be back with more info. But for now, I need to keep searching.


and when we needed him most…


he vanished.


File: 1615663340983.jpg (6.88 MB, 2625x1725, 757633954642441dee52c02fc5….jpg)


I am still here… I guess. I hope.

This whole situation of the world is not helping, it is really hard to travel right now. But I do have something to share.

It was not long ago, someone contatcted me in toxchat. Since it is not easy to contact me over there, I decided to listen. He said he had something that might help. And, man I was in for a ride. It took me some time to give it a shot, but eventually I remembered that I would try anything and everything possible.

So I set off. To the US, once again, how could it be any different. Once there, the man gave me his address, and it took me another day to reach it. Turns out the man lived in a small city, middle of nowhere. He had almost no money so I had to pay for everything. But I was certanily curious.

His house was old, but decent. His grandmother met me, she was very old, he told me that she would ask some questions. "I'm here to see Brian", I was supposed to say, and nothing much else. She seemed suspicious of something, but eventually let me in."He is down there", she said, and went to sit down in a couch."Down where" I thought, before realizing an open door which led to flight of stairs.

While I did not know what to expected, I was not hoping for much. Down there was a normal basement, I knocked at the door, and 'Brian', just said 'Come in, come in'. No dramas, no surprises. I mean, not much surprises.

The basement was his room, which apparently he did not like to leave. It was somewhat dirty, and messy. But what caught my attention was the posters. He had the usual otaku posters, lots of Yume Nikki ones, but he also had many posters with cosplayers in them.

The man was clearly and adult, but not really that old, he was your avarage fat otaku, but twenty years older. "She's is here, man, come here!", he did not ask anything, he already knew why I was there for. I got a bit nervous when he said 'She is here', but kept my calm. He then sat on a chair in front a computed. "Look, man. It's her! It is Mado, man!". I got close to see what he was talking about, and, in the computer screen there was someone. "It is Madotsuki, look", he said.

It was not Madotsuki, of course. It was fucking booger-chan. This man had hundreds of pictures of booger-chan on his computer. Only hen I noticied that all cosplayers posters were Boogerchan. He told me he was absolute sure that Booger-chan was Mado 'in this world'. He even talked about those vlogs she made. He said he was happy to meet someone with a similar 'obssession' about Mado, and said my thread helped him see that, almost ten years ago.

He said he also wanted to hug Mado, meaning, he wanted to hug booger-chan. But he was too affraid of leaving his house. He wanted my help somehow. At that point I was afraid he could be a stalker or something. But after talking for a while, I realized he had none of her personal info. He truly believes she is a Mado of this world, and believed that I could be some sort of 'bridge' to find her. And also that if I hugged booger-chan, I would fullfill my dream as well.

I do not believe he is dangerous or anything, he is just delusional (maybe like myself). I tried to convince him that booger-chan is not Mado, but he really wanted me to try hugging her to 'see it for myself', to which I said 'I will see what I can do', and then talked myself out of his house.

I don't know how much of all that he believes, but the fact that he thinks we are alike, really got me thinking.

Anyway, Brian, I know you are reading this. You are a nice guy, but I will not try to hug boogerchan, she is probably a woman now, with a family and a life. She is not Mado. If you have any other clue that could help, I will gladly hear you again.

So, yeah, the quest goes on. Year by year, step by step. It is difficult, but there are still things to be done.


File: 1618241003151.png (80.68 KB, 320x299, R33e3178af11eacff52e4ff71d….png)

>It was fucking booger-chan
Oh God I thought we were done with this fucking chapter. The poor girl will hope she never ever came accross Yume Nikki or this website.
It gets worse as I keep reading holy shit


Op, just be safe and don't do anything stupid


You see, I wished you luck once, but now I am worried that me and others might have been encouraging some dangerous behaviour by doing so. Please be sentient and don't hurt yourself.


Have you made any progress since then?
We're waiting for your next update anon!


I like that art


I think about this post sometimes. How many years, how few replies. It's not sad to me. It's just itself. It's not like most things are.


File: 1629790259137.png (1.21 MB, 1838x949, Caution-Tape.png)


He comes around each year, so we'll just have to wait until he comes back.


File: 1629844490619.gif (360.01 KB, 498x348, marisa.gif)

I just hope ubuu's memeing over this guy's roleplay doesn't end in any laws being broken.

The posts only kept getting more and more concerning.

Then again, I don't really give a shit.


File: 1629876013993.jpg (23.51 KB, 375x500, 4ab3fdcf838db96d96e0c767f0….jpg)

you can do it OP



let's wait and see.
welcome to the long con babey


File: 1641282145769.jpg (80.67 KB, 850x1131, madooo00.jpg)

Hello, anons. Happy New Year.
Are we still with me?

So many years of this, one simple life entirely devoted to this absurd task. First of all, I want to assure all of you, I am safe. I went through some incredibly weird situations, but my mental fortitude only strengthened. I no longer accept emails since the previous situation, not that I need reject them though, it seems like most of us aged our way out of here. But not me, I'm still not done.

Has everyone would expect, this corona situation has put everything on hold. It took me weeks to come back home, and when I finally arrived, I was told that my family was losing money. So I need to stay put for now. As you anons may have realized, I do not really have a proper job, my family runs some profitable business and they couldn't care less to what I do, I have much worse brothers so they are glad that I just want to 'travel the world'. They actually get excited to learn about my travels. They do forbid me from going to dangerous countries, so I guess it will take a while for us to know if some descendants of the Inca deep in the Peru jungles know anything about Mado. Of course, I went to some places in secrecy, but there are some places that it is just not worth the danger. The quest lives with me, I can't afford to die yet.

My search has been slowing drifting away from mysticism and going towards science. Maybe someday I could make both of them work together to help me, but for now I'm interested in the theories about parallel universes and what can be find in those. Linking the Unknowns are most likely the key. I have more directions now, and more experience. With every failure I get stronger, right now I'm in peace. Desperation may eventually strike my heart once more. My mind may fail me once again. But I must not give up. The hug is worth my life and my efforts.

Thank you, /uboa/. I hope you can keep following me in this quest, your support is touching.

Here's to another year. Let's do this.



Godspeed, you magnificent bastard


File: 1641312074780.jpg (58 KB, 640x613, 8dfebbe12a827bb20ec58afda8….jpg)

This is starting to look like a supervillain's origin story, if this thread ever appears in the news I'd just like to say journalists are pussies.


You deserve that hug. For all your determination you deserve it.


Keep going mate. We're all supporting your search.


Keep going, you will definitely get it one day, i can assure you.


I'm still here. Anon… are you?


Had read all the thread, holy shit you are making some story here. Wish all luck, op. I hope you will find mado one day. I just hope this won't get on TV as serial murder story or something
anon who searches too. But for Lain



I have a deep deep connection with Lain. It was the first thing that blew my mind when I was a kid. In a way Lain is similar to Mado, and they booth deserve a hub. Good luck, anon!


File: 1672629709667.jpeg (4.6 MB, 4500x4500, madotsuki.jpeg)


Thank you, anons, all of you. I am still here, yes. This is where it all started, I have a feeling this is where I belong while I'm not out there in my mad quest.

As usual, I am back home for new years celebrations and all that. And to report how things are going. Well, it was a difficult year for me, lost a friend, didn't have much progress, but the progress I had I will report.

My search is basically still the same, it explores religion, mysticism, mind, science and anything else that could help.

I am feeling a lot more calm and commited now, I had to tame my mind and keep the focus going, sometimes I still think the madness will take over me, but I am now dealing with it much better.

Anyway. I've read all kinds of crazy stuff regarding mysticism and all that, but most of them are not pratical or had no results. Also, I really do not want to cause any harm to anyone I am not trying any blood magic or sacrifice, that would be the end of me. I will keep searching for more ways in that field, though. Now, about science, I came up with a possible plan, but the set up is where lies the tricky part, it may be dangerous, so I do not want to try it yet. It is about near death experiences, parallel universes and a bit of faith and religion. Basically, many people talk about seeing 'the light', and that is what I am focusing right now.

As for the ones talking about trying to meet her in a dream… well I did try it. But I can only watch her, never touch, never get close. Even in a 'lucid dream' setting, Mado is just standing there, in a white landscape, I can only see her back, there is always an eerie song playing very very far, and that is all that happens, I wake up after a few minutes and can hardly remember anything else. There is no surprise, no jump scare, nothing. Also, there is no pattern, the dream happens randomly, sometimes I try hard to set up a dream that will have her (sometimes even with hallucinogenics) but nothing happens, sometimes I do the exact same set up and I see the aforementioned scene. Of course, there are times that I do not try any set up and the dream happens again. It is painful to me and it gets me confused, but I am sure it is something I should expect, my mind is deteriorating for sure…

Anyway, thank you, anos! This has going on for more than a decade, but it felt like a few months to me. I still gotta places to go, and things to try. My mind is still in a decent shape, my body is still young. I have only the deep inexorable feeling of doom to fight off every night, but off I go to another round. See you soon!


i believe in your anon we're all rooting for you


I'm so glad to have heard from you again man. Why not try look into the golden dawn/Aleister Crowleys whole thing? Could help. In the end i know you'll get that hug.


File: 1685838142449.jpg (298.65 KB, 910x1050, just make a tulpa 4head.jpg)

>he's starting to believe
>IM starting to believe
you've made considerable progress with the lucid dreaming, keep going.
you could also consider doing a special (personalised) ritual that would bring bring her into this world as a tulpa permanently. its easy, and if you did, you'd get hugs every day for life :P
check "getting started" in https://www.tulpa.info/
godspeed huganon, that hug is waiting for you


I can't tell what's more concerning. The fact that I can't tell if this is real or the fact that this being real wouldn't be too unbelievable. I'm pretty sure this is just a troll, but please don't do anything stupid, Anon.


File: 1686339932618.jpg (759.99 KB, 1125x1081, 1679919308829979.jpg)

but those are the same thing


File: 1686346574730.jpg (44.35 KB, 639x426, 6491213611_c4fc290a33_z.jpg)

>but those are the same thing
If you mean it being a troll is doing something stupid I know we're already there but things could always get worse.


File: 1686356040559.jpg (194.59 KB, 2048x1989, 162397582053275.jpg)

I donut


File: 1704565915110.jpg (271.74 KB, 800x868, 2024.jpg)

I wonder how many anons are still with me.

I have tried some suggestions I was given in this thread, but somehow some of them felt artificial, and others felt like I had to trick myself into believing in a new reality or something like that.

When you meet someone, talk to them, touch them. You are not tricking yourself into believing that all of it is happening, because it is actually happening, it is the unchangeable reality. So many rituals, esoteric, cults, leaders want you to follow what they say, or follow their procedures. You have to stop thinking for yourself, and must let them guide you, you have to believe in their reality, and trick your own mind into allowing it to happen. But it doesn't feel real.

Science is also not giving much of an answer. Everything is unattainable, the technology needed to even think about it is absurdly hard to grasp.

I have clues, directions, tons of theory. But why doesn't it ever feel real?

Mado is not showing up in my dreams anymore, my own mind feels like it is fading. Possibilities go from endless to void in seconds. I am facing a challenge much bigger than I anticipated. I have fought reality itself for many years now, but reality has absolutely no mercy, it is absolutely solid. No matter how much the intellectuals debate over it, reality won't listen.

What is the cry of a man against the unmeasurable vastness of the Creator.

I will recharge, and I will go once more unto the breach. Thank you, dear friends.


File: 1705874735677.png (232.9 KB, 800x425, Never-Give-Up.png)

Tulpa guy. it's good to hear from you.


File: 1705880525619.jpg (982.13 KB, 2048x1536, comf450847845.jpg)

Was just thinking about you and wondering how long it's been since we've heard of your quest. Even if you don't succeed, though I hope you do, please keep us updated on your life and such. You're such a genuine interesting person and hearing about your adventures over the years always brings me joy.


Always a treat to see your posts, man. Checking this thread to see your updates became kinda of a yearly ritual. Be careful out there, and i hope you find what you seek, in any way possible.

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