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Post real experiences (if possible, personal stories; Though "Friend-of-a-friend" creepy stories would be fine if they are pretty good). Everything is allowed:

-Bad dream experiences (Such as Night terrors, Sleep paralysis or OBEs),
-Haunted Places
-Other creepy stuff.


So, let me start with something that have happened to me last night.


File: 1349117462887.jpg (46.38 KB, 393x399, tumblr_lo3zzwPgRc1qaplo8o1….jpg)

I usually attempt to have lucid dreams, so I am all day long doing things like "Is this a dream?" whereas I stare into books, clocks and my hands to know if it is a dream (In a dream, the books looks like gibberish, and clocks are crazy as hell; if you see them, it is 2:00 PM, and when you see it again, changes to 8:16 in some seconds; and your hands are the weirdest shit you'll ever see).

Basically, I've been doing this during a month, until this night, when I actually realized I was dreaming.
Oh, pretty good; Books are gibberish; there are no clocks… but I know it is a dream. The atmosphere, the air… I knew it was a dream; So, I came with the last trick…, to see if it's true what I readed.

Oh, god, why have I done that? WHY?

Then it came. I was trapped, I was conscious…, but I wasn't available to move a simple bit of me.


File: 1349117572325.jpg (231.54 KB, 397x500, 5046160760_2e86524934.jpg)

To be honest, was funny at first; Myself in a dream… I cannot remember what it was, but in the last part some lights were heading the sky, and then I said "Fuck off this shit, Let's have a good dream", before I stared at my hands… and then, everything vanished. And I felt myself on my bed, but I couldn't move. It was a sleep paralysis.

Thus, I heard something at my right. Was… I don't know what it was. So pale; like if it was a skewed and drawn. For a second it reminded me a deformed version of Kyukyu-kun in B/W, with a Fuan no Tane-ish.

That thing scared the shit out of me. And, when I moved my eyes onto that, It grinned and twisted its head to its left, as the Owls do; with a mean and creepy face and deep eyes which I think I'll never forget.

This thing laughed really creepy, and I can't play it back with words… but the closest thing I can say that is similarly in some way, are the laughs of the Kaibutsu, but more low-pitched and gloomy.

I was seeing this thing, close to a panic attack (if I wasn't on one), when I finally controlled my breath and "Really" woke up.


File: 1349117636460.jpg (74.24 KB, 634x451, Static.jpg)

I remember I felt such tired and scared; my forehead was sweating and my pajamas were soaked in warm sweat, contrary to the cold air. But I had decided something: I would not sleep until I was really sure the fear wasn't there anymore. And in this condition, I lay on my bed… until the second thing came.

At first, it seemed like red statics dot. I didn't know what it was; and it reminded me the "Face" event in YN. And, when I have seen more closely, I realized I was watching something like a corridor with columns (The static was red; and had some black dots that were forming this vision). Right now, I realize that could be like the static in Rust's mode. Certainly, the dots weren't so big like Rust's mode; they were smaller, but it's understood the concept. And my body felt like I was floating; realy hard to explain. Was like I couldn't feel with my body, and, at the same, I could feel more and better.

I walked around, scared and wondering if there would be another kind of creatures, when I felt my cat (that was sleeping close to me) started to move in her dreams nervously. More than felt, I saw (I don't know how) her moving like that, whereas I was watching my way in the "Static Castle".


File: 1349117711537.jpg (123.17 KB, 630x481, fuan no tane pic1.jpg)

I don't know what I felt when I saw her, but was like "She knows… she's feeling that you're here, and she wants you to return… because if you don't, something REALLY bad is going to happen you here if you stay…"

That's when I really woke up, went to the bathroom, and washed my face. After some minutes, and tired as I was, I finally returned to my room and sleep some hours (I think 2 hours) before I had to go to school.

So, that's my creepy story.


File: 1349132494011.png (39.51 KB, 161x147, 154121515.png)

>10 or 11 years ago, about like 8 or 7 years old
>sitting in rich childhood friend's amazing treehouse with other girls and my brother
>sitting in the bed with the sheets covering my legs
>we hear a faint buzzing
>"gee whats that"
>lift up covers and see some kind of white spotted FUCKING HUGE SPIDER
>everyone shreiks and basically leaps down the ladder and runs down the slide out of the treehouse
>never went into that treehouse again

how does a spider even fucking make noises like that. also not sure if that counts but why not have a little humor eh

heres another story though, much more recent and far less comedic

>entire family convinced aunt and uncles house is haunted (mentioned in another thread, the ghost is a farmer named Mister Summers who counts his crops on our calculator and messes it up)

>tyler leaves phone there to record any weird sounds for like five hours
>it records things until the phone is dead
>several bumps that couldn't possibly be caused by Harley the cat are heard (cats too skinny, and they were really heavy sounds)
>havent even analyzed the entire tape yet

i plan on getting it from him somehow. i know my brother didn't delete it, that'd be whack of him.


>…(mentioned in another thread…)

Do you think you could give me the link to that thread?

Also, no problem: The point of the thread is tell everyone a creepy moment you have lived, or things that creeped the fuck out of you. So, humour is welcome as well (We all have that moment where we were chickenshit).


File: 1349144334689.gif (880.73 KB, 500x220, 1347168031574.gif)

that would be here:

another experience from my father because wynaut

>at work some years ago, before i was born i think

>he was at work
>suddenly feel himself shoved onto his desk
>looks back
>usually well dressed young man behind him that he worked with looked as though he slept in his clothes
>well thats weird
>next day
>guy dies being shot by cousins ex boyfriend trying to help her move out of ex-bf's house
>jesus tap dancing christ

happened to him on two other occassions as well. each death was a violent one. and its normally only violent deaths (terrible heart attack, gunshot wound, etc)


>at work some years ago, before i was born i think
>he was at work

oops thats a typo


File: 1350182164727.png (112.42 KB, 660x237, those eyes_by_chesir.png)

Well, because no one bumps, I'll bump with other shit which, though isn't scary, 'twas weird as fuck and I still have no clue why the fuck it happened.

I am a writer. Not a good one; Still the most of my ideas are shit and I get lost usually when I write… but whatever.

Some years ago (I think 2 or 3), I wrote a story that still is not complete. The thing is, in that story, there's a man which is involved in all the 'Mythology' of my creations (And you can see him in the first pic of the thread): The conspicuous broad-brimmed hat-man. This man is a being that is not human, although its body and stuff seems like that.
My nickname, Chesir (Who 'is another of these beings'), was whom originally inspired my on that man…(I will talk about Chesir later).

Well, this man is an albino creature, pale and cold, like a dead body; Always wears black clothes, and has powerful red eyes. Watching him directly could cause you madness, because he 'Overdrive' your mind with the most chaotic and sickish pandemoniom of dreads and horrors, terrible visions…(and you can see here a Lovecraft ish).
He always wears a black broad-brimmed hat, with a red feather on its side. And he smiles… smiles in a sick way; loathsome, nasty, hypnotic and, incredibly, splendid.

He, usualy, is attracted to depressive or mentally ill people (Or something close to it). Really, is not known what attracts him like that, 'cause he is usually in first place who made depressive or mentally ill those people.

Whatever, these people see it differently in each encounter they have (No one has the same feeling, nor the same impression, blah, blah). Some see him with nice eyes, in frightfulness; Just a pale face with their dreams/nightmares in the red eyes…; Others see him as a demon, pale face with blood tears… and like that.

The thing is that one friend of mine, who says that he can see ghost and those stuff, has dreamt with the Hat-man. He always dream with odd things; but when he described me my invention, that was the biggest mindfuck I ever had.
After that (Or before, now I don't remember), he said that thing started to chase us in school.

When I showed him the story, he really got scary. "Man, what the fuck, this is exactely like X!"

Still, he says the ghost is over there, in school… but has no more the broad-brimmed hat… that faggot broke my rule: The character must never be broken! =(


File: 1364016448270.jpg (90.12 KB, 1024x768, 1363739497049.jpg)

>going to sleep
>I already turned off all the lights
>look at the threshold of my room's door
>close eyes and open to see if still there
>Hide under sheets like a the fucking cunt I am
>couldn't sleep until sun rised

I am not sure what it was; I don't even know if I 'hallucinated' or that I was suggested by my imagination (since I'm nyctophobic and I tend to believe there are eyes in the dak), but it creeped the shit out of me.


I actually had something very similar, the first time something like that happened there was a floating brain and the second time there was an eye on the wall. But I've always witnessed shit like that, I even have sleep paralysis on a regular basis if I can say so (around 3-4 times a year, which is really often) and what freaks me out the most is that I have sleep paralysis since I'm 5. It's just I never had a traumatic experience but I always had weird dreams like these for years.


File: 1374542543606.jpg (357.21 KB, 640x480, 1354688467767.jpg)

Same here, but I self-provoke sleep paralysis on myself.

Doesn't matter how much uneasy I feel in darkness I fucking love that feeling I have when I am with one.

Sadly, those things end in myself hallucinating shit, it seems.


File: 1374887033575.png (224.58 KB, 500x389, tumblr_m7gmj0vnlq1r9gld9o1….png)

>lying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep
>sitting there comfortably, listening to the wind
>calm male voice over my shoulder, clear as day
>"Kill everyone."


File: 1374888916687.png (285.79 KB, 500x500, セコム「この宇宙に私は無数にいる! 来たれぇ私!」 ….png)


Those voices in the night sure are pretty annoying.
Reminded me of another story:

>Going to the bathroom

>4 AM??
>Suddenly, whispers of voices in half of the corridor
>Voices shut up, as if they've heard me.
>I go to the bathroom and turn the lights on
>I already pissed but I don't want to get off until some time
>get balls to get out.
>go to bed.
>whispers start again.

I've never heard them again, though.


I used to have pretty vague ass dreams when I was little that involved people dieing and torture and shit.
One day I had a dream about standing in front of my Grandmas grave in the afternoon and that freaked me out more than the gore ones (I was 8 and my grandma was still alive) A month later my grandma died. It was also 5 days after my birthday…

There was also one time in middle school where no matter where I was or what I did scratches would appear suddenly on me. Started with me sitting on my bed watching TV when suddenly my leg hurt and I saw a scratch. Then one night I was asleep and got a cut on my arm. Then some more on my hand while I was jogging in P.E. It stopped after my mom and I moved out of her boyfriends house.


File: 1375389571596.jpg (32.19 KB, 300x464, Hi, how are you.jpg)


Hmm, seems like there was a huge amount of negative energy in that house, and you were absorbing it.



Okay, so, to provide context, i was expelled from highschool for (empty) threats of violence and shoved into an "alternative school" in which i was the only sane, sober student, and likely the only one who's never been arrested. It was like going back to kindergarten except all the kids are psychopaths.
i was THE ONLY GIRL for a year, until Ashley showed up. we were instant friends. She'd mentioned offhand that she is sensitive to spirits and energy, and quickly proved it when she asked about "the old woman walking around" (the school's resident kind old ghost lady).
She was not under the influence of any drugs. she is not schizophrenic. I am a practicing spiritual Satanist.

since this is basically a joint school/psycho ward, students are allowed to leave the room if they need to cool down for a while. Ashley had gone into the hall to, presumably, do just that. after around 5 minutes, a teacher came into the classroom (a relatively young guy. he was pretty cool actually) and asked me to come out into the hall. I was irritated because I thought i was in trouble for something. Ashley was sitting against the wall, very obviously shaken. she asks me what "soy la hija del diabolo" means. She says that someone has been whispering it to her, along with other words in a language she couldn't pronounce. We went back inside and the teacher let us use the computer to try to figure out what was going on. half of this was to confirm that she was telling the truth.
the spanish she heard is "i am the daughter of the devil." the other language, I'm almost entirely certain was Enochian ("celestial" language, used by both angels and demons)

She definitely provided enough proof for me, reproducing, from memory of dreams, the sigil of Lucifer, among others, and various other things that even i hardly knew.

So, Ashley had been visited by Lilith. She was understandably scared, but I told her NOT to ignore Lilith, and to treat her with respect and POLITELY request that she leave. Lilith is essentially a princess. She likes attention, and hates being ignored or disrespected.

a couple days later, Ashley reports that she's gone.

I'm actually honored that she'd trust me that much, and really happy that I could help.


File: 1376156097199.jpg (32.47 KB, 360x270, NGE_Rei_You're_in_my_light.jpg)


Welp, that's surprising. I didn't expect spanish would be the tongue that a nice hell-ish princess would speak.
Oh boy, it's Lilith and she talk spanish. What an honour.

Now, it was really interesting. Do you have more stories with your friend?

Also, I always was interested for satanic books and such, as well as enochian, but if you search on the webz there's (mostly) only "I'm 12 and I like blood and satan is my mother with naruto XDDDDDD"
So, what books/reading/etc can you recomend me?


No, i dropped out of that shithole because I was sick of my life being threatened every second of the day, and there was actually no educating happening. It's impossible to learn anything when you're in a small room with short-tempered, violent criminals and drug addicts.


File: 1376360249733.jpg (22.27 KB, 500x361, Wut_6ed7a1_852025.jpg)


Oh, is that so? But you don't have/had a link with that girl anymore, even after you left that place?

This one happened yesterday.

>taking a bath

>lights out because I'm a masoquist
>really relaxed
>"Hmmm, 'twould be nice if I try an OBE."
>I lay there, as I start to concentrate and relax even more
>after, like, 40 minutes of being there, I think as if my body was covered by wax; as if I were a moth, and that hard material is holding me back to do any moviment (this is the way I found more confortable to get paralized)
>it worked earlier than what I expected…
>ok lol, let's try what can go wrong…
>what can go wrong…
>some force tugged my REAL/PHYSICAL BODY up (I was thinking of a pulley that was tugging me but this was faster than my own 'moviment' and this didn't take my 'inmaterial body')
>Ok, this is weird I should stop
>My neck, I couldn't move it, the 'rope' was still holding it
>¿¿?? WHAT?
>After 20 seconds (more or less) I was able to move again.


I had something happen to me I call DOUBLE sleep paralysis.
It started after a long time spent awake, studying for chemistry finals. I had about 85 hours awake, and this of course was with the assistance of adderall.

My last test ended at 10:30 pm. I was still shaking from the stimulants, so I went to the corner store and bought me two tall cans and cocktailed it with 4mg of xanax.

A little bit more about the history behind this is necessary before I go further. I lived in two places: On the weekends, it was at my mothers house in a beautiful town up north. On weekdays, it was here, in this shithole of a city, but at least I had my girlfriend right down the street. My apartment, Number 32, was set up exactly the same as Room 32 from Silent Hill 4. And tonight, I was completely alone.

I took the cocktail and by 2 o clock managed to bring myself to sleep.

I woke up at my mothers house in my bed. There was no environmental change whatsoever, like there usually is in dreams that take place in real locations. I stepped into this reality like I was truly waking up. I had forgotten all the events before, as though they were a dream that washed away.

I had conversations with friends that I never really had. I sometimes still reference these to my friends, saying "I think I may have said this before, but…" and of course it was something I remembered from the dream.

I went into my bed, and fell asleep again. I had a dream that was sort of psychedelic, and usual to the dreams I can remember.

I woke up, in my bed at my mother's house, unable to move at all. I could feel the footsteps behind my wall, hearing the violent tones of the ones presumably treading through my hallway. A cloudy orb rose in the center of my room. Hallucinations started getting more intense, and the voices could have been coming from all sides of my bed by now. I took all the energy I had in me to flip my arm over, because I knew that for some reason, if I could feel the bedsheet with my palm, i would snap out.

I forced my arm over, and let out a terrified scream, straight into my pillow at the apartment I was really at. I could barely breathe, and truly I feared for my life. I managed to flip myself onto my side, where I watched the clock pass for twenty five minutes, terrified and unable to move.


>it's right now 2:11 am
>I'm reading (in the computer), lights are off
>suddenly, I feel uneasy
>I feel something is watching me, intensely.
>I stare into the couch, and I think I can see the silhouette of a man.
>I'm hearing a NGE OST song, it has a white noise sudden moment.
>There's nothing there, but I still feel something is watching me. Even more keenly now.
>I want to turn on the lights
>lights are behind the couch, where these eyes are supposed to be.
>fuck my life.

I hate it. I had to pick up a lantern to turn on my own lights.


This happened a year or two ago when the concept of slenderman was still creepy to me.

>In a dream

>Dream is in 3rd person, so I can see everything going on around me
>dream-version me is asleep in bed
>I look at the sleeping me and look around my room
>I look in the corner and see slenderman
>however slendy wasn't in a suit and he was more grey than white
>He slowly walked towards my bed
>He leaned down at the foot of my bed and stared at me
>Sleeping-Dream-Me began to wake up
>my vision shifted to Sleeping-Dream-Me's PoV
>I looked up and slendy had a mouth with sharp teeth and he lunged at me
>I woke up
>I looked around my room everything was in the exact spot it was in in the dream
>No slendy, other than that the room was EXACTLY the same as my Dream's Room

I was genuinely fucking terrified.


>Be in a rehearsal for play
>Director mentions "The Ghost Of The Theater"
>She begins telling stories
>Says objects move
>When she leaves smarties out they're gone
>The curtains opened by themselves one day
>Thinks she's full of shit
>Has to stay in late to practice
>Just me, director and three other actors
>Looks to back stage
>See's what looks like a floating wig
>Nudges girl next to me and points at it
>"Nothings there man"
>Still see's floating wig
>Its not even moving its just there
>Practice is over
>I look to the spot
>Nothing there
>Tells Director
>She says "So the ghost IS Suzy!"
>She shows me a picture
>Suzy has the exact same hairstyle as the wig I saw floating
>Quits the play


File: 1386370693097.png (6.11 KB, 140x190, howard_reactionimg_2.png)

My boyfriend talks in his sleep. He sleeps during the night, and I sleep during the day, so I often hear his sleep-mumblings. Mostly they are funny, but sometimes they creep me out.

Recently, I heard him mumbling and leaned over to try and hear better. He paused and then said clear as day, in an angry and urgent voice, "Where's my gun?" Then he was silent for the rest of the night.

About a week later, I was sitting in his living room playing a video game while he was asleep, and all of a sudden he started yelling "CMERECMERECMERECMERECMERE," in a terrified voice. He is not a person who is scared easily. I ran upstairs and opened his door. He was fine, he apologized and I assumed he had been having a bad dream. I asked him what had been wrong and he said "The roof looked different." For some reason, that really freaked me out.

Probably the creepiest thing that's ever happened to me was the one and only time I've heard voices. I was out back smoking a bowl (the weed had been vaporized already but back then I was a huge pothead and wouldn't 'waste' a crumb) among the trees. I finished smoking and stood up. As soon as I stood up, an overwhelming sense of anxiety and panic was crushing me, and I started to hear them. They started quiet, with one voice that told me to go inside. I obeyed as if in a trance, but as I got closer, the voices multiplied and became louder, jeering and laughing amongst themselves at me for following their directions. By the time I reached the door they were screaming. I managed to get inside, and as soon as I entered my house, they stopped. I've never heard them again, but I also refuse to smoke weed that's been vaporized already now, and hardly do drugs at all anymore.


>some years back
>maybe 10 or so (15 now)
>in old apartment
>making a lego maze for my hamster
>have my favourite stuffed animal (bunny) with me
>go to the bathroom because i need to piss
>come back to the living room
>legos i hadnt put on the maze yet were in different places
>bunny was on the chair instead of the floor like i left her
>kind of colder in the room but didnt make much of it
>5-10 minutes later i hear some faint voices
>pretty sure one is saying my name
>holy shit what the fuck
>convinced that apartment is haunted even to this day


>Be me
>At my Aunts house
>Having to sleep in basement with brother
>I'm 12 and he is 15
>Obviously can't sleep on a mattress on the floor in a scary basement with brother talking in his sleep
>Brother is just muttering shit
>I hear something move behind me
>Obviously house settling
>Thinks its a ghost
>Runs to the wall so have my back against something
>Wrapped in a blanket
>Light coming from the laundry room
>Sits in the light since ghosts can't go into light obviously
>Staring forward
>Not really paying attention
>Suddenly sees a man standing next to the bed
>Holy shit what the fuck
>Man just standing there
>Looks down at my brother
>Brother is still talking in his sleep
>Man still standing doing nothing just looking at him
>Suddenly darts to the side
>Runs through the TV
>Room becomes increasingly cold only for a little while
>Can't move, too spooked
>Next morning tells my younger cousin
>I get yelled at for scaring my cousin
>Aunt suddenly asks what he looked like
>Said he looked like a normal old man
>Aunt instantly changes the subject
>I tell my brother during the drive home
>He says he had a bad dream about a man making him do heavy drugs
>Never went back to that house again


>Be me
>going to sleep one night
>hears taps at window
>opens curtain to see what is tapping
>Nothing is there
>close curtain and go back to bed
>hears taps 3 or so minutes later
>checks window again
>nothing there
>I decide to go tell my mother
>Says "mom" to her while she sleeps
>no response
>I repeat it louder
>no response
>shake her
>still no response
>goes back to bed wondering wtf is going on
>Stays awake for a while till I'm sure the tapping has stopped
>goes to bed
>hears taps again

I finally decided to ignore the taps. They kept going but eventually stopped. I still don't know what was tapping on my window.



Are there trees or anything like that near your window? How was the wind that night?


Hey 911 here.

No, there's no trees by by window. I 'm on the ground floor and my room is where the garage would be.
There is literally nothing by my window that would sway in the wind and tap like that.


File: 1391450215890.png (81.8 KB, 207x207, 1364864060749.png)


Well, fuck, then yeah, you were visited by the spooky scary skeletons.


File: 1392141751909.gif (175.27 KB, 300x100, 170.gif)

>Be me
>Living in a boarding school
>Talking to friend over skype in the common room (A room where the girls can all hang out but only I ever use it)
>Had a bad day so I'm pacing in a circle ranting about my teachers
>I turned around and fell back on the couch
>He says he can't hear me too good
>Says it sounds like white noise
>I recall
>Sounds okay
>I look up
>See's a woman with long black hair and a tight black dress walk through the door
>Literally through the door, it was closed
>I scream
>She vanishes
>I immediately cry a little and hide under one of the desks that was against a wall
>I'm a total coward btw
>I tell my friend what I saw
>I go back to my dorm at bedtime
>Messages my friend about what I saw
>She tells me loads of other girls living in the dorm house has seen it
>Some reason thinks shes full of it
>She starts asking if it had black hair and a black dress
>Doesn't go to common room for a month


i found an enormous compendium of one dude's conspiracy theories


he seems to be schizophrenic and posts tons of these stories on various websites, as well as his own.

it's not a personal story, but it's real and gave me serious chills. downright creepy.


I remember at some point last year I tried to lucid dream, but I never actually fell asleep. My eyes ended up open and only rarely blinking the entire time (I do sometimes have a habit of sleeping with my eyes partially open, my mother's told me. Said it first happened when I was 7 and we were riding in a car, and I began to snore, tipping her off to my being asleep. I digress.) But I went completely inable to move otherwise. I still breathed and all that goodness, but my arms and legs were like stone. I was actually a little confused and as soon as I managed to wake my muscles up, i kind of retroactively felt terrified. Wasn't too fun.


A little girl poltergeist followed my mom around until I was 13. When I was 7 I heard her voice saying I needed to read my books more, then knocked down my bookcase. Scared the living shit out of me.

Another time when I was 12 I heard a scream in front of my face when I had just woken up. I told my mom about it (she can see ghosts) and she told me shes not suprised, we had never lived anywhere more haunted.


I was a kid in the hospital. I went there for knee surgery so I wouldn't grow up with severely bowed legs. Have dream i was put in bright red pleather fetish ware and layed out on a table with the only light in the room on me. I dreamed that there were voices an the impressions of people around me watching me sleep and getting off to it. Then i wake up to a skinny adult with coke bottle glasses and a flashlight pointed directly in my face.

I still kinda suspect something fishy was going on with that guy in the children's hospital.

a more recent one.
>Watching a dark souls 2 LP
>fifteen minutes past midnight
>turns off computer
>closet doors are always open
>sees movement near the top of my open closet
>suddenly dark fuzzy shapes crawling out onto the ceiling whispering softly
>don't sleep until dawn


>mom didn't hear you
>live on ground floor away from trees and whatever
Twenty bucks says your mom was having fun fucking with you, mate.



>watching Silent Hill demo

>tell mom about it
>continue watching
>notice strange rasping noise
>hear nails scraping down my door
>shit myself
>thanks mom


The sheriffbullock/rxJs_R7Ssyk creepypasta - www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxJs_R7Ssyk



File: 1422812176770.jpg (33.48 KB, 520x390, 1420162350774.jpg)

Jesus fucking Christ, don't tell me you went ahead and wrote an article quoting uboachan.
What's even the purpose?


File: 1422818486718.png (302.25 KB, 458x458, madotsukisoda.png)

My mom tells me that when I was three, one night I was screaming for her to come save me because there was a man sitting on my dresser, watching me in the dark. There was nothing there when she came in.

I have no recollection of this.


File: 1426311573043.jpg (76.99 KB, 850x912, 10356720_919754718074617_2….jpg)

I have been having a few dreams involving this weird girl who seemed to be around my age. The dreams themselves typically involve her sacriicing me and me being assimilated into her. There have been other instances in said dreams with her capturing me and even tying me and with some type of fiber wire with imbued with a knd of energy and she always looks at me with what seems to be an expression of happiness and she keeps saying that she has a use for me a her vessel or something. later the next day while i was reading manga i saw a girl in a room that had blood and she had a sadistic grin. The way i saw the girl was weird, It was as if my entire perception of my surroundings shifted. I felt her touch and i think even got blood on my arm. Things involving this had calmed down but i think she might come for me soon…


how do you do that?


File: 1434833363282.png (73.51 KB, 270x270, Higurashi_rika1.png)

Have you ever read how to do OBE's/Lucid Dreaming? There are quite a few guides all over the internet.
The thing is, while you're in the middle of the transition between your "woken" state and "sleeping" state (AKA when you're consciously getting in the dream), these guides generally advice not to open your eyes.
That's because, for your brain, you're "already sleeping", therefore you it uses some chemicals to paralyze your body (so, when you're dreaming, you don't move your real body), and you start to have "hallucinations" (in reality, you're sleeping with your eyes open while being conscious). At least that's what I read that should be happening. I can't bet my coins in this since I don't have any backup for my words. It could be anything else for all I know.
Science, doge.

Anyway, I just picked it up and started opening my eyes during that transition part. Most of the times you end up really "waking" yourself up, but if you get there in the precise moment, you will feel like something is pouring from your spine to your whole body, and a numb sensation will run through all your muscles. Do not move, or you may "shake" that off and everything will be for naught (at least it happened the times I moved here). I also felt some noise in the background, its tone going up and down.
So, okay, once you feel you're completely paralyzed and weird shit starts to sound in the background and you feel like your life is in great danger or you're in panic, you can know for sure the train started to move. There's no stop.

Eh, I can't guarantee it will work; it's pretty hard, but if you manage to make it, tell us what happened. Remember, if you hear an extra footstep, grab the bat and don't trust the femmies.
Good luck.


This just happened to me today:
Near the end of a very clear dream, a demon/vampire thing spawned near me and told me that, if I wanted my friends to live, I would have to explore the "Uncharted Territory". I knew what this meant because dreams; there's this area I often dream about with many doors, and through the doors are usually horrifying areas. So I was now sort of half aware I was in a dream but not completely lucid, if that makes sense. Someone near me told me a three word phrase that I was supposed to remember, and I was teleported to the area.
Three creatures there told me another three letter phrase, and I found the Uncharted Territory door. When I entered, I was asked for the password. I said the recent three letter phrase rather than the first one I heard, and it was wrong. I was plunged into a void of static snow and was beyond horrified. I desperately tried waking up. Eventually my eyes opened, but I couldn't move. Oh shit, usually when I'm aware of sleep paralysis it's because I go to sleep with the idea of lucid dreaming and have control over my mind, but this was nightmarish. My room was dark and rumbling, and black hands stretched down from the ceiling, there was an incredible feeling of suffocation and hopelessness. It hardly lasted several seconds, and I was able to blink and saw my bright, normal room, and quickly regained control over my body. The idea of looking around with your "real" eyes but having your brain interpret reality in that sort of way can be horrifying


File: 1434848932864.jpg (227.59 KB, 1456x1062, f2hb145_146.jpg)

>The idea of looking around with your "real" eyes but having your brain interpret reality in that sort of way can be horrifying

Oh man, I know what you mean with that.
I personally enjoy that terrific feeling because I'm aware that it's simply my brain doing math wrong with reality; and, since I'm a sucker for horror, and I tend to have panic attacks in the dark.
So, if you sum "Horror in the dark" + "Fear of Darkness", you get a pretty good idea of how masochist this all is, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It's like saying "oh, well, let's see what kind of fucked up things I may be able to see tonight".

I should start doing this again and post what happens. I stopped because I was sleeping only 3-5 hours per day, but now I have a bit more of room in my schedule I'll give it a try. If things go smoothly, I'll be bumping this thread. But don't get your hopes high, I'm feeling tired as fuck lately and I can't even remember when I fall asleep.


File: 1436493222997.jpg (1.04 MB, 2048x1536, 2015-04-08 19.01.59.jpg)

I’ll post something that I once wrote for a friend when we were on a phase of sharing with each other real creepy stories that had happened to us. I’ve also told these events to other people and all of them complained of how uneasy it made them feel, especially the ones that know the cat in question. It’s kind of funny to me since I’m already used to it. Sorry for the long text, and for any bad English.
"I wasn’t able to sleep very well tonight, my dreams were too vivid, as if I hadn’t fallen asleep at all, and the essence of detachment from senses, natural to dreams, wasn’t there. It might have been due to the sleeping spray I take, but it hasn’t ever done this before. I also remember that, before falling asleep, the cat acted weird and this may have done so that my mind didn’t felt safe enough to let itself fall completely unconscious. The cat sleeps in my room, I let him so as it is a better option than having him scratching at my door asking to be let in the whole night. Last night, while I was trying to fall asleep, he was lying next to me, his muzzle in my direction, and kept looking at something behind me and slightly over my head. I have nothing behind my bed but wall. He looked calm and impassive so I decided to just ignore him and closed my eyes. After a while, I opened them, and he was still looking at the same place, his eyes completely open and awake. I noticed the focus of his eyes’ changed, as if the object of his attention was moving, but when I looked up I saw nothing. No bugs, no dust, nor shadows. I moved a bit and his look aimed at me instead, but a few seconds later returned his attention to the wall behind me. As someone who saw “Ju-on” and other similar movies, this left me a bit restless, but it wasn’t the first time he had done this, and sleeping in bed still felt a better option than sleeping in the uncomfortable sofa in the living room, so I let myself stay in bed. This cat has always done strange things like this, especially at night, so I’m used to it. Another example of his strange behavior is that he refuses to sleep in my bedroom alone at night. He’ll lay in the bed of any other room except mine. He’ll stay there while I’m there too, but if I leave the bedroom, he will get up and move to one of the other rooms in the house, and once I come back to my room he leaves the place where he is and comes to mine. If all the rooms have their doors closed, except mine, he will just lay waiting for me in the corridor’s floor. This only happens at night, as during the day he doesn’t act like this. I wonder if he has gotten a weird habit of only sleeping in my room while I am there too. Wouldn’t be too farfetched, knowing how loyal and obedient he is, and as he insists in always following me around. But the weirdest story of his is one that used to happen a year ago, of something that lasted for a few weeks. A couple of spaced nights, I would wake up very early (around 3 or 4 hours in the morning) to a low but rasped growl, and when turning on the lamp on my nightstand I would see the cat very angry, with his back fur all up and breathing heavily, walking left and right in front of the room’s door. I would get up and open the door for him, thinking he wanted to get out of the room, but he wouldn’t leave, and instead would hesitantly stretch his neck out to the corridor and growl a bit lower. Eventually I would just tire of waiting, close the door and lay in bed again, and he would do also, though still keeping his eyes fixed on the door with uneasiness. I dismissed this events thinking the cat was just having nightmares and waking up from them anxious, and eventually would just tell him to be quiet, ignore the situation and return to my sleep. Then, one of those nights, I woke up hearing the same growl, turned on the lamp, the cat was hissing in front of the door as usual, and in the small space between the door and the floor, some shadows moving, as if someone was walking by my bedroom door. A horrible cold shiver went on me and it toke some time till my mind realized what was actually happening. I got up and silently approached the door, opening it just enough to peek through the breach. I couldn’t see anything. The corridor has no windows, and with the lights off it was completely black. Below me, the cat glanced through the breach too, and let out the highest maddening screech I’ve ever heard from him, and all I perceived was a shadow backing off and a creak of wooden floor as if something was going down the stairs. I didn’t slept very well for the rest of that night."


File: 1436495821691.jpg (581.1 KB, 1224x1632, 1362616465845.jpg)

That's a nice story. The only thing I can complain is that you could've separated it in paragraphs instead of making a huge, solid wall of text. But that aside, it was a really interesting tale.

It is said that animals can see things we aren't able to perceive, and, if I recall correctly, the old Egyptians used to think cats were guardians of the netherworld, or that they served to ward off spirits.

I think that the attitude of your cat of "going only with you to your room at night" is a sign that tells us he wants to protect you more than that it is actually scared of something there. Specially considering he seems to follow you more than "wanting to sleep there only if you're there so he's not alone".
Have you investigated what could be the source of all this strange events happening in your house? Animals would normally be on guard against the "unknown", but something as radical as "mounting a camp" in front of the door seems a bit extreme for a normal case. Of course, since you mentioned he's very loyal, it's a possibility he's "over-reacting" out of concern.

You mentioned that this is only on of those creepy stories, do you have more? Also, can you share your friend's stories too? This was pretty interesting.


> you could've separated it in paragraphs
Thank you for reading it, and I’m very sorry, I only noticed after posting. In the original doc it was written in it didn’t had paragraphs, I didn’t noticed and just copy pasted. If you want, I don’t mind deleting the post and posting it again, this time with paragraphs, so it won’t be such an eyesore.

I do have discovered what was happening during those nights, but purposely didn’t wrote it in because I knew the mystery would haunt my friend more than if I just provided an explanation. The tales usually make a better story than the reasonable explanations for the strange events.

The morning after I searched around the house and found the small window in the laundry room open. I suspected something must have entered through it and that night, past midnight, I stayed awake waiting near the stairs, and around at 2 or 3 in the morning, a big black cat came climbing them. After seeing me he run down, went to the laundry room and left through the open window. Apparently my mother would sometimes leave that small window open at night, and each of those nights, this big cat would come inside the house.
However, this cat is known here in the neighborhood for his violent behaviour. A big, aggressive cat that constantly attacks the other cats indiscriminately every day and it has even killed many harmless cats here in the zone and tried attacking people. My family suspects he might be the one behind the sudden disappearance one night of my cat’s brother. So yes, my cat was overreacting, but still it is understandable as in his perspective, a murderer had intruded his home at night, while his owners were asleep, and the bedroom’s door was the only thing separating him from a cruel fight.
At least it provided a good story to which to creep my family and friends.

As for the rest of his eerie behaviour, that hasn’t changed, and I haven’t found out why he acts that way. But I suspect the wall-watching might be him hearing any cables, water, or gas working inside the walls. I don’t know if there are any of those in the wall behind my bed.

> You mentioned that this is only one of those creepy stories, do you have more? Also, can you share your friend's stories too?

I do have more but I don’t know if they fit here in this thread as much as the one before. They are mostly just strange experiences, like weird dreams, sleep paralysis, and hallucinations due to nyctophobia. As for my friend’s, she told me most of them verbally and I don’t remember them well enough to write them down. My memory is kind of messy.


File: 1442281706590.png (978.38 KB, 734x1024, 1441213091376.png)

>If you want, I don’t mind deleting the post and posting it again, this time with paragraphs, so it won’t be such an eyesore.
Nah, it's alright. It was just a suggestion, not an command.

>The tales usually make a better story than the reasonable explanations for the strange events.

While I do agree, sometimes knowing what's going on behind the scenes makes the story more fulfilling, at least for me.

>I do have more but I don’t know if they fit here in this thread as much as the one before.

If you have any material, it's okay to make a new thread if you feel your stories don't fit in any; this board is (sadly) extremely slow, so it's not like anyone will be offended or anything. Quite the contrary.


Not mine, but it happened to my brother-in-law last night:

>wake up

>right in his face, like inches away, is "something" that had red eyes, two holes where its nostrils should be (reminded him of a snout, but nothing was sticking out), reddish-orange skin and horns, its mouth open a bit showing jagged bright white teeth
>he screams his head off, waking up the wife, the demon-thing has disappeared
>goes to the bathroom and discovers cuts under his nose, on his pinky knuckle, and three bruises on his right shoulder the size of fingers like he was squeezed

It was nearly pitch dark in their bedroom (only a hallway light beyond a cracked open door) so he has no idea how he could see the face so well, since he doesn't think it was glowing or anything.

This is not the first time shit like this has occurred in this home*; this place has been a hotbed for spoopy shit for almost 30 years. Thankfully I seem to be the most spared of the worst of it.

Was this thing a demon, or something else? There any method to getting rid of it or does it need a good old-fashioned exorcism or priestly blessing?

* We may have seen this specific one decades ago: brother as a child saw something with red eyes and white teeth but it was deep in the closet so that's all the details he made out before it disappeared.


File: 1492466401430.jpg (33.43 KB, 650x488, sheep.jpg)

One night when I was, I think, 8 years old, I decided to play hide-and-seek in the living room with my two siblings. Since our mom was in another room ironing, we could turn all the lights off without bothering anyone and make it more exciting by playing in the dark. Of course, we could still see the outlines of the furniture and find our way through the room once our eyes got accustomed to the darkness.

So we play a few turns, and I have to be the seeker again. I wait for a few seconds, and start searching for my siblings. By the sofa I see a person crouching, and assuming it's my brother, I yell his name and go grab him, but instead my hands just pass through "his" silhouette.
The apparition looked at me, then turned to the left, stood up, made a walking movement and disappeared mid-step.

Naturally, I got spooked to hell and immediately went for the TV which was the nearest light source. My brother was at the other side of the room…

I named this apparition "Sivi čoban", thinking it meant something like "The Grey Dude" (čoban being a funny word for person/human), but unbeknownst to my 8-year-old self, it actually means The Grey Sheepherder.
So that's the story of my possibly imagined house ghost The Grey Sheepherder.


>Talking with a girl who claims to house a demon within her body.
>Demon gives me it's sigil for protection (since we become pretty close).
>Instructed to hang it above my bed as I sleep.
>Do so and one night I wake up to it violently swinging back and forth (no wind in the room)
>It falls to the bed as if it was slapped down
>Sit in ring of salt for like 2 hours because I'm frightened


The Grey Sheepherder sounds better.

>Sit in ring of salt for like 2 hours because I'm frightened
2 hours? I wouldn't have slept in the room, maybe even the house, for the next week.


File: 1492914629030.jpg (598.26 KB, 1536x2048, where's the cat....jpg)

It has been a long time but I’ll leave some more stories here that I can manage to remember, at least the ones that feel more fitting. Sorry for the long delay in posting them.

The event in this story didn’t happen to me, but instead to my mom. She told me this one together with some others one late night when we were talking about weird dreams. I’ll try to write it as better as I can remember it.

One time, when she was a teen, she went to a friend’s house to pass the night. That night it would be with them a cousin of her friend that my mother didn’t knew very well. They had to sleep in the same bedroom, a room in the house that had two beds. My mother stayed in the single bed, while her friend and her cousin shared the double bed. Nothing unusual happened and the three fell asleep without any problem, till, already late at night, my mother woke up.

It was sudden. Even though she is a light sleeper, didn’t seem to be any reason for this early awakening. Not a noise, or light, or anything, her mind just unreasonably thought a good idea to be alert instead of resting. The room was dark, she could barely see anything. Feeling tired, she turned in bed to try falling back to sleep, and was now facing the other girls’ bed. It was so dim she could barely see them besides their shapes, so she didn’t notice right away something off with them. There were three people on the bed instead of two now. There was a dark figure at their bed’s farther side, leaning over her friend’s cousin.

My mother immediately froze, unable to think about anything else, and of even taking her eyes off the figure. She felt right away the scene seemed upsetting, unnatural. Once her eyes got used to the lack of light, she noticed it was an old woman, dressed in all black as a widow, with an arm stretched to the girl’s head. Her hand was laid on her face, gently stroking it in a loving manner, motherly-like. The woman’s expression seemed heartwarming, slightly smiling, but something about her gave the idea of the moment being drown in melancholy. Then, in a very nonchalant way, the old woman raised her head and turned to face my mother. She just stayed immobile under the covers as the woman now lift her hand and stood the index finger in front of her lips, as a shush sign to tell my mother to be quiet. Then, again in a calm manner, the old lady went back to caring for the cousin.

It was then that my mother felt a rush that took her off the frozen state, she turned to the other side of the bed, covered herself completely with the sheets, and just forced her mind to forget what she saw and fall asleep again, while wishing for morning to come right away.

She didn’t manage to forget it, and at morning she decided it was best not to tell the other girls. That night, her friend received a call from her cousin. Her cousin’s grandmother had passed away the night she was at her house. It was then that my mother told her friend what she saw that night, and the description she gave of the old woman matched the grandmother’s. Though the scene was a heartwarming moment, my mother still feels chills remembering it.


>Went to the Roswell Pence Rally and saw a bunch of weird critters
>On a single 50 mile stretch we saw a ton of stuff. We saw a coyote, nearly hit an owl in flight, endless bugs.
>Imagine being on a deserted road, nothing but pic related lighting the dark sky against the black desert, no other cars on what passes for a highway, gas station is 30 miles behind us. Just me and my stepdad and pupper
>only thing to keep you awake is almost hitting a deer in the desert. We saw like 20 of them, and nearly hit 5, all down the road from one another.
>We also nearly hit a herd of pecaries, desert boars. I was worried that if we hit one, would the tusk pop the tire. I didn't want to be stuck in New Mexico while besiged by pigs.
>There was enough space to drive around them though.
>We also saw a bunch of white dogs in the streets of Palo Pinto. They were in heat. Being a /ptg/ TrumpGenfag, i saw this and immediately thought that Awoo might want my cock and my life had become a meme
>Thankfully i wasn't raped by ghost doggers and we made it back home to Fort Worth safely.
Pls r8 10/10 tru story\



Nah, I'm fairly used to creepy paranormal shit so two hours in the salt ring was fine. When i was younger there was a brief period where whatever spirit in my house was becoming very restless and 14yr old me took it upon himself to try and combat it.

This of course worsened things as I really didn't know what the hell I was doing. During this period I would have doors open own their own, covers pulled off me, hear footsteps all the time, and have horrible dreams. So some flapping paper while scary doesn't really seem so bad.


File: 1493222122772.jpg (55.4 KB, 552x932, up to.jpg)

Got any other stories to share?
Like, how exactly did you try to combat these spirits…?


Holy shit, what was going on with your house for it to be so populated by active ghosts?



File: 1495604735938.png (90.29 KB, 245x245, tumblr_inline_nal27rlPv21s….png)

Well, I've been haunted ever since I was seven.
Black Shadows often pass by when I'm alone, voices outside my windows when we have a large fence, and probably a possessed doll.
We've moved houses a lot but I still haven't gotten away, but it's become normal for me now.
But I'd also like to get rid of them.
(Pic not related)


File: 1495614562626.jpg (18.88 KB, 300x225, yike.jpg)

I'm a sucker for these ghost stories and all, but this sounds a lot more like schizophrenia.


File: 1495670544776.jpg (25.1 KB, 300x300, Ah shucks.jpg)

A teeny, tiny question: Can you get that with head injuries?
I've taken many blows to the head since I'm a total klutz. I hit my head so hard once I needed stitches.
I have no memory of having any incident that may have triggered this at seven years old.
Perhaps it was the head injuries?


File: 1495729705213.png (597.25 KB, 604x453, cross.png)

At the risk of sounding incredibly stupid I met someone who got kicked in the head by a horse once, and he was madder than a box of frogs. Maybe.


File: 1495749344177.gif (863.96 KB, 300x180, hmhmhmh.gif)

Thanks anyways!
I probably need to ask a psychologist.( ´ ▽ ` )
But it's fine, since I'm used to it. ╮(︶▽︶)╭


File: 1597500804929.jpg (98.96 KB, 480x263, mushishi07.jpg)

This isn't really "creepy", but it's definitely weird.
>Watching a green caterpillar go about it's day
>It goes onto the pavement and hides under a leaf
>I pick the leaf up
>Caterpillar is gone

What do you think it was? I know what you're thinking, but there were no cracks in the pavement, nothing nearby for it to slink under and it wasn't on the underside of the leaf. It really just disappeared and I have no explanation.


File: 1599681081476.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.49 KB, 1120x570, oie_Dm44dg69ztYG.jpg)

He was probably on the leaf, they have good camo index's so they blend in well. Assuming that the Caterpillar was paranormal and tp'd out of there is kind of a stretch.


Ok so while I was working at home since covid I chose to sit with my laptop in my brother's room, room vacant since he moved.
It might have been my brain making shit up since the utter boredom of my job but I saw a shadow figure cross the room very fast, it was very tall but I also saw its refection in the window, so that makes me think it was real. Never had any paranormal occurnaces in the house before.
Also that job was call center and I had some weird morse code kind of calls that day, also just incoherent static that sat there for like 30 minutes since I didn't want to do my job.


My lifetime wish/dream is that someone stalks you and stabs you repeatedly in the skull with a knife and rapes ur corpse in front of your mother's grave lol



Not really sure if I understand what happened, anon. You ended up having sleep paralysis?


File: 1635208323898.jpg (88.46 KB, 893x629, gfds.jpg)

>"wake up"
>loud fucking merzbow noise permeating eardrums from window
>blinds have this insane white light shining through them
>open blinds
>it's a fucking balcony??
>my mother is just sitting there silently with an LRAD, her face turned away
>actually wake up
>loud beeping sound in left ear that won't go away
>spatially accurate crowd noises fade in, i feel like i'm being watched
>feel ill for a few minutes and go about day as usual, albeit dissociated and derealized as hell, completely unable to recognise reflections, ect. ect. typical post traumatic stress bull

the only similar experience i can recall at the moment would be from when i was ten. tried suffocating myself in a pillow and next thing after i was in this industrial void. it felt like i was holding my breath underwater, with this Godly blaring drone ambience clashing into my brain, then i took one giant breath and woke up. brains are weird as shit sometimes.


I feel like he'd realize that it was on it, if you're creeped out like that you really inspect the leaf.


I didn't have much paranormal shit but this happened to me
>be 15
>riding on my shitty bike through the town
>enjoying fog
>suddenly an eerie feeling
>see a small barricade sign on the left side of the road with a large red circle with white inside
>thing has orange reflective circles on side
>look like hands
>somewhat reminds me of a small person
>thing shakes like some video glitch
>the fuck
>stare at it for 15 seconds
>nothing happens
>start moving forward
>moment I push the pedals
>thing waddles over the curb and someone's porch behind a wall to their door
>creeped the fuck out
>man up
>slowly pedal to see behind the wall
>literally nothing
>all the streetlights turn off
>I start CJing it out of there
>5 seconds later they're back on
what the fuck
didn't go out late for like a week after that

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