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Maybe there was already a thread for this, but, I just browsed through them and nothing appeared to be one, just ignore this thread if I missed it though. Anyways, have you ever had something that seemed like a haunting or something? When I was little, I had gotten a fairy decoration for my birthday, and, I would leave it in the exact same spot, yet sometimes, when I went back to check on it, it would have moved, or sometimes be completely knocked over.


Pic unrelated.


when I was little, around 7, I was walking towards the toilet or something and at the end of my hallway I saw a boy aged around 12-14. He didn't have a face or anything he was just pure white and he stopped, looked at me for a few seconds and continued to walk towards my mums room where he then vanished. I still call him white boy…


I don't know if this counts, but a few months ago, I saw a spider that was shaped like a foot.


the birthday massacre


Well, only two things have happened in my life that were strange, and I'm almost completely sure that one of them didn't happen. Anyway, when I was eleven me and my dad were just coming back from the grocery store, back to his home in a development with woods surrounding it. Me being all strong and stuff, I carried more of the bags than he did, and he told me to just go upstairs and wait for him. I did as I was told, put the bags on the counter, and then sat down on the couch to rest and wait for him to join me. The house had a couple of ceiling windows and I just happened to look up at the one closest to me.

Now, recently, I had just become obsessed with creepypasta, Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, and all the rest of that kind of stuff. So I have no idea if that has something to do with it.

Anyhow, I just happened to look up at the closest ceiling windows, and there he was. Staring at me through the window was a faceless, white skinned guy in a black suit and tie, looking down through the window. My heart felt achy, and I did everything from close my eyes and shake my head to look elsewhere and then back. But he was still there. I yelled for my dad, and (Stupidly) ran to get him. When I came back, it was gone. I have no idea where the hell he is, or if he is going to come back. I really hope not.


Shortly after my Grandmother died, doors in the house would mysteriously open and close. The activity didn't get past that, and stopped after a couple weeks.

When I was a little kid my mother bought a bunch of brownies and placed it by the dinner table. My sister and I were hungry one night so we decided to get some. Right after we left the dining area, one of the chairs moved out on its own. I know it wasn't due to a sudden quake because the quake to make it move out so far would have to have been pretty strong, and neither of us felt anything.


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Well I myself haven't had that much going on in the way of paranormal. My brother's the one that sucks spirits in like a fucking magnet.

>Mister Rapeface
we don't have a better name for him, big bro named him that because he's an immature gamer, etc. bro said he looks and sounds like dad, or something. he just… does. he peeks into his room at like 2 am when dads fast asleep, and bro thinks its just our dad. it freaks him out sometimes. he also has dad's cough, apparently, and used to hang out in dads room in the old rental.
>Mr. Summers
this guy haunts our uncle and aunts house out in the outskirts of a small town. hes nice though, i think. he messes with a calculator and makes it glitch zeros and makes spaces, which isnt really possible for old calculators that thrive on sunlight(so says mom and my uncle). he counts his crops on the calculator, he used to be a farmer. we've caught audio of him making noises on my big bro's phone when nobody's there. unless the cat, harley, is a fatass or knocks things over like a fuckass.
another uncle, another house. this one was much bigger and we had to give it up recently. mom talked about living there before she met my dad and she had a peeping tom, but there were no ladders or anything for them to stand on. and my big sister said that when she was going to school like i used to some few years ago, she lived in the house. apparently the radio she was listening to from another room as she did her hair and makeup in the morning would shut off. i never actually experienced anything myself, however. my brother said he used to see people a lot and once got so scared he kept me up on a school night so he could sleep on the floor in me and my mother's room. she was at work at the time and i was trying to get some rest before the bus came to pick me up. no idea why i was the least favored one.

maybe i just didnt notice things though, after all i WAS fucking around on the computer like 24/7.

looking back on how often i was home alone in that house is actually sort of creepy to think about. but when it wasnt deader than a graveyard it was fucking chock full of people, whom i avoided like the plague because i was an angsty teenager with people issues.


Definite Nopperabou. :|
Look it up.

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