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File: 1641078196563.png (337.71 KB, 1616x910, eb3473051e94609ae78f5891b9….png)


here's a thread about my dumb game, for lack of a better name: "convulsion shooter".
i'll be working on and off on this wolfenstein 3d style first person shooter with a simplistic artstyle where on top of shooting you get to roam around small hubs talking to people. you have various stat bars like "blood" and "bladder" that you have to look after (there will be a piss button i can promise that)
i made a quick concept screenshot that shows off the artstyle i'm aiming for and the hud.
i've worked on stuff in the past and currently working on a "bigger" game on the side but it ain't gonna be ready in a while so i can freely change priorities between this and it.
currently i'm working on this by myself, coding, art, everything in between, but i'll accept if someone wants to make something, doesn't have to be good.


that dialogue box lol, the art style looks cool. Hope i see more of this


been up at it workin on this, visually i don't got much to show yet (and ive been lazy with art i confess) but code wise ive done a ton in a small amount of time; shooting, different weapons, enemy ai (movement, shooting back, short pain state like in doom), text that automatically sorts itself in the chatbox upon being triggered, stat bars, etc. next post will hopefully have something visual to show haha fuck!!


File: 1643218946643.png (739.09 KB, 1608x906, 4d90f6a19edeb870f0d16b50e4….png)

wow i'm not dead yet hello
development continues, most levels have been planned out/constructed, its totally playable but biggest hurdle currently is drawing a billion textures and sprites fuck!!


Yeah I also realized that a lot of my time was spent on Textures and sprites rather than making a level / mechanics. (competent or not.)

Once most of the textures are done, though, you end up reusing common ones like dirt or stone. The time spent on them gets shorter fortunately.


File: 1645370773005.jpg (115.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

heyo, due to various unfortunate life situations i've had to severely cut down the game's scope and compromise in a ton of areas but it'll still be released next weekend!! https://youtu.be/xd-oZSoGUMg


File: 1645534573153.jpg (169.42 KB, 1600x1028, 2k-tans-revengence.jpg)

woah- this is cool, kind of inspirational ahahah


it's done! go download the game and source code here https://korkskrew2000.itch.io/convulsion-shooter
thank you anon, glad someone appreciates


File: 1646052112764.gif (179.89 KB, 323x240, 2k-tan-danse.gif)

oh wow i must have missed the drop, i'll have to check it out later today

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