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U.S.A.G.I. Game Jam 2022 Sticky

Welcome to the coordination board for the first ever U.S.A.G.I. Game Jam!
(Updated 11/17/2021)

The Uboachan / Sushichan Associated Gamejam Initiative is a video game creation and cultural exchange project between Uboachan and Sushichan. Anyone who considers themselves a user of Uboachan, Sushichan, or the associated IRC or Discord chats is allowed to participate in this jam, but all coordination, team building, and sharing of progress is to be done through the board. The 2022 game jam will be hosted here on Uboachan; if it is a success, next year will see the U.S.A.G.I. jam hosted on Sushichan.

Contestants can work individually, or recruit for teams. Your games should exemplify the spirit of one of the two imageboards; think spooky/creepy/weird/horror or calm/comfy. Bonus points for uniting these concepts. You are encouraged for this game jam to avoid the Yume Nikki Fangame formula.

(People interested in a game jam specifically for Yume Nikki Fangames should check out the wildly successful "Dream Jam" hosted once per year elsewhere, around the middle of each year and finishing on Yume Nikki's birthday.)

The Game Jam will formally begin on January 1st, and will conclude on February 28th. If you are looking for a team, you can make a thread to advertise your idea here. Interested parties can post in your thread, and then your team can use whatever communication methods you want internally, but general conversation about the jam is to happen on the board. No associated Discord channel will be made. A thread to register your project will be opened on January 1st, and you will have 1 week to post in the thread to signal your participation.

Judging procedures and prizes, if any, are still TBD. We may also create a game jam page on Itch.IO to showcase the submissions.

Please post your questions or suggestions in this sticky. The opening post will be periodically updated with any new information, and the date at the top updated to reflect the last change.