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File: 1328701175439.png (2.45 KB, 159x82, trioiningen.png)


Mine is the one with the stripey shirt and the pigtails.


that one in the middle with the purple shirt is cool.



Same here, the one on the left.


>>41 I like this one


File: 1328744302535.jpg (68.45 KB, 724x940, torin.JPG)

Same here, but I love 'em all~


We need names for them. We already have the infamous "Pippi" (Pink pigtails) How 'bout Mona for the middle one, and Roxy for the last one? Also yeah, i like Mona best.


pretty sure pipi's a fan character (like the whole gabe problem), as stated in her original thread.

i like the one on the right. i'd love to have a dress like that, even if it's super simple and all.


The one on the right looks like an amber.



stripey shirt and the pigtails Toriningen is mai waifu

Damn, we need names for them


File: 1328838917403.png (69.28 KB, 1303x796, 87575 - derpface derp_eyes….png)

from left to right


Haha, no way.
Shima (縞, stripe) Shiran (知らん, dunno (since I don't have good ideas for that one.)) and Fuku (服, dress)
……….yeah, lame names, but seems Ok to me.


They look similar, but Pipi is actually different. Anyways, I don't really like the name Roxy, but, I feel like Mona would be a good name for the one on the right instead of the one in the middle.


Middle one has a purple shirt, pink skirt, and brown twintails. HMMMM!


Anyways, I'm gonna refer to the one on the right as Mona, what about the other two? I think Gilda for the middle one, and Lisa for the left one. Maybe someone has better ideas though.


I think the pigtail one is cute, and she's my favorite. Also I think a good name for her would be…. Stacey maybe? Idk, I'm not very good at this. ;-; She looks like a Kiki or Nicole or something, though.


short haired one is the cutest in my opinion


Wait- don't they all have short hair/two of them have pigtails? I am confuse.


Left and middle ones stalk me the most, so i will satisfy their blatant hunger for my cock.


That post and your name fit together SO WELL. There. I just wanted to say that.


Left is my favorite. I draw her the most.
The one the left is my second.
The middle is okay.


Oddly enough, when I started replaying Yume Nikki, the only one I saw was the one on the right.


I used to really like the one on the left, but the one on the right is starting to look adorable to me.


…Why are they wearing lipstick on their beaks?



I'm pretty sure that red you see is the inside of their mouths.


…Why is the opening of their mouths overlapping onto their beaks.



I don't think they're overlapping. The beaks seem to be at an angle from what I can see.


File: 1330514886263.png (1.11 KB, 51x75, 1328701175439.png)

I outlined what I think the beak is more like. I don't know if you can tell since the end of the mouth-y thing is covered up by the outline, but it does over lap by a pixel or two.


I like the one with the beak.


File: 1332375564652.jpeg (88.13 KB, 748x554, 5725_15af_748.jpeg)

that was my intent, deer woot! (yes, deer. i love deers)

Same, but with the left one.
I acquired the 8x speed glitch and raced through the hell maze, completely ignoring all the warnings about the toriningen in hell ( i never saw a single one there before ). i crashed into one, went to the ceiling and almost knocked over my glass of slivovic.
next time i play YN, it will be a speedrun that i stream. i need a break from this terror.


Oddly enough, I find those names fitting.


I wish there was more fan art of the one on the right.


My favorite's the one with the ponytail. It looks a LOT like my mom… minus beak.^.•
I really hope she dosn't see this. She acts like a toriningen when she's angry!


…Which one?



The one in the middle. From now on Middle Toriningen shall be called Kelly.
After my mom.


It's just that the one on the left has ponytails too, you know.
Anyways, you can call her what you want, but to me, she will still be Gilda.


Left to right: Lisa, Mona, Gilda or Amethyst…I can't decide


Which one would you be the happiest to see a cosplay of? I'm considering doing a Toriningen cosplay and I can't chose.



never seen the middle one


She appears in candle world, and at the toriningen picnic in the wilderness


The one on the right/Mona.

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