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Discounting spam votes, the poll from yesterday seems to show that the (general) consensus among the boards is to remove the NSFW Spoiler rule.

Before I make a decision, I'd like to hear any strong opinions AGAINST the removal of the rule. Who would like to keep the rule, and why, and how opposed are you to its removal?

Picture Unrelated.


File: 1329501223460.jpg (74.66 KB, 831x750, 430679_299262756803739_279….jpg)

I understand the fact that this board is an adult board, but does that really mean that we have to go around looking at distasteful content 24/7? I am generally out of my house between school and work, and during my breaks I browse this site because it's entertaining and I enjoy myself here. Though I can normally ignore the occasional spot of adult material however when it becomes full threads of nudity and the likes, it makes it much harder for me to be able to browse this site in public.

This isn't censorship, nor is it a lack of freedom. it's common courtesy to avoid posting things others might find distasteful without a cover, similar to exposing yourself in the public's eye. I do not wish for these distasteful things to stop being posted.

Of course, this is just my own opinion.
General populace overthrows my vote, and I completely understand this. I don't wish for this place to change into a place specific for me, but I would hope that in the very least even without this rule people will be courteous enough to keep their distastefuls to a minimum amongst normal conversations, and in the very least give a small warning if the board is going to be N.S.F.W related.

Even if this rule is discarded, I do hope that the general populace will be kind enough to consider other posters with the simple 'will posters want be surprised by this?' type of mentality.


There's a Firefox addon that toggles image loading. Just install Firefox portable on a jump drive, install an image-blocking addon, and disable images when you're at work/school/whatever. I use it to browse Uboachan all the time when I'm at uni and it works perfectly.


Sounds like a pretty good idea.


>>572 Even better, in Google Chrome, you can disable all images from the settings.

I'm assuming that the reason this is even an issue is that people don't like having their images removed, and the mods being, no offense, slightly nazi-ish about it didn't help. They were doing their job though so I can't fault them for that. At any rate, since this rule is about to be lifted why don't we do this? Keep it a rule that NSFW images must be spoilered, but don't enforce it. The reason why I think it will work is because the people who care about it will speak up, but can't be accused of being a butt-hurt admin. At the same time, people who post NSFW images won't have to go "where'd my nudie pics go?" and baw over it themselves. After all, its a matter of courteousness. Personally I find it rude not to spoiler NSFW images, irregardless if its a rule or not, given the valid concerns over it.


>go around looking at distasteful content 24/7?
I find that suggesting that the site will suddenly be flooded with smut to be a bit on the hyperbolic side anyway. There isn't that much smut as is right now, that's probably not going to change much if the spoiler rule is lifted.


Yeah, Yawn is exaggerating the outcome of this.

Assuming the post deletions stop, and stupid rules like this don't ever undergo abrupt enforcement again, the site should turn out no different than it was before the switch, and it's not like the old Uboachan was flooded with nasty shit.


Thank you for your input. Due to the response from the poll and the minimal negative opinions in this thread, I have overturned the NSFW spoiler rule. I suggest that users disable images or something to that effect when viewing at school or work, like they would for any other chanboard.

I'll also attempt (soonish) to make a simple userscript that hides all thumbnails except on hover.


I'm just going to leave



Yes, please, by all means, do leave a link to a retarded post in a thread where no discussion is even going on anymore. Your contribution to this community is highly appreciated


Fuck off.


I see this and raise you


I understand this board is from a while ago, but now that we have the NSFW specific board, can we bring the spoiler rule back? What is the point of a NSFW board if we can post NSFW content elsewhere on the website anyways?



To keep the board from erupting in a fucking civil war again? You're in a very, very small minority. Just ignore it, fuck.


So, basically, I have to look at zombie dildos with no warning and other kind of fucked up and distasteful things because some people will whine if I don't?



Yeah. Fucking deal with it. "Oh I'm more important than the rest of the BORD! HEY ADMIN, CATER TO ME AND BRING THE NSFW RULE BAKK!"

It's not that I disagree with you, but it's really, really bad to bring this shit up again after it's basically been resolved.


Seiatsu said in >>691that /h/ is only here on a trail bases for now.


Dude why are you complaining about dildos

They're hunks of plastic that don't even look real

I mean you could use a remote control as one those things have round edges


It was less about the dick shapes and more about the fake decaying flesh but whatever.


If you've got a problem with it, you can get the fuck out. Seriously. Nobody wants the rules to be switched back and forth fifty billion fucking times.


I meant "trial bases". And Seisatsu's post was >>691 (I messed up the link).

Anyways, the /h/ board is specifically for hentai and NSFW content, but some NSFW content can still pertain to other topics; thus, users may still want to post NSFW content where they deem it necessary.
If anyone saw something they'd rather not have seen, that's an unfortunate but possible outcome for viewing a NSFW site.
…Not that someone couldn't post stuff like that on a SFW site; it's just there are higher odds of seeing it here.


Seiiii, Sabitsuki's sending us dirty pictures again.

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