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>The rules have been updated, effective immediately.

>Promote or participate in hate speech, including but not limited to sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. This necessarily includes humor, sarcasm, and slurs, to prevent their use as excuses.

>Post or promote naziism or alt-right imagery or ideology. This includes hitlerposting and magaposting. Everything in #8 leads to everything in #7 as a matter of course. This also includes humor and sarcasm.

What the funk? Where did this come from? Boards of this size typically have a blanket ban on all politics but to flat out say "Side X of opinion spectrum is banned" is just irresponsible. I'm not some free speech junkie and of course private sites can do what they want, but I'm both genuinely curious about what led to this decision and also concerned about just how much info about what offends you that you've given to trolls. This whole addition is almost comically stereotypical of the who "SJWs infiltrate and force accaptence for their sxuality through power not persuasion" oops can't write that here that's an ebil republican meme.

So what gives?


Actually, you're right about one thing. It's better to do away with politics entirely. I'll go ahead and fix that.

I'm going to assume that you don't actually think Uboachan should be a platform for literal naziism. I'll also give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you don't think that sexism, racism, homophobia, or transphobia are legitimate political positions, because you weren't very specific about which part you took issue with.

Where those things are discussed or joked about, people will appear who promulgate all of the above. Before I let this place go to shit, we had lots of female members and transgender content creators. Most of those users left a long time ago, because people who support the things I mentioned made them feel unwelcome. This was supposed to be a Yume Nikki fansite, a content creator and indie gamer hangout, and a NEET support group, not a burning racist clown car.

You say it's about politics, but why should I allow people to promote the ideology that is trying to take away my friends' and partners' right to live freely? That person wants trans people dead. He hates blacks and mexicans. He's a confirmed rapist and misogynist. Those aren't political opinions. So it's not about politics for me, it's about everyone feeling safe, and speaking openly about Yume Nikki, indie games, content creation, and their personal problems without getting shit on. I don't actually believe that banning these things will make you feel unsafe, but keeping them around will make a lot of people feel unsafe. If Biden or Obama or even Bernie Sanders did those things (and Biden did some of them!) I wouldn't want their images in a space I want to be safe for those groups of people either.

So why did I allow it all for so long? Because years on 4chan and 4chon addled my brain and made me value free speech over freedom itself. I realized that I was embarrassed to invite friends here, that I was ashamed to be the owner of what could have been and once was a flourishing Yume Nikki fansite, content creator, and indie gamer hangout, before I fucked it all up by letting people like I once was chase out so many of the users who added value to this community. I was afraid that anyone I invited here would be chased out too, or would think less of me for running the place. You shouldn't need to have a thick skin to be a fan of Yume Nikki. Our reputation is trashed, the mods have left because I prevented them from doing their jobs, my own partner who was once a prolific game creator on this site is afraid to be here. I'm tired of ignoring the problem.

So, nah. I'm not rolling it back, but I'll take your suggestion and ban political discussion and imagery completely. (Not really sure what counts as leftist imagery though. Karl Marx or something? Bernie Sanders? Sure, they're banned too.)

And yes, Uboachan now is and ought to be a safe space. Deal with it.


Wait, hold up.
A place on the Internet without politics?
I surely hope that you achieve that because this is what I have been searching for since a decade.


Yeah I hope so too. A little bit will always creep through because humans are political creatures, but we can probably hold the overt stuff at bay.


File: 1593807952224.jpg (55.03 KB, 742x1115, 835f200802cd1b0d22d7be1e61….jpg)

Eh, to be honest I don't really care of any of this political bullshit so I'm alright with the changes. People who want to engage in that normie shit can go back to 4chan, 8chan (is it stilll alive? lefty pol whatever lefty pol exists nowadays), twitter or facebook or any of those stupid sites and shitpost there.

I always wanted my ubuu to be full /jp/. Sushi and kakashi-nenpo have been my letout and I mostly come here for /og/ and /yn/ mango nowadays anyway.

Are you having plans on promoting the site again, sei? The site is mostly depopulated because the users we had left and the only ones that still lurk around are people like me who can't let it go, for whatever reasons. It'd be nice to see if we can at least have some more activity.
Don't get me wrong, I love my ubuu slow, but we're on a point where there's barely any activity and I kind of miss coming here like I used to in 2011 and find cool stuff and being able to discuss niche or rare games.


Once I'm fairly confident that the new rules are working as intended, I'll probably start promoting again, yes. Promotions will fall on deaf ears in any communities that already know of us if I can't say that the place has changed.

The Discord server also requires some consideration, but I'll have to give that some separate attention. I'm not very active there currently and don't know what's going on there, and don't think I can work on reshaping both communities at once.


I knew imageboards were infested with normalf* but i've never seen it this blantant before.



Imageboards (and non-social media forums) have been largely dead since 2013-2014. Most of the smaller and more obscure chans have expired domains or see less than 50 posts per year. I do the rounds on the few sites left every couple of months and it's witnessing the same slow death as always. I stopped regularly visiting here because there's no activity, the overall post quality has dropped significantly, and most of the community has already left.


what was it like in the old days?


It was glorious. Not sure what happened to STI, maybe he has a [redacted] gf.

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