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Making a new thread so that it starts on a new thought. Old thread still relevant >>3226

I'm resurrecting this idea for another round because of interest at >>>/o/4618

In booger's case, is it possible that the stalker got hold of her real name through a reverse image search due to the huge volume of cosplay and non-cosplay pictures she has posted here over several years? Surely those weren't all posted only on Uboachan. Isn't there some kind of guideline we could implement to warn people about cross-posting images that trace back to their IRL info?

If there are still cosplayers who want to post here, I'm worried they might just end up posting in /o/ or elsewhere instead. It might be better to have a board with some clear rules and warnings than have the photos just show up elsewhere on the site. I also don't want to tell interested cosplayers that they aren't allowed to post here.

Is it better to contain cosplayer activity to a single board, or to disallow it?


Well, in Booger's case, it could have been a lot of things. She did come across as somebody who wasn't the best at keeping their personal information hidden. I don't thnk some warning is going to make anybody delete their facebook pictures. A warning is a actually a completely useless idea in practice. It would only be there to protect ubuu from accusations of complicity. I think you should worry about hypothetical cosplayers as they come. As things are, I highly doubt anybody would even be interested in doing so, especially not enough to put it in the art board.


The warning I was thinking of was more about not posting images here that you have already posted somewhere else. The danger of reverse image searching is probably something that a lot of people don't think of. Generally when you are cosplaying you're going to have more than a few pictures taken, so the option exists for you to quarantine pictures from each other between places attached to your name and places like this.

Currently, someone asked about posting a cosplay, and I told them there is no place to do so. I feel like for every one person asking the question, there are probably several more who are interested but don't ask. And with a new stream of users coming in due to the recent hype, there is a chance to reboot the cosplay board with some careful planning.

We used to think for a while that a cosplay board was worth whatever risk, but the community has changed a lot and that's no longer responsible on our part. I am wondering if there is really no way to offset those risks to the point where it is responsible for us to allow users to make their own choices about sharing their photos.


I'm of the mind that it's irresponsible to let people post anything on the modern web at all in general. People just manage to hurt themselves by using social media irresponsibly. But what do I know, right? I'm clearly some sort of hypocrite.


Eh, unrelated, but this sort of toxicity mostly comes from social media. Social media was a mistake.
While that warning might be useful, if people are smart enough to listen to it, do you know if that's how Booger was actually tacked down? Her input would be useful right now. Ubuu might also not be people's first option when choosing to post cosplay. It seems like it would be more of an after-thought for most people to put it here. If somebody already posted all of their photos somewhere else, they wont have any reason to do so here. Also, if I was really obsessed enough, I could probably see what convention they were at and who they are cosplaying as, and find them through that. That might seem far-fetched, but considering the lengths that some of the users here have gone, I wouldn't be surprised if those same people find a way. There's also the issue of how you would monitor the board differently.


I mean, the warning will cover your ass if something happens but by God, Kirk "goatse" Johnson was tracked down because some guy matched up the moles on his thigh and his wedding ring to other pictures and videos he had of himself online. We cannot protect anyone who posts pictures of themselves here, or on any other anonymous imageboard. No matter if the pictures are unique or not, once they are posted anyone can put in the time and effort, if they so choose, to dox these people.

Open up a new cosplay board and this may very well happen again. Open a dedicated thread on /o/ and this may very well happen again. Most people will post themselves and not get the same treatment that Booger-chan did but the risk will always be there, no matter what we do.

What resources are there for the victims of cyberstalking, if any? Perhaps law firms specializing in the subject? Using the warnings to direct potential victims to the people that can help them is about the best we can do.

One last little note: A lotta cyberstalkers don't ever act on the information they gather. They just collect the dirt. Maybe Booger-chan isn't the only person on /cos/ that got dox'd. This problem could be worse than we realize.

Nobody really needs to post their cosplays here, there are much busier sites with stronger ties to the cosplay subculture, and the appreciation for YN cosplay exists outside of Uboachan. If it were up to me, I would disallow posting cosplays, warning ban anyone who did, and delete their posts. It would scare people off, but it would close the issue for good.


Stalkers aren't the only issue, cosplayers are also chased away by the envious girls calling them camwhores and making a problem out of it or making unnecessary creepy or sexual comments.

>Currently, someone asked about posting a cosplay, and I told them there is no place to do so. I feel like for every one person asking the question, there are probably several more who are interested but don't ask.

You're right but they don't know what kind of website this is, they are newfags, probably dont even know how imageboards work, if you tell them how the last few cosplayers left they wouldn't be interested.

There are two possible solutions if you make a new /cos/


1-The socially sensitive one:

Reinforce the rules there and enforce them, making it clear we want cosplayers to feel comfortable and to keep criticism civil.

PRO: It works and will make the passing cosplayer feel comfortable to post.
CON: I imagine a few users will be pissed by the "special privilege" cosplayers will have in the site, though

2-Make a new /cos/ and put a sticky on it warning cosplayers about the odds of imageboards like:
>Yes we use the word "faggot" here
>Trolls act like trolls and may try to offend you
>There are girls here who will be jealous of you
>There has been a big case of stalking so manage personal info with discretion

PRO: Zero drama, cosplayers will probably be imageboard users, less work for you.
CON: Less cosplayers.


I'm a cosplayer who used to have interest in the cos board and I think making a new one won't make anything better for cosplayers here. With Boogs stalker, the envious girls/others jumping at the chance to insult, it just didn't seem like a nice place for posting cosplay and I don't see how that could change in the future


Yeah, it's looking like there's no way we can make this a good idea. I'll leave the thread open for a while longer in case someone has some magical insight, but I'm still leaning towards a "no."


The only idea I have is to add in /o/ a sticky thread specifically just for cosplay with a warning that all cosplay is only allowed to be posted in there, and if anybody ever changes their mind about having their photos available they can ask to have them taken down.
My thoughts behind it is that having a group of people on the same place, instead of just individual posts spread out ,will be easier to monitor and maybe bring strength in their number so no one will feel so intimidated by the users that keep complaining about cosplay, like being in a crowd or like the zebras, not as easy to target a specific individual. It can also have the same effect as the general art thread in /o/ and attract people that don’t usually cosplay so they’ll post their photos too. Of course, the thread would still need to be more moderated than the usual thread to avoid assholes unnecessarily making the thread become sour.

I post on /o/ and I don’t mind sharing the place with cosplayers as cosplay involves a lot of artistry so I don’t think it will feel out of place.

Also, I think it’s only a matter of time till cosplay starts appearing in /o/ anyway. Sooner or later someone will look for a place where to post their pictures and feel /o/ is the closest to it. Maybe it would be better to create an isolated safe place for it beforehand.


That idea is neither original, nor would actually prevent people from being tracked down.


File: 1520646205684.png (241.01 KB, 470x426, Holyniggers.png)

Is it really worth that much? I mean those girls have their IG and tumblr already why do they need to post in a potentially harmful site lmao, fucking wizchan lurks here.

I mean come on, if you wanted a friendly Yume Nikki community you should have made a forum in proboards or something.


Yeah, this is such a vomitive shithole. Nobody knows any theories or anything.


are you implying we are a welcoming place when all of this is about cosplayers being called camwhores, being offended by slurs, getting creepy sexual comments and getting brazilian monkeys stalking them?


To be fair, that tends to happen everywhere.


Except not? I know cosplay communities outside imageboards, go say the word nigger or "catcall" a girl and you get banned, you know, an actual ban, not for decoration like here.


Ooooohhhh, so terrible. People can say NIGGER. Somebody has got to get the fbi on this. How horrible. It just breaks my heart. How anybody possibly say NIGGER? Don't people know that's offensive? Words hurt.
Seriously though, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Allowing greater freedom of expression is not a bad thing. That freedom isn't worth ten thousand cosplayers.


Yeah ok it's a pretty clear "no."

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