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File: 1506658782892.png (194.66 KB, 932x492, 1506658572_2017-09-28_1366….png)


If I were to shelve the current /cos/ and make a new board, what should I do differently so it doesn't turn out the same way?


Will /cos/ get annexed like the other removed boards?


Yes, that is probably what I would do if I went ahead. Even if I put new rules in place on /cos/, nobody wants to post there anymore after seeing it.


Well, if cosplayers see an empty board, at least they won't see the trolls, that alone is a great plus. We could start by posting by starting discussions about upcoming conventions or fashion/stores, our experiences in conventions, or with creepy con photographers until cosplayers appear.

I think the sticky was a good move and still is, it has what cosplayers want to read, the problem is that at the time it happened, most of the previous relevant cosplayers got some kind of creepy anon being a weirdo, trolls, or both, Boogs had incredible patience.

Times change too, right now we got as many active cosplayers as active game developers.

The problem with a cosplay board is that its concept is in conflict with imageboard culture as well, anons will have to accept that the board IS MEANT for "camwhoring".

But you're not a God Sei, don't push yourself with it, see we changed /n/ into /hikki/ and not much changed, it's kind of the same shithole because it's the same people posting.

tl;dr imo show them an empty board with a sticky.


I agree with highlighting cosplay events and conventions.



this; there could be people on the board going to the events but not necessarily as a YN-related thing. idk if this just goes without saying though.

i missed what happened. but cos was getting obnoxious anyway.


Alright, I'm thinking I'll put a sticky together and relaunch the board as an event-centric board with cosplaying allowed, and clear rules.

Edit: Until I get to that, this thread will stay up for discussion.


regardless of decision I would like to legitimately request to have my old cosplay thread deleted (not locked, deleted) because I think people are just gonna keep arguing on it until the end of time.


Anyone who says anything mean or stalker-ish to cosplayers gets three strikes. Warn, temp ban, perma-ban. No exceptions. Can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Same for white knighting in response. If you see bad behavior, don't feed the trolls, report it.

It's a very clear-cut set of rules. Feel free to make enforcement somewhat arbitrary. You have captain's prerogative and may as well use it.

I'd prefer that the bullshit "discussion" be deleted and your thread remain. Those are some great cosplay images you shared and you're a minor legend on this site because of them. Don't let those idiots spoil the memories.


personal opinion: it should be up to her what happens to her thread, within the bounds of reasonable response time by the administration


yea I have mixed feelings about the Mado images being gone because I'm really proud of them, but the majority of my thread is full of cringy shit now. Even a good deal of my own unrelated content in there.
Maybe a compromise of delete that one and then I'd repost just the mado images in a new thread if /cos/ gets remade? There really is a lot of stuff in that thread that I'm uncomfortable with but I'm fine with people seeing the mado images.


File: 1516543157625.png (142.43 KB, 500x713, doubleeggs.png)

Two things.
I think three strikes is strict enough for an imageboard and good enough for the current situation in /cos/.

I think it's important that new users understand our position as a community in this, we want cosplayers to feel welcome and to post in /cos/, and at the same time, just like any other user, have to lurk and be aware of what kind of site this is.

I feel a lot of the posters shouting "camwhore" here and there just misunderstand this, we just welcome cosplayers, we don't give them a crown and free pass to circlejerk and be stupid.


While the sticky was welcome, the board was already shindeiru and most people who make creepy comments seem to be newfriends as well. I don't think we'll be seeing much activity with the way the board's front page is layed out with dead threads (unless the person is brave). Even if the board were to be shelved, the same thing would probably happen again, albeit at a reduced rate due to new rules.
Imageboard users are naturally inclined to be piles of shit due to anonymity, but ubuu has always been 'k with people using names or identifying themselves. /cos/ brings a new layer to this, and something like >>3343 should work.


People would still be able to see it on the waybackmachine. Not to mention how people can easily screen-cap it right now. Are you really that concerned about the impression that newcomers would have of you based on a half-decade old thread? Like you said, barely anybody new stumbles into here anyway.


Have you tried messaging a mod on the discord? It's a lot harder to ignore a direct message than a reply to a semi-relevant thread.


thats not a big deal if people access it on wayback machine or screenshot it, its just dumb to have it up now in all its shameful glory for everyone to see.


Finally, an actual discussion. It's hard to do all of this planning by myself.

A three strikes system would be great, if we had a user account system to back it up. There is unfortunately no foolproof way to track who has received a strike before since the IP address can change. In the end, you'll end up with people changing IP addresses before receiving their third strike, and nobody will get properly banned. Better to just be severe and ban people who are creepy from using the cosplay board right away. Needless to say the board will have special rules like /hikki/ does, but probably even more strict due to the unambiguous purpose of the board. Not being creepy is not difficult, and if it is difficult for someone then that person should be banned anyway.

I agree. I'm going to go ahead and annex the board for now. I will also delete your thread first.

Can I get some ideas for specific rules I should implement for the /cos2/ board? Both for what commenters shouldn't do and what cosplayers shouldn't do. Also should I call it /cos2/ or something else? Other ideas are /cnc/ (Cosplay and Conventions) or just /con/. I could also move the old annexed board to another URI and keep /cos/.


File: 1516570976824.png (1.71 KB, 364x20, Capture.PNG)

R.I.P for now? So i assume the new /cos/ is going to be empty with stricter policing?


"/con/ - Conventions / Cosplay" seems good. shifts the apparent focus away from "camwhoring" and onto meetups/events, while cosplay is still a huge factor in said meetups and events.


Eggposter back at you, it makes sense when you put it like that, then if someeone goes to the new /cos/ and does what we have been complaining about it's a ban at staff's discretion.

I think I said pretty much everything about what I think about poster's behavior but to make a wider idea here's what I think.

On cosplayers who come to post in Uboachan:

>They may lurk before posting just like every other user

>They may remember that this is the cosplay board, this means the board is for cosplay, not their personal blog, this obviously means no selfies, no random commentary about their personal lives or social relationships, just post, discuss and enjoy things related to cosplay.

>Be aware of what an imageboard is before posting… I said lurk before but they can lurk the site and still don't know what happens in this kind of site.

tl;dr if you go to a funeral you dress accordingly

On non cosplayer posters:

>Cosplay is a decent hobby that a lot of us in this imageboard like, and it's worthy because of how connected is with the main theme of this site, that is the reason it has a board.

So coming here to say it's just worthless vanity to get attention is as cancerous as going to /hikki/ and telling people they are lazy pieces of shit and should just get a job.

>They are cosplayers, it means they want to cosplay, they are not interested in dating you, no one is interested in dating you.

>Remember that we welcome cosplayers to post, but they don't have a crown and you're simply wrong in calling them "camwhores" because of this.

Surprise, they don't like it. I get that you must have thick skin to post in imageboards, and that the use of slurs is acceptable here, but there is difference between calling random users "nigger" or "faggot" and identifying an actually black poster to continuously call them nigger just to insult them.
We are not 4chan, the line of what is excessive wa always clear here.

>A few of our cosplayers are oldfags, just the example of Booger should be enough, she has contributed a lot to the community and her powerlevel here is superior to literally all of the posters shouting "camwhore"

tl;dr we allow cosplayers here, get over it.


Same poster here, no selfies unless of course they are about the cosplay.


>the line of what is excessive was always clear here.

That's news to me, man.


Rule 6, there is difference between using slurs and deliberately wanting to start shit, which is literally every post with the word camwhore in /cos/, trolls, newfags or just outsiders pasing by.
Also, Uboachan has always been chill and accepting, it's one of the most relaxed imageboards.


I have a suggestion.
>No soliciting of any kind
This means that under no circumstances should additional pictures, or specific cosplays be offered for money. Personal advertisement should also be forbidden.


>Personal advertisement should also be forbidden.
Does that includes cosplayers mentioning their blogs, twitter accounts, etc?


(other anon here) I'd say yes, I think that's fair. You came here to show your cosplay in certain event, not to make ADs.


Yes. Especially snapchats. No fucking snapchats.


I agree with that, if anyone is really that interested in following a cosplayer in social media, it's not a mystery how to find them.


hey so that fucker from my cos thread with all the pics of me made a youtube channel yesterday to upload a bunch of vids for my birthday today and they all have my full name in the title and are slideshows of pics of me from age 12 to 20 set to love songs. My parents found the channel and alerted me to it.

I lowkey wish I never came to this site


Sei, I think this is pretty compelling evidence that the cos board should just be permanently annexed. Even with new rules, there's nothing you can do about off-site activity. Also, you should try flagging those videos booger.


At this point I agree, it sucks that a few people ruined the whole thing but I could see him just moving on to another cosplayer.

I reported all the videos and the channel for privacy violation for having my full name in the titles and my pics in the videos without my permission, but I know the fucker is probably just gonna keep reuploading and redoing this shit.

also please delete his other thread, ip banning him is proably a smart choice at this point


At this point filling a police report may be appropriate more though. The fucker rings a few bells there.
>Harassing victim through the internet.
>Obtaining personal information about the victim by accessing public records, using internet search services, hiring private investigators, going through the victim's garbage, following the victim, contacting victim's friends, family work, or neighbors, etc.

It's a shame but I'm also wishing your path hasn't crossed this place too. This is an extremely shitty situation and frankly disgusting if it leaks into your family/real life circle.


He's in Brazil and I'm in the USA, I'm glad we're far as fuck apart but that makes me think that police couldn't or wouldn't really do anything about it


Oh damn. A fucking monkey. I hope he gets shot in a fabela.


Well, it does seem odd that the one Brazilian user we have here that I know of is also the biggest stalker. Is this sort of thing part of their culture orrrr?
I don't know. It's a little weird. I'm just trying to rationalize this in some way.


File: 1517767587220.jpg (36.07 KB, 580x387, RIPcos.jpg)

I've used this site for around 7 years an I've seen cancer, but this is too far.

I was willing to support the idea of rebuilding /cos/ with stricter rules but he boaard is just not worth keeping like this, it's not like Boogs is an isolated case.

CONGRATULATIONS BRAZILIAN FAGGOT CANCER YOU AND YOUR KIND KILLED /cos/, I hope you're fucking happy, pathetic banana cunt.

If /cos/ is permanently annexed I guess the "camwhore" shouting trolls will be happy as well, don't feel too proud fags, you are just as cancerous as the creepers, and all the users who really want Ubuu to grow and live are better than you.


File: 1517768445605.png (58.22 KB, 139x137, M114.PNG)

It's what happens when you get a country that gets all manners of "digital integration" - you get creepy ass pedophiles, lowlifes that manage to be as bad as the worst, and the kinda people who you'd think it's a stereotypical imageboard user only less fat and with more alcohol and shitposting.
I live there. It's very possible that the guy's fucked up, used the internet non supervised for years, has visibly poor social handling even in a culture that yells at all times to be open and cheery and be a social butterfly and all that crap and due to how 'unclear' some readings of legal age as I heard here it's something like 15 it can get something like that. My money's on southeastern pale animal with assburgers with a side of fries as no one tanner than a baked bun touches imageboards here.


File: 1517769283458.gif (1.01 MB, 320x180, clock-ticking-gif-10.gif)

>you are just as cancerous as the creepers
Well, at least none have actually released people's private information to my knowledge. I'd rather have a guy call me a camwhore than stalk me for years, jerk off to my pictures and release my name to the public. Anyway, none of that matters now. It's time to decide Sei. The clock is ticking.


I'd rather nothing. Both are the reason of this board's chaotic state and both have nasty intentions, cosplayers ran away from this site because of these types of user.


File: 1517770548247.jpg (136.47 KB, 850x507, __original_drawn_by_doitsu….jpg)

And if cos didn't exist, these users would stop having a reason to come here. Nobody would be victimized and the board as a whole would be better. Are you hearing what we're saying sei?


File: 1517772122888.jpg (52.6 KB, 500x324, protest.jpg)



>referencing corey in 2018


We are very sorry that this happened, it's disturbing.



I'm sorry that happened boogs.

It's too bad, but maybe this really isn't the safest place for cosplayers. /cos/ used to be pretty nice, but I don't know that I can do anything to dial back the maliciousness that's plaguing the site. It's been getting worse for the past few years. People probably just shouldn't be releasing personal info or pictures here.

>>3395 I thought you were replying to >>3394 for a second.


Nobody wished Booger-chan happy birthday except a BRBR creeper. Sad!

Happy birthday Booger-chan.


File: 1517783088252-0.jpg (87.85 KB, 1000x667, shutterstock_226355545.jpg)

File: 1517783088252-1.jpg (155.66 KB, 1200x1800, ultimate-birthday-cupcakes.jpg)

Whoops, almost forgot. Here's a cold shower and cupcake.


File: 1517783479684.png (221.03 KB, 700x736, gofield.png)


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