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I would like to talk about the way this was handled and would like to say thank you based mods


We had a second impromptu mod meeting and decided that maybe the "embarrassing display" shouldn't be on display at all, so it's deleted now. In any case, sure, for anyone who remembers, we can talk about it.

Usually we like to take a hands off approach to moderation. Sometimes, rules can even be bent and we'll stand by. What we don't allow is for one user to obnoxiously bend the rules repeatedly.

That dude made like 5 posts in the same thread (which had a silly topic, not denying that) venomously, destructively, and consistently personally attacking the OP, which is not allowed. When we warned them that it wasn't allowed to act that way, they started turning their venom towards us. We had an impromptu staff meeting right there and decided that this sort of thing is not acceptable, and banned the user for one day for vehement violation of Rule 6.

We left it for display for a while, but then decided maybe that was a bit obnoxious of us and just cleaned away the whole thing. I'm worried that some of our actions here could piss off some of our users who believe in absolute free speech, but we feel that the rules are clear and have been on display as a condition of posting on Uboachan for a very long time.

It's not often that we have to draw a line like this. Usually we just leave it alone and clean up spam. But today, things got nasty, and we felt that we had to do something about it, so we did. Hopefully most of the users will be understanding, but if not, they should comment here and we can talk about it.


Thank you for the reply. (my post doesn't make as much sense now D:)

I don't expect every site (including this one) to cater to my interests, but in my opinion, allowing absolute free speech makes the site toxic and less enjoyable to visit for discussion.


I'm really starting to agree.


File: 1439825030819.png (22.63 KB, 798x640, 772_0.png)

>I'm worried that some of our actions here could piss off some of our users who believe in absolute free speech
I was the one who made the post about free speech. In my case, I think it'd be actually "annoying" if he made just one post and shit got deleted just because it was considered negative/politically incorrect.
Yeah, sure, the thread was kinda stupid, and I thought the same things as that user, but really, what's even the point of being elitist on this site and repeatedly posting the same thing over and over again, which wasn't even an opinion or anything of the sort that would actually show an oppressive image of the staff if being deleted, but just being a dick with a post that was meant to just attack.
I understood anon's point but just posting the same shit repeatedly because of MUH SIKRET KLUB is stupid; if it doesn't generate a debate, then it's dead. Trying to push it further is just either for the lols or to be a dick.

>allowing absolute free speech makes the site toxic and less enjoyable to visit for discussion.
I disagree, ubuu had its golden era of debate/discussions when everybody joked that there were no mods in uboachan because of "the lack of moderation" (or more like invisible moderation, if there was any). Sure, drama here and there, but that didn't make the site toxic, in fact it was pretty fun because of that. It all depends on the userbase more than in the rules. And the rules are actually there just to determine what kind of things are likely to get you banned if you try to graze them with your posts. AND, if you do graze them, you ought to know you are likely to be banned; there is no point in getting overworked just for that: if you play with fire, you will burn yourself sooner or later. That's what makes breaking the rules fun, but why complain with the mods later about how deep your thesis about them being oppressive is when the fucking rules are there being displayed publicly? It'd make more sense to complain if your post didn't break/bend any rule and yet you were banned/your post was deleted/whatever.

But yeah, the userbase is what drives the site more than the rules. Mods just regulate the quality of posting through the rules to catch trolls or spammers; if you actually write a post that has a point which is considered politically incorrect yet you're honestly giving your input and not trying to troll, and it gets deleted, it's pretty annoying when someone else comes and says "lol b& bcuz of bad words". Some flexibility is needed.
Ubuu once in a while fucks it up with flexibility, either giving too much or taking too much, but /sugg/ is always open to issue a complain.

sage because of typos, godspeed vichan fags, I'd love a "EDIT" option for my posts


File: 1439829533731.gif (491.96 KB, 500x252, 3_30.gif)

Op of that thread here. And wow, I knew it was a stupid thread when I posted it, but I had no idea someone would be so passionate about something so stupid as to get their posts removed. And here I was, sleeping through the whole thing.


If that person is reading this, I personally don't agree with what most people consider "wrong" either. (if that was the point you were making… Again, I didn't get the chance to read your posts.) To me, if it's love, it's love. I just (as I stated in my post) wondered how it ends. My post wasn't meant to be judgmental, and I apologize if it came off as me trying to make people "confess of their crimes" or whatever. That really wasn't my intention at all.
It would have been nice to have seen your posts and been able to reply to them.


I gotta remind u ladies I got banned for saying there was no evidence of Kikiyama's approval in Project Yume Nikki and now everyone knows I was right.


What you meant to say was:
"I got banned for spamming 'fraud'"


File: 1439840821021.png (101.88 KB, 419x212, fraud.png)

Fact remains I was right.


It's great to read the spread of different opinions and views on moderation and that thread here. Doing things in a way that everyone can agree with is really hard.

I think the staff will continue to take a hands-off approach to moderation except in extreme circumstances, which I believe yesterday qualified as. We've tried hands-on moderation in the past, and it just created bad feelings all around and made our userbase really uncomfortable.

We allow free speech here – all kinds of free speech, including topics the staff or other users might dislike, in-depth discussion about suicide, and very candid descriptions of drug usage, among other things. We don't judge those kinds of things if we can at all help it.

All we ask is that our users respect the rules which have been laid out to protect them and the site at large from deliberately destructive elements. That seems reasonable to me, and I hope we can all agree that it is.

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