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File: 1510641584366.jpg (349.07 KB, 784x1217, cd2ae77522c8b8bad819a772cd….jpg)


Does anybody else remember blind mute loli? Man, that shit was soooo good.


>undercild is good XD
Pls go pedophile


File: 1510768022925.webm (390.19 KB, 640x360, onii chan.webm)

What's wrong with lolis and stories from the times when internet wasn't moderated by faggots?


>what's wrong with lolis
>what's wrong with being sexually attracted to children


You do realize this story isn't even NSFW, right?


Doesn't matter, anyone who likes lolis is a pedophile you can deny it all you want, I don't care, I'm not changing my opinion.


File: 1510777353242.jpg (39.64 KB, 480x480, 1c3bbbbb.jpg)

Oh, I see, we have a christfag in our premises.


Holy shit, I thought this board was free of this kind of cancer. Please refer to these thread about why you are a self-righteous faggot and a cancer to this planet. If literally no children are being hurt, than there is no problem you raging homosexual. Gtfo. The world needs less cum stains shoving their arbitrary bullshit in everybody's face. (The difference between actual child porn and snuff films is that while there is tons of evidence to suggest that REAL child porn encourages others to make it, there is no such thing for snuff films. Snuff films are also not inherently sexual in nature).
it gets frustrating after a while of the same noise


Are you the guy in the /x/ thread I debated with over snuff films?

>arguing over loli

Come on guys, let's not go down this road. In a world where real kids are sexualized in the mainstream media and no one bats an eye at it and someone is triggered over drawings? I don't like loli either but get real.


Yep. This kind of thinking is everywhere, so it kind of pisses me off a little. I hope that one day the majority of people will see things my way.


File: 1510791891212.jpg (503.88 KB, 1200x1192, fwgzvh.jpg)

What I find very funny is that the story posted by OP is pretty much about a guy who adopted a blind and mute girl and the hardships they went through to be happy family.
But no, the word "loli" is on it so it obviously is for pedos!!! And I'm not changing my opinion.


Kek, you were so calm and nice in that thread. It was fun chatting with you about morality. I don't even care much for the topic of snuff films but the general discussion of morals we had has kept me thinking for a long time.

No point in really fighting people like that though. Let's face it, most anti-loli people tend to be actual pedophiles, much like the male feminists who preach to other men about how every other guy is abusive to women but them and then it comes out that they treat women way worse than most normal men do. Or the guy who bashes gays and then turns out to be gay.

That anon likely masturbates furiously to jailbait "barely legal" mainstream porn while looking down on people who do the same with loli.


Finally got a chance to finalize it and I must say that it was quite good. However I still prefer nurse-kun a bit more.
It's a shame this kind of story-threads aren't possible anymore because anything too bloggy is instantly rejected and people prefer to indulge in greentext stories rather than narrate something good.


It's like the difference between instant noodles and a hearty stew. One is more fulfilling, and the other is more addictive. It's a shame that people only want the same junk over and over again now.

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