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What other Chan sites do you use? I'm only using uboachan, lainchan and /lit/ on 4chan at the moment.
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I havent been on IB's in over a year probably…

After i removed myself from 8ch I tried with a small group of people to go to start a small chan, but like expected the posts slowly trickled to a halt and we dispanded. I declared IB's dead and vowed to leave them forever.

Yet here I am, back again. I never used uboachan too often but it always held a spot in my heart due to my love for YN… glad to see posts have been improving a bit since ive been gone.

I just want a good /x/ bored… i feel homeless (lol)



I did the same thing except I was running my own. It had a decent community and then I left it alone and never checked on it and then I came back after some time and it hadn't been active in quite a while. Then I tried to post on it and saw that something had caused a problem and you couldn't post anymore and I couldn't fix it so I just shut it down.

I'm starting a new one again but I got rid of the old domain like an idiot and don't want to spend the money to get it back. I'm having to build my userbase up from scratch now and it's a real pain in the ass thing time.


Ive actually been on the userbase of two failed upstart chans… one moved to a different website and dropped the IB format, now they have usernames and everything. I guess if it works for them…

But out of curiousity, what was the name of your site?



msanon.com. It's themed for my state but I don't have any ip ranges filtered or anything and probably won't. You can come be my friend there if you want.

It doesn't have any unique culture to it yet, so you can take it in whatever direction you want.


4chan has reached the point where anime threads on /tv/ get deleted no matter what, while /co/ threads and the usual shitposting and spam are left alone. This is fully sanctioned by the site's administration, whoever they are. Also the mods for some reason crack down super hard on "spam," i.e. saying the same thing repeatedly (which doesn't amount to much due to the cooldowns), and they do this site-wide. They otherwise completely ignore reports on all boards.

I wish the site would just go under already. Just let it end. Please. 8chan should go too.


File: 1481652894937.jpg (302.69 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

lainchan, sushichan, 4chan /c/ for nichijou and /jp/ for train threads
i want to try some other chans out soon, maybe give irc a try again as well



The mod team is the absolute worst with no quality control because it's too big at this point and Hiroshimoot doesn't even care.

I was appealing a ban in irc and stuck around after it got overturned to talk with people. The conversation found its way to politics before the mod kicked everyone who didn't agree with him and then banned everyone who continued to talk when they rejoined. On top of that, the 4chan community in general has long since been flooded with edgy teenagers trying to prove that they can do le epic troll and be as hostile as possible to strangers online. It's not that I can't handle it. It's just a worn out gimmick. I'd rather just have nice conversation with people on more obscure imageboards.

8chan as well as any other infinityboard needs to die because it's reddit-core. Imageboards don't need to be flooded with as many boards as there are people. It just divides up the community a lot and then ends up in a lot of inactive boards.


>Just let it end.
Are you guys me? I feel the exact same way, anons ;-;



I think a lot more people feel the same way than you might think.


At this point ive declared chans dead twice lol


Why do you visit the most cancerous boards on 4chan?
As for the other Chan sites, it would be lainchan and 8ch.
I go on 4chan purely for /c/ to increase my Akari Akaza collection.



/pol/ is really shit. I wish I could have a /pol/ board that was more in line with classical liberalism than white supremacy, but nobody is interested in debating policy so much as just circlejerking about why their social ideology is better than some other social ideology.


Do you guys know of a /b/ that isn't infested with porn?


You're posting in one.


you should probably check out 99chan again, there's only one board now so we can all drunkpost together


Just went there and got 404'd, you might want to claim it (or get the BO back) and tell fullchan to get their shit together. That whole hack deal was a fucking mess of epic proportions.

Such is the way of an echochamber. /pol/ going full edgelord nazi was one of the worst events to happen to imageboards. The next worst was their autism spilling onto other unrelated boards.

As for my set of "other" IBs (this is my first time actually posting here after scoping it out for a bit) I'm mostly on 4chans /v/ & the /v/ spinoff boards, as well as /x/ and 8chan's /cow/, /late/, and an occasional jaunt to /imouto/.

I'm also present on desuchan but that board is so goddamned slow.


Also, forgot to mention I'm involved with lolcowchan, but some mod and admin drama is fucking things up there recently.


File: 1497377327957.png (133.57 KB, 860x480, 1463268661591.png)

Strange, its working fine for me.


That's more of the assuming that Trump is the objectively worst option that comes from leftists a lot. I genuinely feel that he's better than Hillary. While I don't like his policies, I at least like the general direction that he's trying to head in and that has nothing to do with a dislike of pc culture. Leftism supports a mentality of over-giving and compensation for people who don't deserve it. Leftism also discourages nationalism. Personally, I think Bernie would have been the perfect candidate if he was anti-illegal immigration, pro-nationalism, and advocated for less welfare for people who are capable of work. That's all hypothetical though. Where's my board, huh?


Also it's pretty funny how when somebody who likes anime is a leftist they're an otaku, but when they're a Trumpette they're a, "impoverished no-life anime dweeb". Typical leftist elitism.


>it's a laff riot how many impoverished no-life anime dweebs voted for a trust fund baby who puts their wellbeing below literally anyone/everyone else's, but then again the entire election was reactionaries railing against PC culture instead of anything even remotely related to policy
Did you not see the post I was relying to? It's obvious that the trust fund baby they were referring to is Trump. He also said that the election was a negative reaction to pc culture. Hillary was the face of pc culture. Since they're not talking about Hillary, and they mentioned somebody who was anti-pc culture and their supporters being "no-life anime dweebs", it's easy to connect the dots. The post was also negatively responding to somebody who was disturbed by the idea leftist otakus.


File: 1512335555759.png (44.91 KB, 1474x458, whyyy.png)

leftyweebpol is really cozy as long as you don't disagree with anyone. Whoever recommended this pretentious cesspool needs to reevaluate some things.


They deleted some of my posts from multiple threads, and when I re-posted one I got banned. I got banned and silenced for having a different opinion, but the guy who told me to kill myself for having a different opinion didn't. Why am I not surprised? I can really feel the warm fuzzies.


File: 1512343898908.png (43.4 KB, 708x542, ban.png)


Don't come here to complain about it, that board has caused enough shit in this thread as it is.


File: 1513673152693.jpg (192.11 KB, 900x750, eJwNyEEOhCAMAMC_8AAKLRT0Nw….jpg)

Same, although /azu/, bunbunmaru, and 4ch are also visited, although they aren't exactly alive but still fun to browse through, especially seeing some of the older posts. the internet really was a different place back then.


I sometimes lurk /magic/, but its the kind of place where all the anons knows each other by name and I have no idea how to start postng there in an acceptable way.


didnt 4chan go full botnet just recently?


Yeah. People think that Hiroshima built in a some shady script that allows him to mine crypto on the user pc. It was just some /g/ paranoia I think.
Still, don't visit the site without scriptblockers like noscript or ublock and don't use mobile.


Man, every page on that chan has been routed through google for years. It's why I don't go back. Something is very deeply wrong with that site.

But to answer the OP, I visit ernstchan, endchan, hispachan, and desuchan. I used to post on KC but I am currently permab&.


File: 1515282458314.png (19.16 KB, 512x323, 1508778125469.png)

Uboachan, 4chan /a/ and some obscure finnish image boards, especially their /x/ boards.


File: 1518590940665.jpg (57.96 KB, 640x514, SNowBorzoi.jpg)

post them


4chan and reddit mostly. Wizchan won't let me post images randomly. The moderation there is extremely gay.


>4chan and reddit mostly


File: 1546633688098.png (204.99 KB, 576x576, kelly cry.png)

i used to browse mewch as my main chan and 8chan, uboachan and neet.moe as my alts when it was slow, but now mewch is dead and i don't know where to migrate since every other chan i know of is either too slow or too shitty to be my main one


>mewch died
Great, now they'll stop leaving their spam here.


File: 1546663147962.jpeg (20.23 KB, 250x250, dango.jpeg)

sushi, ubuu, sometimes dreamchan and very rarely lain. Looking through the responses in this thread is actually kind of disheartening. There are so few alt chans out there that actually have a decent amount of people. How small really is the chan userbase?


File: 1546668661481.jpg (183.81 KB, 626x781, __original_drawn_by_urushi….jpg)

>How small really is the chan userbase?
I wouldn't group them all them together. Kids/Reddit and tumblr leakage probably makes up the largest amount of people who use larger boards. Next is people interested in spreading their political bs and after that other extremist freaks like incels and feminazis. There's a lot of overlap between those, but they're not necessarily the same. Regardless of what a reddit user believes, there's a much higher chance they'll be obnoxious. The second smallest minority is genuine weebs who aren't only interested in using the, "aesthetic", for their own ends. The smallest group being uncommon, specific hobbyists like trainanons. Elitist haxorfags are somewhere in the middle.


File: 1546679397992.jpg (681.92 KB, 787x1181, 1441771662593-0.jpg)

>How small really is the chan userbase?

Most smaller chans give off the impression of having <500 active users. Anything above that seems to attract shitposting and an overall decline in post quality. I've given up on browsing larger imageboards. I use the internet to relieve stress, discover new things, and to have an interesting discussion once in a while. 4chan doesn't offer that anymore, it's just an echo chamber filled with irrational hatred and devoid of rational thought.


I used to visit and post on a lot of other imageboards but lately I have been feeling less at home on them.


I post a lot on chen2.org. It has live posting and typing which is pretty cool. I think some people here already use it.

It was really active until some server updates caused it to lose a lot of momentum. there's a big kpop community there, and its at like 200k posts in under a month of being online


File: 1558009590865.jpg (61.02 KB, 704x396, 086d68274818e56702da807207….jpg)

4chan only for lurking (google captchas are pissing me off)



File: 1558297568166.png (68.77 KB, 440x300, 1549497777355.png)

I frequent 4taba, 2chan and textboards. I occasionally use this site along with 7 and 420 since most of the userbase don't have the typical modern 4chan personality traits


File: 1558848434137.jpg (105.74 KB, 800x772, lol butthurt.jpg)


I post on this one perfectchan.org I used to browse on 8chan but I got sick of it and decided to move on. Which was strange because I was really into that /pol/ crap for a while but it change quite suddenly I think it's mainly because I realised that they are basically advocating socialism + I was reading the bible and 8/pol/ loves to hate on christianity.


Depreschan, Sportschan, Meguca


sportschan is good


File: 1560348940695.gif (247.86 KB, 300x100, crystal cafe.gif)

>ctrl + f "crystal.cafe"
>0 results
I am disappoint


File: 1560353210827.jpg (56.17 KB, 309x305, 777c08c12ecdcf7eac64f80ce4….jpg)

>no boys allowed
>google recaptcha

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