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What other Chan sites do you use? I'm only using uboachan, lainchan and /lit/ on 4chan at the moment.
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The only good thing 4chan has going for it is that it doesn't take 2 days to recieve a reply to your post


isn't that site full of women who love to start drama?


It is. Please excuse me, I have a scientific interest in them and sometimes they post funny content on their /ot/(off topic) board. Still better than 4chan and 420chan imo.


Something has to fill the void that 8ch left


theres like 5 or 6 "bunkers" already


Links? This site is fucking slow as shit


what for?
it was 90% cancer anyway
there are groups scattered around:
Endchan (some 8chan users hate em because reasons)
Spacechan (but people claim is filled with goons and or a honeypot)
Theres a board on zeronet, very unestable (but is mostly goobers and Q followers)
Leftypol has its own bunker (dunno the name)
8/v/ has its own bunker (with tv it seems) dunno the adress
8/a/ has its own adress with like anotehr 5 boards (they still enforece their rules just so you know)
a chunk of 8/pol/ is on some pony IB
also theres a /cow/ bunker
thats all i have heard til now


/v/ went to vch.moe
/pol/ got split apart, some went back to 4chan, some went to chen2.org, some to another place i don't know.

I'll miss /late/ and /film/, those were already dead boards, but i enjoyed looking at their bodies.


any new 8ch bunkers pop up? it was awesome being able to create any board


Can confirm, but do your own research.


File: 1566181947846.jpg (34.12 KB, 1264x632, s_a_b_i_t_s_u_k_i____flow_….jpg)

Been wandering in other imageboards but…
Whats is going on? The honeypot imageboards are disappearing and the others are in some sort of chaos

Its really impressive how this place has always such a healthy atmosphere. No spammers, shitposts or other types of cancer

I think /pol/ is kinda on hiatus, some dorks got doxxed for playing with tor, and no site would dare to host it


Fake and gay


File: 1566300316854.gif (1.96 MB, 230x173, 1362172804211.gif)

Bully me harder, Mr. Glowinthedark


Is the influx of 8 users really a thing or am I just paranoid about the sudden rise of low quality posts lately?


No the refugees are a real thing, scattered across every imageboard you can imagine



once japmoot gets too much flack for /pol/ there’s going to be an exodus, they’re already planning and looking for new chans, with infinity chan and 8 chan are RIP’d at this point they have been looking at wiz and 420 chan to migrate to. Can’t wait for /pol/ to die, it used to have some unique and funny shitposts, but now it is just depressing


Sad, but true.


420chan is barely an imageboard these days and wiz is so shit that it being filled with 4chan retards could be an improvement.


420 will refuse them. Kirt nuked his pol already when they tried to take it from the native inhabitants consisting of stoned libs and commies.


the native inhabitants left long ago. Kirt turned it into an sjw safe space and everyone of value left


Dude the original userbase is either gone and doing better with their lives or still around and still prob just going drugs and jerking off irl

this is the kind of place that people tend to grow out of over time, it tends to represent a VERY particular time

that being said i've been around on and off since like uhhh

prob 2010

anyway the chans as a whole have become kind of cancerous and circlejerky, it went from everyone being kind of anarchic and snarky and edgy to being a lot more circlejerky with the influx of people overall

esp noticeable in 4chan/former 8chan

but as for other chans ive always LIKED uboachan, 420chan and gurochan

also fit is always good


Everything people mentioned in this thread and more. I don't browse anything regularly. I have dozens of forums and imageboards bookmarked and every few days I pick one or two from the list and catch up on them. I don't like to stick around one place for too long.


I browsed wizchan for the past week. So many retards there, man. People who, by the way they write and how they respond to others, seem to be on the low end of ASD. It's pitiful.


>some dorks got doxxed for playing with tor


Created a personal issues board https://clooven.com


i use 4chon


File: 1576635542388.gif (18.53 KB, 300x300, t_a92bc151b69800def5e6fb52….gif)

4ch/g/, lainchan, arisuchan, spacechan, mewch, dreamchan, ylilauta, nyymichan mostly. Sometimes I lurk and explore other boards as well out of sheer boredom but I'm not that active on them.


Why do the staff from m*ewch us proxies to spam links to their site on every other chan?


Just dropping in again to say I'm still a lone wanderer. I have seen spam dumps just outright kill smaller imageboards. So sad.

Live boards really excite me, they bring back the magic ib's held for me when I first found them. Too bad I'm not browsing any.


No it's pretty easy to quit in my opinion or at least moderate browsing unlike social media unless it's one of those mongers who keeps shit posting on every thread to get attention


With all the stupid shit they did I don't blame them, The youtubers milking the hell out of them are. It attracted so much underage to that site.


bunkerchan, /biz/ and /g/ on halfchan, here and whatever random alt board/bunker I find myself on for the day


Full disclosure, it's mine.
I recently started working on improving OpenIB and plan to release a new fork at one point.
It's a completely SFW board.


>9. Do not attempt to advertise your own website, business, community or similar.
What kind of admin advertises her own site on other boards while she has this rule?
>It's a completely SFW board
20% of your boards are for discussion of abnormal sexual identity and actions.

Another "improved" IB fork that will be spammed to death with Pepe before springtime. Unless your imageboard has a particular target audience (like uboachan's) to invite a particular style of posts, it will be disregarded in favour of older, faster non-themed imageboards that actually allow posts and topics in line with the conventional shitposting and "unsafe" attitudes that make up the general imageboard userbase.

Tasteless use of Cirno.


He's a redditor guys, point at him and laugh


File: 1581999449493.jpg (76.5 KB, 1143x1200, Cp0L26dWAAALDXr.jpg)

I use Xchan mainly, and poke around other places, less frequently. I use it mainly for the db8 board, which is kind of like a civilized /pol/, but with more variety. The anons there are pretty cool and it has somewhat of a lainchan vibe.


laughter intensifies


File: 1582963170609.png (391.22 KB, 600x450, -sPViaGwiK8.png)

Gonna plug kissu.moe as the elite 2D/Random imageboard right now.


Nobody knows who browses what because we're anonymous, and the set topics or themes that were created for them are to attract people interested in them i.e. Uboachan being for Yume Nikki fans.


File: 1590340618091.jpg (11.55 KB, 226x223, spookbuster.jpg)



I use cchan.cba.pl, it doesn't use any javascript


File: 1592652639103-0.gif (45.1 KB, 187x233, zterry.gif)

File: 1592652639103-1.gif (46.36 KB, 183x229, zterry2.gif)

420chan is ok


File: 1593305253051.gif (73.8 KB, 500x500, 20200712.gif)

Worksafegif is pretty slow for 4chan;


File: 1593584676911.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, sick.jpg)

Maybe, if you're into censorship, far left politics and trannies.


File: 1594294424552.jpg (219.32 KB, 850x1219, gjan.jpg)

Desuchan is so quiet….


File: 1595501983011.jpg (65.03 KB, 719x1066, 20200719.jpg)

So is tohnochan for non-anime pics. Won't even let me post a relevant photo on /off-topic/ cos it's not anime-style.


File: 1596343849997-0.jpg (476.44 KB, 1600x1067, 20200802.jpg)

File: 1596343849997-1.jpg (28.25 KB, 317x400, 20200809.jpg)

Tis true




Every bunker/alt board seems to be getting quieter. I'm really really starting to miss old 8ch

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